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awaiting ball to be thrown
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My Interest Check
I'm Dancer. You can call me Dance or something. I also typically talk in lowercase. I like black tea with milk and buttery pastries. I'm a fan of strawberry ice cream more than chocolate, and I've grown a distaste for vanilla except for when it's in my coffee.

I'm looking for a partner who is ghost-friendly or doesn't mind waiting a long time. I'm in uni, so things will definitely get spaced out by a week or two at some point. I may also need to drop at a sudden or late notice. I'm friendly to all of those previous things for you, as well, by the way.

I love dark themes and tropes. However, I also like to write psychological horror, cryptids, backrooms-esque abstract sci-fi supernatural shit, mildly-existential stuff, thrillers, etc. and it incorporates into my work at times. I will ask you to let me know what things you're not comfortable with privately or before roleplay if we do any dark themes. Obviously, you are not obligated to do any of the things I like or tropes I enjoy.

  • FNAF - I can play Sundrop/Moondrop (Sun/Moon, Eclipse, etc. and I'm familiar with some fandom popular AUs)
  • UNDERTALE - I can mostly play most characters from the main game that aren't extremely energetic or active. I can't do Undyne or Papyrus, sadly.
  • UTMV / UNDERTALE AUS - I can do most of the main AUs. You'll wanna ask specifically about the AU or who you want me to play, and my interpretations may not be the same as yours. I'm down for anything, and I would say I'm more adept with writing Nightmare, Dream, Killer, Dust, Fell, and Classic.
  • others forgotten, please ask in the replies/messages.
Any, canon/canon or canon/OC etc. are fine. (I haven't been on the site in actual years, do you guys use characterxcharacter more or character/character??) I also have no preference for MxM or FxM, etc.

I'm open to all original plots, pairings, whatever the hell is brewing in your brain. Ask me about what I have in store. I also like to write quests/choose your own adventures, and I'm absolutely down to do a personal quest.

(The + means it can be a romantic or platonic pairing)

  • Mortal + Immortal
  • Worshipper + Deity
  • Human + Supernatural/Cryptid/Fantasy Creature
  • Mob Boss + Some Guy/Anyone
  • Some Guy With A Decent Enough Moral Compass + Serial Killer/Morally Corrupt Figure
  • others i forgot
  • 18+
  • ghost-friendly / willing to wait 1-2 weeks or longer
  • writing at least 2 sentences
  • patient and open to lots of communication
  • not squeamish to blood, violence, etc.
  • 18+
  • ghost-friendly / willing to wait 1-2 weeks or longer / flexible
  • irregular response time
  • writing 1- 3 paragraphs based on scene, but always at least 2 sentences
  • patient and open to lots of communication
  • not squeamish to blood, violence, etc. / enjoy dark themes
  • open to canon/oc, canon/canon, romantic pairings, and original plots
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Hi! I'm interested as well! Please take your time in responding, no rush at all! ♡


“When does a man become a monster? Forgive me…”
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Hihi! I would possibly be interested in this, as a fellow College student I feel your pain with it so I’m very accepting! Feel free to dm me to talk about it some more.

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