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if ever just the same
Acacia Romans woke up to a room that was not her own, in a body that was not her own.

She is greeted by clean walls and sharp angles, shelves lined with trophies and awards, and the smell of clean linen with the faintest whiff of lemon. It catches her off guard and though she usually wakes in disarray, this is the most confused she's ever been.

This is definitely not her room. The hell storm of a place she stays in was more of a disaster site than a room, but it was a location the raven-head would proudly declare as hers. This was the complete opposite and it oddly reminded her of her sister. Could it have been that she was kidnapped in the middle of the night and brought to her sister's room?

Knowing the Romans family, the possibility was not completely far-fetched. In fact, the more Acacia pondered on it, the more likely it seemed. Damn Romans. If they wanted her back home couldn't they have just called her?

Acacia was grumbling as she got out of bed, scratching her stomach as she waddled to the bathroom. She could swore her chest was smaller than she remembered it to be, but it wasn't something she took to mind. Toothbrush in hand, she began brushing her teeth, only lifting her eyes when she noticed a stranger's reflection in the mirror.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" she---or he nearly choked on her??? toothbrush, spatting out the paste, her hands slammed the bathroom counter. Her exclamation brought a worried face to view: a man in his late thirties or early forties.

"You alright there, sport?"

"H-huh?" Acacia stared at the man, her hands on her body. Another man appeared, "You should get a move on Ty. You're going to be late for school if you don't hurry."


The man beside him nodded, giving a quick peck on his husband's cheek. "That's right. I'll send you off today. After that, your father and I will be out for the week again." He gave Acacia, or well, this... Ty person an apologetic look before returning back to the kitchen. The other man left as well and Acacia, despite being confused as hell, was quickly able to piece together the situation.

After being ushered quickly to school, she took the time on the way there to learn as much as she can about the person she was in. How was not something she wanted to stress on yet. If she thought about it now, she knew she would freak out. Her fingers itched for a cigarette but it seemed this person did not smoke at all.

She was relieved to see that at least this Ty person studied in the same school she was but what bugged her was that she knew nothing about this kid aside from the fact that (1) his notes were extremely detailed and well-organized, (2) he seems to play some sort of sport and (3) he wasn't that bad looking---at least by Acacia's vain terms. It puzzled her how she did not know of his existence until now and it irritated, more than perplexed.

She was practically scowling as she roamed the halls, coming to the theory that if she was in this body, perhaps right now, he was in hers. If that was the case... Damn! She better find him before he does something weird.


That one who is always online
It was the strong smell of cigarettes that woke him up. Without opening his eyes his scrunched up his nose and turned over, trying to get more sleep and hoping the smell came from the window he left open and not his dad getting back into the habit after he and his papa got him to quit.

His pillow smelled even stronger and that finally forced Tyler to open his eyes to be met with pillow cases that he was positive weren't his. He reached out to grab it and examine the pillow closer when he noted that these were also definitely not his hands because sure he liked nail polish on a girl but not on him.

Frowning in confusion and concern, and secretly hoping he's dreaming because he had weirder dreams before, he quickly got out of bed and onto his feet and noted that as he suspected he was not in his room. He searched for a mirror and found a full length one in the corner kind of covered by a pink sweatshirt. Tyler was in front of it and pulling off the sweater in a second.

A teenage girl stared back at him. Blinked when he blinked, moved when he moved, she even slapped herself and he felt the pain. Tyler was not one for yelling but that did not mean he wasn't internally screaming. He was about to do some external screaming as well when he heard the door open and a man in a suit came in with a tray that had a mug and a plate on it.

"Oh good, you're awake, Miss Romans. Everyone is already gone and I came to give you your breakfast." He said as he set the tray on a desk Tyler had yet to realize was there and before the boy, girl?, could even speak the man was already out and had even closed the door behind him.

Romans. Romans. Did he know any Romans?

He turned back to the mirror and stared at his reflection till it struck him. Acacia Romans.

He was Acacia Romans. The mad dog. The school troublemaker.

And if he was here then that meant... Oh his dads are going to freak.

After quickly eating the offered breakfast and drinking the bitter coffee, he was more of a tea person but he had a headache and he guessed it was because this body needed caffeine, he spent half an hour trying to get dressed while not looking because he was a gentleman mind you, and collected as many clues as he could get his hands on.

He managed to get her notes, though from the variety of different hand writing he could tell that not all of them were strictly hers if any. Her locker was no where near his but that's okay. She carried lip balm in strange places. And she smoked. A lot.

She also had a driver who offered to take him to school and since he didn't know the area he went with him and pretended to listen to music so he couldn't strike up a conversation despite not being able to open Acacia's phone.

After being dropped off he made a beeline for her locker and didn't find her there but thankfully no one else was waiting for her there either. He decided to wait for her. She'll have to come by it eventually. Right?
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if ever just the same

The moment she sees him, a finger jabs in his direction like a spear and she's running towards him at top speed, down the hallways, well-ignoring the yellow 'caution: wet floor' signs. The body she's in is faster than what she's used to. She ends up practically colliding with the boy---herself?? despite her best attempts to skid to a stop. The soles of her sneakers shriek in protest.

"You there! Who are you?" She's not shouting but the volume she's speaking at is not soft either. Hands slam on either side of her(?) his(?) head, pining the stranger to the lockers behind her. The act catches the attention of those nearby. They stare at Acacia---or well, Ty---like he has a death wish. No one with enough common sense would yell at, let alone kabedon the mad dog. If that was the real Acacia, she would've likely kicked up between Tyler's legs, but it wasn't.

If fictional stories have taught her correctly, the one in her body right now ought to be Tyler. It was the most logical conclusion to this illogical situation.

Looking at herself closely, she muttered lowly to herself, "Wow, I'm actually pretty cute huh?" She was close enough to see Tyler's reflection in her eyes. The faces of the spectating students flushed red.
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That one who is always online
Tyler's eyes widened in panic as the boy, girl?, ran at him at full speed. The moment she started screaming he put his hands on her mouth to shut her up, "Shhh, are you trying to make me look crazy?! That occupation it already taken by yours truly." He told her as he glanced up and glared at the onlookers, who looked away as soon as they saw Acacia's murderous glare.

He turned back to.. well himself.. and took her arm firmly before he led her to a private area, which just so happened to be the janitor closet. All the school will be talking about this.

"Look," He said as soon as he closed the door, "I don't know what's happening just like you but let's not let the whole school know, okay?" He snapped.


if ever just the same
The hand to her mouth took her by surprise and she muffled a few words before deciding to give in. She hadn't noticed the crowd she drew in. Though with Acacia, there were always eyes on her, if not from fear then envy. She smirked, amused to see the stranger fully utilize her death glare.

So that's what she looked like when she glared huh? It was pretty impressive, albeit Acacia was vainly confident to begin with. Instead of feeling ashamed, she was rather proud, wanting to laugh aloud when she was dragged into the janitor's closet.

"Oh my," she mused, looking around the dark stuffy room. It was damp and it smelled of detergent. For someone who was in another person's body, she was awfully lackadaisical about it. "Aww, is this what I look like when I'm angry? How can people be scared of this. I'm adorable!" she said, reaching over to pinch her own cheek.

An uncharacteristic smirk stretched on Tyler's face, one that was 100% Acacia and 0% Ty. There was a notable glint in amber eyes, promising no good as she leaned over.

"But this is awfully inconvenient," she narrowed her eyes, "You sure you have no idea what's going on? This isn't some kind of bogus curse you've placed on me to get closer to me, right?" Her accusations were as brash as her actions. In no moment's time, she had Tyler pinned against her again, this time there was less space for him to move away given how cramp the janitor's closet was.


That one who is always online
Tyler's expression was closer to a deer caught in the headlights with how his eyes widened like saucers "God, you're as crazy as they say you are." He said in a panic as he tried taking a step back but she cornered him. "I didn't do this, I swear. Do I look like someone who has anything to do with witchcraft? Or I mean do you look like it I guess." He added.

He was starting to freak out as they stood so close he could feel his own chest and his heartbeat through his shirt. Her shirt now.

((Sorry this is so short.))


if ever just the same
((Lol it's fine. I can still work with it (; ))

Acacia rolled her eyes. This wasn't the first time she's heard someone insult her with such an adjective, but it was rather brave of the male to say so to her face. She rose a brow, an intimidating gesture as her fingers wrapped around her body's chin, gripping them in lock-hold.

"That's a mean thing to say to a lady," her voice was a low murmur but because of their close proximity, the breath of her words could be felt on one's skin, sending a creep of goosebumps down anyone's spine. It was amusing to see herself look so frightened. This whole situation, though bizarre and unbelievable, was awfully amusing to her.

"Calling someone crazy to their face," she sighed, the hand on her chin creeping down the neck, fingers tapping until her palm rested just below her body's collarbone. She frowned. Damn, she really was flat.

Her eyes caught the boy's honesty. It seemed he wasn't kidding when he said he didn't know what was happening. She pulled back, tucking both arms behind her head and sighed loudly.

"Man, this is weird. Even for me," she muttered to herself, kicking the janitor's door open. "You're named Tyler right? What classroom are you in?" Acacia asked, a bored expression on her face. With Acacia possessing the brunet's body, every little action she did was notably out of character and lowkey intimidating.


That one who is always online
Tyler didn't know how to break it to her that technically he wasn't saying it to a lady, but even if he did know he didn't want to admit that he was too scared of her to say it.

"Um.. Uh.." He stuttered as blood rushed to his face and neck, and he could feel her hand on his chest and was positive she could feel his heartbeat accelerating. He wasn't sure whether it was out of fear or something else.

Finally she released him and moved away, allowing him to breathe normally again and quickly follow her.

"Uh.. Algebra? Or you have Algebra. I'm not sure what I have right now." He said as he trailed after her and frowned in confusion before stopping to look at her, "What do I have?" He asked her. He hadn't even looked at her time table.


if ever just the same
She smirked, seeing the color on her own face. Man, she thought with a twinge of disappointment, it would be far more interesting to see that sort of embarrassment on Tyler's actual body than her own.

"Algebra, ugh," she made a face, "Fine. I have English right now, I think?" She sounded unsure and waved a hand nonchalantly, "It's fine if you skip though. English is a bore." Not to mention she's forced to take extra tuition at home on alternative weekends.

She's already making her way towards Tyler's classroom, a hand tucked in her pockets and another picking her ear as she walked down the halls with a slight slouch. If Tyler had any friends who saw him like this, they would definitely suffer a shock of a lifetime.

"Well, Ty---or should I say, mad dog Acacia," Acacia smirked, waving a hand in his direction, "I'll see you later at lunch." She winked at him and like that, left to start the day.


That one who is always online
"No no. I don't skip. Please don't skip I have a perfect attendance record." He told her as he hurriedly followed her, already anxious at the idea of skipping. "Look, let's just try not to mess up each other's lives till lunch and we'll see the next step then, okay?" He told her, but he knew she'll blow it with the way she was carrying herself, himself, in a very un-Tylerlike manner.

He didn't get an answer, and he couldn't follow her in Algebra or else he'll be late for English which forced him to leave her and hope for the best.

It was four periods before lunch. Four agonizingly slow periods which Tyler spent fussing over their little problem and avoiding people. The latter wasn't hard as no one wanted to step over Acacia's toes.

He practically sprinted out of his seat and bolted for the cafeteria when the bell rang. It was the most uncomfortable feeling in the world being in someone else's body and knowing you had absolutely zero control over yours and Tyler was panicking.


if ever just the same
"Yeah, yeah. I'll see ya later," Acacia said lazily, disappearing into the classroom. From her meeting with Tyler, she had a more or less good grasp of what the male was like. While she was a known to be a troublemaker, Acacia wasn't so black-hearted that she'd purposely ruin someone's life. Fortunately, she was rather good at putting on a "good girl" facade (courtesy of her family) and slowly began to adjust into the role of a model student.

Of course, that meant she had to actually pay attention in class this time. Listening to the teachers ramble on for hours was agonizingly boring and time flowed just as slowly for her as well. Try as she might, she actually slouched in her seat, chin in her hand more times than she could count, only straightening back up when the teachers shot her a confused glance.

"Right," she would have to remind herself, "Not in my body."

She yawned when it was finally lunchtime, stretching lazily as she walked over to the cafeteria. Her friends---or well, Tyler's friends---were quick on her heel. One guy slung her arm around Acacia's neck and on reflex, she had taken that arm and nearly flung him over, choosing instead to twist it back behind the dude's back.

"Ow! Ow-- ow! Ty, bro, let go!" the guy cried out as Acacia loosen her grip.

"Whoops, sorry man," she said casually, glancing over the the boy to spy for her body. She had no idea who Tyler's friends were. If they start interrogating her now, she wouldn't know what to say.

"What's up with you today?" the guy asked as he rubbed his sore arm. "You've been acting all weird. I heard you even went to talk to the mad dog! Are you crazy? Do you have a death wish or something bro?" the guy, let's name him Liam, tapped Tyler's forehead as though feeling for his temperature.


That one who is always online
Oh no. Tyler spotted her. She was talking with Nathan. He quickly ran over to them and in the most flirty way possible grabbed his own hand and smiled seductively at his friends, ignoring all their weird stares. "Sorry boys. I need to steal him for a moment." He said in a sing song voice as he practically dragged Acacia away.

'Did you just try breaking my friend's arm?' He asked her in a hushed tone the moment they were out of earshot, still holding her and putting as much distance between his friends and them,heading in the direction of a vending machine.

"You have a lot of assignments that you haven't even touched. I managed to buy you more time with the teachers. Please tell me you didn't mess anything up." He pleaded as he fed the machine money in exchange for two granola bars, one of which he handed over to her.


if ever just the same
Instead of Acacia looking for Tyler, it seemed the male---or well, at the moment, girl---found her first. She blinked and smiled apologetically at Tyler's friends, waving them off casually as Tyler pulled her away, leaving the other boys dumbfounded.

"Did that just happened?" One boy asked, another one nodding as he pinched himself.

"Our poor T-bone! He's too young to die," another friend wailed in exaggeration until he was elbowed in the ribs.

"Don't be stupid. Tyler won't die..." He didn't sound too sure of himself. "I wonder what he did to catch the mad dog's attention, out of all people."

The boys could only shrug. That was the question everyone had in mind.

Meanwhile --

"It was on accident, I swear!" Acacia hissed back, realizing now what an iron grip her body had. Either that or this Tyler kid wasn't as weak as he looked. "Natural reflexes. He startled me," she explained, raising a brow when he passed her a granola bar. She patted herself, finding no wallet on Tyler's body and then looked over at the male, confused. Was he using her money to pay or did he manage to somehow snatch his wallet from her when she wasn't looking? Either way, Acacia didn't care much. Her family was loaded. Sparing a few loose change as the least of her concerns.

She peeled away the granola's wrapper and bit into it, talking as she chewed, "You're fine. Lucky for you, I'm smarter than I look." She boasted, jabbing a thumb at her chest. "But..." Her smirk faded into a frown, "Even I have no idea how to fix this mess we're in." She sighed loudly, rubbing the back of her head. "This is so weird. What is this called again? Transmigration or something?" Her brows knit together in a furrow, "As fun as it is to be a guy for a change, I sure hope this isn't permanent."



That one who is always online
Tyler noted Acacia patting her pockets which reminded him to take out his wallet and hand it to her in case she needed anything from it. "I keep it in my locker and grabbed it between English and History." He explained to her. "Also Transmigration is a fancy way of saying reincarnation and we didn't do that we just... switched." He added with a frown.

"We should try researching it. Maybe go to the library or meet up somewhere? My parents are out for the week which means you got the house to yourself. Have you met them yet?" He asked as he munched on his chocolate granola bar, he usually had the apple one but he was craving chocolate, and turned to lean back against the wall, hoping that if she had met them it went smoothly and they didn't sense a difference.


if ever just the same
While Acacia had accepted the granola bar, Tyler's wallet was not something she could take. Besides, she had no need to purchase anything but she did occasionally itch for a cigarette. The urge is more mental and physical. After all, Tyler's body has probably never tasted a hit of nicotine before.

"Hm, you mean the two guys in your house?" she asked, surprised to learn that Tyler came from an unconventional background. Who would've thought. She bit off the remaining bite of her granola bar and swallowed quickly, "Yeah, I met them. I dorm alone but Callum would pop in every so often to check up. Did he fetch you to school today?" she frowned, knowing how her butler would be surprised to see Acacia accepting a ride to school for once. Her norm was usually to skateboard.

"That's no good if he did. I always skateboard to school," she commented, throwing the wrapped away in a nearby trash can. "What are your plans after school? You in any clubs or something?"


That one who is always online
"My school ID and driver's license are in here. Take it you might need it." Tyler insisted, moving to stand behind Acacia and opening his backpack to place the wallet inside. "And yes, the two guys. Did you talk? Did they suspect anything?" He asked her as he zipped the bag and turned around to face her, throwing his wrapper as well.

"If Callum is the freaky butler then yes, and he almost gave me a heart attack. But it was nice being driven to school. Fancy. But I'll avoid it from now on so they don't suspect anything." He added as they walked out of the cafeteria and back to the hallways. They still had time but they needed their privacy.

" I have practice after school. Come up with an excuse and avoid going because it'll be a disaster zone. Will anyone notice if I don't show up at your dorm?" He asked her.


if ever just the same
The mention of an ID had Acacia perking. The amber in Tyler's eyes glinted, promising nothing good. "A driver's ID? You can drive, Ty?" Acacia grinned, slinging her arm around Tyler's* neck as she noogied her own body. Given their slight height difference, it isn't too hard to. "Awesome!" She threw a fist bump in the air, excited to try driving on her own.

Because of her reckless personality and wealthy background, Acacia's parents had never found a need for their daughter to have to learn to drive on her own. Whenever she needed transport, they simply called her personal chauffeur over to take her; But Acacia had found that boring. She wanted independence and freedom! Often, one could find her rebelling by taking public transport or other means just to go against her family's ideals. To be able to drive her own car, that would mean ultimate freedom for her.

"What practice?" she asked, as she followed along down the hallway, walking with her arms folded behind her head. "By the way, you* can skip the last two periods if you like. I usually go home straight after lunch anyways. Oh! Maybe you can find a way to break this weird spell on us in the meantime." She suggested, grinning as she waved her hand.

"And nah, as long as you don't murder anyone, no one would care what you do." Maybe it was a trick of light, but somehow Acacia sounded rather sad saying that. The smile plastered on her face said otherwise. "Anyways!" she slapped her hand casually against Tyler's* back, "I dorm alone so no worries." She stuck her tongue out cheekily.

additional notes
* I'll use asterisks to refer to the other person's body. So when I say Tyler's* neck, I actually mean Tyler in Acacia's body ;;; I hope that'll lessen the confusion.
* you referring to Tyler in Acacia's body


That one who is always online
Oh dear God, that glint was not a good sign at all. "On second thought maybe I should have my wallet back. Do you know how to drive? I have a pretty good feeling you don't know how to drive." Tyler said anxiously, already regretting that he gave her the license.

"Look, here's the plan. I'll get a headstart and go to my place and after school you go to the volleyball coach and tell him you're sick and meet me there. We should figure out how this happened, how to reverse it, and how to deal with things in the meantime. " He planned, still nervous. This whole thing was just a mess.

At Acacia's cheeky look Tyler rolled his eyes and shook his head disapprovingly at her. "I'm good thank you." He told her, though he was indeed glad that they both currently lived alone, that way they can minimize the damage.


if ever just the same
"What? That's a bold accusation!" Acacia said, refusing to give the wallet back. "Of course, I know how to drive." The cars in the arcade at least. It wasn't a complete lie.

She half listened at the plan he dished out for her. For someone as spontaneous and impromptu as she was, following a schedule was definitely not her strong suit. "Uh huh," she answered, wondering when was the last time she played volleyball and with the school team too. Her signature smirk appeared as her mind began to devise her own plans.

"Volleyball after school huh? Sounds like fun!" she grinned, looking determined and excited like a child on Christmas day. The school bell rang indicating the end of lunch. "Don't worry about me--er you. I'll see you later!" Acacia slapped him on the back once more before running off.

Of course, anyone who knew Acacia would know that she was never one to follow plans; but Tyler wouldn't know that. Neither would he have expected to see her dressed up in his volleyball uniform, out in the gym, ready to play with his fellow volleyball members. Hell, she was even practicing serves as if everything was normal! It totally wasn't!


That one who is always online

Tyler had a bad feeling about this. A very very bad feeling. If what he knew about Acacia was true then this is bound to end in trouble. But he couldn't do anything about it so he decided to ignore his nerves and head for the library.

He hated public transport but Acacia didn't have a driver's license and so that meant he didn't have a driver's license which sucked but he'll live with it for now.

He spent three hours in the library on the computer with no results. A disposable foam cup with cold tea in it sat beside him and he rubbed his eyes in frustration before picking it up and taking a sip, grimacing when he noted how cold it had gotten. He had read so many articles and went on so many forums. Some people claimed that it had happened to them but no one had proof so he couldn't vouche for the truth in their words.

He reached for Acacia's bag for the third time today before remembering that A) This was her bag not his so his glasses weren't in there. B) He didn't even need glasses anymore.

Tyler was tired and frustrated and really wanted coffee despite hating the bitter taste and the whole new body thing has been tripping him off a lot. He's too scared to even go to the bathroom.


if ever just the same
While Tyler in Acacia's body got a head start researching for a solution and an explanation, Acacia blew time off by playing volleyball with Tyler's teammates. It was naturally given that she didn't play as well and as cleanly as Tyler would, but it seemed his body held enough motor skills for her to play a decent few games before Tyler's teammates began to notice the different playing styles.

Acacia, being a naturally sporty person, was on no lack of skill in keeping up; albeit, just being better than average did not mean she could match at all with the skills of a top star volleyball player---which apparently was what Tyler was. His coach blew his whistle at her asking her what was up with her poor form and eccentric playing style. It drew the teammates out of loop but it was definitely a more challenging and interesting experience.

After talking to the coach a bit more Acacia was allowed back into the game, improving on things she normally would miss on. With her mind in the game, she had lost track of time and actually forgot about her promise to meet up with Tyler in the library. In fact, she had forgotten she was in his body to begin with until the other players began packing up for the day.

"Oh shit!" she cursed, remembering then about Ty when the sun was starting to set. "I'm going to be late!" She wiped her sweat down and didn't bother to change, having no time to before driving her way to the library, miraculously avoiding any accidents despite the harsh braking and engine rearings.

"Sorry I'm late!" she shouted, running over to Tyler. Her voice earned her a few hushes from those nearby and Acacia ducked her head apologetically. When was the last time she ever stepped into a library? And damn, was it always this quiet?

She quickly took her seat in front of her body, asking above a whisper, "So did you find anything?"


That one who is always online

"Sorry I'm late!" The words startled the napping girl and made her jump up.

"Wha..?" A confused sleepy Tyler in Acacia's body mumbled as he groggly rubbed his eyes and wiped at his cheek where the metal spiral part of Acacia's notebook left a mark on his cheek and some drool was still on his chin. It took him a moment to comprehend Acacia had just ran in wearing his volleyball uniform, looking sweaty, and holding his car keys, so he silently prayed that she hadn't messed everything up.

"Exactly what part of skip practice and come meet me in the library after school did you not get?" He asked as he gave her what closely mimicked her own irritated glare. "Did you wreck my car? Please tell me you didn't wreck my car. It was a gift and if my dads know I wrecked it there'll be hell to pay and I'm getting a lecture of a lifetime and I hope you'll still be me when that happens." He started ranting as he got up and stretched. Sleeping in the same position for almost an hour gave his body cramps and it was bad enough he didn't want to be in this body he didn't have to suffer too.

"Now we're going over to the tea dispenser and I'm going to grab a cup while you walk me through everything that happened. Was anyone injured during practice and/or your little driving lesson?" He asked as he already started walking, expecting Acacia to follow.


if ever just the same
Acacia didn't bother hiding the look of disgust on her face when she saw her own body jolt to wakefulness. She knew it was a familiar sight to her classmates and teachers and now she was starting to reconsider falling asleep in public areas. (But would she really stop? Only time would tell).

"Aww come on. Practice was fun and it's been ages since I've last played volleyball," Acacia said, laughing as she waved his rant off. "Your car is fine! Everything is fine. Good God, you worry way too much." She snorted, rolling her eyes as she grinned.

"No one was injured, uh," At least to her knowledge. As they walked over to the tea dispenser, Acacia poured Tyler a cup, forgoing one herself. Though she has nothing against tea, the ravenehad was often reluctant to drink the beverage. If given a choice, she wouldn't. It reminded too much of her high-end, pretentious family members.

Leaning back on the dispenser with her arms crossed over her body, she asked Tyler casually, "Did you find any clues on how to fix this?"


That one who is always online

"That doesn't sound very confident." He pointed out as he took the offered cup of tea from her and took a sip even though it was blazing hot. "No, I didn't even get close. I think we need to hold on tight and wait for something to happen. Maybe retrace our steps and see if we did anything on the weekend that may have triggered this. Angered an evil spirit maybe?" He offered with an unhelpful half shrug.

He started walking back to their desk and sat down, then began to arrange things to keep his hands busy while he thought. "Let's go to my place, get something to eat, and talk for a bit. We should know how the other lives if we're going to be pretending to be them for I don't know how long. And if you plan to keep going to my volleyball practice then you should show me how you play." He added, giving her a pointed look.

Living as Acacia Romans. Now that would be something.



if ever just the same
Acacia watched with surprised amazement as Tyler downed the scalding hot tea without so much flinching in her body. She had a cat's tongue, or at least, she thought she did. Momentarily distracted, Tyler's findings or lack thereof had her frowning in disappointment. With no better plan on her own, she nodded and shrugged.

"Sounds fine," she said as she waited for Tyler to pack up. Since she was in the male's body, she had no need to pack for her things. Even if she were to shower and change, she doubt the boy would appreciate changing into woman's clothing (albeit, Acacia's style was rather masculine and simple) as opposed to his own set of clothes.

Her attention perked at the mention of volleyball. Her eyes lit up, delighted. "I can continue playing volleyball in your body then?" she asked, though she was going to do so anyways even if he refused. "I'm not too shabby, if I say so myself, Mr. Star Player." A cheeky wink was thrown his direction. She didn't know her school even had a strong volleyball team, let alone the fact that Tyler was one of their key players.

She walked him towards the car, reluctantly passing Tyler back his car keys. Naturally, he'd want them back. And though he was still in Acacia's body, it was Tyler who drove them to his home. Acacia didn't know the way anyways so she just sat back, reclining her seat all the way back with her feet propped on the dashboard.

She reached over to fish from her own body's pockets from time to time, her hand startling the male when she did so. "Candy break," she'd explain, pulling out a handful of starbursts, popping a few in her mouth. The yellow ones were offered to Tyler. They were her least favorite.

And then, Acacia seemed to remember something. Startling in her seat, she sat back up. "Shit, this weekend is my sister's birthday."

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