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Fantasy TT&WW Characters

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Character Creation & Sheet


Character Creation

"A pirate may not need rules, but a roleplay does."
Creation Rules & Information

Before jumping into creating your awesome pirate character there are a few rules that you should review. If you have any questions you can ask them in the OOC thread or the Discord server.
  • One character per player.
  • Characters should at least be physically/mentally 18 or older.
  • Characters cannot claim the role of Captain. Read more below.
  • Characters can only have a maximum of six total abilities which players can split between magic and physical. Read more below.
  • Mermaids, sirens, merfolk. These are allowed, but please read the lore before creating one.
  • 'Demon' races are not allowed for PCs. Read lore for info.
  • You can write your own racial lore, just be sure it doesn't conflict with already established lore or changes/sets specific lore that would affect the GM's worldbuilding.
  • Abilities are in regard to ways your player can fight or defend themselves/others. Skills are for things your character is personally good at, such as knitting.
  • Named roles are limited, but anyone can be in the Crew role.
  • Characters cannot have certain powers due to the over-powered nature of them.
    Click for List
    • Omniscient
    • Omnipotent
    • Precognition
    • Mind Control
    • Warping Reality
    • Invulnerability
    • Intangibility
    • Magic Immunity
    • Magic Nullification
    • Time Manipulation
    • True Immortality
    • Weather Manipulation
    • Power Copying
    • One-hit Kill
    • Infinites (Ammo, Mana, Endurance, etc)
  • Certain powers are restricted and must first be discussed before considering them.
    Click for List
    • Matter Manipulation
    • Teleportation
    • Super Speed
    • Telepathy
    • Regeneration
  • Characters need to be able to actually work upon a ship. This means that unfortunately very large characters (like giants) wouldn't work.
  • No ancient and/or overpowered beings. The oldest any character can be is 500 years and at that age they'd be on death's door.
    Click for List
    • Gods
    • Demigods
    • True Dragons
  • Fantasy races only. No aliens, robots, etc.
  • Face claims should be illustrated.
  • Please only post a finished CS.

Why you can't be the Captain of The Whimsical Lady

I will be using a GMPC which will function as the Captain of the ship. A GMPC is like an NPC but has more involvement in the roleplay. The reason I am using a GMPC over an NPC and not allowing a player to be the Captain is a mixture of various concerns; player corruption, player arguments, increased likelihood of mutiny, ADHD plot direction, etc. There are too many variables which can hinder and hurt the roleplay if a player is given absolute control over the ship.

Now, this doesn't mean no one can be a Captain. If at some point and for some weird and highly unlikely reason there is a ton of interest in this roleplay - enough to form a second pirate crew - it is entirely possible for a player to become Captain of another vessel. On the chance this happens the Captain would be selected by popular vote of the players and we'd figure it out from there.

Character Lore

Since players can create their own 'races' that means they can also write up their own lore. However, this lore cannot conflict with already established canon lore and also cannot be for a umbrella/generic race. Here are some examples.

If you have a human character, you cannot write the lore for the human race itself, only for your character's specific culture.
If you have a elven character, you cannot write the lore for all elves, only a specific type of elf. For example, Drow.

Magic and Physical Skills System

You'll notice in the character sheet there are two separate sections for Physical Abilities and Magical Abilities; combined to a total of six abilities. Now these are by default set as a 3:3 ratio, but you can 'mix and match' as needed. If you want a character more physically inclined you can take some slots from the magical side and move them over to the physical side. The same can be said for a more magically inclined character.

As long as your character only has a total of six abilities then you're good.

Named Roles

There are a limited amount of named roles which are specific crew positions. Due to the specific tasks required of these named roles players should carefully create a character should they want a named role. If a character cannot fulfill the duty of a named role they can simply be part of the generic role of Crew.

First Mate

Rank just below Captain.
Takes control of the ship if the Captain cannot perform their duty.
Requires navigation education and good book keeping skills.


Rank below First Mate.
Should those of a higher rank be unable to person their duties they take over.
In charge of food and water supplies as well as equipment and crew.
Requires navigation education and good book keeping skills.
@Noble Scion


Rank below Quartermaster.
Should those of a higher rank be unable to person their duties they take over.
Tends to the ship, in command of repairs, and keeping the ship in shape.
Requires carpentry skills.
@Collidias Rex

Sailing Master/Navigator

Rank below Bosun.
Officers in charge of navigation and piloting.
Requires education with focus on navigation, cartography, way-finding.


In charge of the medical care of all crew and prisoners.
Requires medical education and medical tools.


In charge of creating the meals as well as normal crew duties.
Requires skills in cooking.
@Probably George


Always Open
@Sushi Muncher
@Meme Machine
@Dalamus Ulom

Applying for a Named Role

Players can create a character with a named role in mind, but must remember that it is very possible there will be competition for those slots. If multiple players create a character for the same role the character that best fits will be given the role.

Before creating a character for a named role please be sure the slot is still open. If you need guidance or have questions about a named role you can ask in the Discord server or the OOC thread.

Character Sheet Code

Replace {PUT YOUR FC URL HERE} with your FC image url.
Replace {PIRATE NAME HERE} with your character's name.
{REASON HERE} is where you put the reason your character is a wanted criminal.
{TYPE STUFF HERE} is to help you see where you type out your backstory.

Just fill out the CS, if you need help let me know.
[div class=topimg][/div][div class=fyuricontain][div class=wanted]Wanted[/div][div class=doa]Dead or Alive[/div]
[div class=imgc][div class=img][HEIGHTRESTRICT=400][img]{PUT YOUR FC URL HERE}[/img][/HEIGHTRESTRICT][/div][/div] [center][img]https://i.imgur.com/63YpFr0.png[/img][/center]
[div=  display: flex;  justify-content: center;  align-items: center;][div class=name]{PIRATE NAME HERE}[/div][/div]
[div class=reason]Wanted for {REASON HERE}[/div]
[div class=basics][b]Age[/b]: 




[b]Country of Origin[/b]: 

[b]Crew Position[/b]:


[b]Personal Weaknesses[/b]: 

[/div][row][column=span4][div class=lmh]Physical Abilities[/div]
[indent][fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability One
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability One Limitations
Expanded Information Here

[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability Two
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability Two Limitations
Expanded Information Here

[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability Three
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability Three Limitations
Expanded Information Here
[/indent][/column][column=span4][div class=lmh]Magical Abilities[/div]
[indent][fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability One
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability One Limitations
Expanded Information Here

[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability Two
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability Two Limitations
Expanded Information Here

[fa]fa-chevron-circle-right [/fa] Ability Three
Expanded Information Here
[fa]fa-minus-circle[/fa] Ability Three Limitations
Expanded Information Here
[/indent][/column][/row][div class=txt][div class=lmh]Backstory[/div]
[div class=crest][/div]
[div class=bounty]A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.[/div][div=clear:both;][/div]
[/div][/div][div class=bottomimg][/div]
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Dead or Alive

Captain Vyxyl the Silver

Wanted for smuggling, rum running, looting, and piracy.

Age: True (46), Physical (23)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Lyrian Elf

Country of Origin: Ethium

Crew Position: Captain of The Whimsical Lady

Skills: Light first aid, sewing, high functioning when drunk, rigging monkey.

Personal Weaknesses: Adorable critters, mead, dice games, superstitious.

  • Cutlass
  • Two hidden daggers
  • Two flint pistols
Physical Abilities

Close Combat
When you're stuck on a ship, you learn that you're not going to get much space to fight.
Able to fight well in tight spaces and at close range.
Increased Risk of Injury
Fighting in tight spaces means less space to dodge.

Cutlass Proficiency
Proficient with cutlass blade.
The cutlass is only sharp on one edge and is more of a slashing weapon than a stabbing one.

Duel Wield
Able to duel wield flintlock pistols, daggers, or cutlasses.
Without further training, unable to duel wield any other weapons.
Magical Abilities

Aerokinesis (Wind/Air Manipulation)
Able to create, shape, and manipulate the wind.
Only sustainable for as much mana as available. The more powerful the magic, the more mana is used.

Aerokinetic Attacks
Able to use wind/air for attacks, such as razor wind, air blast, etc.
Only sustainable for as much mana as available. The more powerful the magic, the more mana is used. Additionally, attacks of the same nature and power will cause a magic negation effect.

Aerokinetic Surfing (aka Wind Surfing)
Able to 'fly' by manipulating wind/air currents and use of a surf board, or any board wide and strong enough to be manipulated by wind and hold the weight of a person.
Only sustainable for as much mana as available.
Board Required
To sustain control a board has to be used, otherwise it'll just cause a person to flail around in the air uncontrollably.

Vyxyl is a Lyrian elf, one of the smallest elf cultures that resides on the tiny islands in northern Ethium. They are an indigenous race of northern Ethium and during therir prime controlled most of the northern territory until the Ethium empire expanded, the resulting conflict vastly reducing their numbers until they surrendered and were absorbed into the empire's territory. Their population was further reduced when Flyria began to move against Ethium. They were forced into the front lines to fight for the empire, basically being used as cannon fodder.

Survivors fled to the islands to the north and those who were captured by Flyria were sold as slaves. Vyxyl was born and raised on the islands where over time the Lyrian elves vastly improved their skills and knowledge of navigation, sailing, craftsmanship, and fishing. The Lyrian trade with the Ethium mainland with unique goods that only they produce. Generally merchants and traders who come from the mainland to the Lyrian islands are few and far between since the Lyrian's don't exactly like to engage with them, leaving them with very few who will do business with them on the islands.

Vyxyl was the daughter of a merchant and in her late teens accompanied her father to the mainland. At first she had been fascinated by the bustle of the busy port until she witnessed the slave auctions. Her father had tried to keep her from seeing it, but what she had seen was enough to give her the context of what was going on. She had heard the stories that had been passed down each generation about her people being sold by Flyria, and just for Ethium to be involved in such a horrible trade infuriated her.

She snuck out the night before they were to head back to the Lyrian islands and attempted to free the slaves. Vyxyl only managed to free one person before she local authority discovered her due to the noise made by opening the one cell. All Vyxyl could do was flee, but she couldn't lead them back to her father so she ended up stealing a small sailboat intending to sail in a misleading pattern before heading home. Unfortunately a heavy storm struck and the boat ended up capsizing and Vyxyl washed up on the shores of High Tide Cove.

The pirates there captured her, but she managed to work out a deal with one of the pirates who berthed there. She rose through the ranks of The Whimsical Lady and was named the Captain after the previous one retired to enjoy the spoils of their work.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.


June Verles

Look at big boy forehead over here
Dead or Alive

Grulashk Magrmbak Slugger Of Port Moon

Wanted for Desertion, Manslaughter and Piracy

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Orc

Country of Origin: Maerin

Crew Position: Cook

Skills: Practical Culinary Knowledge, Extreme proficiency at arm wrestling, Idiotic amounts of determination

Personal Weaknesses: Not being the most observant, the dark, sea food, cheap alcohol

Inventory: Cooking Knife
Physical Abilities

Physical Prowess
His natural strength as a orc paired with a large amount of conditioning make him quite the overwhelming opponent.
The bigger you are the harder you fall, let's just say it's not hard to outmaneuver him.

Proficient hand to hand fighter
After years of fighting he is a terrifying person to fight, you wouldn't want be kicked by his trunk-like legs or be caught in a grapple.
Limited range.
If close combat didn't limit his range already he also fights like a slugger, limiting him further.

Tough hide
As orcs battle and grow older their skin naturally grows thicker, his skin is thick enough to stop blades halfway through it.
Tight space
With a skin as thick as his it actually makes it more difficult for him to move, he needs to stretch periodically and can't turn his neck to a full 90 degrees.
Magical Abilities

Earth magic
While he can perform some basic earth spells like a making a dirt wall or something of the sort the most often application of this power is "borrowing" the strength of the earth to increase his own power and defense.
The boon that the spell gives him depends on the amount he moves, the stiller he is the more he like the earth in a sense.

Basic fire magic
He can make a small flame erupt from his finger, mostly used for cooking and lighting.
No combat obvious combat potential
No need to explain.

Some of the veteran soldiers that have been stationed at Port Moon for a while often recount a old story, about the Green Menace. A story about a monster that could pummel all of the dregs of the underworld without even flinching, always sporting a smile on his face. What they don't tell you is that the green menace was just a young Grulashk and all of the dregs of the underworld were just people who picked a fight.

You see being a young orc, a species that isn't centralized and not very liked by many to say the least growing up in Port Moon it wasn't a easy existence. Every other day a drunk sailor or some punk picked a fight, not considering the strength difference due to stupidity or alcoholism or a mixture of both. Nonetheless there weren't many options for him growing up therefore he lost ambition early, happy to just live a peaceful life.

However as soon as he turned of age as any citizen of Maerin he joined the military in mandatory service. There he find that his straight-forwardness and physique were quite useful for climbing through the ranks, going all the way to corporal before stopping due to wanting to go any further and his own inability to. During that time he befriended a young merchant's son after beating some bullies, they grew to be close knit friends as Grulashk readied himself to follow his friend's ambition, serving for another extra 5 years.

But good things don't last, after a while his friend outranked him so much that they couldn't hang around anymore and a new officer was assigned to his troop. This officer wasn't happy with Grulashk to say the least and was a piece of shit in general. Still Grulashk wouldn't say anything because he wanted to live a peaceful life and that for some time worked until the event that changed his life.

When accompanying his officer while in town they ended up taking the backstreets, the man decided to waste some time by abusing some young homeless boys. That's where Grulashk's patience ran out, he walked behind the man picked him up by his head and snapped his neck in front of the rest of the platoon before dropping his lifeless body on the ground, no remorse in his eyes.

Using the element of shock he fought his way through the platoon and escaped, and through some luck ended up on the Whimsical Lady, which brings us to today.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.



The God-Emperor of Mankind
Dead or Alive

Grimgal Trismegistus (The Thrice-Great)

Wanted for Grand Theft, High Treason, Illegal Sorcery, Lèse-Majesté, Looting and Piracy

Age: 486

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Human

Country of Origin: Ethium

Crew Position: Surgeon

Skills: Magic, mysticism, research, science, shamanism, first aid, surgery, alchemy, sacrificial magic, voodoo

Personal Weaknesses: Poor constitution, health, and stamina; somewhat decrepit and senile, easily angered by the harming of him and his, dangerously curious when it comes to artifacts

  • Hermit Robes
  • Wooden Staff
  • Cutlass
  • "Magic Is Red;" Flintlock pepperbox with six barrels
  • Alchemical Tools, Astrology Tools, Surgeon's Tools, Mystical Tools & Books (most kept in his cabin)
  • Ingredients & Materials (kept in his cabin)
  • "Edward;" Fiery Parrot, created through magic
  • Physical Abilities

Edward the Parrot
Edward is Grimgal's right-hand man, and one could say his best friend. Both of them are inseparable. Edward has been created through a meticulous process of distilling phoenix ash and many ingredients using Celestial Alchemy, as well as using Voodoo to bind a spirit to Edward's form, and further Blood Magic to strengthen his abilities. Edward is capable of burning with intense, searing scarlet-crimson heat like a flare, which is hot enough to melt wax on the other end of a desk and leave black burns on wood, but said heat can be released even further in short bursts to outright melt or vaporize things, and directed as fiery attacks. Edward's singing can affect the mind, either soothing it or sending it into a rage or a fit of fear, and his tears heal wounds and are capable of prolonging one's life to a certain extent. Furthermore, if Edward is destroyed through a non-magical attack, he will be reborn just as a phoenix would be. Edward can be considered Grimgal's magnum opus; the combination of all three of his learned magical arts poured into one form to create a familiar.
Has To Be Fed & Cared For
"Muckle-darmed parrot needs ter many caluries."

Grimgal is known as "The Thrice-Great" for mastering three separate and advanced arts of magic, making him a pioneer and connoisseur in the mystical society. He is also known across the continents for his longevity, extensive and intensive piracy, and being a constant pain in the ass of all kingdoms, due to his stealing, researching, and reselling of ancient relics. He is a famous legend among pirates who see him as a wildcard and trickster to look up to, and some people even think he's a myth and doesn't exist, or that he died a long time ago. Most people who hear his name recognize it, and either fear it, respect it, or are revolted by it.
He is wanted practically everywhere for something, and some of his bounties are highly ridiculous as over the four-hundred years of his life he has amassed a longer record than the total length of some of the law codexes which he has violated. He is a constant nuisance to the nations who are all but unanimous in their desire to vanquish him. Perhaps his most infamous deed is directly calling the king of Ethium an "ignorant fool," straight to his face, while looking him in the eyes from a meter away with spears pointed at him, only to spit at the king moments after and escape with the help of a celestial serpent. Many people disbelieve this story, and others are blown away by the incredulity, the sheer lèse-majesté of the deed.

Basics of Combat
Can use a cutlass and pistol with moderate skill, enough to hold off his own against a normie using those things against him.
Just The Basics, Though
Not good at it, though. I said hold off, not defeat. He without magic, against one adept swordsman, means the swordsman wins by a landslide.

Magical Abilities

Celestial Alchemy
A secret art learned from a Couatl once upon a time. It is a combination of ordinary alchemy and herbology, along with astrology and transmutation to create objects, potions, and talismans of otherworldly power. Essentially, it is a high-level "Item Creation" skill, that allows him to create powerful tools and potions. The most powerful aspect of Celestial Alchemy, however, is that it can derive the conceptual power of an ingredient rather than its raw chemical essence. In other words, one can attempt to distill plants to create a "flash bomb" because those plants have absorbed sunlight. Simply put, Celestial Alchemy can operate on the principle of "meaning" rather than "content."
Materials / Preparation / Limited Use
Despite allowing him to create powerful objects, Celestial Alchemy is still bound by physical materials. He has to obtain ingredients for potions, metals for armor, and so on, though transmutation may help him a little by using lesser objects to create something more powerful than it should be. It takes time to prepare potions and objects. Usually, the weakest potions require at least two minutes with his tools, and powerful brews require even up to a month to prepare. Objects range from a day to several months. Often, potions and objects are expended after one use, or after they run out of whatever they run on. It takes time to make anything 'permanent,' including any form of immortality.

Voodoo Magic
Voodoo is a secret art passed on by a small group of mystics mostly in the lower class of society. It is an art of communicating with spirits, mostly of the dead, as well as giving them commands or asking them questions, though it can be utilized for other things, such as healing injuries, creating injuries, removing the presence of evil spirits, vengeance upon one's hated enemies by inflicting direct pain, cursing someone with exceptionally bad luck, summoning dark spirits to serve the summoner for a price, or the creation of zombies of varying degrees of sentience and sapience as well as decay.
Voodoo practices require a number of tools that have to be carried on person at nearly all times, though not necessarily a long time applying them in action - often a swing of one of them is enough to banish or scare an evil spirit, or do something else, but certain rituals and spells take more time, preparation, and tools. The creation of intelligent zombies requires ingredients too, but is made easier with Celestial Alchemy and Blood Magic.

Blood Magic / Sacrificial Magic
An art of ancient societies, in which the life-force of beings, contained in their blood, can be released through harm or even death in order to gain temporary power and manifest it in various ways. This power has vast, and sometimes terrible applications. From something as measly as divining a simple fact from the intestines of a chicken, to sacrificing a liter of blood from a virgin woman to gain the ability to shoot a fireball, to outright stabbing a dagger into a drugged subject's stomach following an hour-long ritual in order to create a tempestuous storm over an area.
As explained, all Blood Magic requires a sacrifice equivalent to the power being displayed. Any and all impressive feats require elaborate sacrificial rituals with proper tools, as well as time. Often, such rituals can take up to even an hour, or sometimes even longer by requiring the victim to perform certain things before death, or can have other, arbitrary requirements like a willing victim or a certain phase of the moon, etc. It's not always reliable to use "on the fly" when you want serious power, but it works well in the long-run. Lower-end costs include self-mutilation and harm, middle-end costs is the sacrifice of animals, and the most powerful ones include the sacrifice of human life in an elaborate ritual. The applications of blood magic are vast and versatile, and given a proper sacrifice, they can be powerful.


Born in Citchester to a whore and a gentleman, Grimgal was quickly abandoned and orphaned. Life in the orphanage wasn't easy, and his peers called him 'Grimgal' due to his grim attitude, but as a child, he found work in a local mint. He stole coins from it, little by little, eventually amassing enough to fund an education for himself and leave the orphanage behind for a boarding school, where he was top of his class in most subjects. He gained a stipend and went to the university, and then graduated as a valedictorian, his major being History. Not even a week after graduating, he was approached by an expeditionary group heading into ancient ruins on an island several kilometers off the coast of Ethium, and Grimgal agreed.

During the exploration of the ruins, Grimgal quickly became fascinated with seeing them upclose. He'd read the textbooks, but never imagined such finery from hieroglyphs and primitive carvings. He found a belief that deep down, there was a certain sophistication to them, and he wanted to explore the entire depth of the abyss that gave birth to this place. He wanted to know the world, the universe better, and soon he found his answers. Being the first to enter one of the old chambers, there he found a celestial serpent, apparently doing research of its own. It understood human language, and Grimgal conversed with it to sate the holes in his knowledge. It said it 'knew of powers beyond physics' and offered to teach him, if he proved worthy. Grimgal agreed and had the feathered creature hide within his shirt. He smuggled it, as well as a relic he wanted to personally examine later, onto the ship, and once they were home, the serpent began to teach him the art of what it called Celestial Alchemy.

However, Grimgal's theft and possession of the relic was detected. One morning, guards broke the front door. The feathered serpent crawled into Grimgal's clothes to hide, and the guards took him by the arms and carried him all the way to the court, before the king of Ethium at the time, the serpent still hidden beneath Grimgal's clothes. The king quickly said Grimgal hid an object of vast power from the kingdom, and was thus a traitor, who would be executed unless he could prove his innocence. Grimgal offered a low, bitter insult: "Ignorant fool," before spitting in the king's face. At that moment, the serpent crawled out of Grimgal's clothes and stunned everyone with a high-pitched, magical shriek. It grew to immense sizes, clasped its mouth around Grimgal's collar and lifted him off into the air, escaping through the window.

After that, the two shared a number of legendary adventures, some of which are still spoken of in the modern days. Grimgal is said to have eventually mastered Celestial Alchemy and used it to prolong his lifespan, and later learned Voodoo, which he used to banish three devilish spirits in a pub in Flyria, and later learned Blood Magic from a Maiar mystic and used it to kill his former, willing master to sink a group of buccaneers raiding the island they were on. Some people guess as to what happened to Grimgal's celestial feathered serpent, said to be his only friend, and most believe he used his Blood Magic to kill it and gain its power. Others say he used Voodoo to bind its spirit into subservience and uses it to kill his foes. Others still think other things, and only some of them are correct...

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.


Noble Scion

Lover of Lewd and Space
Dead or Alive

Harper Jules

Wanted for the theft of priceless books, prison escape, assault, piracy and heresy

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Harpy

Country of Origin: Theace

Crew Position: Quartermaster

Skills: excellent book-keeping, astonishing memory, map-reading, analytical skills and planning proficiency

Personal Weaknesses: A hoarder with sticky-talons, has difficulty relinquishing the opportunity to collect unread knowledge and doesn't cope with direct confrontation well. Skittish and is rather weak-willed

- His cardinal bell, a reminder of his priest-hood
- Three books: "The Rites of God", "Cardinal Geoffrey's sacred hymns" and "A prophet's guide to religion"
- His glasses

Physical Abilities

Harper can use his wings to fly​
Flight Limitations​
about as fast as running somewhere, except multiple times as tiring (particularly if carrying something), areas with stagnant air or no air-flow make flight impossible. A weaker physique with lower strength than most humans thanks to the naturally light bodies of harpies to allow for flight​
Sharp sightedness​
As a result of being a harpy, Harper has incredible precision when it comes to viewing something farther away​
Sharp sightedness Limitations​
Harper is long-sighted and has difficulty viewing things up-close. Should he lose his glasses, he wouldn't be able to see up-close at all​
Harper has both talons and claws should it come to a brawl​
Claw Limitations​
Not a proficient weapon when combined with the fact that he is from a weak-bodied race. ground-borne stealth is also made vastly more difficult​
Minor night-vision​
Being descended of owl harpies, Jules has inherited enhanced vision in the dark​
Night-vision Limitations​
Blinding effects and bright lights are particularly effective against Jules​
Magical Abilities

Frost Magic​
Harper is able to create and manipulate ice or cast frost-breath to freeze objects or people that stray too close, even being capable of mustering up the strength to potentially create a small hallway-sized ice wall or a small ice bubble, should a swift escape or quick defensive measure be required. With enough knowledge of a given lock, Harper could also be able to create a key.​
Frost magic Limitations​
The more items Harper creates, or spells cast, the larger amount of mana is used. Prolonged existence of ice-created items are continuously draining.​
Lesser wind magic​
Used to create light breezes to make flipping pages more easy for her​
Impractical for combat​

Harper Jules, the name of someone that had always found it difficult to find their calling, was a strange harpy, for instead of undergoing the typical lives of harpies and spending their times as nomads, travelling the world on their wings, he instead elected for the life of a priest, as his love of books brought him to their large libraries. He prayed with the others in the great temple of the prophet, studied with the others, lived with the others, evangelised with the others and attended the ceremonies with the others, all only to get the few hours a day where he could sate his lust for the crisp words of ancient authors, to understand their thoughts. A simple life-style, with very little changing, but to young Harper, unfulfilling. It was all so very.. Slow. His search had brought him to the religion of his home was so proud of, yet he simply could deal with the sheer lack of proof for their praising, or the tedium of their daily rituals, which frustrated him greatly as time went on.

He began saying throwaway comments things to his fellow priests, his friends, things that aired on the unholy side of disbelief. At first, they were passed off as nothing but slips of the tongue, but the frequency was too alarming, and it did not take long for the book-loving creature to face confrontation.

Jules was taken before his superiors, his own friends testifying against him. A meek mess of feathers was brought to court as his tongue had gotten the best of him, and was ruled with the somewhat harsh punishment of imprisonment within the church's repentance area for two month for disgracing the sanctity of their lord to re-find the light that he seemed to have forgotten about.

The temple's penance centre, however wasn't incredibly well-designed, as such crimes were incredibly rare and it was held in almost exclusivity for priests in repentance, and the idea of someone truly attempting an escape was.. Incredulous.

The idea had been that Harper would be brought back to the light after spending some time in the dark, but he didn't intend on sticking around.

The harpy knew magic, while rather primitive from his lack of consistent practise, he managed to escape with its aid, involving a short battle with one of the un-prepared "guardsmen", which was little more than another priest armed with a small rod and was set to leave what had been his home for years, yet before he left, he made a mistake that seemed so minor to him, but would hold repercussions for his future.

Jules stole a couple of books from the library, as the knowledge of his heresy hadn't become wide-spread yet and his face was seen frequently at the place anyway particularly at night, in a petty attempt at getting back against the church of Theace. He took three books, each holding an immeasurable value by the simple difficulty of getting them as each had only a single copy, and resided in the Temple of the Prophet exclusively.

Jules was gone by the end of the night, now on the run from Theace, seeking a more free lifestyle, with a taste for thievery.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

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Dead or Alive

Sherlyn Thrice-Damned

Wanted for Looting, Petty Thievery, Aiding and Abetting in Murder, and Piracy

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual

Race: Human

Country of Origin: Maerin

Crew Position: Navigator

Skills: Thievery, Navigation, Framing Other People for Crimes, Cartography

Personal Weaknesses: Passes Out After a Few Pints, Blind Without Her Glasses, Lousy With a Sword

Inventory: Bow and a Quiver of 90 Arrows, Flintlock Pistol (she calls it Traitor), 63 Bullets, Sextant, Compass, 6 maps of various places, glasses so she can see
Physical Abilities

If you’re sitting atop the rigging, why would you ever want to leave. Sherlyn shares this notion and has taken up archery, becoming a master of the bow and arrow. She uses these skills to pick off enemies from afar and stay away from the thick of battle.​
Accidental Friendly Fire​
While Sherlyn would like to consider herself an expert shot, and she is to some extent, boats are small and sometimes people can get in the way of where she intended to shoot.​
Blind Without her Glasses​
If she loses her glasses she quite obviously cannot hit the broad side of a ship.​
Flintlock Pistol Crack Shot​
Sherlyn Is a crack shot with a pistol and is as accurate with it as she is with a bow. She uses the Flintlock Pistol for more close range encounters as opposed to the long ranged bow.​
Accidental Friendly Fire​
While Sherlyn would like to consider herself an expert shot, and she is to some extent, boats are small and sometimes people can get in the way of where she intended to shoot.​
Blind Without her Glasses​
If she loses her glasses she quite obviously cannot hit the broad side of a ship.​
Rigging Climbing​
She is experienced with climbing all over the ship’s rigging. She can use this skill to dodge enemies and also attack via ropes and stuff.​
Vulnerable to Grabs​
Sherlyn is more easily grabbed when climbing rigging since she doesn’t have a sword and she has to use both hands to climb.​
Magical Abilities

Bound Pistol​
Sherlyn can call her Pistol so long as she has one of her hands is free. This does not apply to the Pistol's ammo so she must have ammo on her in order to use it. The Pistol itself is not magical and therefor can be destroyed or damaged beyond use.​
Uncallable Circumstances​
The Pistol cannot be summoned if Sherlyin is bound by any binding that keeps her hands closely bound to a body part (for example: her arms are bound to he side so that she may not use them). It also cannot be called if Sherlyn has her hands full.​
200 Miles​
If Sherlyn is more than 200 Miles away from the Pistol she cannot call it.​
Binding Ritual​
Sherlyn can use a ritual to create a bound weapon, similar to how she bound her Pistol.​
Rule of One​
She can only create one bound weapon at a time. The current one is her Pistol.​

Sherlyn Thrice-Damned is not her real name. But it is the name she has chosen as she has left her old name, which is unknown to anyone but her, behind. It originates from an incident in which she helped someone get away with murder.

A long time ago, when Sherlyn was young, she was the daughter of a cartographer. She learned all his skills and after she served her mandatory five years of military service she planned on becoming a cartographer as well. This all changed, however, when a friend of hers murdered an important military officer in an attempt to escape mandatory service. Somehow she got roped into helping him hide the body and frame a different member of the army for it but they both failed.

She and her friend were found out and had to escape. Her friend decided that the best way to avoid execution was to execute himself. He slit his own throat, preferring suicide over hanging (PN: or however execution works in this setting). Sherlyn managed to evade capture and took to a life of hiding and seclusion. She was forced to steal just to have a meal. Her life had been ruined and she had nothing left.

Eventually she somehow ended up on the Whimsical Lady and after a while of doing grunt level work she managed to become the ships navigator, using the skills she learned as a cartographer.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.



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Dead or Alive

Fenris Jhaartael

Wanted on 3 charges of first degree murder and 4 charges of second degree murder.

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual, though willing to feign interest in other females if it benefits her.

Race: Dark Elf

Country of Origin: Driele

Crew Position: Navigator

Skills: Reading maps, using celestial bodies to discern direction and time, communication, persuasion, and a suspicious amount of knowledge in forensics and natural poisons.

Personal Weaknesses: Horrible temper, isolation, loud/sudden noises, greed.

Inventory: Several questionable bottles of poison, a few antidotes, gauze, a set of pens, a compass, and several maps and spare sheets of paper.
Physical Abilities

Highly trained reflexes​
Fen has perfected her reflexes making her able to swiftly dodge or duck attacks without much thought.​
Not in control​
Her reflexes decide where they want her to go and she doesn't have time to tell them otherwise. Sometimes, escaping one attack leads her into a worse one.​
Studies of anatomical weaknesses​
Fen is well versed in the anatomy of several races and knows where to hit best to deal the most damage.​
Only some races though...​
Many races such as harpies, sylphs and fae confuse her and she does not yet have the knowledge to defeat them.​
Long range fighting​
She knows her way around a bow and is accurate with her aiming.​
No bow or use for one​
Fen doesn't have a bow or any long range weapon as in most situations she would need to fight close range.​
Magical Abilities

Fen knows the right words to persuade each individual and is mostly successful.​
When she is preparing to use her power, a faint glow in her eyes is visible. If the subject picks up on this and realizes what she is doing, they are able to escape her trance.​
Area Affinity​
Fen is able to quickly adapt to a wide range of climates, weather conditions, etc.​
Temporary Shock​
If a change is too rapid or extreme, she may go into a short period of shock.​

Fen was born into a family in Fyre, Driele with just her mother and father by her side, given the nickname 'Fen' due to the slum they lived in which was reminiscent of a fen. She was told tales of her four older sisters, killed off by diseases, murder or slave trade. They warned her, urging that she needed to get out of the slums and make her way into the upper class. Her parents were loving and seemed to truly care for her, but they began acting strange around her near her 19th birthday. She was raised to always question authority and seek out answers for herself, so that's what she did. Listening in on the late night conversations that were a nightly occurrence between her parents, she heard something about slaves but called it off as political discussions.

The next morning, her parents told her that she would be meeting with a supposed member of the aristocracy who wished to sponsor her. Quickly connecting the dots, Fen realized that her parents were trying to sell her to one of the ruthless traffickers that roamed around the slums. Out of rage and spite, she killed them. This counted as her first two charges of second degree murder, and she ran to Stonbrie in disguise. Over the years, she picked up many jobs on ships since they took her away from the suspicious eyes of the city. Some people did figure out her true identity, but she used her persuasion powers then promptly disposed of them. She became used to the kill, and her toughness from growing up in the lower class make her nearly emotionless when she needed to be.

As she aged, she underwent a full revision of her identity with the help of a trafficker in exchange for a slave. To obtain one, she learned the ins and outs of poisons. After capturing a beggar and changing her identity, she moved to Irelens. With the new skill of poison, she was able to perform more efficient kills. Using her charm to seduce upper class men, she killed them off with poison and collected her inheritance before moving on to the next target. Those who got too curious were either bribed or dealt with. However, the assassination of another aristocrat went badly and her two identities were linked, putting her under heavy prosecution. Retreating from Driele, she soon found herself on the Whimsical Lady.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

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Behind Your Chair
Dead or Alive

Resia Braithwaite

Wanted for Murder, Assault, Deflowerment, Desertion, Looting, Piracy

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Panromantic

Race: Human (Merfolk)

Country of Origin: Under the Sea / Theace / Eshye / Maerin depending on which guise she's in

Crew Position: Crew

Skills: Navigational Instincts, light first aid, adequate rigger, sublime swordswoman and good with artillery. Also good at sneaking, breaking and entering, disguise, languages and adopting accents.

Personal Weaknesses: Can't seem to avoid becoming the agent of whoever she meets. Also, has a hard time saying no to a pretty or handsome face.

A Maerin military longsword that's well maintained despite hard use, a fighting knife and a flintlock pistol. She otherwise has little more than the usual personal items of a sailor aboard a pirate ship.

Physical Abilities

A prodigy with the sword, she can butcher her way through scores of conventional fighters and give the best duelists a run for their money. Her swordwork is poetry in motion, breathtaking to witness and terrifying to face.​
She's merely adequate with a knife and flintlock. While good enough to teach new pirates, she embodies the phrase 'When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail'. She's dueled but is not a ship's duelist, as the vast majority of her combat experience comes from actual combat or the sparring rings of warriors rather than the often-acrobatic duels taking place on the moving decks of a ship.​
Unnaturally Strong​
Despite having a rather sleek, fetching physique, she's remarkably strong owing to an inhuman physiology bred for the depths of the ocean.​
Doesn't react well to prolonged exposure to really dry environments. She's denser and heavier than the average human. Buoyancy isn't a problem in water but softer surfaces like sand or soil can slow her up and it's much more difficult for her to avoid leaving tracks.​
Unnaturally Hardy​
'For a girl', she's as strong as a strong man, able to work at a pace that would exhaust others and remarkably sturdy. Hitting her is like hitting wood.​
Same as above.​
Magical Abilities

Merfolk Adaptations​
She can breathe underwater. Below the waves, her senses are superhuman. She can see for miles, track by scent.​
While she's adapted to breathe air, she's not as flawless at it as a human. She's particularly sensitive to smoke, spices and generally experiences twice the discomfort a human might in dealing with anything that affects the lungs.​
Although they're concealed by her hair and her shirt collar, she also sports gills. While the lack of a tail is her usual saving grace, the reputation of her people is outstandingly poor among humans and other air-breathers.​
Underwater Communication​
Capable of speaking to fish and sea-dwelling mammals of all kinds.​
Can't speak with any animals or creatures based on land or in the air. Additionally, lacking the tail of the merfolk and thus resembling humans, she doesn't enjoy any advantage to persuading them to any course of action.​
The work of her tribe's shaman gave her a pair of human legs to replace her fins. Other than her gills, she can generally pass for human.​
She has no power over her enchantment and cannot revert back, short of finding her tribe's shaman again.​

Were it not for those foul air-breathers, Resia would still be happy living under the sea. The humans' predation pushed her people back from their traditional shores, though, and at last her tribe needed someone to go among them, learn their ways and come back to teach the Merfolk how to negotiate or kill these invaders. Her shaman worked a spell upon her, giving her legs and she was sent ashore to spy upon the air-breathers.

Little more than a teenager with a talent for sneaking and acting, Resia rose on the shores of Theace near Hyden, where she met Harold and Gina Reinhardt, an elderly couple made of a retired warrior and a Vidoni priestess who'd settled on a farm in their retirement. Seeing a prime opportunity for learning, she traded labor for answers on the politics, culture and the ways of the humans. When Harold put a sword in her hand for a little practice, they both discovered she had a natural genius for the weapon. Resia learned every trick and tactic he could teach her while his wife taught her of the Prophet's ways, instilling in her a natural curiosity as well as reverence for the ancient unknowable artifacts her own people had come to ignore. Favorably impressed by Theace, Harold and Gina persuaded her to help the Vidoni in tracking down a mythical artifact said to control the weather. Seeing its utility for her own people as well, Resia agreed and was promptly sent to Eshye under the pretext of training with a master of the sword Harold knew, in hopes of finding it.

Arriving in Eshye, Resia presented herself at the studio of Master Ake Gunhildsdotter, winning entry as one of his rare few students by outfighting every other student he had. She spent two years there, absorbing all he knew. One of her fellow students was Esben Holm, the son of Jeppe Holm, Eshye's Grand Marshall of the Armies. They grew close and Esben persuaded her to accept a commission in their armed forces. Resia accepted in hopes of finding another lead to the mysterious weather-controlling artifact. Winning her way into august company through skill and a slow courtship of Esben, she at last learned it was called the Majesty, and it'd been stolen a year ago by a Maerin military spy and the strong diplomatic relationship between their countries made it politically difficult to simply demand the artifact back (or to admit it'd been stolen). Having demonstrated a knack for languages and accents as well as a cunning social savvy, Eshye saw an opportunity to train her as a military spy of their own and sent her in to recover it on behalf of her presumptive fiance Esben.

She arrived in Maerin with forged credentials and immediately rose through the ranks with a demonstrated military competency and a phenomenal gift of swordswomanship. Having already had luck on the romantic front before, Resia seduced her way into the bedchambers of General Diadre de Vauvert who became completely smitten with the fearless, brilliant sword-saint. Learning that the Majesty had indeed come into Maerini possession only to fall into the hands of pirates, Resia swore to the General to bring her back the artifact, which would win enough acclaim for Diadre to become the War Marshall of Maerin. The General was favorably impressed with Resia's social cunning, language facility and ability to switch accents on the fly so she convinced her to infiltrate a pirate ship and make her way to High Tide Cove under cover, steal her way into their fortress and win back the Majesty.

That was a year ago. In the past year, she joined the crew of the Whimsical Lady and proved herself a capable sailor and a brilliant fighter. Hard-working, remarkably temperate and unrelentingly deadly in battle, Resia's won herself some renown on the pirate ship already. It's only a matter of time before she's trusted enough for her quest to continue. Of course, at this point, even Resia herself can no longer confidently track her allegiances or why she's even doing this anymore.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

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sʇɐq ןooɔ ǝɥʇ ɥʇıʍ ƃuıƃuɐɥ
Dead or Alive



Age: 28

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: Merfolk

Country of Origin: The Deep Blue

Crew Position: Tidestalker

Skills: Knows the Oceans better than most and excels at surviving in the depths, wicked hand to hand combatant, fast thinker and great at improvising, exceptionally skilled in handling marine threats

Personal Weaknesses: Short temper, prone to getting violent, foul-mouthed even for sailor standards, lacking a lot of proper human etiquette

Inventory: Two short cutlasses, her Trident, gathered marine trinkets that she uses to decorate her belongings with, and of course a snack for the occasion
Physical Abilities

Marine Physiology
Tarakona's merfolk form makes her an adept at surviving in the depths, gifting her the ability to breath underwater as well as increased sense of smell, sight and a "sixth" sense in the water that allows her to "feel" out the presence of other ocean-dwellers. She's also more durable than most humanoids due to her thicker skin and body designed to survive the crushing pressure of the deepest oceans. Her flared fin spikes are also somewhat venomous and cause some nasty rashes.
Literal fish out of water
Her ocean-dweller form is somewhat of a detriment to her on land. While she can move around rather easily and actually breathe air for up to 72 hours, she loses the edge she'd have when operating below the surface. She's also prone to drying out and would rather spend most of the time in the water rather than on board.

Skilled in ocean combat
Tarakona is a deadly combatant when in her element, utilizing her superior speed in combination with tridents and cutlasses to be a force to be reckoned with.
Somewhat impaired on land
Without water to allow her swift movement and devastating blows, the merfolk's combat prowess diminishes

Sixth Sense
Like most marine creatures, Tarakona is capable of picking up movement and currents in the water around her, allowing her to feel the presence of other creatures, ranging from the smallest swarms of fish to large leviathans. If she concentrates enough she can accurately pin point the location of certain objects and creatures in the water and predict attacks that would catch others off guard.
Can't detect everything
Other Merfolk, or rather those more skilled than her, can mask their presence and make her unable to feel out their presence
Magical Abilities

As a merfolk, Tarakona has an inherent affinity for water and the oceans, being capable to shape and influence it to some extent.
Ability One Limitations
She cannot create water out of nothing and it takes a lot of concentration to sustain stronger spells

Offensive Usage of Hydrokinesis
Tarakona can propel herself forward at an inhuman speed by utilizing the water around her, being able to breach the surface and basically become a living javelin. The more speed she builds up and the longer she sustains the spell, the stronger the strike will be, allowing her to pierce through some very tough shells. She's also capable of shaping the waters around her into bolts or grappling hooks that give her the edge when operating around large bodies of water.
Physical body and concentration
When becoming a missile she puts herself at risk, which may backfire when facing off against an immovable object. Creating and conjuring spells does take a lot of mental fortitude and may cause her to slow down during combat.

The boons of oceanic magic
Tarakona's hydrokinesis has some very neat benefits such as providing easy travel for her when swimming in the oceans as well as some lil' tricks that help out her crewmates. Being able to separate salt from water is pretty useful for those who actually have to drink to keep themselves from dying of thirst.
Very niche usage and easy to mess up
She's not very reliable when it comes to these kinds of uses of her magic, she's far more experienced with its offensive usage.

Tarakona's story begins on a stormy night at sea, when a small fishing vessel hauls something more than just a swarm of fish to the surface. What the family of fishermen found in their nets was neither marine creature nor human, but a child covered in vivid orange scales and fins.

They had heard the tales of those wicked monsters of the depths, those who fed on human flesh, those who lead ships to their doom, those who commanded great leviathans to destroy those unlucky seafarers caught in their grasp. But what they saw entangled in their net, among the wriggling forms of small fish, was nothing to be terrified of. It was just a child, albeit one born of the sea.

And knowing not what better thing to do with it, they accepted it into their family.
Tarakona, as they named her, grew up hidden from other human's prying eyes, living half at sea, half in her new family's home on the shore, never being allowed to see more of the land her siblings seemed to be so fond of. Curiosity soon grew too strong to deny further, and emerging from the reefs of the small fishing town as a young woman, Tarakona would come to stalk the humans of the island.

No longer content with just the company of her many siblings and surrogate parents, the merfolk would find herself drawn to other humans, observing them from the distance and asking her family about all the strange customs of the land dwellers.
Soon enough rumors of a strange figure in the shallows would spread through the village and many would describe a vividly colored figure that bore a striking resemblance to the local lionfish lurking in the reefs.

Despite her family's concern, the young merfolk would not cease to sate her curiosity and soon enough rumors would become more than that as Tarakona began befriending those few people who were not scared of her. Starting with the local children who came to meet her at the reefs, the merfolk would find herself craving the company of other humans more and more...

She would come to meet a boy her age, someone who shared her longing for new adventures, her curiosity...
And over a many seasons, the two grew closer and closer. And stories would come to reach far beyond the confinements of the small fishing Island...

What happened then is something Tarakona does not willingly talk about, but what ensued was her finding herself drifting in the vast oceans, scarred and burned by her own naivety.
But everything that drifts in the sea is bound to be found by some other family, and the merfolk found that there was a place for her on the high seas, a place that could sate her hunger and put her skills to good use...

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.



(un)official ultra
Dead or Alive

Raelyn Sarris, The Dog

Wanted for Attempted Murder, Assault, Theft, Piracy, & Prison-break

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Race: Human

Country of Origin: Eshye

Crew Position: Crew

Skills: Rigging, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Games of strategy

Personal Weaknesses: Extremely Combative, Low initiative, Habitual thief

Inventory: • Two Flintlock Pistols
• Long rifle w/Scope
• Rapier
• Dagger
• Lockpicks (10)
• Empty belt pouch
Physical Abilities

Thanks to his troubled past, Raelyn is no stranger to street-fights and tavern brawls. He's had extensive practice fighting hand-to-hand and grappling. Should he ever lose his weapons in a fight, he will have no trouble throwing down with his enemies.​
Limited Situational Awareness​
In hand-to-hand combat, Raelyn focuses solely on his opponent and what they are doing. When going hand-to-hand, Raelyn’s situational awareness drops to almost nothing, leaving him vulnerable to surprise attacks on his flanks and his back from other enemies.​
Officer’s Training​
Due to training with his father and going through the official training of an Officer, Raelyn is proficient with rapiers and flintlock pistols.​
Maintaining Distance​
Because of his choice of weapon, Raelyn must maintain distance equal to the length of his rapier in combat. The close-quarters combat of a ship makes this difficult.​
Raelyn is an impressive shot with most firearms and ranged weapons, able to hit long-distance targets with stunning accuracy​
No use here...​
When fighting on the deck of a ship there is rarely use for long-distance firearms​
Should Raelyn start to lose a battle, he will become enraged and his physical prowess will increase, making him more ferocious and hard-hitting. Those that have seen him in this state say that he looks like a dog savaging a rabbit​
Blind Rage​
When Raelyn enters the state of Savage, he fights in a blind rage, meaning that he becomes zeroed in on one target, leaving him vulnerable to attacks around him and possible friendly-fire if somebody gets in his way.​
In the period of time that he was on the run from the military, Raelyn had to hunt for his food, training himself to become a proficient tracker and trapper.​
Useful in the wild...​
This skill tends to have no use on The Whimsical Lady as ship-to-ship combat is upfront and doesn’t require tracking​
It isn't particular difficult for Raelyn to lose track of a set of prints should he be distracted or the target is actively trying to throw him off.​
Magical Abilities

Enhanced Senses​
This allows Raelyn to enhance one of his senses to extraordinary levels at any time​
Raelyn must remained focused to use this ability, meaning he usually can’t use it in combat and generally can’t multitask while doing it​
Only One​
Raelyn can only enhance one sense at a time​

Raelyn Sarris was born to Jameson Sarris, a marine officer, and Helen Ulrin, the daughter of a baker. Growing up, Raelyn had always been under the strict regime of his father and from an early age his father tried to instill upon him the importance of virtue and discipline. His mother had never thought it overly important to teach these things to a child so young. Due to his father's duties, he often wasn't home and Raelyn was left to the ways his mother saw fit to raise him. She had a lax way of going about it, and tended to stick to herself more than watch over him.

For most of the time during the day, Raelyn would wander the streets and get into all measures of trouble. He would often be caught trespassing, stealing things, and hanging out with the general riff-raff of society. Hanging out with these types of people taught him things, however, useful things. Things like how to break into a shop, or how to avoid the ever watchful eyes of patrolmen. If ever he got caught by his father doing these unspeakable things, he would be punished severely. Being punished in this way gave Raelyn a healthy level of disrespect and distrust for authority figures and as he grew he would only ever get into more and more trouble, now even escalating into getting into fights with others.

After he turned 16, however, his father did something he thought best to whip his son into shape; he enlisted him to become an Officer. Raelyn had no choice but to go through the training and pledge his service. For 9 years Raelyn performed his duties as faithfully as possible alongside his father. He couldn't deny his nature though, and often he would fight with other Officers and would steal things from others as well. Eventually, he was caught trying to steal jewelry from a Captain and imprisoned, and there wasn't much that his father could, or even wanted, to do.

Due to his past of trouble-making and spending his time with the lowest of the low, he learned quite a few things. Lockpicking was one of them, and how to avoid authorities. He used this knowledge to escape from prison and went on the run. From there, his crimes only got worse due to his combative nature. It reached a point that Raelyn could rarely be among the public without putting his fist into somebody's jaw. Not to mention that, but the military was actively seeking him out for prison break.

No longer able to hide among the common people, Raelyn retreated to the wild forests, where he lived off of hunting and fishing, picking up the skills rather quickly. He became a proficient tracker and trapper, and would catch all sorts of creatures, from squirrels and rabbits to massive deer and the occasional bear. The life didn't suit him, however. There weren't people to fight in the forests, there weren't things to steal, and he got the itch for it. So he made his way back towards society, though he encountered more military than civilians. He fought with them as they tried to take him in for his crimes and eventually escaped their grasp once more. After this he somehow found his way to the Whimsical Lady and its crew and seeing a crowd that he could call his own, he joined.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

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Dead or Alive

Tyr Skraven

Wanted for Desertion, Dereliction of Duty, Massacre of Innocents

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Mmm. Yes.

Race: Troll

Country of Origin: Maerin

Crew Position: First Mate

Skills:Ship-handling Navigation Logistics Cartography Read/Write/Basic Mathematics

Personal Weaknesses: Fear of voodoo; speech deteriorates when upset; hatred of Maerin Military, especially Naval units

Magical sheath capable of holding twenty throwing knives.
Belt pouch containing his pipe, tobacco, and fire striker.
A locked sea chest in his cabin containing lots of replacement throwing knives and the uniform of a Maerin navy Lieutenant.
Physical Abilities

Minor regeneration​
Tyr posesses the trollish ability to regenerate. Minor wounds heal in minutes without scarring. Major wounds can take hours, or even days to heal, and do leave scars.​
Increased metabolism​
While healing, especially from a major wound, Tyr must consume massive amounts of calories. If he doesn't have adequate food, regeneration slows, or even stops.​
Eye-hand coordination​
Tyr is a deadly foe when using his throwing knives. Wherever his eyes go, the knife in his hand goes​
Balanced blades​
While Tyr is deadly with throwing knives, they must be balanced and sized for his hand. With anything else, his skills are adequate at best.​
Tyr is fast and agile, making him very good at climbing rigging, or dodging away from an opponent in order to throw a knife or three.​
Tight quarters​
Take away Tyr's room to maneuver and he becomes an easy target.​
Magical Abilities

Dead Reckoning​
Tyr always knows where he is, how he got there, and what direction he is facing or moving.​
Obfuscation magic can interfere with Tyr's ability to sense where he is.​
Knife Summoning​
Tyr can summon throwing knives to either hand, seemingly at will.​
The Sheath​
Tyr is actually calling the knives from an enchanted sheath that he wears. The sheath holds a total of twenty blades, and must be replenished when depleted. Also, the blades it will hold must be a certain size and shape.​
Eagles Vision​
By concentrating, Tyr can shift the focus of his vision, allowing him to make out details on ships while they’re still miles away.​
When Tyr’s vision is focused on a distant target, he will only be able to see, at best as a dark blob, something that moves between himself and his target.​

Tyr is from a small tribe of trolls that used to inhabit the south-western most island of the Port Moon chain. The Sin'thai tribe was small, and largely ignored by the Maerin government. The tribe members weren't even pressed into the mandatory five year military service, thanks to the impressive amounts of fish and shellfish that they were able to provide to passing warships, as well as being a place to refill water tanks. So long as the tribe performed a useful function, they were exempted from military service. Tyr grew up in a fishing boat, at first doing little but watch, but as he grew he began to take on the jobs suited to his size and skills. Sorting catches, then moving on to helping gut and clean the catch, then finally being considered big enough to actually help with the nets and lines. All in all, Tyr's life was good.
Unfortunately, the idyllic existence Tyr enjoyed changed one day, thanks to a massive storm that caught the fishing fleet far from shore. The storm threatened to swamp the fishing vessels, and its violence had completely disoriented everyone, leaving them with no idea of where the closest safe harbor was. Tyr, on the other hand, knew exactly where the fleet was, though he couldn't say how. He also knew they were sailing west, getting further and further away from safety. It took surprising little persuasion to convince the helmsman to follow Tyr's suggestion to come about, and Tyr began to lead the fleet towards safety. As the fishing fleet ran before the wind, they encountered a Maerin naval vessel that had also been caught in the storm. Seeing the little fleet all moving in one direction was enough for the Captain of the Fleetwing, and he turned to follow the fishing boats. Just over two hours later, Tyr guided the fleet and their tag-along into the shelter of Put-In bay.
That should have been the end of Tyr's adventure, save the Captain of the Fleetwing began to make inquiries about who had led the fleet through the storm, and what they had been using for navigation on fishing boats. No one thought of possible consequences, so Tyr's name and ability to find his way through the storm was given freely. Fleetwing sailed away two days later, and everyone forgot about the incident, though Tyr was asked to be helmsman for the lead fishing boat. Two weeks later another Maerin vessel appeared, and the tribe discovered that at least one of their number had caught the eye of the Maerin navy. Tyr was summarily conscripted and borne away for his mandatory service.
For the first year things went well for Tyr. He was taught to read and write, do basic mathematics, and was introduced to maps. His trainers quickly discovered that given just a map, Tyr could properly identify where he was, and which direction he was traveling without having to resort to compass or sextant. Tyr was removed from the path of a common seaman, and thrust headlong into officer's school, since navigators were required to to be commissioned officers. Though he struggled initially, Tyr managed to learn what was required of him, and received the rank of ensign and assignment to the brig Moondancer as apprentice navigator. Unfortunately for Tyr, both the Captain and Navigator were xenophobes, and they resented the 'animal' that had been thrust upon them by High Command.
While Tyr was asleep Moondancer made her way to Tyr’s home village. The thunder of cannons woke Tyr, and he stumbled to the deck, knowing immediately where he was and what was happening. He began to try and stop the gunners, playing right into the Captains hands. The Captain ordered Tyr’s arrest, but Tyr leapt overboard, heading for the burning remnants of his home. Moondancer finished her grisly work and departed, leaving Tyr to single handedly bury his entire village. As he was finishing his lonely task, another ship entered the harbor, this one flying a distinctive standard. Tyr ignored the pirates who had come to investigate the smoke, continuing to bury his dead. It wasn’t until a longboat came ashore with one man that Tyr took notice.
“You must be Tyr Skraven,” the man said, looking at a piece of paper.
In less than a day wanted posters had been printed, labeling Tyr a fugitive, blaming him for the massacre by deliberately misdirecting Moondancer to attack his own home.
“There be a place for ye on The Whimsical Lady if ye want it.”
Tyr didn’t hesitate, leaving the ruins of his old life behind, going from apprentice navigator aboard a Maerin brig to apprentice navigator aboard a pirate vessel. Once again he learned, this time how to fight as he mastered navigating. Eventually as years rolled by, he went from apprentice to Navigator, and overcame his initial squeamishness over attacking merchants. His hatred for the Maerin navy never faded, and he reveled in every ship sunk. When the captain of the Lady retired, taking the first mate with him, his last act was to promote Tyr to First Mate. Tyr is still settling into his new role, worried about making mistakes, but determined to do the job.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.



Disciple of Flame
Dead or Alive


Oliver Diander

Wanted for Heresy, Mass Murder, Cannibalism, Theft, Treason, Piracy

Age: 353

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Undead

Country of Origin: Flyria

Crew Position: Crew Member/ Back up medic

Skills: Advanced Medical Knowledge, Basic Arithmetic, Somewhat talented in the musical arts (flute, violin, piano, and drums), Well-Spoken (articulate/Eloquent)

Personal Weaknesses: Generally indifferent to all things, Has difficulty understanding "emotions", Initiative is a weak concept (Rarely acts of his own volition outside of combat)

Inventory: Tattered Black Cloak, Black Cloth half mask, Satchel containing intricately detailed journals on pyromancy as well as personal musings. He also has a flute, violin, and percussion set by his bed. Currently carrying the flute on him.
Physical Abilities

Undead Tenacity​
Possessing an undead body comes with several perks. Basic biological functions have ceased operating. This means that the need to eat, drink, sleep, or even breathe are not necessities required for normal function. Normally fatal wounds will usually end up being inconsequential. The sense of pain is greatly dulled but still present. Most general poisons will have little to no effect on Oliver's body.​
Undead Woes​
Since biological functions have ceased, this also means that Oliver cannot "heal" as people do naturally over time. Whatever wounds he sustains will stay with them until his body is repaired with magic (allied healing spells) or through the consumption of the essence of the recently deceased. The fresher the body, the better the rejuvenation. Medicines and potions also won't affect him. He also needs to consume raw flesh to keep from succumbing to his baser zombie instincts. While most forms of damage can be ignored, this does not mean that his body is harder to damage. A sword will cut off his arm like anyone else. The difference is he wont really be bothered by it. Still, missing a limb is in no way a boon.​
Also, his one true weakness is the brain. The stereotypical weakness of lesser zombies raised by a novice necromancer also applies to him. Destroy the brain, destroy him.​
Magical Abilities

Able to create, shape, and manipulate heat and flame.​
Lasts only as long as there is mana. The more powerful the spell, the more taxing it is to use.​
Master of Pyromancy​
Oliver has spent over a century fulling dedicating himself to the magical art of pyromancy. This means he has pinpoint magical control when it comes to flame magic, reducing the cost/drain of mana when using pyromancy.​
Becoming a master in a craft means forsaking the study of others in pursuit of greater understanding of your own craft. Oliver CANNOT use any other form of magic as his dedication to pyromancy has rendered him incapable of utilizing even the most basic forms of alternative magics.​
Scholar of the Arcane​
Having dedicated the entirety of his un-life completely to magic, Oliver has a much larger mana pool as compared to others who merely dabble in magic.​
Being a scholar of the Arcane means that Oliver has had no time to learn how to defend himself when things get up close and physical. He heavily relies on frontline companions to distract/tank opponents while he lays down the hurt from the rear. If someone is able to shut down his magic, he is essentially helpless. Merely able to throw wild, untrained punches and kicks that any farmer could throw.​
Even though he is undead, Oliver has a high resistance to flame and fire-based attacks naturally, even without manipulating flame. He is not very useful in close quarters combat, so he often wreathes himself in searing hot flames to keep melee combatants at bay.​
Fear the flame​
While he is incredibly resistant to it, this does not make him immune. It requires concentration to keep the flames from burning his flesh to the bone and should an opponent push through the boiling temperatures to get to him, it could easily break his concentration, causing him to either dispel the ability or start to burn his skin slowly until he can regain concentration.​
Fear the flame P.2​
This ability is used as a last result. For the blazing temperatures do not differentiate friend from foe and can easily scorch allies if he isn't careful. Environmental damage is also a concern and Oliver must be wary of when and where this ability can be used.​
Soul Eater​
Through the consumption of flesh, Oliver is able to absorb the "essence" or "soul" of any living being that has recently died. This allows his wounds to repair themselves, replenishes mana, and keeps his body and mind from decaying.​
Magical Battery​
Oliver's very life force is his mana. He cannot simply rest like other living beings do to replenish their mana reserves or drink potions, as they have no effect on him. Someone must either directly share their mana with him or he must consume it to replenish his stores. The lower his mana reaches, the more "zombie-like" Oliver will become. Essentially, losing whatever remnants of sentience he has gained through the countless beings he has consumed. If his mana dips too low for too long, Oliver will revert to a "hollow" state or turn into a mindless husk which attacks everything on sight.​
He can be spared from this fate if enough mana is manually given to him by others. Otherwise, he is as mindless as any other zombie without a necromancer pulling his strings.​

This product of necromancy was raised from the grave over a century ago. He was meant to be a basic product of necromancy. A low quality corpse raised by an ambitious mage who had recently acquired a fascination with the dark arts. As a result of his inexperience, he poured a bit too much power into his first revivification and caused the undead (later to be known as Oliver) to gain a low degree of Sentience.

He was somewhat "aware" of what was going on but unable to control his actions and was completely under the control of the novice necromancer. However, being aware of his situation, even if it was slightly, gave him an edge. His "master" was very pleased to have successfully raised a zombie and often commanded him to feed on living creatures, bolstering the strength of his soul over the years.

As a slave to the mage's will, the passage of time was blurred. Days melded into weeks which melded into months and it all seemed like one continuous dream.

Later, the necromancer named his first creation Oliver "The Heartless", in account of having raised a body that was missing a heart.

Years went by and Oliver's master became more proficient in the forbidden art, raising stronger creatures that were vastly superior to him. But the necromancer had a soft side and kept his first creation around as a personal aide. A memento to his first success in flesh constructs, where as most mages would have discarded him. That weakness proved to be fatal as Oliver's awareness slowly grew. He watched his master's studies, learning the theory and application of necromancy, soul magic, arcane magic, and above all, ungodly amounts anatomy & physiology.

Oliver knew to take apart a body piece by piece AND how to put it back together again.

There eventually came a day where the mage's true intentions for necromancy came to light. The necromancer was much older now, nearing the end of his life but he had apparently lost his son long ago and was driven mad by the loss. So, he preserved the body in arcane ice and delved into necromancy with the hopes of one day being able to bring his son back from grips of death.

The necromancer's experience was both his greatest success and biggest mistake that day.

He was successful in raising his son into a fully sentient being but the strain on his old body and soul slightly weakened his hold over his creations. While the other zombies merely shuffled a step or two without command, THAT was the only moment Oliver needed. A swift kick to the side of the head with the full power a human was capable of shattered the brittle skull of the old necromancer.

The other constructs fell limp now that the magic that sustained them was gone but Oliver's soul was strong enough to stay conscious but only just. The undead collapsed to his knees at the realization of how dependent he was on his master's power to fuel him. The absence of his power. Yet, this new creation of his seemed unfazed by it all. So Oliver did what he had watched his master do many times.

It didn't take much effort to kill the son of the necromancer. He was still in a daze it seemed. From there he ripped out the heart of the recently resurrected human child.

From there, Oliver did what undead do best.

He ate.

With the heart of Olivander now in his mouth, the blood of his master still fresh on his form, the construct gathered all the notes his creator had written and left the area.

Still incomplete in his sentience, Oliver wandered the land for many years. He searched aimlessly for something that would give his un-life purpose. Something to devote himself too. Every passing day, he could feel his sanity slipping and with it, his control over his body.

It wasn't until Oliver found himself stumbling upon a recently made, shallow, unmarked grave that he found his purpose. Within the grave was the body of an old robed human and on his person, there was a journal.

The journal was the equivalent of a personal spellbook. A spellbook of pyromancy. As he read, Oliver experienced his first emotion.... fascination. The art of controlling fire. Powerful, warm, wild, uncontrollable, bright..... alive. Fire was fascinating. Fire was everything he wasn't. Fire was everything he desired. What he wanted to be.

And so, with a determination only capable of the stubborn undead, Oliver tossed himself headfirst into the world of pyromancy. He didn't care who had to suffer or die for him to acquire more knowledge. He didn't care who had to die, so that he may eat to live another day in pursuit of flame. He didn't care who he had to kill to steal away their knowledge of pyromancy.

He conveniently found himself serving on several ships as the "Magical Artillery" during his travels. The reason being was that pirates were rather like minded in their pursuit for treasures. Sailing across the world, stealing, pillaging, and unearthing old treasures has sometimes revealed pyrokinetic knowledge to him in the way of old tomes that he never would have found through any other means.

So this is what he stays doing. At least, until something else shows better promise.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

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The Sleepy One
Dead or Alive

Marceline Detrovski

Wanted for Fraud, Burglary, Theft, Grand Theft, Piracy

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Human

Country of Origin: Driele

Crew Position: Cook

Skills: Trickery, Lying, Thievery, Swindling, Communicating, Acting, Cooking, Hiding

Personal Weaknesses: Doesn't really trust anyone unless she can con them (or at least know that they won't hurt her), kinda greedy, mentally not prepared to kill anyone.

  • Her black cat (who has a penchant for stealing fish)
  • A small hidden dagger
  • A small pouch of gold
Physical Abilities

Agile Phyique
Marceline's lean physique and years of escaping capture has yielded an agile and flexible body that lets her slip through any obstacle and outrun any (reasonable) opponent.
She can dodge and weave through attacks, but its not like she is gonna being doing high level gymnastics movies or swat away swords with her movement.

Nimble Hands
Fast reactions and a light touch lend to her ability to do sleights of hand. She can do complex hand related tasks with relative ease.
She might be able to steal the keys off a guard during combat but anything more is asking for too much.

Street skills
Fights with street skills, tricks, and unfair attacks.
She can't really compete in any competition of strength, and would easily lose in any proper fight.

Magical Abilities

Tangible Illusions
Marceline is able to cast a near perfect illusion on herself or anything she touches. Such illusions wouldn't fail under light scrutiny, both from afar and up close.
She can only cast illusions through touch. If left untouched by Marceline, illusions will only last for about 15 minutes, and anyone knowledgeable on either the subject of the illusion, or the thing that was hidden has a pretty good chance of breaking the illusion.

Mirror Image
She is able to cast up to three mirror images of herself (or current appearance), which last for up to 30 minutes. She is able to control their individual movements when she has vision of them, or give them simple instructions like "run around and avoid things." The images come into existence from her current position.
They aren't perfect illusions, and up close, it is easy to tell which ones are fake. They can't attack or interact with their surroundings.

Some Wind Magic
Marceline is able to cast wind magic only as strong as a breeze, only really enough to make light objects fly up.
She doesn't have much control over it, and can't really hurt anyone directly with it.

Born and raised in the slums of Rydue, Driele, Marceline Detrovski learned to live a life of thievery. Her parents died from disease when she was around the age of five. At around the same time, she was taken in by the children of the slums, whom she would treat as her own family. It was there that she learned how to steal, run, and trick people. Every day she joined her new found siblings in stealing from those just outside the authorities care. As the children grew up and took in new younger ones, the older ones always left, heading to other places beyond Rydue in the hopes of making it big. Of course they never returned, but that was never on the children's mind, as tomorrow's meal was always first.

At the age of 10, she saw a street magician casting illusions just outside the slums. The magician himself was poor, but easily liked by the gang of children for both his tricks and honest nature. The magician was always willing to entertain a few kids, but never more. Perhaps in a move to increase business, or to be a bit magnanimous, he would regularly hire a child from the slums to work as his assistant for the day. Of course, the children only saw this as a good and easy way to get a meal in everyday, so would swarm the poor magician whenever he was within their part of the slums. Marceline had one such opportunity and luckily hired. With a quick change of clothes provided by the magician, she was taken around the city, aiding the magician for the day. She had quite the amount of fun, but more importantly, her trained eye caught glimpses of the opportunity of theivery for the children and herself outside the slums.

Marceline told about said possibilities to the older children of her group, and one evening, they decided to make a break for it and try to steal some valuables from the middle class areas of the city. Told to come along as she knew the way, the group of children, four of them, made a successful heist of a few jewelry, some money, and odds and ends. Of course, it wasn't without trouble, as they had nearly been caught multiple times. For some reason or another, the older children decided that only Marceline should work for the magician from now on, providing the gang more information of the outside. The magician, not aware of said arrangements, decided it wasn't a problem after he could only find Marceline for a few days. And so she became the Magician's Assistant.

Working with him, and sometimes even being taught, she herself learned how to do magic tricks and cast illusions. All the while, she would regularly lead her siblings through the city for loot at night. Of course, there were a number of occasions where she was caught, but a quick slip of the hand would always help her and her group out of jail. On other occasions, she would con and glib their enemies out of punishing them. As she continued to grow up, she incorporated her illusions and magic into her thefts. Soon, she was among the most successful of the child thieves, even going on her own grand thefts into the places of the wealthy.

By the time she was 16, she had become so accustomed to escaping, stealing, and swindling, that she would regularly do so at the docks, bring back to her siblings food, clothes, and gold. Likewise, she and the children became relatively well known for their thefts, making it more difficult for her to work in the upper districts without being caught. At the same time, the magician had disappeared, having accumulated too many debts. And as such, for a short time, Marceline decided to take the mantle of street magician, and bring other children around the city with her, doing the same as her predecessor had. She was very capable of illusion magic by then, and even more so as a thief. She did a few more high profile stunts before she began thinking about leaving Rydue. In one such stunt, she hid in a barrel to escape the authorities, only to find that said barrel was hauled onto ship. After popping out of the barrel and managing to convince the captain of the ship, she became part of the cooking crew for about a year before the ship was captured and raided by the Whimsical Lady. Somehow, she also managed land a position of cook among the pirates as well.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.



Dead or Alive

Dokkalfar "Weevil"

Wanted for piracy, impersination, forgery, fraud, and extortion

Age: 210 (physically appears in his mid-30s)

Gender: male

Sexuality: boringly heterosexual

Race: moon elf

Country of Origin: n/a

Crew Position: Bossun

Skills: fencing, carpentry, rigging, acrobatics, impersonation, forgery, thievery, vast knowledge of waters, extremely active drunk

Personal Weaknesses: easily addicted, fussy and vain, extremely vulnerable ego, absolutely useless in ranged combat, flight over fight, easily noticed

Inventory: rapier, bayonet, enormous amount of hidden throwing knives, lockpicks, obscene amount of trinkets, rat lion (changes over time)
Physical Abilities

Exceptional fencing
Due to the long life which lead to change of many weapons, Dokkalfar is an exceptionally good melee combatant with nearly any closed-ranged weapons, including improvised. His preference, however, lies in lighter, fencing blades such as rapiers and epees and fast, almost surgically-precise attacks, having certain distaste towards heavier and clumsier weapons.
Bullseye? Bullseye!
Although a very good fighter, he's an absolute zero with long-ranged combat. He can barely operate a bow or a crossbow, and pistols, rifles, and muskets... well, he cannot even fathom how to reload them. Faced with an enemy on a long rage (let alone armed with a musket), he is absolutely defenceless.

Many decades at sea on a rocking ship aught to give one great balance and acrobatic ability, both useful on ship and on land, which allows him to climb almost any surface with relative ease, and fall from grat heights landing quite safely.
Don't run with scissors!
Climbing ans well as jumping down from somewhere requires both hands free, therefor Dokkalfar is extremely vulnerable. If he does not hide weapons, however, there's a great chance to do damage whether to an object he climbs (like ship's rigging), friendly person around, or more often - himself.

Although well-built, Dokkalfar knows that he is no strongman, so he uses wits more often than strength. The man is skilled in dirty fighting, subterfuge, acting and pretending, confusing people, impersonating, etc. - anything to if not win a fight per se, then to avoid it. You can say he can talk, forge, or steal his way out of problems.
They bigger they are - the harder they fall
With his dressing habits and quite notable appearance make him much easier to spot when any attempt of trickery has failed, if not giving him disadvantage in a chase, then adding to his long list of wrongdoings.
Magical Abilities

Living ship
Being an inherently of a magical species, Dokkalfar could not get an outlet for his innate skill, having no one to teach him of magic. Therefore, in time, he managed to direct his potential into seafarer. This way, Dokkalfar has a weird link to a ship he's on, feeling it as if a rudimentary part of himself. He knows exactly if the damage is done to it, and whether it's dire or not; can say with absolute preciseness how much cargo is pushing it down or how much they can take more; and in rare cases even feel an uninvited guest. This concerns any boat, ship, or airship he's on, and might have a smaller chance to work with other vehicles.
Where are you?
He can only get this feeling with one vessel at a time, and for as long as he is on board. It takes him up to ten minutes (depending on the ship's size) to "tune into" it, and needs reapplying once he leaves it.

Another innate ability he managed to get, is tending to said ship. Whenever something (not someone) is damaged, he can lay hands on it to channel magic for fixing, analogous to healing ability, making the damage mend together.
Too big? Too small?
Every power has its limits. It is safe to say that large damages cannot be "healed" like this. While buckshot holes can be healed easily, and hull breaches from a cannonball are doable, he cannot fix any extreme damages. Kraken breaking a vessel into two, or someone tearing a chainmail apart making it no more than a set of links is beyond his powers.
Pieces of the puzzle
While smaller things, like holes in a shirt, or hacking marks on a ship after a fight do not require this, larger damages need to have all or most of the parts present. He cannot fix a broken sword if there's only a half of it: he needs both parts there to mend them together. With a breached hull, he needs whether missing parts or planks roughly the same size to mend them.

Minor Illusion
Spending up to half an hour in front of a mirror, Dokkalfar can place an enchantment on himself or any other person for a day and while he's conscious, magically changing their appearance. For additional half an hour he can also change clothes, although prefers not to do that, and generally keeps quiet that he can. This skill is usually used to just change eye- and skin tone when he goes into ports - Dokkalfar rightly considers that his blueish-grey skin stands out too much.
This is an illusion, however, and not morphing, and should be treated as such. Said person does not gain any benefits or perks from a form they take, such as physical strength is taken a form of a herculean person.
Hey, little girl!
The illusion, besides lasting for one full day (or until Dokkalfar losses consciousness or falls asleep), cannot make any drastic changes. The illusory form should be roughly the same size as the real one, therefore not allowing for him to, say, turn himself into a little girl.

"I was born on a ship, but where to or from it headed, no one remembered." - Dokkalfar, when asked where he's from.

He talks about it so easily and nonchalantly, that most people think he's making this up, but... in reality, Dokkalfar's life was, albeit long, - quite simple and uneventful. He, indeed, was born on a ship, and a pirate one at that, to a hostage elven woman, and at first was a hostage himself as a baby; then - kept along mother to sell once he hits puberty, but somehow managed to grow into the heart of then-captain (he refers to as his father) and left on board as a shipboy... and probably source of entertainment. Truth is, his adoptive father did lose his partner and children shortly after Dokkalfar's birth, which was probably the reason for an elven boy being this lucky. He never asked why a pregnant woman was taken hostage, if she was of any importance, and even if his pops earned his living with slave trade at that time, neither he cares. He never was a romantic hero from the books whose heart was aching to know his "real" family, and move to a quest of finding his father and heritage. He was always happy with his life, and couldn't care less about where his origins lie. For all he knew, an old ginger and always drunk dwarven captain was his dad, and that's the bottom line.

The life was simple, and Dokkalfar barely remembers any specifics about it. In regards to piracy, it was quite uneventful. Tending to the ship, learning the basics of seafarer. He never inherited any mannerisms of his species, growing up in a crew mostly consisting of human and dwarven members... hell, even his name, Dokkalfar, is just a native dwarven to "dark elf" they called both him and his mother! Instead of weaving magical spells and differentiating twelve types of forks he was supposed to, the boy learned how to drink like a horse, and where to hit in the face to break the most teeth.

That being said, with the species as long-living as his, Dokkalfar saw quite a few mutinies (and always weaseled his way into the winning party), changed ships, switched crews - everything he needed to survive. In time, he became fancy and posh enough not to take simple jobs, trying to get into officer's positions, at the same time lacking ambition to try and take the captain's seat - or even first mate's! - himself. "If there is something I don't take - it's responsibility", he says.

His first concern is about himself and his own survival: Dokkalfar prefers to stick to the strongest, and flee when faced with serious danger, and it served him well throughout the years. Over the years he gained a few habits that make him almost a stereotypical pirate from adventure books, such as love for luxurious clothes, a habit of putting on almost every piece of jewelry he finds, love for large hats (which, ironically enough, comes from the fact that his eyes are very sensitive to sunlight, so he needs to keep some shadow over them), hiding as many weapons as possible on his person, and almost constant smell of some sort of alcohol. He got his moniker usually through a habit of fighting in narrow spaces as well as preferring to be in the shadow (which often means in the hull), and stuck by it just because Dokkalfar is a mouthful of name.

The man comes from a race mostly prevalent on the northern, mountain parts of the lands; large numbers of whom reside in Flyria, and actively fleeing Maerin, disturbed by its ever growing militaristic politics. Moon elves heavily prefer nights to days, and a rather sensitive towards sunlight (probably the reason for Dokkalfar to almost always have a hood or a hat on during the day). Dark-eyed, dark-haired, and grey- to blue-skinned, these people are proud, and posh, and usually tend to learn the ways of magic, espionage, and seduction... at least, he took pride from the gene pool quite easily. Seeing how much more easier Dokkalfar is, any direct meeting with more traditional members of the race would most certainly end up awkward.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.



Erratic Adventurer
Dead or Alive


Wanted for Desertion, Cowardice

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Unsure

Race: Gnome

Country of Origin: Lundr, Maerin

Crew Position: Crew

Skills: Cleaning, Tripping, Cooking, Puking, Crying, Hiding

Personal Weaknesses: Has an obsession with cleanliness, would much rather avoid a fight so as to keep from re-scrubbing the decks.

Inventory: Broom, Cutlass, Flintlock, Lantern
Physical Abilities

Clever Cleaner​
Has an amazing knowledge of how and what to use to clean up any mess.​
This knowledge often includes some rather odd methods and items, which may disturb others who might look upon these processes.​
Catlike Acrobatics​
Thanks to his obsession with cleanliness, he's developed amazing acrobatic skills to get to those 'hard to reach places', ensuring nothing stays dirty.​
Much like a cat climbing a tree, he usually can't get back down again. Requiring rescue or a leap of faith, this often ends in injury.​
Lightweight Drinker​
Much like everybody else, his confidence rises through the roof as his blood alcohol content rises. Except that he requires very little amounts of the stuff, considering his tiny frame.​
Often gets too confident that he thinks he can win in a fight, which, let's face it: he cannot.​
Magical Abilities

Energized Equipment​
Potentially a useful combat skill, he can manipulate cleaning equipment at will. This ability does not extend towards common weapons, and is entirely used for brooms, wash towels, sponges, buckets, mops, etc.​
This ability drains energy from him, similar to physically working out or fighting. Although effective for cleaning, can leave him as a worthless heap from overuse.​
Insufferable Sleep​
Alcott can invade the minds of sleeping individuals (usually targeting someone who failed to do their chores) showing them everything they fear within their dreams.​
He begins to share the target's fears for some time, but at a greater level due to his overall cowardice.​
Happy Helpers​
Alcott can produce clones of himself. These clones are almost always used to perform menial tasks, but can do anything Alcott can do.​
Every clone Alcott produces splits his powers equally, meaning: If Alcott can punch at a power of 100, and makes 4 clones, each clone and his original body can only punch at a power of 25.​

Born in Lundr, Maerin, Alcott grew up in a militaristic environment. He was never really a fighter though, often running away or curling up into a ball when bullies came around. So he learned to blend in, finding work anywhere that needed cleaning. He'd clean the worst of the worst: taverns, outhouses, brothels, dead bodies. Nothing bothered him after a while, and he was great at his job. He'd leave a work-site cleaner than it was the day it was constructed. But as he got older, the requirement to commit 5 years of military duty to Maerin kept getting pushed on him. Eventually, he had two choices: Spend 5 years fighting to protect Maerin, or escape. He chose the latter, opting to travel to Booty Bay and continue to surrender himself to his obsession with cleaning.

Maerin has sent bounty hunters after him, and now he must look for a new place to go. Perhaps one that is constantly moving from place to place would do...

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

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Wanted for Escaping Prison, Kidnapping, Smuggling, Fraud, Assault and Larceny

Age: 19 years old

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Race: Human

Country of Origin: Driele

Crew Position: Crew Member

Skills: Acrobatics, Alchemy, Acting, Climbing, Drawing, Hiding, Lying, Juggling, Tailoring, Theivery, and Sleight of Hand.

Personal Weaknesses: Doesn't open up to others easily, dismisses any personal questions while acting the playful trickster. Easily spooked by large displays of magic. Highly competitive.

Inventory: Spell-Knife, Pencil's & sticks of charcoal, Sketchbook, Steamer trunk (full of alchemy gear and a lot of clothing), Deck of Cards, Sewing needle and thread.

Physical Abilities

Circus Acrobat
Skilled at performance acrobatics, Skyler has a habit of making a fool out of his foes in a conflict, and just in his escapes with acts of parkour and agility to avoid harm and get to higher ground.
Too close for comfort.
Such flamboyant acrobatics aren't really that useful in a cramped environment with little space to move.

Tavern Brawler
Skyler is proficient in unarmed combat with punches, kicks, or use of very simple weaponry like small knives or barstools - Having a good talent for disarming and disorenting his foes.
What do you expect me to do against that!?!
While such a unpredictable combat style is plenty effective at dispatching pirates, guards and drunks, it's less so against monsters.
Untrained combatant
Never having received any actual training, Skyler doesn't know how to use anything bigger than a dagger and certainly no firearms.

Alchemical Explosives
Skyler is fairly skilled at making a variety explosives, ranging from small smoke-pellets and flashes, up to much larger tar bombs. (typically not something carried) This also gives him some proficiency with cannons.
Supplies and Preparation.
Skyler can only safely carry a small number of these at any one time and making more explosives can take a while, also requiring him to have access to his supplies.

Magical Abilities

Face Thief (Transformation)
A form of magic that allows Skyler to take the form of anybody he's previously had physical contact with. A typical casting lasts a maximum of one day. Does no harm to the target.
Memories Fade
Skyler can't retain the faces of everybody he's ever met, typically the memories only remain fresh enough within the first few hours after contact. If he intends on using a face beyond this point he'll have to spend the time to sketch the person into his notebook.
No giants, no monsters, no animals, no strongmen.
Can only be used to change into other regular humanoids, (size, age, build, ect don't matter) and the effect is purely cosmetic. User neither gains, nor loses any physical attributes in the process.

Spell Thief
The ability to steal the Mana directly from another creature by touch potentially disrupting their ability to use magic, can also be used to weaken other magic. Does not copy enemy magic.
Maximum Capacity
Skyler can only retain so much extra mana, (around three normal spells, or one large spells worth) beyond this point he can't steal any more before he finds a way to use it.

Skyler has small-runed dagger that lets him direct his Mana to produce simple energy bolts or to enhance its cutting edge.
Can be stolen
Skyler's can barely be called a mage, if he loses this knife, it's gone. He can't just make a new one.


Skyler grew up as part of a travelling performance troop who traveled throughout Driele, a unconventional childhood, one filled with many challenges but it was also a breeding ground for what would become Skyler's future skillset. His Mother was also a performer, to be precise she was a fortune teller for the troupe, though to this day Skyler has no idea if she was legitimate or if it was magic (He chooses to believe the latter) - He's never known his father, having been born out of wedlock during one partially exciting stay in the city of Rydue.

Agility, Showmanship, Craftsmanship, and Deception, these were the tricks of the trade bred by the troupe - One's Skyler all picked up upon quicky. Yet those weren't just the tricks of the trades of the circus troupe, they were also the tricks of the trade for the sticky-fingers and underground smuggling that troupe did, all right under the nose of the Plutocrat Elites.

On his 14th Birthday he was gifted his Enchanted Dagger by Ringleader of the troupe, a coming of age gift and method of self-defence.
Looking back perhaps the Ringleader knew something was brewing - Just over one year after this the troupe found itself ambushed by mercenary forces from one of the merchant houses they'd frequent the warehouses of. Battlemages and surrounding forces pinned the group creating absolute chaos that forced the troupe to run and dispersed, most escaped - A few got killed in the escape, the rest including Skyler found themselves arrested.

Skyler within days of arrest used certain talents of his to escape the jailhouse, perhaps nobody expected the 15-year old to just shapeshift into a guard and just walk out.
Following this stunt Skyler fell to the streets, hiding low while still getting up to no good. Running smuggling jobs for people, still stealing, just getting up to the same acts his troupe had already been doing to get by, still against the same rich elite.

Flash forward several years and one particularly bad screw up only to be referred to as The Vanner Incident later and Skyler is wanted for slightly more than petty theft and smuggling - Perhaps it was time for a change of scenery, a life of the sea perhaps instead of sticking around to get arrested here in this city.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

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Wanted for assisting in crimes of piracy and fraud

Age: 210 years old / Appears around 22-ish

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: Fairy

Country of Origin: ???

Crew Position: "Crewman" / "Dokkalfar's Stalker"

Skills: Has a talent for gardening and is rather good at hide and seek (for obvious reasons.)

Personal Weaknesses: Has a very obsessive personality, can only really feel one emotion at a time, and is very selfish. She is very fixated on Dokkalfar and can be very jealous and possessive -- without given reason to be so.

Inventory: A tiny dagger made from a thorn and a piece of Dokkalfar's hair she keeps in a little pouch.
Physical Abilities

Small Stature​
From being as small as one's hand, Daffodil can easily creep into small areas that most cannot - making it easy for her to lockpick, sneak about, and spy.​
She's too small to honestly make an impact in any fight and most of her brute force and be mistaken for a pinch or tickle.​
Being a fairy, Daffodil can flutter about and take flight. She hardly walks and usually uses her wings to get about, making higher areas accessible and causing her to be very quick in speed.​
Her wings are not very strong and are rather frail. She cannot fly in harsh weather or against strong winds. Fairies also produce the sound of little bells chiming when they fly and this can be quite the downfall, if someone pays attention to the sounds around them.​
Daffodil is a little fairy, which means she's quite adorable and can play off of her cuteness. Fairies appear very innocent and can use their cute looks to charm and enchant someone. Not many people have seen fairies in their life so she can also play off of their lack of knowledge -- pretending she can't speak but only produce sounds of bells and that she's harmless.​
Fairies are so small that they can only really hold one emotion at a time. So if a fairy is to get angry or scared, it's very hard for her to charm someone.​
Magical Abilities

Fairy Dust​
Daffodil produces fairy dust -- little flakes of dust that fall from her wings and can be enchanted to do her bidding. She can cause someone to become drowsy, perhaps paralyze them, or even poison them. This dust can also be used to help her levitate objects or even people!​
Daffodil can only produce so much dust a day and her dust only keeps its magic for a few days, if stored. In order for her dust to inflict any sort of aliment, it must be inhaled. If she chooses to use her dust to cause levitation, it usually takes all of her might and dust to cause this to happen (and the object/person's weight or size take huge factor in this.) Her dust can only enchant for a little while and cannot last extended periods of time. She can also effect someone's mood with her dust, causing momentary infatuation, fits of giggles, or even rage.​
Fairy Light​
In darkness, Daffodil can use her fairy magic to cause her skin to glow and her wings to illuminate.​
Daffodil naturally illuminates in darkness, regardless of if she wills it or not. She has to actually be paying attention to will herself not to cast a light. If she's not paying attention, she can cast a light that gives away her position and causes her to be noticed. If Daffodil is sick or unwell, her light will flicker and if she is to die, her light will go out.​
Fairy's Gift​
Fairies are naturally gifted with the ability to help the seasons change and for plants to grow. She can help a plant grow faster than normal to help produce herbs or grow produce.​
She cannot create plant life and cannot destroy it, if the natural season disagrees. She can only help seeds or living plants grow, or help dead plants come back to life, but she cannot produce plant life out of nothing.​

Daffodil was born into a normal fairy life the way most normal fairies are born. When the first flowers and plants of the earth bloomed and said hello to the sun, a single fairy was born from its petals to help that life grow and bring the changing of the seasons. Some fairies are born from the summer, some from the winter, some autumn, and some are born in spring. Daffodil was born during the season that the most respected fairies are born into: the spring - and she was birthed by none other than the Daffodil flower. Named after her respective flower, Daffodil led the life that a fairy such as her was assigned and brought in the season of spring while protecting the nature around her. The nature that humans foolishly destroyed and tracked over, Daffodil brought back to life to blossom into a shining season to keep the earth alive. For years, she existed in secrecy with her fellow fairies, watching humans wage war, destroy, and live out their lives to return to the earth they came from.

For years, Daffodil was told to avoid all contact with humans, elves, and all larger beings that were not part of the earth. She heard tales of little fairies being kidnapped and shoved into tiny bottles to remain prisoner and used for their fairy dust. To her and the rest of the fairies of the world, larger beings were truly terrifying and hateful creatures. She would often wander and watch these beings from the treetops, wondering if there was perhaps a way the two beings could co-exist respectfully. However, as she wondered, more of her fairy kind were beginning to go missing as the hunt for fairies increased. Was the old tale of there being such a kind-hearted human that once loved a fairy just a fib? Was there no such thing?

There was once a tale she was told as a little sapling that fairies could live forever, unless their hearts were broken. Since fairies never fell in love, this was such a foreign concept to her kind, but there was a tale of a fairy that once fell for a human. She fell so deeply in love that she swore an oath to the human to stay by his side forever and with doing so, gave her heart to him. However, as time passed, the human did not return her love and the fairy died of a broken heart when the human gave his to another. However, some say that the fairy never died but instead was reborn as a human, since the human did exchange his heart for hers. "Pish-posh!" Her grandmother fairy of the old Oak Tree would declare every time someone mentioned the story and Daffodil was always left to wonder. What was such a glorious emotion that it would cause a fairy to risk her immortality? Being so small, fairies could only really handle one emotion at a time. How glorious of an emotion was love?

One day as Daffodil was lazily fluttering about, she came across a couple sitting in the summer sun, laughing together as the coming autumn breeze tickled their faces. She watched the two intertwine their fingers and press their faces together with smiles across their mouths. Her little heart pattered in her chest, watching as these two humans perhaps exchanged the emotion of love? They appeared so happy and lost in each other. Was this really an emotion worth immortality? Humans had such short lives to live, but something about this "love" made it worth living. Daffodil sighed, lost in a lazy daydream of what love could possibly feel like. The daydream was wonderful and such a curious fantasy - so much that she did not realize the man sneaking up behind her to ensnare her in a glass bottle.

The next few months of Daffodil's life consisted of getting to know the larger ones much more than she ever dreamed - but not in the way she imagined. She was carried across lands she never knew and taken paraded around as a good for trade and sell. Men bought her to light their torches with her light, some bought her to collect her dust for poison, and many other things to where Daffodil's attitude towards the larger beings had become bitter. Any idea of "love" was far from her mind. She could see now that most larger beings could not even fathom compassion or empathy. What if this "love" was another figment of their imagination? It wasn't until the day Daffodil was put up for grabs in another tavern game that her fate began to shift again.

The small fairy slunk back into her bottle as the large ones laughed and drank in their disgusting tavern. It smelled of filth and beer, causing her to grow sick to her stomach as her current owner pushed her bottle around the table and into a pile of coin. The usual awes of a fairy being an option of prize continued and she was tossed around the table to faces of hideous men with breath worse than the horrid fragrance of the bar. After a lucky match for her owner, he cackled as he shoved her back into a bag filled with their precious coin and Daffodil curled up to sleep in disappointment. However, moments later she was shaken away by the sudden force of someone running with her and the coins clanking against her glass bottle. Her heart pittered and pattered as she tried to hold herself still while the bottle bumped around in the sack. Finally, she felt the sudden sense of stillness and the pouch was opened to reveal the curious face of a stranger.

He did not seem like a normal human and had the face of someone quite different. His hair was as black as raven feathers and his eyes confused as he opened the bottle to let a fresh breath of air enter her prison. To her surprise, he did not reach for her or try to force her out. Instead he just sat there, staring down at her as he muttered words she could not understand. Her wings fluttered as she slowly began to crawl out of her bottle, keeping her eyes locked on his unfamiliar face. Who was this man? Suddenly, he smiled and she tilted her head in puzzlement. "Pretty," was the only word she could understand before his head tossed back and his eyes rolled. He was asleep. He smelled of alcohol, but the smell of salt mixed so strongly into the air that the fairy could barely tell. Were they at sea?

He didn't snatch for her. He grab her. He called her pretty and then let her be. Her heart raced and her cheeks flushed. This was the first kind person she had met that was a large one. Flying up to his face, she took a long look at his appearance before landing on his shoulder. Her chest felt as if it was going to burst. Her face felt hot and a sense of tears suddenly came to her eyes. What was this feeling? Relief? Gratefulness? Happiness? Her eyes grew wide as she settled her hands over her pounding heart. Was it love? Was this love?

Daffodil cried herself to sleep that night and awoke on her new owner's chest as he came from his drunken slumber. Looking up at him, she smiled and fluttered her wings to meet his gaze. "Hello! I'm Daffodil and I'm in love with you. I'll stay with you forever!"

With that, Daffodil has never left Dokkalfer's side. She's assisted in all of his crimes cheerfully, listened to all his stories, and followed his every move -- whether he's wanted it or not. Staying by his side, Daffodil has found all the happiness she could ever dream for since being stuck in a bottle and with her happiness, the fairy has become increasingly more possessive and protective of her "owner." Determined to never leave his side, Daffodil one day hopes for his heart in exchange for hers and constantly battles with his flirtatious nature with others.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

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La Noire

Wanted for murder, treason, larceny-theft and heresy

Age: 127

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Hybrid (Human/Nekomimi)

Country of Origin: Maerin

Crew Position: Crew Member / Primary Necromancer

Skills: Proficiency with dark magic, witchcraft, alchemy practices, basic medical knowledge, general & advanced biology, basic & advanced botany, improvised survival innovations and lorecrafts (see Loremeisterkraft ability).

Personal Weaknesses: hatred and fear of Vidonis Faith, bottled sentiments, prone to competitiveness, disdains for brightness, prideful, biased beliefs, abhorrence and lack of tolerance for alcohol.

+ Weathered Maerin Officer coat
+ Necromancer's robes
+ Satchel filled with alchemical concoction and ritual ingredients
+ An array of notebooks filled with writing and illustrations. Mostly research notes.
+ Scrolls (see Loremeisterkraft ability)
+ Botany tools

Physical Abilities

Feline Vision
Due to her nature as a half-feline, Noire is able to see clearly at night.
Sources of concentrated light at night can disrupt her inherit night-vision.

Feline's Grace
Light on her feet and agile enough to traverse through most terrain, as well as getting around the ship easier without much hassle.
Being light on one's feet has its cons. Namely lack of weight to physically disperse certain objects. Don't expect her to carry heavy things or attempt to dive.

Keen Senses
Noire's inherit nature as a feline gives her acute senses. She is able to feel and discern anything afoot within her peripheral perimeter.
This ability can take a toll on her, especially when sustaining injuries - of which could render her peripheral senses to spiral out of control, in reaction to her nervous system's responses.

Magical Abilities

Tainted Gospels
Occult arts of darkness that has been long regarded as heresy in the eyes of the Vidonis Faith. Noire is able to draw powers from the aetherial realm to aid her in battle. These conjurations includes, but are not limited to: magical projectiles, luminations, hexes, curses, unholy seals, and lesser familiars. She can support those that are deemed suitable for this ability's beneficiary results - namely undead or those with strong affinities for the darkness.
Paid by Blood
While the dark arts brings formidable powers, it is usually bound by blood as well as a demanding price of mana. Consistent use of this ability can bleed one dry or even drive them mad. As such, Noire can only use one type of dark magic attack at a time.

Noire's studies of the written arcane had prompted her own creation of scrolls that can be used in battle, dependent on their enchantments. As it is compressed onto a scroll, it can be distributed among allies for their personal use without the need to learn magic. These enchantments includes but are not limited to: reducing the length of an incantation, spellcrafting, weapons enchantment, minor spell enhancements, on-the-go spells and defensive wards.
L'histoire d'équilibre
These spells must be handcrafted beforehand, and are limited in number. The ingredients for certain scrolls are usually hard to come by on the sea, and must be accounted for wisely - like balls and powders.

Crimson Contract
Noire is able to raise a fallen body and puppeteer/pilot it for a short duration with her blood contract - gaining their vision, and senses. She is also able to "bank" a certain amount of blood from the deceased upon a scroll or tome, safekeeping it as if it was a transfusion deposit via this ability. The reservation of blood may be transmuted to mana or used as emergency blood bags.
Scarlet Surrogate
Noire's subject of necromancy resurrection must be within a certain radius of herself, and are generally harder to control if they lack the needed blood to propel them forth. She is only able to resurrect a limited amount of undead, as it takes a toll on her mana reserves. The incantation for this ability is lengthy and can be disrupted should she lose her focus.

La Noire - "the Black" was a name endowed upon the witch ever since her emergence from the ruins just West of Clearcoast. Even to this day, Noire's true name remains a mystery that she have yet to decipher, as well as her past. Dwelling within the ruins for some time, the girl had learnt to live on her own, all the while learning the secrets of the ruins. A magical grimoire, and the events that followed quickly awakened the darkness inside her - yearning for a purpose to fulfill. As time went on, the amnesiac witch had mastered the arts of darkness, of which have driven her mad many times before she could learn to control it. The cost of an extended life, and the price of her shattered soul, all of these were paid for in full price, as part of Noire's past began to resurface upon her fragmented memories. Of course, it did not take long for the local authorities to eventually discover the dark witch's lair.

For years, Noire lived a hard life, always on the run from the Vidonis faith, of whom were keen on her demise for heresy. Kept in the darkness of her own mysterious past, the witch sought answers, as she continued to roam the land. Travelling from continent to continent, the witch gradually, but assuredly began to learn more about her past, albeit in shrouds of disclarity. The woman's search for answers only unveiled more questions. Despite all this, she was confident that she was once a noble, but nothing more solid than that. Noire's necromancy was put to use over her years of travelling all over Tune. While some were a part of her experiments, others had provided minor revelations of her origins.

The necromancer had her sight on the high seas - the endless horizon of opportunity that would perhaps give Noire an insight into her future life. However, the cause of her family's demise has yet to fade from her troubled thoughts. Her hatred for the Vidonis faith only grew as time went on, as did her kill list. Before long, Noire arrived in Booty Bay. Here, she conceded to a life of a hermit sorceress, expanding her studies of the marine life. This went on for a year, before the sorceress-turned-biologist caught sight of The Whimsical Lady and her crews. It was there and then, that Noire pushed herself onward to enlist, mostly out of curiosity and drawn by promises of ancient relics that would prove to be of use in her pursuit of the truths behind her shrouded history. It mattered little to the necromancer where she was, there had to be more than just slaughtering the Vidonis zealots, as she found enlightenment in her bio-marine studies. Perhaps this could be a chance for Noire to expand on her newfound hobby and be of use for the diverse crew. She is most interested in meddling around with Oliver, of whom she deemed to be of great use in her pursuit of necromancy.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

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Vayinia, Poisonous Consort

Wanted for Heresy, aiding and abetting known pirates, and assassination

Age: 143

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: Dryad

Country of Origin: Eshye

Crew Position: Surgeon Assistant/Spy

Skills: Wide knowledge of herbs, plants, fungi and other flora for both medicinal and poisonous use. Vast knowledge on many of the other races due to dryads needing to interact with the other species to protect their homes. Heavy resistance to alcohol. Charismatic and charming.

Personal Weaknesses:
She doesn't move quickly, what else could one expect from a tree? Lacks any true combat experience. Incredibly susceptible to fire, duh.

Inventory: Two vials of dryad sap (her own), a simple cloak for covering herself, and several vials of toxins/poisons.
Physical Abilities

Wild Growth​
With a bit of focus and time, Vayinia can grow a multitude of medicinal and poisonous flora from her hair, arms and torso.​
Pain/Time/Effects on her person.​
IT takes several days for Vayinia to produce a usable amount of flora and removing them is as painful as chopping off one's finger. As such she has to be very cautious in how she uses the ability. While growing poisonous plants, Vayinia becomes a living toxin herself; a kiss, or other acts can lead to killing someone by accident. For some unknown reason, the same effect does NOT occur when growing medicinal flora.​
Dryad Sap​
Dryad "blood" or sap is as close to a panacea as the world can find. Two drops (1/10th of a vial) can accelerate the natural healing of a person. Also, must use two drops to initiate healing.​
Long production time/After-effects of Use/Not actual Panacea​
To create enough sap for a single vial of use a dryad has to live for fifty years. This makes it rare not only because of the rarity of the species, but because of how few dryad live to see fifty years. Secondly, the sap can be highly addictive if not monitored properly. It also leaves the body incredibly exhausted and sluggish once it finally wears off over the course of one hour. The body needs a full day of recovery with a large intake of proteins and carbs to recover. Thirdly, it is NOT a cure all. Lethal wounds, toxins that have been in effect for more than one hour or magical ailments CANNOT be cured by dryad sap.​
Vine Whip​
Vayinia can shoot vines out of her person and use them as whips or a sturdy rope that can bind things like a person or objects.​
Range/Still connected/use of hands​
The vines have a limited range of only about twenty feet. She is still connected to the vines and could easily be pulled and moved by someone with a superior strength to her. While using these whips, Vayinia cannot use her hands for anything else.​
Magical Abilities

The ability to control and manipulate plant-life.​
Must have living plant life to manipulate and can only maintain as long as their is mana to maintain the control. The larger the spell, the larger the cost.​
Barrier Magic​
She can summon a magical barrier that can encompass a twenty meter range around her.​
The barrier is only as enduring as Vayinia herself as she suffers a portion of the damage the barrier would take and requires all of her concentration to maintain. A slight distraction can open holes in the barrier while a major one can drop it entirely.​
Move Through Wood​
Vayinia has the ability to become one with a wooden structure or tree. She can then exit from within the tree or structure elsewhere, essentially giving her limited teleportation.​
Vulnerability/Limited Movement/Number of Uses​
While inside the structure, Vayinia is still entirely vulnerable as she takes damage as the structure or tree does. Vayina can only move to a location that the structure itself or tree is made of. This means no going to another building or tree nearby without them touching or built into one another. Lastly, the amount of energy used is substantial and only allows the user two uses between long rests. (A full night's sleep.)​

Vayinia's birth and early life are secrets known only to the forests of Eastern Eshye. It is said that the forest shone with a brilliant life as it does on the day of any dryad's appearance. As she grew up, she came into contact with only two other dryad that taught her the ways of the world and how the other species interact with one another. Vayinia learned of the world quietly accepting the teachings of her mentors Salvika and Igala. They taught her to fear the other species for their destruction of forests and the dryad way of life. They also taught her about the flora of the world and its purposes. When she turned thirty seven the pair decided that Vayinia had enough knowledge and left her to her own portion of the forest.

Several decades after this, Vayinia came across a young man lost within her woods. Despite what her mentors taught her, she observed the male and looked over him with a curious look. He seemed to respect the woods and held off doing as much damage as he could. This observation lasted for three days before she finally approached the young man. It turned out he was a prince to the Eshyre Monarchy and had gotten lost after escaping an assassination attempt. Vayinia decided to escort the male out of the woods as a sign of gratitude for his respect towards her woods. Little did she know that her kindness and exoticness would leave an impression on the man leading to multiple visits over the course of a few months. And although Vayinia herself didn't feel anything for the male when he offered her a place as a personal consort, she took the chance to learn more of the world.

For a couple of years Vayinia stood beside the young prince, whom happened to be third in line for the throne, as a companion in spirit. She would console him, provide guidance and share her unique view on the world. The pair became very close and were looked at as a future husband and wife by many in the court. However, things were not perfect as Vayinia had come to learn of poisons and toxins because of one of the royal alchemists. Her curiosity had grown to the point that she decided to use her natural ability to grow flora and produce poisons. She was aware of how it would affect her person and warned the young prince in the privacy of their shared room. She told him to never kiss her for three days. It shouldn't have been too difficult as the two rarely shared in the comfort of the other's lips. But on the morning of the third day, the young prince became enamored with the sleeping face of the woman he came to love and stole her lips. By the time Vayinia awoke, the young prince was dead and there was nothing she could do to save him. Aware of how this looked and afraid of being killed, Vayinia slipped away to the coast where she eventually managed her way onto a ship.

While at sea, the ship Vayinia had stowed away on was sieged by pirates. When they found her, they considered her a rare prize and a potential wealth bargaining chip in Theace. She was sold as an exotic "display peace" for a rich noble to Driele where she spent several decades observing and learning the ways of "nobility." She watched and learned the way to interact with people, how to grease palms, flatter others and keep on people's good graces. That recently caught the attention of a particular woman who bought the girl and brought her out of Theace to a place called Booty Bay. There she was to act as a hostess as well as an additional guard for the prostitutes that worked there. The risk of Vayinia killing potential clientele, which Vayinia informed the woman of right away.

During her time at Booty Bay, Vayinia made herself known as "The Poisonous Consort" as she would often poison any of the men that harmed the girls, not killing them of course, but at least leaving them in a miserable state so that they learn their lesson. Her charm, exotic allure, and wit have enable her to wrap several men around her finger and pull new clientele into the Madame's web. However, her curiosity has started to get the better of her and she longs to leave the Bay in search of new adventures and to learn of what happened in Eshye after fifty years.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

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Wanted for Assassination of a Public Official, Murder, Robbery, Aiding A Known Fugitive, and Smuggling

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Ki-Empowered Human

Country of Origin: Thye

Crew Position: Crew Member

Skills: Swordsmanship, Stealth, Climbing, Survival, Drinking, Darts

Personal Weaknesses: Women and alcohol are two of his greatest weaknesses. Lusts for power and infamy. His true potential has been locked away, and he is aware of this.

Inventory: Katana, sheathed on his left hip.
Tanto, sheathed just above his katana on the left hip.
A metal flask, usually contains whiskey.
A small wooden box, roughly the dimensions of a cigarette carton, containing hand-rolled cigarettes
A book of matches

Physical Abilities

Blade Mastery​
Years of intense training has allowed Ronin to learn and master several forms of fighting with a blade. He can almost flawlessly maneuver between offense and defensive, and is often unpredictable with his movement.​
Ability One Limitations​
Although he has trained with many different weapons, his katana and tanto are his preference and has since lost his touch with other bladed weapons. He has exclusively used these two weapons and his fighting styles are completely focused around them.​
Silent Step​
By manipulating his weight and movement, Ronin can move across nearly any surface without making noise detectable to the average human beings and animals.​
Ability Two Limitations​
His movement speed is reduced significantly while utilizing Silent Step. He can also still be heard by beings or creatures with magically or racially enhanced hearing.​
Vertical Traversal​
Expert knowledge of climbing and traversing many different terrain and environments, from city rooftops and fortress walls to mountainsides and forests. Height is not a problem, and in fact is often times a solution to the problem at hand.​
Ability Three Limitations​
The more difficult the area is to climb, the more focus Ronin must put forth in order not to fall. This makes him a vulnerable target while climbing, especially the higher up he is. Losing his focus for even a moment could prove to be fatal in certain circumstances.​
Magical Abilities

Ki-Empowered Strikes​
By channeling the Ki-Force within, Ronin can project this energy through his hands and feet to add an extra concussive force to his unarmed strikes.​
Ability One Limitations​
Ki-Force takes time to regenerate, and the more it is used the slower it is recovered. Ronin is only able to perform eight Ki-Strikes before completely depleting the available Ki-Force. If he happens to deplete his Ki-Force, he must fully complete at least a short rest before being able to harness it once again.​
Slow Fall​
On the off-chance Ronin happens to slip up and fall during a climb he is able to channel his Ki-Force through his legs, sending out enough force below him to cushion his fall.​
Ability Two Limitations​
At extreme heights, this will only reduce the amount of damage he will take. He also can only accomplish this if his feet are towards the ground, otherwise it will send him outwards in another direct or faster towards the ground. It must be timed correctly, just as he is about to hit the ground, or else it will be useless.​
Ki-Force Detection​
The ability to send out an invisible, spherical, wave of Ki outwards from the body. This wave will bounce back towards Ronin if it hits a living being or creature and alert him to the last location of where it was detected.​
Ability Three Limitations​
This can be countered by certain magics that block the natural radiance of Ki from a living creature/being. It is unable to pass through walls and the range is 40 feet in any direction of Ronin. This cannot tell him what exactly is being detected, only a rough height & weight estimate and the location of where it was detected.​

Perched upon a steep peak on the first island off the coast of Thye overlooking the Carnale Ocean, a walled monastery with four towers at each corner topped with gleaming silver metal has stood the test of time. The age of the monastery is unknown, but legend has it that construction began shortly after the discovery of the Ancient Ruins on the island. Since the walls have been erected around these mysterious ruins, a group of dedicated monks have devoted their lives to the preservation and protection of them and the relics found inside. The monastery, known formally as "The Gods' Peak", has withstood not only time but countless invasions from about every nation in the world. The difficult jungle terrain that covers the island, along with the dangerous slopes and deep valleys that accompany you on the small concrete path wide enough for just one person, have deterred a majority of invading parties. The one's lucky enough to survive the journey were met by what are described as "mystical humans with little regard for their own lives".

The monk's, a neutral party in the world's politics, are known simply as Defenders. They have abandoned all material desires in order to become closer with the divine energies in the Ancient Ruins. People from around the world and all walks of life have travelled here in hopes one day becoming worthy of the power granted by a mystical ruin called the Stone of Power and Life. Many have tried, but very few have even been granted access to the stone's chamber. A group of elders are tasked with assessing the worthiness the of Defenders who have shown potential. It may take decades or an even an entire lifetime before a Defender is granted a discussion with the elders.

Ronin was born into a middle class family in a small port town in the Southwest of Thye, his father a local blacksmith and his mother would work as an assistant in a bakery down the street from their home. He was a fun-loving, active boy who enjoyed playing in the woods just on the edge of town. A bit of a trouble-maker would be an understatement. Family and friends were constantly dragging him back to his home complaining of broken windows, stolen trinkets, and occasionally he would be the instigator of a school-yard brawl. The father was sure it was a phase he would grow out of, "Boys will be boys." he always said before returning back to the anvil. His mother was far too kind hearted to truly discipline her son, so his delinquency went unchecked for most of his young life.

At age thirteen, Ronin was wandering near the docks looking for some kind of trouble he could get into. A man caught his eye, one he had never seen before, wearing light gray robes with a hood pulled up over his head. The man moved seamlessly through a crowd of people, almost as if he was floating rather than taking actual steps. Ronin lost sight of him in the crowd for a split second after which the anonymous figure had disappeared. His curiosity peaked, Ronin quickly dashes through the bustling crowds to where the figure had vanished from. He moves down an alleyway, the only place he suspected the figure could have gone. A few moments go by as Ronin stands quietly in the alley and searching for where the man had went. He lets out a frustrated huff of air from his nostrils and turns around. As soon as he turns, the gray robed figure was standing directly in front of him. Before he could react the figure reached out and pressed two fingers against his forehead. His head tipped backwards and Ronin was unconscious before he could hit the ground.

Everything was black. There was no sound, no smell, no feeling whatsoever. Ronin thought for sure he was dead. He had knocked unconscious once before, but this was nothing like that. He wasn't asleep, he was aware of the seemingly endless nothingness surrounding him. He tried to scream, but nothing came out. He had no perception of time, no clue whether he had been like this for thirty seconds or thirty days. He had begun to give up hope, on the verge of accepting that this was the afterlife and his curiosity had gotten him killed. Suddenly, the black void that he was trapped in was flooded with light. It was so bright he felt like his eyes were on fire. He could hear the crashing of waves in the near distance. He realized he could hear again, feel again, and as his eyes adjusted he could finally see again. He was lain face up on the grass, which he ran his hands over almost unsure if it was real. His body felt heavy and it took most of his strength to stand back on his feet. Looking around he could immediately tell that he was no longer at the port. The sky was clear and blue, not the usually gray from storms and pollution that surrounded his home town. Tall trees flanked him on either side, almost as if they planted as a sort of pathway. One way lead over to a cliffside where he could hear the crashing of waves coming from below. Completely terrified and unaware of where he was, he slowly made his down the path away from the cliff.

Ronin spent the next 10 years living with the Defenders. It was his only choice, and he quickly lost hope of returning to his family. Once that last sliver of hope had vanished, he fully invested himself into becoming a great warrior. His mentors were always very hard on him for this, regularly chastising him for this incorrect mindset. They knew the potential in him was great, so great that it was believed he was apart of a prophecy written long ago in the Second Generation of Defenders. On the day of his birth his presence was felt by the elders, proof to several that he was the one described in the prophecy. The debate lasted several days before it was decided he must come to the monastery by any means necessary. He eventually suppressed these thoughts, and when he was twenty-five the elders granted him a discussion. They believed he was ready to finally learn the truth. Whenever it was revealed that the elders had given the order to abduct Ronin, the guards there were forced to restrain him. His true rage was revealed and they decided he was unworthy of ever possessing the power the Stone would grant him. After the discussion, out of spite, Ronin made his way to the chamber where the Stone was kept. It was unguarded, the large stone door had been locked for centuries with powerful runes. Only those deemed worthy by the elders had been able to get past this door. Ronin pressed his palm against the rune at the center of door, anticipating a failure. The carvings that branched out from the center rune began to glow a faint blue, and the stone door slowly moved to the side. Ronin stood there for a moment, bewildered by what just happened. "They said I wasn't worthy..."

He walked forward into the chamber, his eyes glued to the large stone placed in the center. Deep carvings in the ground glowed with the same faint blue energy from the rune on the door, all leading up to this central stone that glowed brighter than the rest of the room. One step after another he slowly approached. He could feel the energy radiating from the stone. It felt as though it was calling to him to come closer and closer until finally his hand pressed up against it. The moment he made contact white and blue light burst from every carving on the stone. Ronin through his head back feeling the surge of energy rushing through every vein in his body. By this time, several of the elders were at the door. They stared in fearful awe of Ronin as he absorbed power from the stone. They pleaded with him to stop, screaming that he was not ready to handle this kind of power. Ronin removed his hand from the Stone and slowly turned to face the elders. They're jaws dropped at the sight of him. His eyes were completely electric blue, no signs of pupils or anything. The veins on his arms and up through his neck all glowed with the same electric blue energy. He spoke with a deep, distorted voice that echoed throughout the chamber. "I will show you worthy now." The anger in his voice apparent. Before he could unleash this new found power a pair of fingers lightly touched the back of his head. Ronin faded into darkness once again.

The next time Ronin awoke was on a ship on the top deck, surrounded by the crew members staring down at him. His breathing became erratic as he could only feel just a fraction of the immense power that coursed through his veins. He jolts upright and examines his hands out in front of him. Intricate tattoos beginning at his wrist and flowing up though his arms joined at the center of his chest The same with his legs, beginning at the ankle and snaking their way up the center of his chest. As he realizes what has happened, he throws his head back and screams into the sky. The elders had branded him with what was known as "The Chains of Turiticus." Legends say that Turiticus was one of the original elders sworn to protect the Stone. Turiticus let the incredible power he was gifted with corrupt his mind, and he ended up slaughtering many of the first Defenders before magical restraints in the form of tattoos were branded on his body. These would forever hold back the full amount of power the user could summon from their Ki-Force. For the last three years Ronin worked a variety of jobs, all involving violence in some way. Whether it was performing robberies or assassinations of politicians he always completed the work efficiently and without question, as long as enough coin was involved. These past few days Ronin had been staying in Booty Bay, searching for another job to work while drowning himself with intoxicants and lovely women.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

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Dead or Alive

Yvonne Bisset

Wanted for desertion, forgery, fraud and theft

Age: Thirty-Three

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Doesn't care

Race: Human

Country of Origin: Driele

Crew Position: Surgeon

Skills: Medical aid and surgery, expert apothecary, natural charisma, playing victim and lying

Personal Weaknesses: Easily distracted, petty and vengeful, always wants the last word, greedy and materialistic, lazy

Surgeon's tools, high-proof alcohol, some reference books, her schiavona, a mirror, recipe ingredients, some knives

Physical Abilities

Expert Apothecary
Intensive study and practice has made Yvonne amongst the best in remedy brewing. Whether it's poison or antidote, she likely has an answer to it. She's been known to coat her knives with some poison before missions that are expected to get rough.
Limited Availability
That being said, all that knowledge is moot if she doesn't have the necessary ingredients on hand. She has no inclination for magic and so cannot resort to alchemy to assist her endeavors.

Quick Diagnosis
Surgery means countless hours of study and dissection; Yvonne didn't exactly comply with either in her earlier years. However, experience has trained her enough to quickly assess and treat most common wounds and injuries.
Gaps in Knowledge
Throw her a curveball though and she'll have to take a good long look at her books, with still a bit of guesswork along the way. It's a bit dicey having her do more complicated surgeries.

Basic Swordplay
As a requirement to joining the navy, Yvonne learnt how to wield a sword in combat.
Self-Defense is Priority
The local surgeon only really knows how to use it to defend herself; rare are the times she's had to use her skills offensively.

Deft Hands
Surgery is delicate business and one needs a steady hand to perform such a feat, especially when she's often called to do it on a rocking boat. During her stint in the navy, she managed to play the part of a surgeon very well thanks to her naturally stable grip.
A Struggle in Balance
Her hands may be stable, but nothing else is. Don't expect her to push through with an operation if there's a storm outside.
Magical Abilities


Born to a less than fortunate family in the slums of Irelens, Yvonne spent the earliest years of her life as one of the kids in the streets. Picking pockets, breaking into the wealthy's houses - a reckless young girl doing what she could to put something in her stomach. Her parents couldn't care less; one was lost to drink while the other was too busy complaining about their life to do anything about it. It was a difficult existence, but one that forged the skills needed to survive the country that was her home.

When Yvonne grew into puberty, people took notice. Specifically, people who were the reason why Driele was as wealthy as it was. The perfect cattle for human trafficking were those that had no family, and in Yvonne's case, that was good as true. If you could get past the grime on her face and the hole-ridden clothes, there was something there. Stolen from her home in the middle of the night, Yvonne found herself being sold to some wealthy aristocrat who had a fondness for pretty girls. And when she was cleaned up and dressed in the right clothes, even Yvonne could see it; she had a face that could be a weapon if she wished. The first few days under his "care" were cushy, but she had enough common sense to know better than to stick around. With years of experience under her belt, she cleaned house on the aristocrat. And as a final taunt, left a small note for the man that if he searched for her, she'd let everyone know of his little preferences.

With the nest egg of the aristocrat, she knew she could sustain herself for a while, but it was a limited time. Yvonne wanted a job that would give her security even in the years to come. Thieving was all well and good, but it would never give her the stability she so craved. A flyer for the navy caught her eye, and on some badly forged credentials and charming the admittance officer, she was accepted amongst their training ranks - to be a surgeon no less.

Initially her acceptance excited her; she was giddy to have some form of stability, even if they were in the guide of the navy's barracks. But soon, it bored her. Having never attended a class in life and barely being able to read, her studies were a struggle. She managed to muster up the motivation to learn how to read, knowing it was useful regardless of which path she took, but medical practices were so dreadfully boring. Rarely did Yvonne study for those; she could barely convince herself to attend them. She did, however, enjoy the classes that required her to get her hands dirty, like the apothecary ones or practical tasks like performing autopsies. She spent most of her time studying plants and anatomy, charming her classmates into doing the work for other classes for her.

That eventually did catch up with her; she flunked out after a professor found out. But that didn't deter her in the least. With some better forged documentation about her studies and even more charm, she somehow found herself assistant surgeon to one of the active naval ships of Driele. This was thanks in no small part to the fact the second-in-command had a thing for her, which she was happy to indulge in small amounts. As long as he didn't do anything too forward, she was fine with his subtle courtship.

And she'd been safe for at least a year, her crew none the wiser about her lacking education background. It all came to an end when they introduced someone to be her new coworker. Unfortunately, the man had been her junior and knew she'd flunked out of the naval school. As soon as the news came out, she was arrested, ready to be delivered to the next friendly port. Yvonne had other plans. This wasn't her first go-around locked behind bars and locked doors; it also helped she happened to know where the guard kept the spare key and that he had a fondness for napping at his post. She made haste, grabbing the head surgeon's collection of books and the second-in-command's favored sword in her escape.

Without an ounce of hesitation, she took one of the emergency rafts and set off. Didn't matter she hadn't paid attention to navigation classes; Yvonne always had a feeling things would work out. It barely took a few hours for her to be found. Most would say she was lucky she wasn't shot on sight, considering she'd still been wearing her naval uniform when members of the Whimsical Lady hauled her aboard. Under their watch she addressed the wounds sustained by some members of the crew. Eventually the wariness wore off, and Yvonne was fully inducted to become one of the pirate ship's surgeons.

None of them know she never graduated.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

Dead or Alive

Taira Mako

Wanted for theft, plundering the national bank, prison escape, assault, murder and piracy

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Sexuality: N/A

Race: Djinn

Country of Origin: Chathe

Crew Position: Crew

Skills: High alcohol tolerance / Good cook

Personal Weaknesses: Seasoned meat / Gambling

> Katana
> Whip
> Flask with rum
Physical Abilities

Once given a decent sword, she can stand her ground like a queen. Handling the weapon with ease.​
Grouping up​
When more than 2 people take her on, it’s going to get tricky for her to get out without bigger injuries.​
The Whip​
She can swirl her whip around and make those trip who pose a threat to the people on her side. Even partially immobilizing when hit right.​
Whipping Danger​
If someone makes a step that she didn’t take in account, they could get hit instead.​
Handling A Gun​
She can aim right and shoot the enemy with enough concentration.​
Due to her preferring swords or just bare handed combat, she never learned how to decently use a gun from someone else. Teaching herself along the way which still needs quite some practice.​
Magical Abilities

Air Attacks​
She can release, use air/wind to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc.​
She will be exhausted when too much energy is used.​
Air Walking​
She can walk on the air, treating it like a solid matter.​
Concentration is needed to walk on the air. The time limit for this skill is 5 minutes.​
Body Hardening​
She can harden her own body, making her all but invulnerable to blunt force.​
There is a limit to how much damage she can take. It depends on the force of the attack, the harsher the impact, the less time she has to keep it up. [max. 15m.]​

Being born into a djinn family who didn’t have that well of a reputation, Taira was taught how to survive instead of to live. Telling her that it was best to just live out of the people’s view, secluding themselves into the less populated corners of the world. It was a nice time to be alive as a child. Not having to care about any kind of danger which was kind of stupid whenever she thought back upon it. Of course, it didn’t last this way for too long as her sense for adventure was only growing inside of her. Making her want to explore more of the world. To see more. Her parents needed some years to be convinced of her going out of the safe place they created. Making her world grow bigger once she set foot in the “right” direction.

Joining one of the pirate crews which was the best way to go and explore what no man had ever seen before. Learning how to fend for herself, how to make herself stronger when standing in front of an enemy. Seeing that these enemies were out to take her life. Her personality started to become harder but it was necessary for her. She couldn’t stay a child forever. Not in this kind of way.

With this crew, she slowly climbed up the ranks. Sometimes because one died, other times because she proofed herself that she could do better. Which resulted once in them having a battle to the death with her coming out as a winner. The one who lost got slashed and thrown overboard. She was merciless when it came to the navy. Those bastards who mainly stole money from the poor so they could stuff their fat bodies even more with food. Egocentric pigs who should be fed to the creatures of the depth. At least then, those creatures would have a decent meal once in a while.

She had met Vyxyl on the seas, which she didn’t get too along with to be honest. She didn’t dislike the other, but she enjoyed teasing the woman to the fullest and maybe even provoking her a bit too much at times.

But then the crew she had been sailing with eventually disbanded due to the age of everyone. They weren’t exactly the youngest anymore. Therefore, she took some time off of the whole pirate thing and wandered around the lands with enough money in her pockets that she earned from the treasures she found in her life.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

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nothing special
Dead or Alive

Moray Du'Count

Wanted for Theft, High Treason, Smuggling, Assisting Criminals of the State, and Piracy

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heteroflexible

Race: Human

Country of Origin: Maerin

Crew Position: Sail Master/Navigator

⇻ Adept bladesmith
⇻ Highly skilled swordsman
⇻ Veteran sailor

Personal Weaknesses:
⇻ Extremely prideful, he hates it when people point out he's wrong.
⇻ Mild land-sickness, because he's spend so much time in the sea, staying on land can give him a slight headache.

⇻ His map, where he's perfected over the course of many many years on the sea.
⇻ Ragoth, his prized sword in which he forged from 5160 carbon steel and lots of blood, sweat, and tears.
⇻ A dagger that was passed from father to son, his father forged it. There are many intricate details engraved in the steel and decorative hilt. The weapon is more for see than to use, but it can hold its way in a fight.
Physical Abilities

Sword Mastery​
Moray is highly skilled swordsman from training at a very young age. The moment he learned to walk he learned to swing a sword and pick up a hammer. He can manipulate his blade Ragoth with perfect balance, he has yet to be bested while wielding his sword.​
He is only the master of his sword and his sword alone. He purposely forged the blade to fit himself perfectly. Any other standard blade and he can only hold himself mediocrely, but it's enough to keep him alive in battle and that's all that matters.​
Seaman's Intuition​
From spending so much time on the sea throughout his life, he's become incredibly good at reading the waves and clouds for weather patterns. One could say he's "one with the sea" from how accurate his predictions can be at times.​
Only Human​
He's not a wizard nor does he control the weather. Sometimes the sea and mother nature can have mood swings.​
Blacksmith's Endurance​
Moray isn't fazed by the heat because of his countless hours spent at the forage. His skin is much more calloused and thickened on his hands and arms. He's also capable working long hours on end without rest since the steal of the blade and only be heated once.​
Definitely Not Hephaestus​
He doesn't have infinite stamina though, if he works for far to long, he will crash and burn. Probably a whole day's rest and many drowsy days thereafter. Moray is also not fireproof, as much as he wished he was.​
Sailing Lifestyle​
Despite is broad and tall structure, Moray can be surprisingly agile. Maneuvering around the masts with ease. His speed tends to surprise people given his size, which he does use to his advantage.​
Too Tall​
Even though he can be quick given his size and height, he still isn't as fast as the smaller more flexible people. Moray can barely touch his toes.​
Magical Abilities

Far Sight​
Moray's right eye is magically enchanted to see the smallest detail up to 10 km away. He had this procedure done so that he didn't have to fuss around with a telescope to spot land or important landmarks. If anything, his eye work even better than most telescopes.​
Disorienting Binocular Vision​
He cannot use both his eyes on a normal basis, he has to cover up his right eye otherwise it becomes far too disorienting. While using his right eye, his vision is also tunneled so he is vulnerable to any close up attacks. He also has a blindspot in his vision because he can only use one eye to see. He has to rely on monocular cues when seeing things and his depth perception at times is whack.​
Blacksmith's Flame​
He's inherited his family's gift for fiery breath. When times are desperate or no furnace is available, Moray's flame can suffice the heating of steel. His flames can reach up to 1500 degrees Celsius. He can also use it offensively when it's needed.​
His flame breath requires mana. The hotter the flame, the more mana required. The amount of times he uses his flame too affects his mana reserves. Plus the capacity of his lungs affects how long he can hold his breath for. If he's short on breath he can't breath fire as long as he would normally. He can only use his maximum heat of 1500 degrees Celsius for a very short amount of time (5 seconds). He will deplete his mana supply and be unable to breath anymore fire until he’s recovered.​

Moray was born at sea, quite literally. His mother went into labor while his family was on its way back Port Sun to Lundr. The ship's doctor haphazardly delivered him onboard the ship. From then on Moray grew with an unmatched love for the ocean. He always accompanied his uncles traveling from port to port during their shipping trips for the family business. Though his parents weren't particularly pleased with him constantly going out to sea, there were always the dangers that they'd get caught in a storm and drown. But Moray didn't think twice about their cautions, it was part of the thrill of sailing across the oceans. From the constant trade from Port Sun, Port Moon, and Lundr that his family business dealt with, he basically lived his whole entire life out on the ship. Nothing beat the smell of salty sea water clogging his scent and the wind touseling up his hair. No matter how much his parent's tried to stop him, he'd always manage to find his way onto a ship and set sail.

Even though Moray was a very rebellious child, constantly sneaking his way out to sea, he did respect his father's insistence of blacksmithing. It was a family tradition that at least one of the children learned how to properly use an anvil. His father's side of the family came from a long line of legendary blacksmiths, smithing from nails to swords. Moray's father specialized in bladesmithing, crafting swords and daggers that all sorts of people scrambled to pay for. While it wasn't nearly as big of a passion he had for the ocean, he did come to enjoy the activity. His father mentored him and taught him every trick in the book and all the ones he learned from experience. Moray became a very skilled at forging all sorts of swords, but his skills were just short from his father's. Regardless his father was extremely proud of him and through the forging of steel, they forged an unbreakable bond of father and son. He promised Moray that mastery would come with time in front of the blistering flames of the furnace.

His father also instilled upon him that no blacksmith is truly a blacksmith unless he knew how to wield his creations. Moray was taught the ways around a blade by his uncles. They never had any formal learning, but experience trumped skill in his family's case as his uncles needed to know how to defend themselves against pirates. Even though their form would be considered sloppy and imperfect, it was enough to keep people thinking twice before trying to rob them. Which over time Moray fashioned himself a unique style in swordsmanship which consist of heavy swings and quick jabs.

But life had its plans, and Moray's perfect little world shattered. On a seemingly normal evening, when he was seventeen, the soldiers of Maerin stormed into their homes with orders to take them to court in front of the council. One of his uncles had started to smuggle all sorts of goods with their normal deliveries. Some of the goods were going towards Thye spies whom he'd also smuggle places when they needed. His uncle had disappeared, and the Maerin government was convinced that the rest of the Du'Count family was hiding him. The family was ruthlessly interrogated and tortured for answers in which they knew none of. His parents would ultimately succumb to their injuries, leaving him alone to fend for himself against his oppressors. Moray would manage to escape from his prison, but it didn't come without its price. The scar on his face is a reminder of the suffering he went through and his hate for his home country.

Unable to show his face again ever in public, Moray resorted to crime. At first he started small with petty theft, stealing just enough to get him by. Eventually just getting by wasn't enough for him; Moray wanted to go back out into the sea. He could no longer work as a shipper like he once did so he turned to the only other logical job that didn't care a whole country was after him, pirates.

He began to hop around different pirate groups, simply working as a crew member. It wasn't until he joined the Whimsical Lady did he really feel he could really sink his roots down into the ship. He fell in love with the energy the crew brought and the diversity among the members. He's been part of the ship for roughly four years and moved his way up to being the Sail Master/Navigator. Moray could have continued to climb, but the role as Sail Master was perfect for him. He could use all his skills and put all his passion into the position. He may seem cold and distant, but he really does care for the well being of everyone on the ship. They'd become the family he had lost behind the bars in Maerin prison.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.

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Dead or Alive

Naga the Lunatic

Wanted for Mass Murder, Assault, Grand Larceny, Looting, and Piracy

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Race: Wraigog

Country of Origin: The Sea

Crew Position: Navigator

Skills: Navigation, Cartography, Wayfinding, Singing, Sailing.

Personal Weaknesses:
Bloodlust-Despite his calm demeanor their lies an intenst bloodlust underneath the surface of his calm exterior.
Taste of Blood-Although he hates to admit it, Naga loves the taste of blood and flesh. He needs to be kept in check.
Bad Sense of Direction-Ironically although he is a great navigator he gets lost easily on land, or in buildings. Don't fret, you're fine at sea!
Gambling Addict-Naga loves games that involve risks and he will keep shelling out money even if he should probably stop

Inventory: Sea Shell Necklace, Large Battle Axe, Pocket knife.
Physical Abilities

Attack First and think later, Naga has an a great amount of will power and pain tolerance. This allows him to charge into battle with reckless abandon. Attacks and injuries rarely hinder his ability to function and he can manage through injuries that would leave most sailors incapacitated.​
Ability One Limitations​
Despite being able to fight through injuries it is not as if the effects are not there. For example even if losing an arm would not cause Naga to go screaming in the fetal position it does not change the fact that he has been compromised and he is suffering from bloodlust. Moreover, when considering a severe injury although he might last a few minutes or so than the average person he will succumb to he effects like everyone else. Also encourages reckless behavior.​
Sea Tank​
Naga had been blessed with a sturdy body and hardened scales/skin that act as a first line of defense.​
Ability Two Limitations​
Although the scales help him withstand minor attacks, he is susceptible to repeated attacks, strong individuals, magic, and powerful weapons.​
Marine Genetics​
Born as one of the merfolk he has been blessed with marine biology. He can breathe and see just fine underwater.​
Ability Three Limitations​
He was born for the water so he is prone to being a tad bit uncomfortable on land. For one, he dehydrates a lot quicker and is often consuming fluid periodically. He is more susceptible to the effects of extreme heat and dry air.​
Demonic Strength​
Naga has super strength even amongst Merfolk, probably attributed to his demon blood. He is able to wield large weapons with ease and deal devastating blows.​
Ability Three Limitations​
Being strong is useless if you don't know how to use it. Although he has superhuman strength he is not a the most skilled fighter (more of a brawler...bordering lunatic). Moreover using large weapons and such makes it difficult to deal with more nimble opponents. He is more prone to rage and bloodlust than his pure bred Merfolk counterparts.​
Magical Abilities

Like many sea animals, and some land dwelling animals, Naga has the ability to sense the electromagnetic fields of other living organisms. This is possible by emitting a weak electrical impulse and sensing the disturbances or impedance produced. However, in Naga's case this is amplified by his own ability to generate electricity thus increasing his radar. Naga can send an impulse, akin to the ping of a sonar in a submarine, at a maximum distances of 10km in every direction and this is useful for navigation, tracking, finding hidden enemies/allies, or aids him like a "6th sense" in battle.​
Ability One Limitations​
He cannot distinguish between two similar fields by relying on this ability alone. (Ex two humans or creatures of similar build). Moreover, he can only surmise what something could be; the ability does not allow him to know the specifics. Lastly, this is easiest to use out on sea due to the properties of water. On land he can only sense things for up 1km. Lastly this is something he consciously does, not a passive continuous ability which can result in time gaps as well as the inability to sense things when he is not looking for it, or scouting.​
Naga is able to generate and manipulate black colored electricity at will throughout his body. He usually uses this ability to augment his physical abilities and weapons.​
Ability Two Limitations​
He can only generate a current of electricity from his body and cannot shoot it off as projectiles. At the most he can conduct electricity through other objects up to 10 meters away. If his mana depletes he obviously cannot use this ability and continuous use of the ability is impossible as he has to recharge after prolonged use.​

Naga was born a Wraigog, a mixture of the hunted merfolk and the feared monsters of the world. These are usually haphazardly labeled as demons, but Wraigog can be very diverse with the common link being merfolk. Some call them demons of the sea, sea devils, and a myriad of other names. (its all the same thing really.) Wraigog at birth usually exhibit the same traits as their Merfolk counterparts while their monstrous (demonic) traits only show up later in life. Due to their relatively low numbers they are often mistaken for Merfolk as they get older although they are noticeably different. Some common differences are jagged shark like teeth, strange markings on their body, horns, and in some cases even wings. Wraigog are usually more prone to rage and violent behavior as their predatory instinct is heightened by the additional bloodline. It is not uncommon for other Merfolk traits to be amplified while others are noticeably diminished. If left alive Wraigog usually wander the sea and rarely form bonds with one of their own as they prefer to fight to the death to test their strength. Wraigog can be misunderstood due to their innate love for battle; however, that does not mean they are ill willed or evil. Needless to say they are a fierce race indeed.

Naga was born out of passion. While his demonic mother, an unknown creature that terrorized many lands, wandered about the world his father took care of Naga and eventually rejoined the society of merfolk he originated from. They had no idea that he was half demon although he had a few oddities as he grew older, but for the most part he looked exactly like one of their own; however, problems began to rear their head.

Naga was noticeably rougher with the other children and some of the adults. Although his combat prowess was amazing amongst children he could not communicate with other animals...often eating them instead. Imagine the dismay this brought to their vegetarian society. Unable to determine why Naga had these tendencies they eventually decided to kill him after their were too many incidents centered around him. Even his father, believing that his son would only become a bad omen to their society, agreed to this on the surface. Despite Naga's behavior his father could not bring himself to end his life. When he and his father were out on one of their gatherings, Naga unaware of their plan, waited for his father to return from searching the perimeter; however, he never returned. Still, he waited in the area for 3 days and nights before returning to their recent settlement. To Naga's dismay the nomadic group were already long gone with no way to trace them. He was alone.

The following years were hard as he learned to survive on his own. He grew into his own fighting against other creatures, including humans, while discovering more about himself. However, since he was still young he wouldn't last too long as he eventually was captured by a skilled pirate group. Luckly, well as lucky as one could get in this situation, they only intended to sell him for a high price. That would serve to delay the inevitable death to come. On their way to the promised destination Naga could feel the rocking of a boat and predicted that they were heading straight for a horrible storm. Blinded by prejudice and fear, he was ignored and mocked by those guarding him. After many hours had passed, they had met with the foretold storm. A few sailors lost their lives and the ship was nearly in pieces. The captain, having heard about Naga's prediction, noticed his talent and released him on the condition that he join their crew and become their navigator. Naga agreed without a second thought, happy to have some sort of family again. Under the watchful eye of the captain he learned the ways of navigation, went on many adventures, committed many crimes, and learned about the people who lived above the ocean by the age of 21. The bond between him and his captain continued to grow as they began to see past the difference in lineage, but as with most good things, they come to an end.

The captain whom he loved dearly died due to an ailment; however, just before she died, she named Naga the captain much to the dismay of the crew. Nevertheless, they respected the captain's decision and would follow her final command. For five years they sailed under Naga's command until fate intervened and showed its cruelty. On a routine sail the crew was attacked by a horde of merfolk who craved the flesh of humans. They were fighting a losing battle and any chance of turning the tides was snuffed out once the crew turned on their captain, believing him to be a traitor due to his hesitancy to kill what he believed was his own kind. Before he could even explain himself he found himself fighting against his comrades as well as the merfolk who also believed he was a traitor. In the midst of the chaos he had blacked out only to wake up to a broken ship, floating bodies from both sides, and the taste of blood. It was a massacre and their blood was on his hands. No one could hear his screams, no one could comfort him. It was here that Naga the Lunatic was born.

After this pivotal moment Naga ran wild on the seas, murdering and destroying anything that came in his path. He couldn't trust merfolk. He couldn't trust humans. He couldn't trust himself. He traveled the seas in search of death and blood, and he often found it. Eventually he came across a particularly powerful monster while he roamed an unnamed island. It was a powerful creature and it did more than hold its own; in fact, it was winning. Once the fight was over Naga could only smile as he believed his death was finally near; however, the savage like beast suddenly came to a halt, displaying its underlying intelligence. She had recognized his face...because she was his mother. Fate could be both cruel and kind, and he had reunited his mother. She explained many things to him regarding his origins and treated his wounds as best as she could. By no means was she the most loving and caring creature in the world, but she did provide necessary closure. Her final words to him being to seek freedom instead of death. After a not so sentimental parting, he held on to his mother's advice and sought freedom.

Many years later after an intense battle with a large group of marines, Naga was found at sea by the Whimsical Lady. After waking up he quickly realized he was not dead, nor in chains. Seeing many similarities between his former captain and Captain Vyxyl the Silver, Naga decided to join their crew as their Navigator. He wasn't so soft as to call the rest of the crew family, but he believes and trusts in their captain. Whatever she says goes....everyone else can drown...unless she says they can't. Despite this outlook he doesn't seek trouble with anyone, and actually does not hold ill will toward the crew, but he does remember what happened last time Therefore, it is a task to gain his complete trust and respect.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.



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Dead or Alive

Mordune, The Berserk Monster

Wanted for 1st Degree Murder, 2nd Degree Murder, Murder of a Superior Officer, Theft and High Treason

Age: 21, Looks Mid 30's

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Doesn't Really Care

Race: Human

Country of Origin: Maerin

Crew Position: Crew Member

Skills: Close Combat, Heavy Lifting, Fishing and Star Navigation

Personal Weaknesses: Lazy, easy to irritate, stubborn and has no restraint with food

Inventory: Fur's, Matches, A grappling hook with 30ft of heavy duty rope and treasure
Physical Abilities

Zero Pain
Pretty simple really. No pain, no limits. He can keep fighting even if you break his bones. This also gives him unparalleled strength, speed and endurance because he can use his body at 100% of it's capability rather than the normal 20%
Increased Damage
Well, 100% use is great and all, but that also mean you have a much higher damage rate because pushing your body like that is against natures rules. The body was only built to withstand so much and pain is your bodies warning system for that. Turning the warning system off will just mean you get hurt much worse, much faster

Maximum Drive
Pretty simple. No limits of pain means using your body fully. You can run faster, use your strength on a level that should be impossible
Body Destruction
Maximum drive has a fatal flaw. You can only use your body like this for so long before it is too damaged to do anything. Normally, a broken arm would put people out of the fight, but with this you can keep going. However, once the bone is broken to a point that 90% of the arm is damaged, that limb will be useless. This means once all muscles are ton and the bone is shattered, you can no longer use that body part. Both abilities cause increased damage, so this happens quite fast when he is goin all out
Magical Abilities

No magic needed. Magic would over complicate the simple way he likes to fight

Mordune was born inside Port Moon to a loving mother and father. His mother was a seamstress and his father a fisherman. He had a wonderful childhood and was happy to help his father haul in the fish. He grew up watching his mother sew all day and then helping his father in the afternoon. No matter how busy any of them were, they always made time for dinner together. It was a fantastic life and everything was peaceful. His mother would often teach him to sew, but despite her best efforts, little Mordune was more attuned to physical labor. The other fisherman made it very clear to his father that he should be proud. By the time Mordune was 12 years old he was working just as hard or even harder than most of the other adults. His father also made it very clear how proud he was that his son was so strong. He hoped that his son would join in the fishing business after his mandatory 5 years of military service. Mordune was more than happy to do so.

Soon it was time. Mordune was 18 and finally entered into military training. Of course it was much harder than hauling fish in from the docks. Training was brutal and he spent every day trying his hardest, but was soon at the bottom of his class. His superior, Major Lynx Rossfily was an especially totalitarian man. He would hit and abuse those he felt were further behind than others. This of course meant Mordune was the most tortured of any of the recruits. He was beaten with a shaft as he crawled through the muddy pits. He was mentally abused by being forced to run through rain and weather through the night, only being left with an hour of sleep before he was forced to get up and do it again. He was even starved of food for a week for not improving his performance of an obstacle course. There was a point in time when he was sure he would die. This almost came to pass one day. It was more than normally rainy. So much so that the mud pits and even the rest of the course had become more difficult and slippery. Mordune was being forced to run the course late at night once again. He was exhausted from weeks of sleep deprivation and all his bruised muscles. However, the major showed no remorse. He would strike Mordune with every missed step and every time he slowed even a little. Finally, Mordune couldn't handle it. He collapsed between some obstacles and the Major was less than happy about it. He began to bring down the wooden shaft on Mordune's back. For minutes, the sounds of the shaft cracking against the emaciated body of Mordune. As the blows rained down he prayed to the gods. Prayed that he be spared from any more pain. Prayed to have the skills and abilities to push forward into his duties and keep his family proud, then everything went dark as the shaft drove down into his skull and he was left unconscious on the muddy, cold course.

The next day something was different. He woke up surrounded by his fellow trainees, coated in mud and bruises, but to his amazement, there was no feeling of pain. He has fractures and injuries that the healers were shocked he survived from. However, what blew them away was how just minutes after he was told this, he was out on the course again. He felt nothing but his emotions. No pain or exhaustion, not even his hunger anymore. He ran faster and moved like the wind over the course with seemingly no effort. He felt like he was floating. His body felt the impact, but nothing more than that. He could feel the ground and the weather and the force of everything he did, but there was no residual pain or even shock of moving while he was so injured. It was then, when he finished the course in record time that he knew he was a changed man and nothing held him back any further. After finally feeling free for the first time in months he was placed on mandatory break from the healers. He filled his belly and stayed in bed until the injuries he could not feel were healed fully. Despite this he felt nothing. Even as they set his bones and drained his blood of infection from the mud. He was so happy that he now had a way to keep himself ahead of the pack and serve his kingdom to the best of his new abilities.

When Mordune returned he was happy. Now able to show his new skills. However, his happiness was short changed by Major Lynx Rossfily's need for pure control. For some reason the major saw it as an insult that Mordune was forced on a break. As though it was Mordune's way of insulting his authority. He wanted to make Mordune pay. So, in front of the entire class he told Mordune to hold a massive wooden beam above his head. Mordune saw no issue with this and lifted the beam high above his head. Then, once he felt he was accomplishing his task, he felt the impact of the wooden shaft. The other trainees gasped, expecting him to collapse. However, to their surprise and the disdain of the Major, Mordune didn't flinch. This was a turning point for the Major. He was angry that Mordune didn't acknowledge his authority. He snapped and began to collide the shaft against Mordune's back. Over and over with all the force he could muster. This went on for an hour without Mordune even flinching or wavering in any way. At this point the Major lowered the shaft in exhaustion, worn out trying to discipline this man. Mordune looked back with a look that showed he was now out of the Major's reach. Major Lynx was furious, insulted and felt his reputation was soiled thanks to this boy. However, there was nothing he could do about it. Mordune and his class finished their training and were sent into active guard duty for Nourland.

It was the second year of Mordune's five year mandatory service and he was sure he was doing well. Covering his body now were many tattoo’s he had gotten. All of them were crests and such for the military. He had no reason to have them, but he liked to show the things he had pride in on his skin. As he walked he thought about the great stories he would hear from his platoon mates. He could not wait to hear their stories and tell his own. To see the smiling faces of the people he had come to love so much. However, as he opened the door to the barracks he saw only horror. There in the room was the gore of his murdered friends. Their blood splattered across every surface, their bones broken and faces beaten beyond recognition. Some even hung up by nails on the wall. The shock of the sight dropped Mordune to his knees as he vomited all across the floor. Who would do such a thing? Something so vile and horrid that it could only be described as a vision of hell in its deepest pits. Then, looking up his eyes widened. there laughing in the room was the recently promoted General Lynx Rossfily. This was his doing! He did this. This vile act was done because the General's ego was so damaged by being bested during training. That was why these people lost their lives. This was why he was killing innocent people. To frame Mordune and get him locked away all because he felt his authority was challenged. At this point Mordune's vision faded and he did not know what he was doing. The next day the higher ups stopped by to see why no one reported to their posts. They were horrified to see the entire platoon in that state, but also to see General Lyx in the center of the room. The only reason they knew it was him was because he was the only general unaccounted for. His face was beaten into a pulled of brain and red ooze with fragments of bone. It was like an elephant had flown into a rage on his head. And, on the wall written in blood were the words 'Death to the kingdom who promotes corrupted men'. It was that day Mordune was labeled Maerin's most dangerous criminal and given the title of terrorist and outlaw. He disappeared that night and was never seen again, however the trail of slain Maerin army officials he left in his wake made it clear he was still alive.

It had been a year since the search for the Berserk Monster Mordune started and the case was nowhere near getting solved. However, all over Maerin there were murders. Military officials who have been confirmed or under suspicion of being corrupted were all brutally massacred in the most sickening ways. Each one with a note written blood. A note that said in simple terms ‘Death to Maerin’. The clear calling card of Mordune. Now labeled ‘The Berserk Monster’. The most wanted murder in the entire Kingdom.

For a few weeks the news on the murders stopped. There was no blood shed. The military hoped that the monster they trained was finally dead. However, those hopes were dashed during a routine Navy sailing drill. The General of the Navy was there filling out paperwork for the Navy Reserves when he heard panic and cannon fire. Immediately every non participating member of the drill in the local Navy base ran out to see something horrifying. Just beyond the port the ships, which were five Galleon Class warships, were firing. They couldn’t see what they were firing at, but then they watched the hull of one of the ships wreck apart and slowly sink the ship. The general thought he was losing his mind, but he could swear he saw a man jump 40 feet to the next boat. Shortly after that the same boat had an explosion and sand as well. One by one each boat was sunk and one was even pulled down by the mast with a grappling hook. It would take hundreds of men to take down the Galleon in that way. The General and the others made their way out to the wrecks in row boats armed to the teeth. They were absolutely in shock. They water was red with blood. Those who were on the boat were all beaten to death and those who weren’t dead became shark food. They looked frantically, but couldn’t see the ships responsible. There was dense fog so it was natural that they couldn’t see them from a distance, but all this damage had to have been caused by an overwhelming force. There was no way a force large enough to do this was gone already. Then they all stopped. One by one all members looked up to see what or rather who had done this. There, standing just at the mists edge on a flat raft was the man everyone in Maerin wanted dead. The man that the military and people feared above all others and the man that had the destruction of Maerin on his mind. Standing there was Mordune, a smirk on his face. His hands were covered in blood as was the rest of his body as he kicked the barrel next to him so hard it splattered everywhere. What was it? What was he up to?

They were not planning to figure out. Every magic user prepared a spell to throw at him. However, before they were cast, Mordune lit a match and threw it in the water. He smiled as the liquid lit on fire on the water's surface. The Navy members looked in horror as a wall of fire separated them from the man feared by the entire kingdom. The General growled in rage. What he did was a classic Maerin Military Special Forces maneuver called ‘Scorched Path’. You cause as much destruction as you want, then block off your enemy any way possible before they get to you. Mordune was using their own techniques to ruin them.

Upon looking at the vessel Mordune was on it was an odd ship. There was a mast and sail despite it only being about 8 by 10 feet. Right against the mast was a chair made from fur’s, bones and even clothing from the many people he has killed. Mordune smiled as he took a seat and opened the sail. The wind took the boat and he vanished into the fog.

It was a few days after he left the port of Maerin and Mordune was fast asleep in the chair on the small raft. To his right was a chest of jewels and gold he had stolen before he left the houses of the men he had killed. He doesn’t remember how he got to be on ‘The Whimsical Lady’ but he was on and everyone seemed to be like him in the way he had no place else to go. Maybe these people were capable of understanding his goal to destroy Maerin, but that was for later.

A bounty will be paid upon the capture and surrender of the aforesaid person to His Majesty's Government.


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