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There is nothing to fear
"Humanity has always been relatively good at dealing with change the rest of the world not so much" Dr. Alpha ,Chernobyl Meta facility, august 1st 1979.

It all started in 1915 a year after the world was engulfed in the flames of world war one. Europe had just begun to fight and the rest of the world had just began to mass produce weapons of war. That was when a massive dimensional rift opened above canada letting out a 22 kilometer long space ship. It immedieatly let out two dozen smaller half kilometer terraforming ships that woukdve left the world unrecognizable. Key word being would have, that same year Americans, Canadians, managed to plan a mission with some help from Mexico. They gathered some experiemental explosives, a large plastic basket, a helium explosive, and a few oxygen tanks. Afterwards the soldiers took the balloon up into the ship a few dozen miles above the earth. After a greusome fight that no one on earth saw but still inspires heroes to this day these Thirteen men and two women fought their way through the alien vessel giving blood for every foot they gained. Nonetheless they made it into he vessels engine room and detonated the bombs causing a chain reaction that would cause the transdimensional vessel to erupt. The heroes never made it off of that ship however their memory persists even today.

The destruction of the alien vessel caused unforseen after effects however, the liquid chemical fuel they had was vaporized by the blast and spread throughout the atmosphere. It was quickly breathed in by millions as the jet stream scattered it around tue densely populated northern hemisphere. Hundreds of millions of people were affected by it essentially attractung all ambient radiation into themselves. Sadly the vessel also unleashed massive amounts of Gamma radiation. The end result was 90% of all exposed to the chemical died in a few days from symptoms akin to radiation sickness. The remaining 10% found themselves immunized to radiation altogether and highly resistant to diseases. However it was their DNA that was most severly changed a fact that wouldnt become apparent until 6 years later in 1921 when every child born from the 10% had been born with strange mutations that granted them superpowers.

The Newly born humans with powers were closely monitored, called Meta's, Mutants, and Empowered by many. At first it seemed to be rather low powered but as the individuals aged their power would grow with them at a very quick pace. This turned the 10% into celebrities and caused the rate of children born to them to drastically spike. Finally coming to a head in 1944 as world war 2 kicked off in this world. Rather than bringing advanced tanks and planes with bigger guns and bullets technology had shifted and so to had the militaries of the world more than 20 million metahumans were fighting in the war on all sides which made world war two a hellish conflict that to his day still haunts the nightmares of survivors and their children who have grown up hearing the horror stories of the mad scientists and their monsterized experiments.

Nonetheless the Allied forces still emerged victorious after a successful assassination attempt on hitler and his commanders knocked out the nazi regime. Japan held out but not for long, rather than atomic bombs america brought the worlds first atomic engine to the table having loaded it into a large battle ship Japan fell to a joint invasion from both russia and america. The second great war ended and the creation of the United nations rose in order to prevent such a conflict from occuring again. Shortly afterwards the nation of isreal formed and their scattered population coming together resulted in them having a massive superhuman population making the 6 day war last only a single day.

As it turned out each consecutive generation after the first to gain powers was progressively more powerful and only one metahuman put an end to the one day war of isreal. The overwhelming might he displayed caused the surrounding nations to be less inclinded to continue aggression which caused the area to stabalize as peace was made and technology shared. The korean war went much the same but without the many decades of Us military bases being there rather they built up the nation of south korea and left. History repeated itself in Vietnam as support for the war never faltered and thus america was victorious especially after the advent of nuclear powered robotic armor suits came to the american military. The constant stream of victories only fueled the rivalry between the US and Russia who had seen it first bud during the invasion of japan.

Sadly this meant the cold war would go hot. A full scale invasion was launched on both europe and America. However the development of the fusion battery by america resulted in the development of energy weapons. They shared this technology with europe and together they secured a sound victory against russia. This wound up being more benificial to russians as their nation was not brought down via economic collapse meaning theu had plenty of resources still to rebuild with resulting in the mass starvation and death of the russian people to not occur and instead they developed a democratic government and became one of the greatest allies of the UN.

As the 80s and 90s went by peace began to settle in due to the early stabilization of the middle east. No missile crisis occured, no gulf wars, for the first time in human history nearly fourty year of true peace and econimic stability would occur. Sadly with this peace a new problem arose as metahumans around the world were no longer distracted by wars and global conflicts. That paired with the massive boom in population of metahumans between the years of 1948 & 1981 caused the problem of powered crime to skyrocket eventually coming to a head in 1981 when the drug known as Bomba was created and spread through the metahuman population as a power amplifier witu insanity being a side effect. This paired with the sudden violent destruction of Chernobyl at the hands of a emotionally distressed metahuman caused the public opinion of them to shift drastically. This lead to many nations deporting the metahuman population they were once so proud of. And the united states was happy to receive them. Rather than going the route of most other nations and building a militant police state, Japan and china created a military branch composed solely of metahumans.

The US had a different and more unique idea however. They created a new sector of the economy and government called the Super Branch. A government branch dedicated ti training Metahumans in usage of their powers to aide police and military operations, and simultainiously training them in public relations to help ease the public image of them. This all started in the year 2000 and thus the organization was dubbed the Millennium. It was so successful that in 2004 The EU did the same creating their own organization Called the Magistrate. For twenty hears they have sponspred superheroes caising them to becone the latest public infatuation. They have become as well loved and well respected as actors, athletes, and musicians are in hollywood.

However the number of metahuman criminals and even regular criminals inspired by metahumans has still continued to skyrocket. Recently this has become an even bigger problem as the uear 2019 was punctuated by a massive attack on both the Millennial and Magistrate HQ resulting in the deaths of hundreds of heroes and the revelation of a new criminal organization calling itself Rancor. Their plan seems to have backfired as the attack has inspired the single largest rush of new recruits into the hero organizations in recorded history. Yet some people think this was all according to their design, thinking what this organization really wants is war. Can the new heroes deal with this new threat or will they fall creating a new era ruled by Rancor? Only time will tell.

(Hey guys i know its long but theres alot of history to cover in this world lol. Players will be filling the roles of the new heroes of Either the Millennium or the magistrate hero groups. Heroes will not be allowed to be factionless period no exceptions. Villains on the other hand can either be stand alone or a member of Rancor and each has its pros and cons. Stand alone villains are far less well known and thus have less attention on them, sadly they lack as many resources as Rancor villains and must usually flee from heroes. Rancor villains are on average stronger with unknown reasons why and they possess more resources however they are prime targets and will only have a limited time to deal with heroes before their backup arrives and the rancor villain is overwhelmed. There is a plot in mind and be aware the Leader of Rancor is already made and No one even the rancor higher ups know who he actually is instead he is simply refered to as Mr.Rancor. Heroes are not expected to be perfect goody two shoes there can be and is expected to be realistic depictions of people we are flawed creatures and gaining superpowers wont change that.

The following powers are banned and i will not negotiate them at all. .

1.Reality warping in any form

2. Any form of time manipulation

3. Any power that removes another persons free will or ability to choose for themselves.

4. Any form of Power that let's you manipulate anothers body with your mind.

5. Any power that nullifies, enhances, copies, or otherwise effects the powers of others.

6. Technopathy
(( My dude ))
Basically possessing a strange energy sword and boosted stats. There is an interesting twist to him but he is one of the new heroes brought in after the 2019 Rancor attack. His hero name is Excalibur.​
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Four Thousand Club
Is this similar to the other game that died off? recognized the title is similar.
Got a few character ideas I could use if i don't bring back any of the characters from that.


There is nothing to fear
Is this similar to the other game that died off? recognized the title is similar.
Got a few character ideas I could use if i don't bring back any of the characters from that.
Similar but with more depth and a reworked plot with alot of potential for players to start their own quests and adventures


There is nothing to fear
Wonderful im just finishing the Last bits of the plot now main baddies, faction leaders credentials and big bad at the end of the "season" if you will.


Pumpkin Patch
Hmm, maybe we just need a better metric. I thought giraffe - Pluto was good enough. I'll have to do some heavy research and revisit this subject at a later date. 🤔


There is nothing to fear
Faction leaders.

Adam Quark- actually named Adam Annachet he is The leader of the Millennium hero organization. At 32 years old he just got promoted to his position after the retirement of the hero Midas. Widely beleived to be the most powerful metahuman alive today his ability is to turn himself into a living and contained nuclear explosion with the ability to manipulate his own radiation and energy. He beleives strongly in criminals being rahibilitated and is strongly against killing criminals.

Blue steel- Jerome irons is the leader of the magistrate hero organization. At 54 years old he is nearing retirement and is one of the longest serving heroes. Impressive considering he does not possess super powers. Instead he uses the worlds most advanced nuclear power suit designed to mimic the effects of superpowers with advanced technology such as using maglev technology to mimic flight or usinfmg the suits nuclear servoes to mimic the effects of super strength. While not the strongest hero in the world he is one of the most skilled and versatile with a sense of justice that is far less rigid than his american counterpart.​

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