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Fantasy Twilight Partners - Literate, M/F or F/F


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Hey! I'm Pleiades, and I'm currently looking to start up a few new stories.

About Me

I'm a twenty something year old college student. I won't be able to reply every single day, and I greatly appreciate patience, which I will happily return. That being said, if you ever need to contact me for whatever reason or simply want to plot or chat, I'm most readily available on Discord, which I'd be more than happy to give out upon request. I'll write through private messages, on a thread, on a Discord server, or through Google Docs- whichever listed format my partner finds preferable would be more than fine by me. I am one of those- I enjoy writing out romance, and while it certainly doesn't have to be the entire story, I'd find it difficult to maintain interest if it wasn't included. I’m currently only looking for m/f or f// pairings. I'm a literate writer by most standards, and would prefer the same in a partner. I’m comfortable with most literate posts, but I’d love to stay between a few hundred and a thousand words. I'm really interested in finding partners that I meld well with, and as such I'd be more than happy to supply writing samples upon request, and would in turn appreciate being sent a writing sample by any interested prospective writing partners when being messaged.

What I'm Searching For

I'm currently looking for something inspired by the world of Twilight. I’m alright with canon or original characters being used and exploring just about any of the lore featured in the world as well. Vampires, werewolves with imprints, etc.
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