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Dice UEEF: The Shadow Chronicles - OOC Thread


D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
So! I take it we are an already assembled squad for this venture? To skip introductions and the like?


Princess Psychie
So, are we taking OCCs from just the Shadow Chronicles book, or are we also able to pick the ones in the UEEF Marines Book? I'm trying to come up with a good character concept.


Princess Psychie
I'm thinking of going with the Alpha Pilot from the Shadow Chronicles book, going with the ace pilot concept.


Four Thousand Club
I may lean more towards a utility angle this time around, comms/engineering type stuff.


Luna's Concubine
Any limit on choice of craft and veritechs?
With this many players forming up the team, I could go with 2 Alphas, 2 Betas and 2 Valkyries with one of the mecha being flown by a NPC. Or you can go with just the Alpha's and Beta's.
Just to check, what edition of Robotech are we playing?
Second edition. If you want, there is a website called The Trove with tons of free PDFs out there, including the Robotech books that we are using. They are a great resource.


Three Thousand Club
I already know about the Trove - it's where I found a lot of my D&D/Exalted stuff - but thanks anyway.

I'm heading off to a barbecue pretty soon. Once I get back, I'll start working on my character.


Princess Psychie
Well, lets see what kind of numbers I can come up with for my stats.

So that gives me 10, 11, 12, 11, 11, 14, 15, and 14. Dropping the '10' and replacing it with the free 24. Very average rolls.

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