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Fantasy Two Elemental plots {Closed}

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Hey there! Currently I have two different small group RP's up based around element users and sadly both lost one person each so we are looking to fill those roles. These are both small groups so once the positions are taken there will be no more roles open. Please post below if you are interested in either of them!

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Things are taking a little slower to start, but once they do please be semi-active(posting every other day at least) or let us know if your going to be gone for a little bit so we can make sure other characters are not frozen while you are gone.
  2. Please be able to write a few paragraphs each post.
  3. Especially since this will be a smaller group I want to focus on good character growth, this includes their powers. Hopefully everyone will be able to have their own character arcs that we focus on as a group!
  4. Always be kind in OOC. I shouldn’t have to say this, but it happens. If there is some kind of problem within the rp, please PM me so I can handle it and to try and keep things as drama free as possible.
  5. Always LGBTQIA+ friendly

Awaken Elements, You Have Some Surviving To Do {Closed}
(This plot may have darken themes, please be aware of this before joining this one)

October 21st was going to be one of the most magical nights. You and a larger group of people were invited to the private camping festival StarFall. No one was prepared for it to be a ruse. As the sun faded and the stars began to fall, the shooting started.

A long forgotten group had spent their entire existence dedicated to the extermination of those living with a certain mutation. Those invited did all have the chance of having it, but none had any clue about the mutations, let alone how to use them; long ago their surviving ancestors decided to separate from each other, go into hiding, and to never to use their elements again. They hoped maybe, someday their children’s children would be safe from the exterminators.

Was it fate that led you to that horrible night? Or maybe it was luck? Whatever it was, it awoke something deep inside of you. You and three others manage to help escape together and from that point on must fight for your lives.

Roles for Awaken Elements
Fire- BFabulous
Earth- Leviohsa
Air- TheAdventureBegins


Saving Aether {Closed}

In the world Aether at the age of twenty-one everyone is either gifted with an element or not. Those gifted go on to study at Yoserra, a private academy till they can eventually go out to serve the major kingdoms. Over the years those gifted with the elements have been fewer and farther between. With the waning amount of magic Aether has been declining, and the people worry they have angered their gods somehow. Yet, for the first time in thirty years all of the elements have manifested once again. People whisper this is a sign that the gods have not turned their back on Aether and that the four’s destinies is to reshape the world.

Saving Aether Roles
Fire- Fana
Earth- Percefonii
Water- TheAdventureBegins
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