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Twin Thorns... [OPEN]


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Queen Marget gives birth to a set of twin boys and dies shortly after. The boys get raised by their grandmothers Twin A was raised by the queen's mother a very religious woman who believes the church can solve all of their problems and there is no need for violence. Twin A is skilled in speech giving, writing, and piano playing. Twin B was raised by the king's mother who is more aggressive and always thinks you have to fight for what you want. Twin B is a skilled fighter, writer, and dancer. This roleplay is about two brothers coming of age and basically being forced to turn on each other for the throne. This roleplay will have betrayal, romance, mild violence, comedy, and a lot of sibling rivalry.

Detailed info on the twins and additional information on open roles

Twin A, B, and the younger sister

Twin A is actually the younger twin he was born a five minutes after his brother. He was always the healthy angelic twin he loved playing the piano for guest and being the center of attention. He didn’t care for fighting he wanted to win people over with his words and charm. He wrote many letters for his father and even wrote a love letter to suitors for his younger sister (That's a secret). As a child, he would play the piano for his bother hoping it would make him feel better so they could play. Once his brother got better they were practically inseparable until Elise came to the palace. Twin A hated Elise the time his brother had spent with him was now divided between training and him chasing Elise. Then he met Anna, Elises step sister a young opera singer who too hated Elise just because she disliked everything about her.

Twin B is the older twin he was born five minutes before his brother. He was a sickly and frail child who spent most of his time in bed. At the age of one, he was diagnosed with a deadly illness. He wasn’t allowed around anyone, not even his father came to see him but his devoted brother would sit outside his door playing the piano for hours. One day he got out of bed and started dancing to his brothers playing. When a nurse walked in and cheered him on as he got better he continued to dance. Until he was released from his room meeting his brother and father for the first time. Later on, he met Elise and was in love at first sight. But his training kept him away...

Twin A and B had a younger sister from the kings most recent marriage she was very beautiful and at the age of 6 she already many prince’s lining up to ask for her hand in marriage. She admired the love her brother had Elise and hoped that one day she could to feel that kind of love. But the man she loved would never love her because he only saw her as a younger sister (Twin A). She had done a lot of research on half sibling marriages and saw that many kingdoms did it to keep the royal blood pure but her father scolded her for even bringing up the idea.

Elise and Anna

Elise's mother married Anna’s father when they were 5 (Elise) and 7 (Anna). Anna hated Elise because her father would always hold and kiss her but never show her that kind of affection. Then one-day Elise’s mother told they were going on a trip and Anna never saw her father again. Anna began to play the violin and was known as one of most beautiful maidens who with no doubt catch one of the prince's eyes.

Elise hated Anna’s father he was always following her and hugging her it made Elise uncomfortable until one day Elise’s mother walked in on Anna’s father kissing her child and telling her how beautiful she was. Elise's mom stabbed him and fled to the castle where she made Elise promise not to tell anyone what happened not even Anna. Elise was always wondering around the place exploring everything she was very intelligent she learned a lot of different facts about random things. She was considered a know it all but still as beautiful as her stepsister.
  1. Twin A (Age 17) - Spacepanda
  2. Twin B (Age 17) - Me
  3. Elise (Age 15) - Rivers And Ocean
  4. Anna (Age 17) - Lostwanderer
  5. Younger sister ( 10 - 15) - C O N
Princesses from other kingdoms and Princes
And many more if you have an idea shoot away!

Roleplay: Twin Thorn...
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Nice to see you again friend! not interested in joining this one I must say but please tell me if you make any others you know I always love your plot ideas!


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Unfortunately, I am unable to join a the moment. This seems really fun, though. <3 I hope this role play goes through!


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Going to head to bed soon, but is there anything else we need to know about the country this is taking place in? Also is there a last name for the Royal Family?


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Wait question @Rivers and Oceans if Elise has an 'of Evergarden' title, doesn't that make her part of the royal family? And does she have an interest for Gideon instead of Twin B, cause of she does that would be some interesting drama lol.

Still at work but I'll be posting my CS fully in about 3ish hours.

Rivers and Oceans

Let’s try this again
Wait question @Rivers and Oceans if Elise has an 'of Evergarden' title, doesn't that make her part of the royal family? And does she have an interest for Gideon instead of Twin B, cause of she does that would be some interesting drama lol.

Still at work but I'll be posting my CS fully in about 3ish hours.
No, it just means she hails from the kingdom of Evergarden I’m pretty sure. I can remove it tho :) oh I got it all mixed up!! Let me change her person of interest haha

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