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Multiple Settings two conflicting ideas m/m


Lir the Forest Prince
Roleplay Type(s)
I'm looking for these two be M/M and romance

I have two very loose concepts right now that are fighting to exist
A cozy mystery and this sort of darker thing with more edge and emotion?
Cozy mystery: My character moves into a house his great uncle on his Dads side left him for some reason?? He hasn't been to this town in years and remembers jack shit, but there's a mystery with magic! And whoever your character is [handsome whatever ] helps out to figure things out with the town, your character would know more about the place than mine

The darker futuristic plot: my character is alone, he's 22 and explores the abandoned world, there was a mass leaving of the planet when he was like 5, so there are a lot of abandoned places and cities with to much decaying space, your character is an annoying ass from a populated city who got grabbed and escaped a testing facility

Things might change in details but these are the two vibes
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