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I thought I could lure people in by using fancy font in my title.

Hello! I’m MissThuy and I’m 22. It’s been a bit since I was last on here and a couple of days ago I had the urge to get back to role-playing. I haven’t role-played since I was 16, so I’m a bit rusty. However! I joined a couple of group role-playing groups and I have noticed that I can pump out at least two paragraphs. I am semi-literate, or more like I know where grammar is due. Sometimes my vocabulary and imagery is great, sometimes it’s not. I’m the type that doesn’t force imagery unless it’s needed in my narrative for that specific moment.

Here are some things I want from you! To be 18+, I realize that it makes me uncomfortable to be role-playing with a minor, especially in romantic scenes. It was like when I went onto Omegle one time on a Friday night a couple of months ago to see what kind of people were on there. What I found were so many teenagers and it made me feel so bad for being there lol. Every time I saw one, I told them to be careful, stay safe on the internet, and disconnected with them. I would also like you to be a quality writer, I understand writer’s block and/or there’s not a lot of information to go off from. Oh, I love OOC chat! I’m a bit shy on the internet so I may be formal at first, just give me a minute and I’ll warm up to you. I don’t like being bumped or rushed a lot, I am a busy person with a full time job (that works off the clock too) and I’m preparing to move to pursue my masters degree right now. I’ll try to reply once a day, but no promises. I also don’t expect you to reply everyday, I understand that we are both adults and adulthood is kicking our ass. I am also ghost-friendly, I tend to ghost too. Not just because I don’t like you, but because life got in the way and I was too anxious to respond with everything that’s going on. I’ll try to give you a heads up.

I think that’s all I want from people, I think? I’ll add more when I can think of some.

I can play a male or a female, but just letting you know that my characters are quirky. I can have a suave businessman who sucks at painting but wants to be a painter. I can have a floral shop owner who was forced into the business and begrudgingly does her job. I can also have an edgy drummer who finds solace in crocheting. Like, my characters and their mannerisms will be quirky and funny (at least to me anyways), so I hope that sounds like fun. Also, I’m okay with romance, but I LOVE slow romances that take forever to blossom. I love hints of fluff here and there that drive either my or your character crazy thinking of whether the other likes them or not. Also, I do MxF or FxF, just no MxM.

I’m not really into playing as Canons, I love playing OCs. I also don’t know many fandoms that people are into nowadays, so I prefer playing as different roles and plot building.
The two fandoms I like are:

Some pairings I’d like to play are:
(wow I can’t think of anything else I like, just throw a pairing at me and I’ll see if I like it lol)

EDIT: To be honest, I am more plot driven than I am romantic driven. I like to focus on the plot with romance on the side.

I do have a couple of plots that I’d like to do, if you have any just throw them at me lol:

Time-Traveling Conspiracy

This was based off of my conspiracy theory when I was high on drugs at the hospital recovering from a car wreck (don’t worry, I don’t believe it now but I think it was a cool theory). Muse A wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory of being in a car accident. They feel out of place and disoriented but they were told by the doctors that it was normal because of the brain trauma. Still, Muse A felt like they didn’t belong in this world after noticing a couple of differences such as their parents wearing less black or how their sibling is wearing a different color of glasses. However, Muse A decided to brush the idea off as little things she did not notice before their accident. Then, something really made them believe that the conspiracy might be true. Muse B is their significant other when Muse A clearly remembers that they were enemies before the accident (or Muse B noticed that Muse A is different and is calling them out for it?)

We are Going to Spain!

I was inspired by my Spain trip in high school for this one. Muse A is in a flamenco troupe that travels all over Spain, however, Muse A is just a server. Their family owns this flamenco troupe and Muse A is not musically inclined enough to play guitar or dance so they are just a waiter (or some other employee). Muse B is a rich kid traveling with their family but somehow keeps meeting Muse A in the same towns that their family is doing their show. Muse A and Muse B meet at a flamenco showing and there’s some weird spark to them. (I have a mystery plot to this as well, but we can throw the mystery plot out the window and build onto this plot).
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