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  • Prelude

    The truth of everything is everything but the actual truth. Years ago, a corporation decided to take the world into their very hands. They released a deadly airborne virus which would end up causing the undead to rise all over. Every city was hit - and a select few have been infected, but their blood has bonded with the virus - known as the T-virus. Many know the story of Alice, of the Weskers, and of the Red Queen and her partner, the White Queen. Alice has not been seen for generations and many believe her to be just a legend.

    The famous Jade and Bea Wesker have also vanished. Though there are rumors floating about. The Head of Umbrella is still alive and still functioning. A few beings are living on their own - some managing to survive, and some managing to find homes. Umbrella, however, is still waiting in the shadows as the Head is aiming to get her hands on the select few who have bonded with the T-virus. Making them stronger, faster, and some have the ability to control those infected with the T-Virus. Not many are known about. The true battle for humanity's future is beginning. Some will be in the middle of it, and some will decide which side they truly belong to...or are there no sides at all?

    Will you join the battle for humanity?
    Will you join Umbrella?
    Will you join the settlements?
    Will you choose a side at all?

    What is your decision - because we no longer have the choice to sit back and watch. The world is ending - you can either save it, or destroy it.
    The Players
    ]Umbrella Corporation:[/U] The corporation that started it all. They made the virus, set it free upon the world, and currently, Umbrella is after those known to have completely bonded with the virus to understand how to adapt to the world they have unleashed. Led by an unknown woman who some believe may be the younger sister of Jade Wesker. They have an underground facility that is highly guarded, and their most common entrance is in Racoon City. Umbrella knew that humans were destroying the Earth - so instead of waiting for the world to end they caused it to end. Believing themselves superior to all other humans and actually waited the virus out.

    Survivors & Settlements: Small groups of humans exist outside of the main cities where the undead roam. Some decide to make their lives by just surviving and avoiding Umbrella. However, these settlements are few and far between. It is almost impossible to tell which settlement is which. One, The University, is a ship that travels along coastlines. Picking up other survivors where they can.

    T-Virus Survivors: Only 7 of these beings exist. Only 3 are actually known about by Umbrella. These humans are humans which have been infected by the virus. But instead of becoming undead, they have adapted and bonded with the virus itself. Making these humans stronger, faster, and more dangerous. The answer to ending all of this...it's in their blood. The only four beings that were known from before were Jade, her sister Billie, Alice, and Bea - the daughter to Jade Wesker. Everyone believes these beings to have been killed by now...how far are they from the truth? (Technically only Billie Wesker remains alive from these four originals)

    The Infected/Undead: Those infected with the T-virus and have not bonded with it become zombie-like. Their bite is infectious, and there is no way to save those who are infected. Also known as Zeros, Infected roam any city or town and are extremely dangerous. They mainly rely on smell instead of sight or hearing. Jade Wesker believed that Zeros were capable of change and higher brain function as they adapted to the virus.

    Cerberus: Cerberus are Doberman dogs that have mutated into an undead infected dog-like monster. Cerberus protect and guard Umbrella's Hive. There are other creatures which are unknown to this day.

    Lickers: These mutated humanoid species are the most recent of the infected to show up around cities. They have no eyes and their tongue is whip-like (hints their name). Lickers have extremely good sense of hearing and thus can listen to the slightest bought of noise in order to hunt.

    The Truth *

The Truth
Umbrella Rising - A Resident Evil AU
The truth is out - will you oin Umbrella? Or just try to survive this chaotic world we live in?
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