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Tyranny of Dragons

Dice System
D&D 5e

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
With one more arrow at the ready, Cid released another shot. Arching it high to get the distance needed.

Hit: 15
Damage: 12


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Your arrow flies true but you only see the tail violent stick up and flail for a second before the tailfeathers of the arrow stick above the grass.

Combat is officially over...

"That went far better than I thought, and it seems we had help." Garret speaks after catching up to everyone.

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Cid lowers his bow and nods at a job well done. He slings it over his back and walks over to meet the others.

"Ho there!" He called out as he approached. So as not to catch anyone by surprise. "Just thought I would lend you all a hand. I hope you don't mind."

His first stop, though, would be the kobolds, wherein he could try to retrieve some of his arrows.


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Mor'du cleans his sword off with a rag, then slides the blade into its sheath. Looking over at the stranger with the bow, the Dragonborn will casually advance close enough to let his divine ability to Sense Evil be in range of the man with the bow. Just because he attacked the kobolds does not mean he can be trusted. Assuming that there is no sense of evil from the man, he offers up a smile.

"I think I speak for all of us when I say that your assistance was well timed, and very much appreciated. I am Mor'du, a paladin in the service of Bahumut. What is your name, neighbor?"

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Given that Cid is chaotic good, there shouldnt be any evil to sense. Assuming the DM hasn't infected me with something evil.

"Quite the pleasure, Mordy." He said, returning the dragonborns smile with a hearty one of his own. "I'm Cid Sandbriar. A Ranger from the Explorer's Guild. And I'm always happy to help. Heard about some bandits in the area, when I found them and when I saw you all going to take them on, I couldn't bring myself to stay my hand."


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Athaclenna smiles, then covers her mouth to hide her grin. "Mordy?" That is . . . quite hilarious! While keeping her eyes open for any other threats, she nimbly runs forward, asking of the fighters, "Is anyone hurt and in need of healing? From what I saw, everyone has done well in keeping the casualties on the side of the bandits."


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Mor'du rolls his eyes at the comment of 'Mordy', but lets it go knowing that the more he fights about it, the more likely the name will stick. Turning the cleric, he says, "I am fine, just a minor scratch. What of the rest of you? Any injuries? Cid, you say? Good to meet you. We are here to put an end to the bunch of bandits that have attacked the nearby keep. Your bow would be quite handy in helping out in that task if you could be so persuaded to join us."
Hit Points: 39 / 38
Hit Dice: 3d10
Initiative: +1

Number of Attacks: 1
Armor Class: 19

Channel Divinity Bonus: +2 to attack rolls with Longsword

Weapons and Armor
Main Hand: +6, 1d8+4 Slashing, Versatile
Both Hands: +6, 1d10+4

Javelin x5
Main Hand: +6, 1d6+4 Piercing
Ranged: +6, 1d6+4, 30ft/120ft, Thrown

Chain Mail: +6 - Stealth Disadvantage
Shield: +2

Paladin Spells - 3 Slots
Spell Save DC 12, Spell Attack +4


Princess Psychie
The elf cleric looks at Cid and says, "Pardon my lack of manners. I am Andarra, a priestess of Corellon, and I, too, wish to thank you for your aid."
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D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
"A pleasure, as well, friend." He said to Athaclenna with as equal a hearty smile as he had shown the dragonborn. "And it was no trouble at all, sweetheart. You are quite welcome. As for your manners, I think they are quite well placed I'm ensuring the safety of others first. "

Cid turned back to Mor'du. "If there are more to be dispatched, I'm willing to come along. No need for persuasion, either. I have a vested interest in wanting to see the region safer for travels."

"That said! The entrepreneurial part of me asks that you might show the courtesy of sharing an appropriate cut of what rewards or finds are made. Not necessary, but appreciated." He added, as he began his search for his arrows amongst the bodies of the kobolds.


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@Sherwood You don't sense anyone evil around you. (Also in part, I will say unless someone is actively being evil, is evil through and through (A murderer/hitman), or a being made up to be evil (Devil/Fiends). I wouldn't say detect good and evil won't reveal an evil person that's let's say is swindling people out of their money with useless or placebo effect items. Also, along with what the ability says: Celestials, Fiend or Undead within 30 feet of you)

@D. Rex Unfortunately the only usable arrow was in the last kobold you killed, the other two you fired shattered with the use of your spell.

@Psychie Did you just change your character's name or reveal something?

Garret walks up to the forming group, "It's nice to meet you Cid, I am Garret. The other dragonborn is Thovan, the blonde warrior is Nikolay, The other one is Alexander and the drow is Xinnia. We are grateful for your help and I'm sure the town of Greenest will be willing to provide you with a rewards. However, the force of the bandit's wasn't a paltry number. They attacked a sizable town with a keep in it, with the aid of a blue dragon." Garret pause to give the group time to think. "I suggest we split this group into two on the basis that one large group is more likely to draw attention that two smaller groups."

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