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Fandom Ughhh... Tokyo Ghoul, anyone?

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Hello, all!
I just finished the second season of Tokyo Ghoul (I haven't read the manga), and I was just really not happy with the second season as a whole. I read that it wasn't canon and stuff, but it really made me want to rp it either way (because when I don't like something, I want to change it duh lol)
So, if anyone out there would want to play Kaneki to my OC, please message me! (Post torture Kaneki, as most of my ideas stem from the torture/ after the torture).
  • I don't do doubles​
  • I like to write multi-para (at least 3 paragraphs give or take given the circumstances of the scene), and I prefer my partner to do the same.​
  • Literacy is important, preferably someone who is decently active as well.​
  • I have a few vague ideas, but would be hella willing to hear any ideas someone else may have!​
  • Obviously the rp will be mature for blood, gore, torturous elements, anything you'd expect from Tokyo Ghoul really.​
  • Be friendly, because I am.~​

Message me if you're interested. <3


The Good Doctor

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Hey, I love Tokyo Ghoul as a series and am currently reading the manga after watching S1, S2 and some of re. I have a OC ready for any shenanigans the story would get into but playing Kaneki is fine with me.

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