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Realistic or Modern True power: Vol.1 Rise of the Supers.

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Action, Adventure, Dystopian, LGTBQ Friendly, Meta, Mystery, Realistic, Slice of Life, Super Powers


There is nothing to fear

Los angeles California
9:41 a.m

Franklin was standing over his desk, fingers frantically typing away at his laptop’s keyboard as quickly as he physically could. He’s heard of the Black Templars before, and what they did to supers, how they made an example of them on national television. “We’re coming to you now, live at the reported sight of the super at Canterbury Apartments!” The TV blared from the back of his apartment. He gritted his teeth and slapped his laptop shut, sliding it into an open backpack that hung loosely from his grip. He sped around his apartment, cramming a few stray pieces of clothing that were just clean enough to last him a few days.

He didn’t know how they found him. It’s not like he was one of those supers who wreaked havoc on everyone and everything around them just because. He was just a quiet telepath, who kept to himself and said nothing to nobody. He felt the minds around him in the nearby apartments often. Usually content, or euphoric on those nights that those college kids brought people into their rooms, but it was different. Something like… righteousness, or even zealotry sparked all over. Like, the super deserved to be killed. Like he deserved to be killed. He barged out the door slinging his backpack over his shoulder as he did. All the doors were closed up and down the hallway. Eerie, there was at least one or two people walking around at this time.

Then, he felt something new. Something like intent crossed his mind. Very specific intent from somebody far away. He paused, but saw something flash from a window at the end of the hallway. He realized what that intent was nearly immediately, and sped for the stairway when a body surged through the window boot first. “HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD!” The man barked, a templar no doubt, but Franklin was at the stairs by the time the operative hit solid ground. He mentally sensed for anybody else downstairs, and felt a group of people with that same intent, waiting for him not only on the next floor, but above him as well. He cursed to himself and took off his bag, fishing for something, anything that might help him.

“I SAID HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD, PUT THAT BAG DOWN!” The soldier barked from down the hall. Franklin dug through all the things that he had just put away: his keys, his clothes, a charger, everything essential that he needed to get out. He had a better idea. He zipped it up, and listened for the footsteps around the corner grow closer. He saw the soldier’s shadow grow on the wall opposite of him, and struck just as he felt the soldier’s mind grow too close for comfort.

He hopped out of hiding and swung his bag at the soldier in an attempt to at least try and stun the soldier, when a bullet entered his cranium from the other side of the hall, out the window, across the street from a sniper who had been watching the hall for the past five minutes.

The sniper got up from his perch, dissembling his rifle. Applause filled the comms on the successful kill. “Good work as always, Zeta.” The man snorted. “Whatever. Theta basically did all the work anyways, pushing him into the stairwell like that.” Zeta watched as his comrade checked the body, putting an extra bullet into his head for good measure. “Still sensitive from that last super Theta?” “Fuck off.” “Alright. We’ll get somebody to clean that up. Now come outside and smile for the cameras, we’ll meet you downstairs.”

Down at the entrance to the complex, a news reporter was delivering her newscast.

“We’re here live at the scene of action, Black Templar forces have just neutralised the super threat in the area. Downtown LA is now safe from the menace of powered individuals!” She delivered with a practiced smile. Suddenly, her expression changed as she held an index finger to her earpiece, before returning to a neutral smile. “Breaking news! Atori industries has just released press footage of their new super hunting device!”
Atori industries, Downtown new York. 9:46 a.m

The press had gathered around an outdoor stage with a lone podium at its center errected just in front of the atpro industries tower. A large crowd extended in front of the stage, ranging from press & competitors to tech junkies and employees all eager to see what this quarters press release would reveal. The online spoilers indicated it would be juicy. Behind the stage, the front doors to the grandiose skyscraper opened and out stepped a large gathering. Three men walked front and center. One was obviously Dr. Maxwell Atori owner of the company, still in his labcoat with a pair of goggles crookedly sitting on his head. To his left was Harden Bane, The Vice-Ceo, his suit and tie showing his extensive salary. To the right walked a young man in a tailored suit with black hair. The young press secretary for the company Winston Shultz.

Behind them several scientists wheeled two devices in on a display cart, to either side of the enterouge was a squad of Black templar soldiers eyes scanning the crowd hoping to find a potential target the three men reached the stage as the the camera's began to flash and people began to cheer. It was the young dark haired man, Winston, who approached the podium however the other two standing to either side of him.

"Here at atori industries we make it our lifes goal to progress humanity forever onward, by ensuring man has the tools to continue on his journey where ever it may take him." He paused to take a breath but somehow seemed to make it look natural "For twenty years mankind has been haunted by the persistent memories of the event that claimed so many of our loved ones. These metahumans have represented the single greatest threat of the 21st century. The single obstacle in mans path towards their right spot in the cosmos." as he spoke the excitement seemed to build in his voice meanwhile the men with the devices began to wheel them to either side of the podium one held what looked to be a helmet with a large glass visor and some wires connecting to what looked to be a tank which would fit on the back. The other contained what was unmistakably a collar, both were chrome and has several light on them.

"That day ended this this morning when we began mass production of these masterpieces. I present to you Atpri industries answer to the metahuman threat." he held his hand to the helmet and tank. "Atori industries V.D.P.E Systems. Standing for Visual Detection of Powered Energies. This system will allow our brave Templars to identify powered individuals by the same energy that fuels their powers, through walls, through disguises, with a range and focus allowing detection anywhere within the operaters visual range."

He smiled as he held out his other hand towards the collar. "And the P.C Unit. The power containment unit does just as it sounds, it containes powered individuals by emitting a vibratiinal frequency that eliminates any buildup of the same energy that fuels the empowered individuals abilities. As you are likely aware the most dangerous time for our boys is when transporting these dangerous beings. With this containment collar on, they will be no more dangerous than your common criminal." after he made the announcements he was met with a loud applause from the crowd. "We will now begin taking questions." he added​
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From a dark alleyway in New York, the sound of ripping and crunching of what could only be human flesh eminates into the nearby sidewalk. A monstrous creature slurps the marrow from a haggard looking corpse. The monster had a clear feminine form, humanoid in appearance. Her arms ended in ebony talons, slicked with the man's innards, legs too a inky black, ending in oversized bird's talons, like that of a harpy. Her torso was a pallid white, her head a disgusting maw of teeth lined with more teeth, a single whip-like tongue caressing the bones of her kill.

A femur was being gargled by the monster's tongue, being swished this way and that in her wide open mouth, as if sucking on a lollipop. With a snap, the bone was cracked in half, and flung aside.

"Pbth, pleh!" The creature gurgled, spitting out bits of clothing and skin. "Stupid zipper bullshit." It's voice was high pitched, as if a young girl was trapped inside, echoing her voice from the creature's grand menagerie of teeth, tended to by it's fleshy grounds keeper. It picked and prodded at what meat that still stuck to her endless rows of fangs, before it grew impatient. "Waaaaay too stringy." The creature's chest pulsated, the skin pushing outwards as if something within was attempting to escape, until it did. It's chest ripped open to reveal a young, disturbingly mouthless, girl who wore simple, surprisingly clean, street clothes. She shed the monster's skin as if she were taking off a onesie, beat her chest with one hand, and mimed burping, covering her face where her mouth would be with her other hand.

She whipped her head this way and that, before spotting where she left her phone: on top of a dumpster, perfectly balanced on it's stand, still recording. "Woof! That was a stomach full!" She said, the place where her mouth would be ripping open and sealing itself shut as she spoke, leaving her face a canvas void of a mouth when she wasn't speaking and flashing her shark-like teeth. She reached out and grabbed her camera, positioning it so that she would be in frame of both the remains of the homeless man she murdered, and the discarded husk of the monstrous form she used to kill him. "Alright, that's all I've got for today on Super Sugoi Monster Mash! I'll see you all next week when I take user suggestions for what monster I should turn into for my next meal! Leave your votes in the comments, and remember: There's always room for more." She ominously patted her stomach and licked her lips, that same whip-like tongue ripping through her own skin to slather her whole face with a curtain of saliva, before shutting off the feed.

She sighed to herself, tongue lolling out of her mouth like some sort of cartoon character. Her phone went into her pocket, and she gathered up the remains of her mess and tossed it into the dumpster. Her stomach hurt after that. Her subscribers kept requesting that she eat people, but she didn't like doing that too much. Often times, it was super stringy and hairy, especially when the only real choice for her was homeless people, and she didn't want to thing about the last time they had a shower. The thought nearly made her throw up on the spot. She grabbed her book bag from one of the corners of the alleyway, and brushed clean the rocks that stuck to the bottom of it's leather body. She puffed her chest up, and forced herself to smile. The sensation brought back normal lips, so she wouldn't be looked at funny when she walked down the street. With those back, the teeth and tongue could stay as long as she kept her mouth closed, and she didn't plan to talk to anybody when she walked back to her apartment.
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Praise the sun
The dragon was on the hunt. It stalked through the shadows its forked tongue flicked in and out of its closed mouth, everything around it was black but it could smell the warmth of a beating heart nearby. The lizard gave a low threatening hiss as it slowly slunk forward, waggling its armored tail from side to side it pounced.

Allec awoke with a start, breathing heavily. A hand immediately went to his neck, face and chest finding no scales. Just a dream. Allec laid back against the wall he'd loitered beside of, dreams like that were getting more common, as if the Dragon was trying to stir inside of him and Allec didn't appreciate the feeling of waking up to what he could swear was the taste of blood in his mouth. If only the Dragon could just shrivel up and die inside of him after ten years. Allec pushed himself up and wiped his mouth as if he'd been drooling. Allec walked down the empty street, he'd chosen to stay in this area only for the reason people being around here was rare. No chances of The Dragon killing anyone if he happened to have a panic attack or something. It had never happened but he wasn't one to take chances.

Allec found himself wandering to a more populated area then he was used to. He found himself walking by a window with a few TV screens inside of it, playing some new NEWS story about the Templars killing some poor bastard in Los Angeles, and about some new gadgets made by some guy in New York. Allec honestly didn't pay too much attention to it. He just turned back around and decided to do some breathing exercises or to try and find something to eat.
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Central Times Square. A loud hustling and bustling, filled with bright lights, wonderful colours, loud noises and all manners of interesting people. Of one such of those interesting beings was Alice AKA The Mad Hatter. She stood still gazing up at the vibrant lights and large TV screens around her, of which most were broadcasting the scene from Downtown LA, before switching over to the announcement from Atori industries with their released press footage. None of this really mattered to Alice however as she turned her attention to her surroundings and the vast amount of people around her, going about their lives. This was always a great location to perform, as she had done so before, her reputation and performances gaining a wide audience. Smiling to herself she swept off her hat in a dramatic flourish, before reaching inside and removing her "Wand" as she called it, twirling it around her fingers before it suddenly became a stunningly beautiful black violin. Smiling again she closed her eyes taking a deep breath and then began to proceed to playing a rather intricate piece of music on her violin.

A small crowd began to gather around her as she played, her body moving and swaying in time with the music as she did what she did best. And that.. was to perform..

Meanwhile else where in an undisclosed underground location...


The room was filled with a roaring crowd as they looked on into the cage as two figures were fighting with the utmost ferocity. One was an absolute beast of a man, a hulking muscle mountain standing at six foot and six inches tall. The other was a smaller woman standing at six foot. Although smaller this woman clearly was not to be underestimated as her body was well defined and powerfully built. Each figure drew back their fists and swung, the colliding fists slamming into each other, a resonating shockwave ripping the air as they traded blows.

"YO YO YO WHAT'S UP MY FELLOW DUDES AND DUDETTS. IT'S YO BOI ZEEK, AND WE ARE LIVE HERE IN NEW YOOOOOOORK!!!!!!!!!! WERE COMING AT YOU LIVE, WITH WHAT I CAN SAY IS ONE OF THE BEST FIGHTS USF HAS SEEN IN A LONG LONG TIME AND IT'S ONLY JUST GETTING STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The man known to everyone as Zeek, was dressed head to toe in his usual get up, a full white suit, white trousers, fingerless gloves and his signature mask. This man was the MC of USF, Underground Super Fighting, which had of course spread like wildfire when he came up with the idea. Each month he would move to a new location, set up, and send out invites via various means through the underground world, making sure that supers and ONLY supers got them, sending out false ones as well, and those who picked them up.. well it wasn't a good ending for them..

Speaking of which, the fight was drawing to a close, both fighters having sustained inhuman amounts of damage from one another. The muscle mountain, nicknamed "Tank" was covered in blood from the numerous beatings he had taken but due to his power he kept on going, super endurance and strength being he forte. The woman on the other hand, nicknamed "Flash" had super speed on her side, along with mimicry where she could read and or watch something and copy it. Being a fighter well it was obvious what she picked up. Flash suddenly zipped forwards and used her weaker arm to send a karate chop, which Tank proceeded to block with his arms. Smirking Flash suddenly drove her stronger fist into Tanks gut causing him to winch and double over slightly. Taking this advantage Flash proceeded to end the fight. She reached up grabbing Tanks head and brought it down as she kneed him hard in the face letting go of his head in the process. The sheer force sent him backwards, but not before she sent an uppercut to his chin making him fly into the cage. She zipped forwards and began hammering her fists into his body, her arms a blur from the onslaught, small impact craters appearing on Tanks body almost as if it were a cartoon. One minute of this assault and the fight was over, the crowd roaring in delight.

Zane sat lazily in a chair watching all this from the sidelines. A small smile danced across his lips as the others around him all grumbled and handed him money. "Well well boys, you know what they say, don't judge a book by it's cover." He chuckled pocketing the large wads of cash before standing up making his way through the crowd to the cage.


Three Thousand Club
Jane Doe
Location: St. Maria Goretti Baptist Church, New York

The harsh cold of the morning winds blows forward a familiar sting to Janes's face as she slowly makes her way through the city, hood is drawn though more for the benefit of others less they be disturbed or troubled by her bandaged visage or worse what may lay beneath. If anything the cold was merciful in the gentle relief of the pain as it slowly numbed her body though she had long since known she would be a fool to suspect it lead to anything else for her, though through the chill the wetness could be felt across the left of her face telling her the time was soon coming for her to change the bindings once more or at least leave them to dry if no fresh ones could be spared...There were likely others far more deserving of such than for her selfish concealments.

It was this walk that brought her past one of the many pawn shops that seemed to fill the lower areas, several flickering screens within the barred window of a recent news report catching her attention as she stands and watches to the rear of the gathered crowd, what she saw however seemed to be something far different than those gathered. The Stormtroopers whom hunted people openly and to make scapegoats out of innocent sacrifices had just been handed a tool that greatly increases the pain and suffering they could cause, a growing sense of dread in the pit of her stomach as within her mind something was screaming at her, something was telling her the path this would lead to, how could this company do something so irresponsible in broadcasting they had this?. Looking to the various faces staring into the screen, it was for the best they didn't realize though, not yet...that across the world countless people had just been backed into a corner and would through desperation and fear either attempt to flee or fight. The Templars did not care for collateral in the amount of death and despair they brought, and now that would all be elevated across the globe with the casualties only growing from even those without abilities caught up in both the fight and flight of those hunted, was this really the world people deserved? what was ordained?. The final thought as she walks away however rings through *If they had wanted to fix the issue they could have done so years ago* it was true, if they had applied the same efforts into peace that they did senseless violence the world would have been restored in a fraction of the time and now be far greater, though perhaps that was part of the plan? after all...there shouts and screams about threats did distract from the other countless issues people were facing while they killed more bystanders in a senseless hunt.

But how could it be stopped? how could people come to see without a heart clouded by hate? No amount of technology or force would really solve the core of the issue, perhaps some would develop a counter to those new threats and the battle would continue again....*All detection methods revolve around reading either ambient forces or projecting such and recording the reflections, disruption of the wavelength or production of a counter wavelength would result in failure or a null response* She shakes her head for a moment at the thought, not sure what to make of the flash of insight though knowing it was likely important, if anything the pain was far preferred to the confusion such brought, at least that gave her some focus on.

So with the impending calamity above her she carried on lost at what to do, what could she do on her own? she had spent years aiding those she found, giving what succor or comfort she could, working tirelessly to find penitence for this feeling inside her she didn't even know the source of, but around them, they were powerless as others fell further and further, she really was a failure. She would be a liar if she said she hadn't considered fighting back, but would that not be just adding more pain to the problem? they would not stop, they would not be contained or dissuaded, and to take a life in defense would just pile more to her guilt.

Handing out what supplies she had managed to track down amongst the gathered homeless groups with her a solemn face, items tracked down and care given to those fallen ill in the weather on the rough streets, the feeling remains as she works though she needs to do what she can while she can still...though once her efforts are spent she makes her way back to the one place she felt she could find her answers. Opening through the heavy wooden doors of the church she lowers her hood and procedes down the aisle, at least here the feelings were not as strong with a calm brought over her, a faint bow to priest off to the side who seemed to have just finishing up storing several books away once more as she finally makes her way to front and kneels down, hoping to find some answer to the many questions or troubles as she stays in silence.
In the labyrinthian sewer tunnels below the streets of New York waded an old woman. Her drenched shoes sank with a glomp every step she took. Her ears twitched at the sound of the ever chittering mice. Viola Absinthe, hunched over, arms around her chest like a praying mantis, sniffed the air. It was a cold, damp air, but she's been through this area enough to smell the smallest difference. Trudging through, Viola raised a hand. A few steps later, her wrinkled, arthritis-ridden fingers, clasped onto a small pipe. By now, the landmark's filth was wiped off by her hand, and Viola took a right turn. A smile crawled to her lips as a different, yet very familiar smell was wafted to her nose. The smell of death. Her foot tapped the blanket encasing the homeless man, and Viola knew where she was. She took a right and continued feeling her way.

In a New York alleyway, a manhole was pushed open. A pale hand rose from the holehole and brought Viola up. As she poked her head out, another smell of death was blown over. It was a recent kill, hastily cleaned. Viola felt the thin puddles left behind and then grabbed the cold metal of the nearby dumpster. She threw open the lid, and the scent became far stronger. She grinned and reached for the bloodied mess, picking apart torn pieces of clothing and bones with her hands. As she went through the almost meatless remains, her smile turned into a frown. "Garbage, garbage, garbage," she would say frustratingly. Then she felt the scaly limbs of another body. It was flimsy like a blown-out balloon, almost like the skin of something. Viola ran her hand across, reaching a smooth area. Then she found its head, a messy array of teeth. She picked at it with her hands like the beak of a crow, and her interest died once more. Nothing of value.

The elderly woman stepped into the streets. It was a lovely time for a walk; It was cold and dreary, and she could hear some rats running across the pavement. TVs played the news of someone getting sacked by Black Templars. Viola didn't care who they were or what they did, as long as she and her pretties were left alone. Bystanders would move across the street to avoid crossing paths with her, and she liked it. She didn't even care that it stained her hands with blood from before; she could have all her thoughts and time to herself. As she walked, she would hum a melody, all while she made her daily routine, picking through all the dumpsters she knew of.


Three Thousand Club
Location: Looking Glass Detective Agency, New York

The energetic beat of jazz music can be heard from within the old stone building as the suited form of Etratsa swayed to the sounds. Slotting away another finished case file before leaping in her chair and spinning across the room to put her heeled boots up on the desk to look over a larger screen with numerous new job requests alongside multiple news feeds with one, in particular, catching her attention. Bringing it up to full screen she lowers the volume of the music for a moment to listen closely before smiling widely and laughing, her hands coming together in a applause "Oh congratulations, You have invented a new kind of stupid, A 'damage you can never undo' kind of stupid, An 'open all the cages in the zoo' kind of stupid, 'Truly, you didn't think this through? kind of stupid" with another spin she holds up her finger to her forehead and starts to do what she does best, connect the dots and figure things out.

*Ok, lets review...they took an invention of which few people knew and published it by making a grand show of which nobody needed to see, robbing themselves of multiple advantages in order to spark panic...they want people to get riled up and do something stupid in return to speed up there little SS raids? more damage to spin for leverage? civilian casualties were always good for them even if they were statistically the catalyst for most of the damage. I mean that's really kind of simple but horrible thought out for the long term, a simple glance at most history books would tell you that. They should know how badly this could go wrong...overconfidence? maybe....more likely they want a reaction and counter actions they are counting on* her mind seems to race for a moment as countless thoughts and opinions bounce around her minds in the debate to list out possibilities before going through plans on how she would use this if she was them, how to act on it, and then a few rounds of planning around the plan they are planning around others plans. It only takes a few moments before with a click of her fingers shes standing and walking towards the door, the simplest solution is usually the best one, too often far too much thinking over complicates it to little benefit or even to its detriment.

Locking down her office as she vacates the door she gives a greeting to the various faces she passes, the pillar of the community that had gained the hearts of many was about to be hunted and so many of their lives torn apart in the aggressor's efforts. It's not like they cared if she was in her office or out on the streets and given their tactics and training? well, it would be troublesome either way...that is unless she solves one problem with another and kicks off a small idea that had brewed much larger with what she's been given in her back pocket to motivate them. Powered people were actually far more common than most people thought, and she had been working long enough that she caught wind of more than a few that could be useful, consolidating them into one place may make them a bigger target but also a bigger threat, so if they could perhaps be gathered into a cohesive group with common goal? well, that would be very unfortunate for any planning some operation against multiple unknowns rather than just one.

Still, as she leaves the building there are several thoughts jumping out at her, given this would trigger the possibility for great losses to powered, civilians and themselves, surely they would have understood how dangerous this move was to themselves, wanting to see a united front to prepare against how to handle it? risking everything they built falling down? Hmm had someone in the organization actually wanted to bring it down? that was actually far more likely than simple overconfidence but still, one of the multiple theories they need to hammer through until they get to the correct one which no matter how unlikely will be the truth after all.

But for now at least the main question she should focus on is who to approach first?


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Location: Delapidated Apartment in the Bronx
Tags: Open to Anyone
Mentions: None

The light from the TV cast a black silhouette onto the wall, the shape of Robert's body cut perfectly into the illuminated kitchen. The darkness of the room was brought on by firmly closed blinds and a ceiling light missing a lightbulb. Even so, it didn't affect the man because he was too fixed on the images and sounds coming forth from the box before him. His mind processed the news of the Templars newest tool in a time that a normal human could never comprehend, already working on how to best the new device. His new, synthetic body allowed for an array of tricks his flesh could never have allowed but there was one thing that he could never quite grasp. Even after his consciousness was moved from his body, his research showed that he still gave off a signal that he thought was tied directly to his flesh. The reality was that it wasn't, he had no explanation for it beyond his consciousness itself being the key. EIther way he had learned long ago that there was no way to avoid it, he had just hoped it would be much longer before the Templars discovered it.

He turned from the TV, standing and making his way towards the door of the apartment. The exposed floorboards beneath his feet creaked loudly with each step, each sounding worse than the previous. The simple truth was that an abandoned apartment building was safer than the busy streets of New York, particularly with this new Templar toy coming into play. He and every other metahuman were no longer able to blend in, they would be exposed in moments and either killed or locked up. They had always been dangerous but this creation meant the Templars would be almost unstoppable. Endless numbers and advanced technology...it was concerning.

After leaving his apartment and weaving past the array of down and outers spread across the hallway, he made his way outside. The sky was hidden from view by the elevated train tracks above, the sound of a passing locomotive drowning out the cries of a nearby woman to the nearby public. For Robert however, his body allowed him to do more than Joe public ever could. He turned to the sound of the cries that came from an alleyway on the other side of the busy road. With traffic at a standstill Robert threw up his hood and began to jog between the stationary cars until reaching the entrace to the alley.

Halfway down the rat infested back street he could see a masked man attempting to steal a bag from a woman. Her cries were loud but not enough to deter the man who motioned his hand towards his pocket. Robert called out down the alley, the mugger turning to see the six foot one Welshman approach. "Hey there..." Distracted, the woman wriggled from the muggers grip and ran to the opposite end of the alley. With his already halfway down the alley before being able to react the mugger decided to not give chase, instead focussing his full attention on Robert.

"Well thanks for that asshole...I guess i'll have to take your wallet instead..." The man drew a flick blade from his jacket pocket and approached Robert, brashly moving the blade around in an apparent attempt to scare him. In retaliation and much to the muggers anger, Robert laughed and began to step forward, step for step with the mugger.

"That is a neat trick you have there, why don't you come closer so I can see it up close and personal." The mugger bared his teeth and broke into a sprint towards Robert, wanting blood for what he saw as an insult to his 'rep'. Instead the only blood spilled was his own. When he was within range he lunged forward wildly but Robert's superior reaction skills and speed were the difference maker. Stepping to the side Robert drove his knee deep into the stomach of the attacker. A wretched cry and gasp for air was followed by a gargled scream of pain as he snapped the mans forearm, driving the blade into his bicep. The man writhed in agony on the floor, Robert lowering his face down to his.

"Do yourself a favour and find somewhere else to pick fights." With a sarcastic tap on the mans shoulder Robert moved out of the alley and began to walk down the street. His destination was a nearby disused underground railway line. Having be used commercially for a few years the line made little income and was eventually abandoned. It has now become the home to loners, the homeless and a general meeting place for the criminals of the city. If you wanted to meet to discuss anything away from the prying eyes of the Templars, this was one of the only places in the entire city it could be done, for the time being at least.


Can I have your magic weapon ppppplzzzz
0fe2ba79d985abfb98e5ac3a8d53fdfa.jpgSkipping down the street with a hard back case in hand. It was a beautiful morning. Clear skies, slow breeze. Liz was eager to get her work done so she could enjoy the rest of this wonderful day.
The streets outside her apartment (if you could call it that) were broken and cracked. The buildings dilapidated and abandoned by polite society. Only strays lived here, humans and animals alike. Anyone who had nowhere to go and nothing to live for after the proverbial shit hit the fan. Still there was a community here. It struggled but it worked. They looked after each other made sure things didn't get out of hand and that if anyone who was in need got something they needed. The money she made helped get those things. She had no desire for wealth beyond making sure those that helped her survive also survived. Her clothes were worn and patched her shoes were somewhat newer but still dirty. Despite the wear and tear her hoodie and pants were colorful and creative in their design. Red shirt, darker red pants and boots. The hoodie was white one one side and black on the other. Her hair also red oily for lack of washing and cut short and unevenly. Still she washed her face and hands. She didn't wreak of the gutter just lived there.
The young woman waved and talked to people as she made her way out of the slums. Kicked a torn ball with a few kids before heading out through the chain link fence. A large weather worn sign reading "No admittance. Condemned buildings." hid the entrance to this remnant of the hell humanity was recovering from. From there she headed for the subway and made her way down town.

a15d44b12a9c32437df6d469b12f008b.jpgKeeping to the alley ways she climbed a few fire escapes to the roof tops. She made sure no one was watching before her form blurred and turned into hues of blue and black. "Poof" she blinked from one roof to another gradually going higher in the city skyline. Until she came to her perch. Below the open gathering for the Atori Industries announcement. The other end was a deli where her target would be buying his breakfast before heading to work. The hazy black figure opened the case revealing a violin. Ghost left it and went for the hidden compartments in the lining and began to assemble her thin sniper gun. She pulled out a picture of the target. On the back a location and time. She looked and the watch she kept in the case, five minutes to show time. She propped the gun away from the crowd below, looked through the scope and trained it on the deli entrance. "ticktickticktick" the clock clicked away while greedy men in their suit and ties chattered away. Her target came into view and walked into the deli. She checked her silencer everything was in order. Two minutes passed he came back out paper bag in hand. Exhale, squeeze, the bullet whistled through the air like a small bird before THUD. Right between the eyes. He fell to the ground dead before he or anyone around him knew what had happened. Ghost quickly disassembled the gun and packed her case. Job done, the day was hers. Ghost blinked once more from roof top to roof top until she found a place to change back to her solid shape and make her way back to street side.

0fe2ba79d985abfb98e5ac3a8d53fdfa.jpgNow as Liz the young red haired woman made her way to Times Square. Case still in hand, she wandered the paths and watched the people. The sound of a violin reached her ears. "Competition?" she mused to her self. Liz like the occasional music battle. Fortunately, the gun was just a small part of the case hidden in the lining around her own well worn violin. She walked up to the street musician and watched her for a moment sizing her up. The girl was good. This was going to be fun. Liz reopened the case pulled out the violin and closed it again. She began to play in response to the other musician. Matching her pace and adding her own flourish. It was as if the two were speaking a secret language to which Liz asked "What to dance?" Jigajig Jigajig
The citizens groaned in annoyance. They rolled their eyes and walked away. It was a natural response at this point. Four RVs had driven in and screeched to a stop. Each RV was smothered in blindingly bright paint, showing poorly drawn flowers. Everyone instantly knew who they were, and nobody wanted to come near them.

From each RV came a group of people, smelling of hay and palm tree. Sandals clopped on the pavement, and bare feet also scrounged the floor. Loose love beads shook around like a rattle, and each of the men and women retained a serene smile, their eyes not even fully visible. Some wore a rainbow-colored beanie and others put beads in their hair. The last one to leave a vehicle was the hippie everyone in the commune looked up to. Elias yawned, dragging his banjo along. "I, uh, think this is the right place?" he said, scratching his head. "You all wait here. I'll look in that alleyway and see if I can find it." The hippies obliged with no protest, dancing to some unheard rhythm. Elias left them to their own thing, finding himself in the dank, smelly alleyway. He dropped to his knees, skimming the ground.

What Elias needed to find was more important than most could imagine. Normal people would scoff and leave it, not even realizing its power, but not Elias. He was determined to bring it back. "Come on, come on..." he said. "We lost it at an alleyway when they converted, but was it this one, or another?"

As he looked under the dumpsters and ran his hand across the concrete, he heard something click. He looked up to see a hooded man in a dark coat, aiming a revolver at him. "Money, drugs, anything of value," he said, voice muffled by the mask. The mugger's hand did not even shake, showing that he's done this many times. His finger rubbed the trigger, itching to squeeze. Elias stood up, looking him in the eye. What a poor dude, hiding his face because of whatever reason. He should learn to accept himself for who he really is, and let the world see it! That's what Elias wanted to say, but he was on a more important task at the moment. "Hey, man! Have you seen something special lying around? It's really important and doesn't belong in other's hands, and I'd hate to cop out, ya know?"

The mugger stepped forward, glancing at his gun to make sure it was visible enough. "I said money!" he shouted. He didn't care whether he was a broke hippie or not, and his trigger finger was growing hungry. Elias repulsed back a bit, but kept his friendly smile as if it were an angry friend that was barking at him. "Woah, mellow out, man." The mugger started to get irritated, and thought of firing a warning shot. However, something quickly took its place. The mugger began to feel something he hasn't experienced in a long, long time. Joy. Pure joy. A state of relaxation and peace. All thoughts of greed and hatred were flushed out. The thug lowered his revolver, soon letting it clatter on the ground. He reached for his hood and mask, pulling them off to reveal a genuine smile. Elias walked up to the man with no hesitation. "Hey man, want one?" He held out a long, thin rolled up piece of paper. "Just bought it from my dealer. It's real groovy!" As Elias left the man with the blunt, he continued his search. Something then caught his eye. The prized treasure he'd been looking for. He held the friendship bracelet in front him, then brought the small trinket close like you would with a hamster. "Hey, dude." Elias turned to see the thug, already high. "Can I come with?"

"Guys, I'm back!" Elias said to his commune. "I found your bracelet, Penelope." She graciously accepted it, petting the bracelet as if it were an animal. The hippies smiled warmly at the newcomer, and Elias introduced him. "This is Duke. He helped me find the bracelet!" They brought him into a hug, giving friendly greetings and welcoming him into the family. Elias observed the sight, then at their RVs. Then he said, "I think we'll stay for a bit; get to know the place, you know? I'm getting good vibes here, so let's explore! Just think of the other interesting people we can meet, yeah?" With that, the hippies loaded back into their vehicles, and drove through the streets.

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The man flicked his lighter, once, twice, third time's the charm, the sparks finally catching the cigarette. He sat in his office, a dim light flickering overhead. If he had bothered to turn off his desk lamp, he probably would've had an easier time trying to light his cig, but it was only a gentle breeze, the thought had barely come to his mind when he assigned himself a smoke break. "Mister Finch!" The man nearly inhaled his cigarette in surprise when his secretary burst into the room. "Christ woman! Knock before you come in!" His secretary hesitated for a moment before dumping a case file onto his desk. "We've got a new case. Have you seen the news?"

Curt blew a puff of smoke that lingered in the air before sweeping across the room, courtesy of the fan. "I don't think I have that damned thing plugged in anymore Cheryl." She rolled her eyes and whipped out her phone, scrolling up her feed to show him the latest local news announcement. First, the Templar killings, nothing new there. Then, the unveiling of a metahuman hunting device. This... This changed everything. Slowly, he put out his cigarette in the ashtray, mashing it around until the fire burned no longer, and he leaned into the post, reading the comments and reactions it had garnered.

His eyes flickered upward to Cheryl in realization, then back down to the announcement in disbelief. He nodded to himself, thinking, then handed Cheryl's phone back to her before his own appeared in his palm not a second later. He flicked through his contacts. Fingers wasn't going to do him any good, neither would calling Big Tony either. He was sure that contacting either of them would cause more of a mess than anything else. White Dove, that mysterious informant, probably would've had his attention by now if they had something of importance to give to him at this time. They always somehow knew exactly what to give him at what time. Zeek, the underground super announcer might have something... But he'd probably be busy at this time anyways, with his whole "underground super fighting championship" and all that. He was too old to take that offer anyways. That left him with only a small handful of people he could reliably call on to help him find a way to stop this witch hunt from going overboard, and that was Estrata.

Curt's secretary seemed to already know this too, when she had seemingly left and arrived without him knowing, back with his suit. "You sure you want to deal with her and her..." "Personalities?" "I wasn't going to say that Curtis." "But you were certainly thinking it. She's our best lead, and potentially the only reliable person we know that can get us, if at least help us, find out what's going on with these new gadgets they're slinging out left and right for these Templar mooks. Now, I don't want to hear any more sass, got that?" Curt said, sliding his helmet on as he did. Cheryl rolled her eyes and left the rest of the suit on his desk, leaving him to his own devices.

As he slid the helmet on to the Lawbringer, he was greeted by a cavalcade of numbers, statistics, and options that dotted his vision. "Morrigan. Call Estrata. We need to talk." He said, the suit A.I. responding in kind with a sweet "Of course. Dialling Estrata." He pulled on his suit, from the inner layer of form fitting fabric to the outer plating that covered his torso and limbs.

"It's Lawbringin' time." He smirked, leaning back in his chair as none other than the Lawbringer himself.

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Location: Lawbringer Agency, New York

As Lawbringer listens to the dial tone of the phone call there is suddenly another noise that starts to emit from just beyond his agency doors that quickly becomes clear to be a classic rock tune, carrying on for several moments before the entranceway slowly swings open to reveal Etratsa leaning against the arch nodding her head slowly with a wide grin. She did not appear to show much surprise given the suit the man was clad in but simply hits the accept call button "Your through the looking glass, Detective Etratsa speaking...how may we assist you today?" a playful tone to her voice as she speaks before hanging up and sliding the device into one of the countless zipped pockets of her suit.

Turning to face him fully she steps into the room fully closing the door and starts tapping a cheek with her finger "Hmm you look a little different, did you do something with your hair? new shoes? Keito?" shrugging with a small chuckle "In any case, and in order...yes i know why you called" gesturing to her phone pocket, then his helmet "I've known for quite a while" finger coming back to herself "Because of im a detective as well as specializing in profiling, and im here because someone just started the war drums and things are about to get a whole lot more interesting...since there is one clear way how to handle the issue that can finally get underway with the suitable rallying cry provided....did i miss anything?" in her normal casual yet frustrating manner she finished listing off the most likely incoming questions before sticking her tongue out slightly in a childish mock. Many would suspect the woman to have some form of telekinetic aid with how astute her insight could be sometimes and commonly predicting the outcome before it occurs, though still as far as anyone had known until now she was a simple civilian detective through and through, albeit one with several mental quirks leading to suspicions of DID and even Schizophrenia at times.

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It’s Adventure Time
Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 5.16.34 PM.png
The humidity was making his sweat glands go on overdrive along with the bright and hot lights illuminating the surrounding area. Soundwave felt hot as the USF was packed with all sorts of supers. The spectators were all shapes and sizes from big to small, gorgeous and extraterrestrial, to even outright disturbing. But Soundwave wasn't here for the fights as he thought it was barbaric but so was the certain individual he was looking for. An empty carcass along with a homeless person's rotting corpse were the clues usually left whenever this super were to commit their crime. He had caught on to the signal that their device emitted right before he was spotted and they ran. Only knowing so little of his target is what limited Soundwave moving in for the final blow. Soundwave was uncertain as to why he's going this far just to find the criminal other than his drive to do so as fast as possible.

So in order to gain clues he decided to slowly make his way throughout the crowd sensing all of the people's devices and searching for a match. Soundwave wore his vigilante outfit as he would never want to be recognized by these other supers. It's a dog eat dog world and he's sure anyone would give him up in order to save their sorry asses. When the crowd roared out in excitement he couldn't hear himself think and that's when he felt a ping. Turning toward the cage, Soundwave saw an individual on their cellular. Lowering the volume of the cheering for more violence by the masses, Soundwave increased the suspect's voice and heard "Ahhhh man, what the f**k. I missed Super Sugoi Monster Mash again?!? Damn, shit's so cool seeing the victim being eaten," *RECORD SCRATCH*

-In a distant memory that acted more of like a nightmare-
"Franklin!" a very frightened but gentle ladies voice screamed out amongst the darkness
"Melissa!" came from the regular voice of Soundwave before he would never see Melissa again as she was consumed by Astarte
"NNNNNNOOOOO!!!!!" ...........not even.....a body to burry
-Back to reality-

Soundwave's usually cool composure is impenetrable, there's a reason why he's climbed the ranks of the secret organization he's a part of. He's very efficient and doesn't ask too many questions as he follows in the organization. But he's human he has emotions and in this brief second. They won. Soundwave took a few long strides making his way toward the no longer suspect but still was being confronted. The super glanced up from his cellular in order to see whoever was walking up to them with questionable intent "Can I help you-" as the super asked Soundwave had grabbed a beer bottle from one of the spectators hands and smashed it directly on the temple of the suspect's asshole's head. This immediately caught the attention of Zeek.

"HEY! THAT'S UNSPORTSMAN LIKE CONDUCT OUTSIDE OF THE ARENA!!!!" Eyes turned toward Soundwave along with a camera now turned on him. "THE ENTERTAINMENT HAS LIKE BEEN RUINED FOR THE NEXT ROUND BECAUSE OF AN UNCONSCIOUS FIGHTER!!!!!" Hesitant, Soundwave started to slowly walk back only to be met with an upset crowd that booed at him. He couldn't find an opening in order to escape. He could try and use his powers but there's too many supers here, he would never make it out unscathed. "GUESS YOU'LL HAVE TO TAKE THE PLACE OF OUR NEXT FIGHTERRRRRRR!!!!!" this grand news started to make the spectators cheer as Soundwave stood next to the cage from which the asshole had been waiting at. Finding no other choice Soundwave turned to the cage.

The crowd cheered even louder, while Soundwave stayed ever so silent sending a morse code to anyone lucky enough to receive it. The signal would give the coordinates of the USF and an S.O.S. But with how far below he was, Soundwave wasn't certain if it'll reach anyone at all.

Location: Underground USF

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Location: Rooftops near time square- USF
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Mentions: R Reytian Jigajig Jigajig

Amia followed her usual routine of her nights. Exploring the vast city and stalking any animals unlucky enough to become her meal. Of course she didn’t know better, she knew nothing really, didn’t know she was eating pets of humans, all she knew was her instincts at this point. As she quietly Lept up to a roof top from an alley way, happy to be free of clothes. A cat hanging from her jaws as she took a curious and cautious scan around to make sure she was alone. In her short time out she’d quickly found to hide, that humans feared her and tried to attack her whenever they saw her. It was lonely and she would have much preferred some company but no one was trust worthy right now.

Crawling over to a ledge that overlooked time square she took up her little perch. Sliding her tail under her and lifting her body off the ground. Taking a little seated position on her tail as she started to eat her catch. Despite her size it wasn’t enough and she knew she would still be hungry afterwards. The trouble of less and less animals being out was a hindrance but she couldn’t complain really. There where always bigger issues for her, humans in general, the scare people in black clothing that shot at her. Shaking her head a little to clear the thoughts she went back to her food until some distant sounds caught her ears. Peeking up and looking around curiously as she took a few sniff of the air. Sure the town was noisy but these where different than normal. It made her curious what exactly was going on.

After a few moment of debate her curiosity decided for her to go and investigate. Taking the car in her jaws once again she set herself back into her feet and listened around some more before deciding which direction the new sounds where coming from. Looking that way before she took off. Her tail flying behind her, her arms curled by her chest as she ran almost horizontal to the ground in her motions. Leaping from roof to roof and following the sounds.

As she drew closer her nose started to pick up on the smells, sweat, blood, and that weird drink humans often had. Her curiosity only grew as she landed at the entrance to the fights. Dropping the cat as she stared down the door. Sniffing curiously at the door before trying the handle. It was probably locked but she had the strength that whatever was meant to keep normal people out was broken with ease. Peeking inside curiously to find an empty stairwell filled with the smell and sounds. Gently her tongue poked out of her mouth a little to get better senses of what was going on. She could feel it. Crowds of people like her. It only grew her curiosity as she headed down the stairs and into the USF. She was met with a cluster of people that immediately engulfed her it was crazy, the sounds overloading her ears, she started to panic as she tried to push through the crowd to find somewhere quieter continuing to try and find some space in the crowd. Continuing to push and move through the crowd until she finally found what she wanted. Falling forward into the open door to the cage. She was happy for a moment till she sat up and her eyes caught the cages. She couldn’t help but get a bad feeling as she looked around the place curiously at the cage that was around her. “Looks like we’ve got a volunteer!!!” A few people cried out in cheer as they saw Amia in the ring and shut the cage behind her.

Looking around at the crowds with a bit of fear her eyes darting to a man that had bashed some stranger with a bottle. Then to some strange guy with a golden mask. She didn’t know why but those two where the two she focused on. Giving both of them a “please get me out” stare as she let out distressed alien like cries at both of them. She didn’t want to be in there and that was obvious beyond compare. But still She day right there. Crying out like a puppy for its mother to come save her.
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Estratsa's sudden appearance wasn't entirely unwelcome, nor unexpected either. At least, not by Lawbringer himself. The empty secretary's desk meant otherwise for Cheryl, but she wasn't the man who had called the other metahuman investigator into Finch Investigations. After all, it had Curt's last name on the door. He made the rules. His fellow compatriot detective gave her introduction, in her usual dance of having-all-the-pieces. A "I've known for quite a while." waltz, followed by a "Things are about to get interesting." shimmy, concluded with a "Did I miss anything?" ballet. Just about the usual when dealing with her. He'd grown accustomed to it after some time, finding the verbal jousting to be amusing, if not a frivolous way to say 'Cut to the chase.'

"No, you've covered most, if not all of it Miss Estratsa." He faced towards an empty wall of his office and tapped a button on the side of his helmet, simultaneously turning off the rooms lights and prompting a projection to spill forth from a hidden projector on the side of his helmet. "So far, we know that the Templars have these new devices that not only detects supers, but imprisons them for whatever messed up reason they have to taking us. We've upgraded from an international witch hunt into a fucked up game of duck hunt." With his full costume, you wouldn't be able to tell the Lawbringer's expression, emotion, or even what he's saying unless he opened his voice comms, but it was clear to Estratsa that this deeply irritated him on an emotional level. "We don't have any leads, and I don't know if my contacts are going to be willing contacts for my agency much longer if I get exposed."

"What's your suggestion? I thought we could find wherever these things are being produced and try and take them down, but I don't know if just the two of us could do that."

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Location: Lawbringer Agency, New York

Another faint laugh emits from her as she smiles at the question "Hmm well there are so many things we could suggest but on topic of templars? They are incredibly methodical on their hunts, so even if they are aware of a target they are going to do there best to plan, brief and bounce around their brain boxes a nice number of ways to ruin their day and in the same vain prevent their day being ruined." gesturing around casually with her hand, a faint bouncing of her finger as she continues on "There are oh so many variables they try to consider, but still its impossible to account for everything. But the more complicated the target the longer all this would take!" pulling her label to the side and extracting out a small black book, flicking through it one-handed as she finally gets to her answer, the stage has been set and time to name that dance "Given its only a matter of time before they locate people anyway, why not consolidate our forces? That means their preparation needs to face multiple unknowns that will be ready and waiting, who know things they dont know....and we remind them that the greatest military in the world has often had its collective ass handed to them by even a bunch of nobodies with pointy sticks?" jumping up onto the desk and spreading her arm out wide as she begins to recite something "There is a bit more but lets wrap page one up with this, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”" turning to face him "I mean given the whole power thing its actually far more relevant now right? But in summary, Any hope of success will otherwise be fleeting, We are outgunned, outmanned, outnumbered, out planned...so we gotta make an all outstanding. We Unite together and gather resources before they start to strike and go from there...Ive come across a few in my work that would be potential additions...with this motivation, it should swing it our way, though some will gladly join if it means serving the greater good"
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Location: Times Square- New York
Alonthra Alonthra

Alice continued to play her piece completely oblivious and unaware that someone had more or less set up beside her.. That was untill she her music, another violin playing along beside her, matching her, copying the tune and yet there was something else... Yes that it's this newcomer was adding their own twist to the piece. Alice open up her eyes looking at this person. She was greeted with the site of a young woman with red hair, playing a worn violin. Although well worn and torn and obviously slightly beaten up, the violin played as if new, a wonderful sound filling the air. Who was this person?
Alice smiled at them bowing slightly, before standing upright hearing the newcomer speak asking her if she wanted to dance. Alice was slightly confused my the request, how could they dance in they were playing... however it slowly but surely dawned on her this was a her way of asking to a little completion. She was sure she had heard this phrase before in similar cases and it usually was. Nodding she finished her piece with a flourish and then bowed to the crowd as they cheered.
"Yes let us do this dance" Bowing once more, Alice slowly stood back up staring at the woman then raised her Violin. Smiling and with a flick on the wrist she began to play, Caprice number five, by Niccolo Paganini her body dancing with the music as it took over, letting her mind free as the music filled the air.

Location: Underground in a undisclosed location - USF close to Times Square
R Reytian Daniel Reaving Daniel Reaving

As Zane made his way through the crowd he noticed a number of things. Frowning and pausing he glanced over to his left side, as the electricity in the air around him seem to distort itself slightly. Well that was odd.. Not a few seconds later something barged past him he caught sight of someone, or something white zipping through the crowd. He shook his head and then turned around just as someone was grabbing a beer bottle from one of the crowd members hands before proceeding to smash it into someone's head. "What the hell?" This of course caught everyone's attention the room more or less going quiet before everyone began angrily yelling at the man booing him.

Of course Zeek honed in on it like a hawk. Zane moved through the crowd and looked at the man who had been knocked out. Said man was due to be my opponent. Looking at the attacker who was slowly making his was backwards, however the crowd was all around him and there was no way in hell he could get out of this. Zeek then announced he would be going into the cage. Huh well this would be interesting to say the least. Eyes running over the figure Zane realised this could very well be Soundwave.. his outfit certainly matched the description Zane had heard about. Turning around Zane made his way to the other side of the cage but then something else completely unexpected happened. The thing he saw earlier was inside the cage, the door closed behind her. Zeek who knew I was meant to be fighting next glanced about but yelled out "Looks like we’ve got a volunteer!" Zane raised an eyebrow and turned his focus to the one in the cage. It was obvious that this thing was one of us but.. no something was wrong, it was letting out screams, as if it was panicking and in distress. Moving swiftly Zane pushed his way to the door and opened it up, before taking his coat off, kneeling down and then draping it over shoulders of the person in the cage The crowd was yelling confused as to what was going on. Zane stood back up and then looked around before yelling. "QUIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!" The crowds cheers abruptly ceased everyone looking around confused. Kneeling back down Zane reached out slowly with his hand to the snake like being. "Hey hey.. it's OK now." Glancing to Zeek he nodded at him, motioning his head them mouthing at him. "Look after this one aye?"

Kiki Crow
Location: Central New York

“We’re here live at the scene of action, Black Templar forces have just neutralised the super threat in the area. Downtown LA is now safe from the menace of powered individuals!”
A tall imposing figure leaned back into her chair as she stared at the large plasma TV at the side of her desk. So the Black Templar's had removed yet another poor innocent soul from the world had they.. Leaning forwards and putting her fingertips together in the oh so classic "Triangle pose" Kiki Crow thought. She glanced at the TV as the news reporter suddenly spoke again.
"“Breaking news! Atori industries has just released press footage of their new super hunting device!”
Kiki's expression flickered slightly before she sighed and reached for her phone. Dialling a number she sat back and planted her heels onto her desk rubbing the bridge of hers nose. Things just got a lot more complicated very quickly.. As soon as the other person picked up she spoke. "Maria dear, please can get the car around front. I need to go meet someone." Maria responded and then put the phone down. Kiki stood up and grabbed her coat draping it over her shoulders before walking slowly to the window. Glancing down at the view below she sighed. The view of New York from this skyscraper was lovely however that did nothing to change her mood. This building, nay this banking empire she has built for herself could suddenly crumble to nothing... She spun on her heel and left her office heading down the lift, down the many many floors the building head before heading out into the large reception area. Flicking her glasses open she stepped outside and then into her car that was waiting. The driver glanced back at her and nodded. "Where to ma'am?" Kiki glanced up a thin smile over her lips. "Downtown, to "that" place" He nodded and he car sped off.
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Millie had unconsciously been letting her skin seal over her own mouth as she walked. It just felt more comfortable to her, as if she were wearing a mask she could peel off at any time. The quickest way to get to her university was to cut through downtown, which was fine by her. It meant she could probably grab an actual bite to eat, and maybe find another dumpster to throw up the gross, unseasoned, uncooked remnants of her show earlier into or something.
Yeah... That sounds like a good plan.

The girl ducked into an alleyway, the back of a restaurant she wanted to eat at. It was dark, had a dumpster, and some sort of beaten in door. You know, the usual 'New York back alleyway' schtick. It wasn't often that she wandered into open doors in the middle of an alleyway, but after evacuating her stomach in a rather grotesque fashion that involved a lot of unnatural stretching and bones popping into the dumpster, she wiped her face clean of the blood and gristle, and took a few tentative steps towards the smashed door. The wails of a crowd reached her ears almost instantly, before the battle-lust turned to surprise and then more cheering, a enthusiastic voice jeering on a "VOLUNTEER!!!" Oh? One of those MMA cages? She might have to have a second unscheduled show for the day if she figures out what this is! Immediately, her phone bubbled up from her skin into her wrist, the screen bathing her in light as she slowly stepped down the stairs. Her face distorted once more, her mouth once more sealed away behind skin, her eyes shifting color to a... pure black, no irises at all. Yeah, that works for what she was going for.

She sent out a quick tweet to her followers to let them that a surprise stream was just about to get underway, before she switched to her /SSMMIRL (Super Sugoi Monster Mash IRL) account and started the broadcast. Already, her followers poured in for the stream, trickling in by the tens.

"Hey guys!" She whispered, her jaw moving up and down, but not quite revealing the rows of gleaming whites. "I was walking down the street after my other stream, and found this weird place with all these people in it," She pulled the phone out from her wrist with a sickening slurp, and showed the inside of the dark stairwell she was slowly walking down. "and I thought to myself: 'Wouldn't it be cool if I started a stream now?'" She giggled to herself mischievously. "I think this is a fighting ring or something by the sound of-" The crowd roared again. "That. Let's go and see what's going on!" She switched the camera to be front-facing and pushed the phone into her palm, her skin and hand growing and enveloping it until only the lens was visible.

"QUIET!" Millie's attention peaked when she reached the bottom of the stairs, and saw one of the vigilante supers in the ring, alongside that... oddly familiar albino-lizard-dog thing? Why was it so- It was because she was asked to transform into her a few times in the past. That's why. So why wasn't there a fight going on? She videotaped the wholesome event going on, then flashed the camera back at her face, her expression morphing and shaping into Amia's own actual face giving a pouting expression. "Aww, nobody wants to fight!" Millie rolled her eyes and the expression literally melted off her face, her own evil grin in it's place. "Should we change that, chat?" She ignored the stairs up to the ring, and the purple-clad fighter that was meant to go up. It was her time to shine.

Her fingers became bony claws as she climbed up into the cage, her talons hooking into the holes in the cage as she heaved herself up into the arena. "Hey fucko!" Her camera arm sprouted long finger-like protrusions at her elbow, which she jammed into one of the posts nearby. The fingers dug themselves into the leather post, and her arm became an ivory white up to her elbow. Her other arm twitched strangely, her fingers flapping in the artificial breeze before the skin sloughed off her right arm entirely, revealing a sword-like appendage that ended at her forearm. With this, she chopped off her other arm, which stayed put: an organic camera stand. She then mimed like she was taking her skin off like a jacket, her stump arm peeling off her shoulder, another bone-sword appendage in it's place.

"You're fighting me now. Not her." She taunted to the masked man. Millie raised her arms above her head and crossed her blades twice, the sound of bone on bone grating against each other sounding strangely almost like steel on steel. "Mister announcer-man! Don't be afraid to start the fight! I need to put on a good show for my viewers!" She grinned widely, showcasing all of her teeth that stretched from ear to ear, an unnaturally wide smile that was no doubt unnerving to see.

"I'm sure you'll be a good sport, right? You don't want to know what happens to those who don't let me win." She coughed up a bloodied something, before coyly wiping away the mess from her still-grinning face.

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The cameraman held up a countdown as the show was transferred over to the live press release. The news anchor breathed a sigh of relief, and looked up to Theta, the pointman who helped take out the super what felt like only a few minutes ago. "How is it, anyways?" The Templar raised an eyebrow. "Hunting supers all day. Isn't it dangerous?" Theta closed his eyes and slowly shook his head at her. She was visibly confused by his wordless response, and opened her mouth to ask another question before he interrupted her.

"Don't ask a soldier what it's like. I know you news people don't have any sense of shame or self-respect, but at the very least, have some for your servicemen. It's not something I want to talk about, and I think that goes for more than a few of us. Understand?" The anchor rolled her eyes. "Not the first time I heard that from you military types." She turned away from him and to her team. "We're done here. Wrap everything up, we're heading back to the station."

The Templar sucked up his pride and maintained a professional demeanor. Luckily, Zeta, the sniper, was approaching him. "What? No more news broadcast?" Theta shook his head. "Breaking news sequence or something. We're not in the public eye anymore." Zeta nodded his head in understanding, his shroud jiggling a little as he did, which Theta always had to suppress a laugh for. He found Zeta's overall brooding appearance completely derailed whenever he did anything 'normal'. "Anyways, O2 just gave us a new mission over comms. We've got a super report at the circus that's just blown into town. Wants us on lookout duty while some of the others go in undercover gear." "So we're-" "When are we not lookout?" Theta snorted. "Alright, we'll meet them at the rendezvous then." Zeta nodded, then pulled out his smartphone. "What the hell are you doing?"

The sniper didn't even look up. "Calling an Uber."


"Excuse me!" Two men approached a third, more crotchety, done-with-your-shit type of man. Judging by his appearance, he seemed to be the owner of the circus that the three were in. Sparkling lights and people were all about, with various performers and attractions dotted just about everywhere the eye could see. But these two men, they walked up to the owner with a strange aura of purpose. They wanted something from him.

"Sir!" The old man finally acknowledged them. "Whaddya kids want?" He shot back, before a badge I.D. was pressed up to his face. "Black Templar Captain George Webster,, Designation: Alpha. We're here to find a Mira Belle. Tell us where she is." George was a bigger man, and when he introduced himself in such a way, he made sure to get up in the older man's face, standing no more than an inch apart. To this, the circus owner snorted. "Or what? You gonna put me down like you do to those supers whatchamacallits?" George's face scrunched up in anger. "Who the hell do you think you are? Are you choosing to break the law by diso-" The second man, a much smaller, but no less built, Templar put his hand on George's shoulder. "I got this." The captain's eye twitched, and he backed up slowly.

"Hey, we're looking for a Mira Bella. Could you please tell us where she went? We'll be out of your hair then." The old man let something of a grin pass across his face. "Tell yer whipper snappers to lead with that next time. She just flew the coup kid. Said somethin' about not wantin' to get me hurt, as if I gave a damn." The Templar nodded. "Thank you for your time sir." As the two turned to leave, the old man put his hand on the younger man's shoulder. "Greenie." "Designation: Beta, sir." "You listen, Greenhorn. That Mira Bella you're hunting is more of a bear than a woman. You hunt a bear, and they'll run. If you corner a bear..." He gave another one of his grins, and patted Beta on the shoulder. "Good luck."


"Suspect spotted, 75th. Suspect is over 6 feet tall, blonde hair, and is dressed like-" "A circus performer! Christ! We know where she came from! Stop ooglin' her and tell us where she's goin' you horndog!" Iota screeched over comms at Theta, her high pitched voice cutting into his focus. "Keep it together people. We're hunting a super we've got very little info on. Can you tell us where she's going Theta?" Alpha said, his gruff voice overpowering everyone else on the radio. "Yeah. It seems she's..." Theta paused, and adjusted his sights from 100 to 200 meters. "A starbucks?" "Alright, Beta and Iota, trailing." "Acknowledged. Let's go Zeta." The sniper said, jockeying for a new perch on the Starbucks.


Beta and Iota, their espionage agent, moved through the streets and stood just outside the starbucks. "Alright newbie." Iota said. "Apparently, Mira Bella is a stronger super, capable of taking small ballistics and lifting cars. I'll go through the front, you take the back. Alright?" Beta nodded. "Just because it's your first mission doesn't mean we're going to coddle you, so stay smart on your feet, and keep the target in sight. Got it soldier?" Beta nodded again. Iota smirked, and patted him on the arm. "See you on the other side." Beta nodded and moved to cover the back.

Iota once inside spotted her target, the full-garb soldier startling more than some of the few patrons inside to get out ASAP. Seeing a Templar was news enough to leave, and the clearly out of place stranger was more than a sign. "MA'AM!" Iota shouted. "PLEASE PUT DOWN THE CARAMEL MACCHIATO AND PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD." Mira didn't even flinch, and instead took another sip from her straw. "Breach the backdoor, weapons free." "Confirmed." Theta said, releasing a bullet through the building's window and into Mira's back. Despite the .50 caliber's best efforts, the bullet simply shattered on impact with the target's back muscles, hot metal shrapnel scattering across the ground. Iota herself also took cover behind an upturned table and released a stream of gunfire which merely stopped on impact, the bullet itself resembling a squished beer can. "Small arms ineffective! Changing to hollow point mags!" She called, to which the giantess responded by lifting the cover Iota had been hiding behind. Instinctively, she dropped her gun and unholstered her pistol, loosing a few shots into her target's face in a matter of seconds, each shot plinking off Mira harmlessly. The performer shook her head, and threw the table aside, grasping Iota's head with a single hand and tapping the top of her head with another hand, knocking her out instantly.

Mira sighed, and glared up at the sniper who had shot her. Immediately, Theta thought it was a good idea to reposition. "Officer down! I repeat, officer down! Beta, get out of there!" However, Beta had just emerged from the kitchen to see the giant with the unconscious body of her friend. He raised his gun to fire, and aimed down at the sights, placing her center of mass in the way of the barrel. He slowed his breathing and put his finger over the trigger. "Ma'am, get down on your knees and put your hands behind your head." He had done procedure, everything was screaming at him to finish the job.

But he hesitated to fire.

The giantess cracked a smile. "Now honey, why in the world would I ever want to do that?" He steeled himself. "Because-" She held up a finger. "Do me a favor and hold something for me." She tossed his squad mate at him, to which Beta dropped his gun and reached his arms out to catch his teammate, which he was bowled over by.

"Thanks dearie. I'll be off now!" She waved at him, turned to leave, but then stopped herself to grab her macchiato, and stare a little at the trapped templar. She cocked her head, thinking, then nodding to herself. "Yer pretty cute, y'know." Before Beta was able to get in a word, she ran out the door and leapt into the air.

It was quiet for a little bit. Beta took the time to just breathe, and pushed Iota's body off him. He checked her vitals. Still breathing. Nobody really got hurt during this engagements. Civilians had left before the engagement, and the only casualty might be Iota, who had a mild concussion at most. He took in a huge breath, then exhaled. "Beta calling Benchmark actual. We need an evac."


"Shit, she's gone." Theta said, scoping in further to the shop where Iota and Beta were downed at. "I can't get a sight of-"


Theta and Zeta sat up and stared at Mira, who sipped at her macchiato. There was a silence that passed, the Templars entirely flabbergasted by the sudden appearance and looming fact that if she wanted to kill them, there was nothing stopping her, so they watched her, and she watched back.

"Hi." Mira said.

"Hi." Theta and Zeta said in unison. Mira raised her eyebrows, and finished her drink. "Can you throw this out for me?" She said, dangling the cup in front of the pair. Zeta jerkily got up, and slowly approached the muscle bound woman. He carefully grabbed it out of her hand, and retracted the empty cup to his chest, to which Mira gave a warm smile to. "Thanks dear!" She said, before bounding out of sight.

Both Theta and Zeta silently looked at each other, then to the cup, then back to each other, mentally agreeing to not talk of this during the debrief.

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Soundwave had sent the signal for only a few seconds when he suddenly saw a white figure make it's way through the crowd. He halted taking another step once seeing the creature land in the middle of the cage. The distress signal ceased as he wasn't sure if the super came because of it saving him a few seconds to run or just by coincidence landed in the cage to be his opponent. Soundwave contemplated running now but that's when his attention was brought back to the cage to see Zane comforting the super. Zane, oh yes Soundwave has heard of him before. The tall Russian was a formidable super who Soundwave was pleased to not fight. It would be pointless and messy after all to his objective.

Soundwave would turn to Zeek to see if his opportunity of escape was still viable until a loud individual creeped into the cage as well. He just stood there standing outside the cage listening to what this disturbing super had to say. Then it dawned on him that his target had actually found him. How foolish. The husk of flesh left over by the criminal, check. The voice matching the same as when he had tried to capture her when he didn't wear his uniform/mask, check. And to top it all of the device that she planted onto the cage matched the same frequency as the one he looked for, check. Ok now for the arrest.

Soundwave stood like a statue while deducing Millie as the criminal he was looking for right up till when he began walking up the steps to the cage and opening the door. It wasn't long till her device had lost signal as he absorbed the signal. He shut the door softly while still keeping his eyes on Millie. Then his eyes began glowing red "H-h-h-h-hey F-f-f-f-f-ucko f-f-fighting me-me-me for m-m-my viewers-viewers," Soundwave mocked in a perfect tone of what Millie's voice sounded like. Then he began walking toward her "it's OK now, Don't be afraid, THE ENTERTAINMENT HAS LIKE, GETTING STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Soundwave said now mimicking Zane, Millie, and Zeek and was just about to attack Millie up until Zeek stopped him "HEY! LISTEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ALL THINK YOU'RE DOING SO REMEMBER THIS!!!! I MAKE THE RULES HERE SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN I'LL HAVE TO BEAT THE LESSON INTO YOU," silence fell after Zeek had enough of this outrageous barging in from Soundwave, Amia, and now Millie. "TELL YOU WHAT, AFTER ZANE TAKES CARE OF OUR ALBINO FRIEND THEN THE THREE OF YOU WILL FIGHT ON BEHALF OF THE WONDERFUL, EVER SO PATIENT, WAITING SPECTATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the crowd seemed to be enthusiastic to see a three way fight as they were growing tired of these small interruptions.

Soundwave was digging himself deeper and deeper into a situation that seemed to have only one way out. The lengths he went for arresting a criminal....

Through his mask Soundwave narrowed his eyes at Millie, she will be brought to justice. Wether he wins or loses he will put a stop to her antics.

Location: Underground USF match
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Ty and Jackson stood in a back alley with a bunch of their 'friends,' eating food that they had gotten out of the closest gas station. Ty was telling the rest of them an outrageous story of how she was able to swindle money out of a passing group of businessmen. The story wasn't entirely false, but a lot of the truth was left out as well. Ty kept them distracted while Jackson would brush by them and steal their wallets. Jackson would go around the corner after stealing one wallet, tie her hair up, put a jacket on or change her shit, then come back and steal another wallet. Ty would then stop distracting them and slip away, managing to take one more wallet with her. Jackson and Ty would take all the cash out of the wallets and then leave the wallets in a store. Ty had said that she was able to steal their briefcases as well by tricking them with some 'pyramid scheme.'

'None of them had briefcases.' Jackson thought to herself. She enjoyed Ty's outrageous stories, but sometimes she wish she would stop. They would occasionally wear thin on her. Jackson looked out onto the street and saw those strange RVs driving around again. They never stopped where her and Ty were so she never knew what they were

"Hey, Ty, those RVs are back again. What are they?" Jackson asked, they look like hippie vans from the 70s.

"How the fuck should I know? You know I prefer to walk everywhere. I would never get into a vehicle, I don't know anyone who owns one." Ty stated. They watched from the street as the vans drove by.


Jacqi walked down the street with her umbrella in hand, not a cloud in the sky. People would make glances her way as she seemed to stick out like a sore thumb in the crowd. Her eyes stayed forward, not looking at anyone else as she walked the sidewalk. Nothing seemed to bother her, yet she appeared as if she was waiting for something. The news was playing through her earpiece, updating her of what is happening in the city. Another speech of how dangerous super-powered people are. She can't necessarily disagree, but they were going about it all wrong. Making them an enemy isn't helping them. It's making these new powered people dangerous. The studs on her jacket spiked out, making her aware her of a nearby powered person. She smiled to herself, Jacqi may have herself another subject.

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Amia continued to sit there letting out her calls for help like a puppy till she felt a cloth draped around her back. She instantly went silent and sat frozen slowly turning her head to see a man kneeling down and holding out his hand to her. Cautiously looking it over as she took a few gentle sniffs. Little chuffs and clicks coming from her as she stared his hand down and continued to sniff at it. Quickly her eyes darted up to the mans face before slowly back to his hand as her head dew slowly closer till her nose was centimeters from his palm. Continuing to gently sniff at his hand as she gently pressed her nose into the palm of it. The more she sniffed the more her chuffs slowly grew into little purrs as she started to gently rubbed her left cheek against his hand. Then her forehead, and then finally her entire head. Slowly she got to her feet but kept low at the same level he was. Continuing to sniff while nuzzling into his hand. This feeling was new but she enjoyed it. The gentle warm feeling of someone else petting her. If she was being honest she wanted more and pronged for it as she slid closer to the man. Gently her tongue slid from between her lips and entwines itself between his fingers curiously as she nuzzled into his arm more. She was almost calm until that, thing arrived.

Her head shot up from his hand, her tongue whipping back into her mouth at the sounds of something crawling into the cage her pupils going narrow and thin like a snakes as she locked on to the creature that climbed into the cage. She could smell the hostility off of it as she got completely to her feet as well. Staring the thing down as she took a animalistic like defensive stance. Her body arched forward and her arms slightly curled in to her sides, letting out a threatening hiss at it, mostly out of fear and instinct to protect herself. She bared her massive teeth at whatever it was accompanying them with another threatening hiss for good measure. She wanted whatever this thing was gone as she watched it cut its own arm off. It didn’t show but whatever it was terrified her and she wanted nothing more to get away from it. Her hissing and threatening chuffing continued as she slowly took one or two steps back. Her tail sliding completely behind her and close to her feet, prepping to either launch her to the ceiling of the cage or straight at whatever this thing was if it attacked.​
The RVs slowed to a stop at an empty parking lot. The hippies got out, still high on whatever. Elias saw a man in a beanie on the sidewalk, turning to his friends and saying, "You all wait here. The man's waiting with our stock." Elias approached the dealer, fumbling through his wallet. "Hey man, how's it hanging?" he said, taking all of its contents out. The dealer looked back impatiently. He despised selling to Elias, but money was money. He slightly revealed the inside of his coat, showing the bags of weed. He held another hand out, expecting the cash. Instead, Elias looked at him, disappointed. He put the money back into his wallet and said, "Mmm, look man, I don't have the bread. Do you think you can lower the price?"

The dealer huffed. "No money, no deal." He turned around, intending to walk away.

"No, no man, come back! My friends love this stuff, I'll pay you back, I promise!" Despite Elias' pleas, the dealer flipped him off. "Don't be like that, man. Chill out, relax!"

The dealer froze. This feeling... Why... How? It was as if he was high, but... He whipped back around, but Elias was already walking back to his commune. "Elias, wait!" He couldn't help but smile. For a moment he wanted to get away from the hippie as fast as possible, but something had changed. This feeling, it was better than being high. Every sin he commit he felt he had repented for. His mind was in balance, and for some reason he could only thank Elias. His thoughts soon became words. "I'm sorry, dude, you can have my whole stock."

Elias' face lit up. "Really, man? That's groovy! I knew you weren't a sell-out!" Elias outstretched his arms, and for the first time in a long while, the dealer genuinely hugged someone.

"Elias, man... Can I join you?"

Another friend already? Elias didn't understand it, but he gladly accepted his request. They would return to the RVs, and the dealer dropped off every bag he had on him. The hippies cheered a little too loud, and Elias pulled out an old-fashioned radio. He fed a Bob Marley disk into it, and the hippies got high again, dancing oddly. Passersby gave them odd glares, as they shamelessly used the drugs and showed off their dance moves in public. Elias turned the music up, planning to stay in the parking lot for the rest of the day.
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After he got found out, solas had to find a new way of life, new job, new house, new friends; everything has changed, but not him, solas was still the same you know what they say "old habits have a tough skin" and even more so in solas case, he who don't know how to deal with huge change but had to adapt, no other choices maybe death would be nicer? Maybe giving up was the best option? Such are the thought that crossed his mind at first but now wasn't the time to remember the past, he had live, just because he decided to and nothing could change his mind. Thanks to Mr Z help his adaptation was easier, he had found a modest apartment, was the owner of a restaurant not far from the place he live at in short everything was going smoothly but he knew that it would not be like that forever, for him: life's a test, a cruel one at that, to which we just have to pass but a problem remain; how are we supposed to do that? He had no answer to this question.

And so in his apartment, solas was there doing push-up, as he go up and down you could see his enormous body covered by scar and sweat, his eye fixed on the TV as if trying to see through it, he had seen the news; a super getting killed, that was nothing new, nothing to worry about not as if he didn't care he did... just a bit but it wasn't his job to mourn him let that to the poor man family (if he had one that is), no what he was the most worry about was this "device" able to detect super however they hide, him, as well as many others have long been prey to the Templar but now, they had nowhere to hide like wild animals trying to escape the hunter's gun on a wide plain; they were exposed by what you could in a way call their worst enemy, themselves. "Crap, crap,CRAP!" he yelled while throwing his head at the floor, resulting in a loud "BAM" "I hate it when they do things like this, how am i supposed to react?" BAM!!! He once again hit the floor with his head, "Why uh? Why won't they just leave us alone?" noticing the cracks and blood on the floor, he stop then get up, turn around to take a look at his face, he is hurt, badly a little more and he could see his own skull, he sigh and go straight for the fridge and open it as if nothing happen "Look at me gettin' all emotional for this" he grab a bottle of beer and remove the cap with his teeth "Gotta cool me down, or the building is gettin' on fire" he carries the bottle to his mouth, and start drinking, he then put the bottle on the fridge and open a drawer, get some food out and start to eat suddenly he hear something "beep beep beep... beep beep beep" the alarm clock he had set up has started to ring "WOW WOW WOW, gotta speed up or these fuckers are gonna burn my poor restaurant down" he rush to the bathroom, wash himself, then come back into the living room, he take a look at his face, the injury was gone one of the many advantages of being him, he grab his leather jacket and head straight to job, carefully closing the door behind him.
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"Hmm!" He tutted, nodding along with Estratsa's words. "We've only got so many of us, but this is our home, our city, our people. If we can remind ourselves that we, the people, have a right to being such, then we can garner public support and even gather some other supers to our cause." He paused, considering his next words. "However, we need to gather our forces, like you said. I've got my contacts, and like you said, you have yours. Let's see who picks up, yes?" He said with something of a presumed grin, considering his face was obscured with a mask.

He waved at the wall he was projecting onto and showed a list of contacts he had, including Estratsa herself. Names included "USF", "Wave", "Star", and "Valentine", if those names weren't cryptic enough. "Morrigan, drop a line to each of them. You know what to say." He ordered his AI. "Of course sir. Dialling highlighted contacts."

He turned his attention to Estratsa once more, the projection flickering out. "Well, I've got mine. Any plans for yours? I can dial them if need be." He tapped the side of his helmet. "We can worry about who we strike first later."

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