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Multiple Settings tsundere and or yandere mxm or mxf

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Anime, LGTBQ Friendly, Slice of Life, Super Powers, Supernatural


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with this type of roleplay im okay with either mxm or mxf i prefer to play a male
(character b is my preferred role)

i can do either slice of life or supernatural just tell me which you prefer , i kept the plot description short so it could be filled in based on preferences)

plot ideas:

tsundere- Character B is a new student, they have moved into a new neighborhood and have been seated next to A, an rather (annoyingly) flirtatous student

yandere-Character B has been staying at the same school for a while, as the nest semester begins they get seated to character A who makes it increasingly obvious they are..strangely obbsesed with B

Tsundere and yandere- oh boy

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