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Realistic or Modern True power: Cs Roster



There is nothing to fear
1. No metagaming of 4th wall breaking.
2. No autohits or auto dodging attacks.
3. No removing a persons free will or forcing decisions on them. Even the strongest of telepaths cannot do this.
4. Power scaling is important here. Our heroes are meant to be balanced well. Building level is the maximum allowable level of power.
5. Time manipulation, Reality bending, Manipulation of others powers, power copying, manipulation of other Bodies, manipulation of a persons soul, and irresistable manipulation of a persons mind. All of these powers and others like it are off limits. If your ability is too powerful i will ask you too nerf it. If you decline to do so your character will not be accepted.
6. No stepping on anothers toes. Im fine with multiples of the same powwr existing but make sure the person who has that power is okay with another person using it.

Name: (Whatever your character's actual name is.)

Appearance: (A picture is preferred, but a written appearance is acceptable. A paragraph for written appearance is minimum.)

Alias: (Your character's "Super" name, if they're a mask wearing hero.)

Age: (Self explanatory.)

Gender: (Again, self explanatory.)

Powers: (What makes your character special? Do they fly? Have super strength? Can they create light or have a sonic screech? Get creative, and be sure to describe their power in depth, to what the intended use is, the other more creative ways it might be used, and it's limitations. Be sure to talk to your GM about your power if you think it might be too overpowered, or even underpowered.)

Equipment: (If your character brings anything to a fight, what do they bring? Crossbows, katanas, mech suits and advanced weapons welcome.)

Brief History: (Write a brief summary of your character's backstory. Everything relevant should be here, alongside something of what they've done in the past week. At least a paragraph or two.)

Personality: (What is your character like overall? How do they act in public? Around their friends? Why? Is there any meaningful event in their past that may have caused them to act like this?)

Alliances: (Are there any people or organizations your character would call friend? This could be other players, or NPCs.)

Enemies: (Are there any people or organizations that are out for your character's head? Again, this could be players or NPCs. Talk to each other beforehand, or after creating characters to fully flesh this out. Be creative!)

Other: (Is there something else that is important to your character that hasn't been covered? This can be your likes/dislikes, theme music, family members, or outfits.)​
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There is nothing to fear

Name: Mira Bella

Alias: Titainia

Age: 38yrs

Gender: A Whole lotta Woman

Mistress or Might- Mira possesses vast superhuman strength and Durability in addition to a bottomless pool of stamina. While she has yet to test the full extent of what she can do, she has displayed enough physical might to effortlessly lift a locomotive engine car over her head and balance it on her palm, and durability enough to emerge completely unharmed after said locomotive fell directly onto her. Even doing several dozen reps with the locomotive didnt make her grow tired in the slightest and she has actually managed to stay awake and active for several days and even longer than a week in certain occasions. All of thay said she claims to have never really tried in any of her feats.

Equipment: None- mira brings nothing to the table besides her strength ans surprising wit. Anything she can lift can be a deadly projectile or tool, and she can lift nearly anything...However she shines the most when she has a sturdy rope.

Brief History: Mira was never one of those girls you would buy pink clothes for or bring her frilly things. She spent her childhood in jeans and tank tops, atop the backs of horses in the texas heat. She was the middle daughter of the pair of cattle ranchers and mira was always good with the animals. She delivered her first calf at age nine. By age 12 she could lasso a steer and drag it down. Her rugged and standoffish demeanour paired with her natural beauty made her very popular in high school. However it was this popularity that would eventually scar her.

She had just turned 18 when the event happened at the worst possible time. She was "with" her boyfriend at the time and as their passions flared so to did her immense strength. Her legs closed lile vices and her boyfriends head was caught between it offering no resistance whatsoever. She panicked and ran away from her home never to return. About a year later she found herself in florida where she had begun a new life. She stayed there for four years working as a waiter. Everything was fine until the black templar was founded. Even then she figured she would lay low and hide, however a particularly handsy customer caused her to reveal herself which she promptly regreatted as this brought a squad of templars upon her the very same night.

Luckily for her the organization was in its infancy and she had woken up to go to the bathroom when the knockout gas grenades rolled in. With what little bit of alertness she had she managed to smash through her own wall to get outside only to find the templar waiting for her. They had preparred for a superhuman with strength, however they didnt know what real strength was. Their armor peircing rounds burst into shrapnel on her skin, and she got pissed. She doesnt remember much besides turning two humvees into one hunk of metal and downing a chopper with said hunk of metal before making her escape in the ensuing chaos.

Since then she has lived as Titainia in A traveling circus with very little in the form of documentation. Granted some hair coloring and contacts helped to hide her a bit, but it was mostly because no one sought her out thay shs managed to last this long without being noticed. Coming on her 15th year with the troope she is happy to find herself going to Manhattan as usual flying by the seat of her pants with almost no idea what to expect from the big apple.

Personality: Mira is one of the sweetest southern women you will ever meet, all smiles and offers to bake sweets and fix drinks. While suspicious of strangers she doesnt show it nor does she really show any other form of fear, kinda hard to when you are literally bulletproof. Those who get close to her will find that all the love she shows to the world around her pales in comparison to what she will do for friends or loved ones literally being willing to do almost anything to bring happiness to those she cares about. Those from her history will claim that her inner fire died with her boyfriend, however she still possesses a few nerves one can poke if they arent careful.

Alliances: Open to any

Enemies: The black templar

Other: Mira still sees herself as human and has a strong sense of right and wrong. This makes her have a hard time turning a blind eye towards wicked deeds.

Name: Richard Jörmungandr

Alias: None

Age: 26yrs

Gender: Male

Powers: Tactile Telekinetic Barrier: Richards body is coated in an invisible yet powerful skintight wall of Impregnable and immovable Psychic Waves. This prevents Matter, Energy, Force, and Psychic Waves from effecting him unless he wills it. Energy Matter, Force, or Psychic Waves directed at this barrier are repelled in the exact opposite direction causing most things to simply bounce off of Richard. While this barrier offers him no enhancements to his physical might his strike attacks are unnaturally strong due to his knuckles being unbreakable and none of the force from his punch is returned to his hand on impact. Furthermore this barrier seems to be sharpened when focused on a singular point like a heel kick, judo chop, or elbow strike.

Equipment: A pair of 8oz boxing gloves, Bag of sunflowerseeds, Cell phone.

Brief History: Born the son of a nurse and a Mixed martial artist from here in new york. Richard had a pretty good upper middle class life for a little bit, at least until the Event occured. He was six at the time and the pulse hit new york pretty hard. Both of his parents were hard at work trying to maintain order in the years following his mother pulling doubles at the hospital and his father joining the volunteer police. They almost didnt realize Richard had changed at all until one night the sound of multiple gunshots snatched them from the clutches of sleep.

They ran into the livingroom to find Richard holding a large kitchen knife and staring flabbergasted at his chest. A man had broken into the house to try and loot it, the young richard grabbed his mothers steak knife and threatened to use it on the man. The intruder responded by shooting richard 3 times and each shot bounced off of the boy embedding itself in the couter or wall. All but the third round which embedded itself into the head of the attacker killing him instantly. In that momemt Richards father decided that his son had much to offer the world.

Though he had already practiced martial arts a little bit, it was after that at age 7 that richard got serious about his training. His father encouraged him, pushed him further, and fed his childlike enthusiasm to become a hero. Unlike most kids richard was unable to be hurt so there was no reason for his father to not encourage him in his mind. Granted when the black templar formed and the smeer campaigns began the idea of press confrenses and public fights with criminals faded for Richard. He has managed to hold on to much of this same idea that he is a hero, though its admittedly more grounded nowadays. He spends his days training and teaching self defense in his fathers old dojo.

Personality: Richard is a super calm and relaxed individual, almost seeming like a stoic statue do to his habit of standing very still. He seems to always be willing to listen to someone regardless of the situation, and his growing up without pain, sickness, or injury has caused him to seem to possess no fear or sense of urgency. He is often late to scheduled events amd dates which has got him in a tad bit of trouble here and there. He cares deeply for most people willing to risk himself for the sake of complete strangers.

Alliances: Open

Enemies: Black Templar

Other: Richard is the worlds sole master of the Martial Art Hòlmganga. A style invented by his father and perfected by himself. It combines techniques from Brazilian Jui-jitsu, Muai Thai, Wing Chun, Wrestling, & HEMA to create a fluid and shifting style with a counter to every art. He has recently opened a dojo that his father had built just before his deathb he now waits for students.

Name: Frank Von'Guff

Alias: The Sewer Monster

Age: ???

Gender: None.

Ultimate Survivor- Frank possesses two unique abilities that combine to make him one of the hardest beings to kill in existence. His body will adapt to any environment within seconds, and will respond to trauma or damage by becoming more resistant to that form of damage as it is applied more. On top of this his cells can rapidly regenerate even regrowing entire limbs in minutes furthermore it will become more efficient and faster at healing specific types of damage as he adapts to them. Due to its predatory nature it will also develop natural biological weapons such as longer claws, extended jaws, horns, launchable quils, poisonous spit. However it does cause him to feel overwhelming instinctual urges making him preidictable and limiting his intelligence to below that of an average human.

Equipment: N/A

Brief History: Franks memory is incredibly limited, his only long term memories come in flashes. He worked in a factory, a chemical spell occured, he was exposed trying to protect some others, but it didnt hurt him he changed to survive it. He remembers looking at his grey hairless skin in the mirror before a knock on the door draws his attention. Then a window shatters and smoke begins to fill the room. He tries to leave but men wearing black stop him. He fights back but then there is a flash and everything goes white. His last memory is him awakening in the bottom of the hudson bay, and he found that trying to remember only hurt his head and made him think of black cats. He has lived in the waters since then living off of fish primarily, but occasionally when people get to close to his territory they may find themselves on his menu.

Personality: Frank is an extreamly reclusive and solitary creature often quick to flee if found in open waters. However it is fairly aggressive when encountered within the sewer tunnels nearest to the Bay. He is however not particularly hateful towards humans nor if he fond of their taste, they just have a habit of being loud and trying to hurt him when they find him, or running. He hates loud noises and as a predator will give chase to those who show fear. All in all he is like a giant deadly unkillable dog.

Alliances: Open

Enemies: Humans.

Other: Frank has a horde of shiny things he has collected ranging from coins and glass to Rolexes and Jewelry.

Name: Doctor Maxwell Augustus Atori

Alias: Godmind

Age: 57yrs

Gender: Male

Trancendant intelligence- Maxwells mind is superior to most beings in the cosmos. His problem solving, creativity, speed of informational processing, critical thinking, probability assessment, memory, forethought, and virtually every other aspect of his brain are far beyond even other superhumans in this category enough so that he is even capable of Blocking out telepaths and even keeping secrets from Winston. He has claimed his mind operates on the level of God.

Mental transferrance & power absorption- Maxwell has a subtle 2nd ability that very few are even aware of. Upon dying Atori's consciousness is transferred to another body that has been granted powers by the Events energy pulse. It targets weaker minds such as infants or comatose individuals. Upon successful transference the victims consciousness and intellect are absorbed by atori...along with whatever superpower they posses. This effect can stack infinitely.

Equipment: Inconceivable- Atori has an endless supply of everchanging gadgets and technologies that can do a great many things. From personalised fusion batteries, to anti gravity generators, even force fields and energy weapons. Odds are he can invent it if someone can think of it.

Brief History: Maxwell Atori was the younger of two children born to Augustine atori and his wife Mika Amrou. His elder sister Anita wound up turning up missing when atori was 16 years old. Then after he turned 19 both of his parents perished in an accident where their private jet crashed. This left maxwell to inherit the rather decent fortune of his parents, a modest 30 million dollars. He promptly invested this money into the fabrication of a company and by the time her was 35 he had built that investment into a multi billion dollar industry.

Two years later the Event occured and With it came a shift in atori industries. They began to primarily focus on R&D specifically into the field of anti powered defensive technology. He forged contracts with the U.N and susequently the Black Templar. Though it is well known that the Atori industries Tower is a point of interest for the Black templar and thus any of the metahumans who find themselves in their crosshairs. However it also happens to be one of the most fortified positions on earth, the building itself able to withstand a nuclear blast and repel infiltration of almost any kind.

Personality: Atori is a bit eccentric to be certain. He spends most of his time in his labs tinkering with technology that seems almost like magic. He seems to hold humanity and the rest of the world in a low regard and very clearly sees himself as superior to all others. The only beings he seems to speak of in a higher respect than the norm are those he regards as "the strong" however his definition of strength is vague at best. However those who find themselves fitting his definition of the strong will earn his support and all the many perks that come with it. However wether or nit they want to accept help from someone so morally reprehensible is the true question.

Alliances: The U.N, The Black templar, ???

Enemies: Likely all metahumans.

Other: the world is unaware that Atori possesses powers, and strangely enough neither he nor Winston are registered by the scanning technology.

tumblr_n9ps0vzk6b1tndusdo1_640 (1).jpg
Name: Winston Altair Schultz

Alias: Deja Vu

Age: 19yrs

Gender: Male

Astral Titan- Winston is an immensely powerful mental being whos powers encompass a wide range of the Psychic archetype. He is capable of telepathic communication regardless of distance, Astral projection which he can choose to synchronize with his real self sliding his physical body through the astral plane to the location of his astral self effectively teleporting. Furthermore he claims that every thought from every sentient mind both conscious and sub conscious flow through this astral realm and he is able to access and tweek these thoughts regardless of the mental defenses of the being in question. Finally he is capable of weaving together astral energy on the physical plane to create illusions that dont target the mind but rather manifest in reality making him able to weave illusions everyone can see. Though he has appeared many times in public no one has been able to accurately remember his face or even pick him out of a lineup.

Equipment: Winston carries a .38 snub nose revolver and an atori industries black credit card, which has no limits.

Brief History: No record exists of winston prior to a year ago when he seemingly appeared out of nowhere at Atori's side one day. Since then he can always be found within shouting distance of the "good" doctor. No one is sure what his purpose is but he seems to be an extension of Atori's own authority within the company, able to make high level decisions without permission or reproach. He even seems to be completely overlooked by the Media unless he is directly addressing them. Most are unnerved by his pressence a feeling described as being akin to when they were children and stared fearfully at the open closet door in the dark.

Personality: Winston is a strange being, he is as calm as it seems possible and has a complete iron grip on his emotions. Even micro-expressions reveal nothing. He seems to never grow angry or sad and is apparently completly emotionally detatched, despite this he seems to have a deeper understanding of the emotions of others than any therapist ever could. His voice is soft and his pressence is strangely passive and threatening and if one were being looked on indifferently by a tiger who had just eaten. He seems to have a knack for talking to people and is one of the best listeners on the planet. He regards no one as his enemy and claims to have never done harm to a person.

Alliances: Maxwell Atori, Atori industries, Black templar, ???, & ???.

Enemies: None

Other: Winston seems to be permanantly associated with black cats. For whatever reason those who try to remember what he looks like after meeting him only find the image of a black cat in their minds eye.

Name: Alfred Que Kingsbane

Alias: Black Blur

Age: 22yrs

Gender: Male

Relativistic Superhuman Speed- Alfred is capable of moving at imperceptible speeds up to a current top speed of 85% the speed of light. He is able to vibrate his bodies molecules to pass through matter, or even cause it to becone unstable and explode. He is capable of moving fast enough to generate, catch, and throw lightining.

FTL neural transmission- When anything nearby him including himself is moving at high speed The signals firing between Alfreds neurons begin move at incalculable speeds many many times the speed of light. This causes him to enter a state of "bullet time" where even Light itself seems to slow to a crawl. The movements of even his own speed seem to be painfully sluggish. This does however give him ample time to not only think but also observe and calculate.

Metabolic stasis- When his speed starts moving His metabolism stops, which grants him a seemingly limitless supply of stamina, halts his ageing, and will allow him to lenghten the duration it takes poisons or toxins to spread through his body. It can even slow the effect of death long enough for him to find a solution if possible.

Static Force barrier- while moving at superhuman speeds Alfred generates a skintight barrier which negates Inertia, Friction air resistence and every other force that acts against him while simultaneously generating alternate physics that allows him to have traction amd keep moving. This barrier is powerful enough to withstand him colliding with a foe at top speed and spreads to encompass whatever he is holding.

Equipment: The crown of england- the Queen of englands crown snatched off of her head on live television after she spoke ill of Empowered individuals during a press conference. It is Alfreds prized possession.

Brief History: Alfreds story is one all to common around the world after the event. Both of his parents died on the way back from a buisness trip along with tge grandmother who was taking care of them while they were away. She had a pacemaker and was one of thousands to perish when they all failed. This left the 2 year old alfred to be taken in by a catholic church run orphanage. However he was a pretty cute kid, well behaved, and seemingly a quick learner so it didnt take long for him to be adopted out. He also managed to get very lucky in fonding someone to take him in that themselves possessed powers.

His adopted parent had lost their child during the event and the two were quickly able to fill the gaps left in each others lives. The woman and her husband were kind and Loving, raising him as their own even after having another child. No affection was lost and while he wanted for a good many things, he never lacked what he needed. They helped him to master and hide his powers and he was in turn a good older brother teaching and protecting his little sister as he should.

He had everything in his nice london home. Until the Templar found them out after his father saved a mans life in the factory. They came in from every direction, his mother and father fought as best they could only to fall in front of him. He wanted to kill them all, and he would have, but the screech of his sister caused him to align his priorities. He scooped her up and took off running faster than he ever had in his life and managing to vanish into the woods in germany.

From there he built a new family, this one of fellow gifted children. He has grown into adulthood acting as their protector and provider all the while trying to find a way to bring the templar down for their crimes. However recently his sister told him that their dad was in new york, her power told her. He had learned to trust such things as her power seems to whisper knowledge into her ear and has invariably been correct. So he left his new family in good hands to go and try to save what remained of his old one.

Personality: Alfred is altruistic to a fault, he goes out of his way to make the world a better place, from polite conversation to sharing his very limited resources with others. That said he is lacking utterly in the manners department, has a rather warped sense of justice. However telepaths and empaths like his sister have said that deep within him a beast attempts to claw its way out and inflict its fury upon the world.

Alliances: The children of the Woods, ???

Enemies: The black templar

Other: Every member of the squad associated with the attack on his home have been found dead, only identifyable through their DNA. Alfred seems to have no knowledge of this but bids them good riddence.

Name: Roxas Atori

Alias: Maniac

Age: 25yrs chronologically, 15 Physically & Mentally.

Gender: Male

Powers: ???

State of the Art Atori industries Multi range megazoom camera- A camera that Maxwell designed for his son on his 15th birthday. It does not use pixels rather it uses particules granting it enough zoom and clarity to snap a photo of a fly from over 7 miles away. It can record seemingly endless hours of video footage, and posseses Nightvision, thermal vision, and Powered vision allowing it to identify powered individuals. The camera is Biorythmically locked, has a password, and can only be turned on by Roxas's particular power signature.

Brief History: Born a mere five years before the Event. The Child Roxas and his mother both perished in a car accident triggered by the event. For an entire decade his father poured over studies and research until one day a whole ten years later roxis found himself waking up in his own body with no memory of what had occured. He seemed a perfectly happy and normal child for another 10 years, albeit he was kept confined in the atori industries tower. However his naturally curious nature wound up helping him uncover the truth behind his death, life, and resurrection which just so happened to revel to him what kind of monster his father really is. Without warning the boy fled from the tower and managed to escape the tower and find himself in the big apple seeking a way to bring his father down.

Personality: Roxas is a kind and meek young man with seemingly no ounce of courage in him. He cries easily, is scared of seemingly everything and is over all a whiny little runt. However he is rather creative, very intelligent and despite his cowardice and lack of boldness he is still a rather dedicated individual. For whatever reason he cannot explain he belives things would get very bad if he were to die.

Alliances: N/A

Enemies: Maxwell Atori

Other: Despite his slight frame and seeming lack of any potential danger, those around him describe a feeling of impending doom coming from him, as if every instinctual fiber of ones being was shouting DANGER at max volume.
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Praise the sun
Name: Allec Grant

Appearance: 07BF6166-E192-4420-9F74-39F10F19B11D.jpeg974FB8D9-9424-4C33-A077-4669F8A0FC18.jpeg

: The Dragon

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Powers: Can shapeshift into a dragon like reptile. The beast has the ability to breath fire and possesses a accelerated healing. It is about the size of a jeep at the shoulder, its scales are incredibly tough making most weapons that rely on stabbing ineffective though not impossible to use against it. The dragon has increased strength, speed and agility with its scales adding extra durability. Unfortunately at the moment Allec has little control over his beastly form and only has a rudimentary understanding how it works. He knows a transformation into the Dragon can be forced when he is in a life or death situation, most likely triggered by his fight or flight instincts kicking in. He tries to avoid shapeshifting as he recognizes the dragon's uncontrolled ferocity as a danger to people. The dragon possesses a keen sense of smell. Allec can only stay as the dragon for about an hour before he transforms back into himself with his energy completely drained. A few of the dragon's abilities such as accelerated healing can show up in Allec's human form.

Equipment: None really The Dragon can't hold items.

Brief History: Allec had a pretty normal young life. He grew up with his dad who gave it his all to raise his son alone. He seemed to have a bright future when he got accepted into a university. His first day was the day when powers first began to manifest in people. Allec didn't automatically turn into the dragon when he gained his powers. The dragon didn't make its first appearance until a week later when he ran into a group of thugs who wished to take advantage of the chaos of the incident. Allec took a bullet to the arm and the Dragon made its first appearance. Allec remembers very little of his first transformation just a haze of red, the only thing left of the thugs were charred bones. Allec awoke in a dark place, the dragon had retreated into a sewer and that's where it had rested when it reverted back into him.

Allec struggled out of the sewers, and he began to realize he was no longer normal. He began to try and separate himself from people, taking on a bit of a nomadic lifestyle. He started looking at himself as less then human, and fell into a phase of bitterment. The dragon reappeared again a few more times with every separate occasion ended with it taking more lives. The last time the dragon appeared was ten years ago, Allec has kept the beast down since and many believe the monster met its end at some point. Of course not everyone takes that theory and many wait still keep their eyes out for it or search for its hiding place, or for the person it came from.

Personality: Allec is a bitter person, he doesn't wish ill on anyone specifically but he sees himself as dangerous and tries to keep away from people at all costs. He realizes he probably isn't the only person with weird powers and is aware of the reports of masked heroes. He hates the dragon with everything in him and wishes he had some way to just rip it out of him. He has a quiet demeanor, but can easily turn snappy at the slightest provocation. He has a cynical attitude and can definitely be considered a downer. He always tries to avoid any kind of physical confrontation to make sure the dragon stays under control.

Alliances: Allec keeps to himself and doesn't make it a habit to try and make allies.

Enemies: Black Templars I guess. By extension anyone who wants to hunt down and kill the dragon.


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Name: Kiki Crow

Appearance: Height of 6ft

Alias: (Your character's "Super" name, if they're a mask wearing hero.)

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Powers: To create, control, and transform into light at will. With this power it enables the Kiki to move at the speed of light and transport herself by means of reflection, bouncing of surfaces along with being able to utilize light-based attacks. Such attacks include shooting light beams from her hands, fingers, or feet (which are capable of causing massive explosions) Being able to turn into light itself this also stops conventual attacks, such as a gunshot from meters away the bullet passing through her body. However of course she needs to be aware of said bullet other wise it WILL hit her. Along with this she can utilise the light like a flash grenade sending out a sudden burst of piercing light from her body.

Equipment: Not equipment as such but Kiki can form a long, very sharp sword out of light and solidify it.

Brief History: Kiki grew up into a wealthy family that dates back to royals and nobility, from hundreds of years ago. Due to this she had a very privileged lifestyle and up bringing, the "Silver spoon in the mouth" sort of thing getting the best of everything including education. The best tutors from around the world taught Kiki in all manners of things, from the basics to much more advanced things such as extra languages, martial arts, business studies. With these skill sets Kiki went forth to make a name for herself, working in the family business run by her mother and father, a massive banking empire. With this came wealth and power, of which Kiki used to try and better the city.

When the event happened, Kiki parents went down in one of the planes that fell from the sky, a private jet that crash landed. News travelled fast to Kiki who then used all of skills and vast fortune to send a recovery team to the wreckage of the jet. Her parents were alive, along with some of the crew, others were not so lucky. However with the crash came complications, her father in a coma, now wired up to a bed inside their home, doctors and machines keeping him stable as they try to get him to recover. Her mother, blind in one eye and left leg gone, replaced with a prosthetic slowly weakens.

The city and world she now lives in is slowly crumbling around her. She tries to use her family fortune and her own to help rebuild the city she lives in now, having recently started construction on a new hospital.

Personality: Kiki can sometimes come off as a very laid-back, woman who seems to take most things lightly no matter the severity of the situation. However that persona as it were is more or less to make people let down their guard. Kiki is a very calculating and intelligent woman, always making plans and thinking numerous steps ahead before making any sort of move. With an ever-relaxed air in or out of combat, Kiki is almost never shown losing her cool under stress.

Alliances: None as of yet.

Enemies: The Black Templars.

Other: She's a wonderful cook
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⦿ Name: Robert Cadogan
⦿ Age: 25
⦿ Gender: Male

⦿ Powers:

Machine Lord Physiology

The event gave Robert a vast intelligence that surpassed the greatest minds in history. He has created new elements, discovered ways to create 100% clean energy and they are just a couple of the things he has discovered. He has used technology to alter his own body, his current form no longer the flesh that it once was. Visually and to the touch it still feels like skin but in reality it is now much more. For a full list of his capabilities click the link above.​


⦿ Brief History

For as long as he can remember, Robert had an intelligence that surpassed everyone living or dead. That's because when the cosmic event happened he was a five year old living in a small valley town in the country of Wales. His father was a steel worker and his mother a typical housewife, both creating a loving home together. Living in a fairly rural area meant that they missed a lot of the chaos that many of the major cities suffered. They managed to stay safe until some semblance of normality returned. In the years that followed it became clear that Rob was one of the people who had changed as a result of the event, learning at a rate that should be beyond a normal human. He was a good kid up until his thirteenth birthday.

The Black Templars arrived at his home after an anonymous tip from a neighbour who alerted them to his intelligence. When they arrived to investigate his father reacted as instinctively as any parent concerned for their child, with a fist to the mouth. Telling his son to run, the steel worker fought the Templars until he was eventually killed for his efforts. Robert's mother met the same fate, her distant scream only silenced by a loud gunshot. By time silence fell over the home Robert was long gone.

As time moved on Robert moved from place to place, his identity ever changing to stay ahead of the Templars. It wasn't until he reached university that things really moved on for him. With the resources of a university at his disposal he began to work on projects that would take decades for any other mind, completing them in mere months. The biggest of his accomplishments was transferring his consciousness into a new, synthetic vessel.

Since that transfer he has worked to bring down the Black Templars, looking to avenge his fallen parents...even if it means working with some of the criminal underworld to do so.


⦿ Personality

His focus on getting revenge on the Templars is the driving force that has led to his power being at the level it is. If it wasn't for them he would likely just be working in a laboratory somewhere. He does like to have a laugh and a joke with people in between "jobs" but for the most part is entirely set on taking the Templars down. Even though he has aligned himself with the side that people often call the villains, he is far from it. He understands the difference between right and wrong but when areas are grey he often chooses the option that will get him closer to his goal. That said, he doesn't agree with collateral damage.


⦿ Alliances



⦿ Enemies

The Black Templars


⦿ Threat Level

With a capability to manipulate all technology, increased strength, speed and durability and the ability to turn his limbs into weapons, Robert is a dangerous threat for even the strongest opponent.


⦿ Themes

Character Theme

Battle Theme

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Name: Zane Kravatov

Appearance: Height of 6,2

Alias: (Your character's "Super" name, if they're a mask wearing hero.)

Age: Unknown, looks to be mid twenties

Gender: Male

Powers: Be able to create, control, and transform into Lightning. Zane can regulate the voltage of this, the maximum output being 200 million volts, the same amount of voltage as a standard bolt of lightning. With this power Zane can at the travel at the speed of lightning by transforming into it and moving around the air. Much like other elemental power users, he can avoid normal physical attacks by turning his body into lightning, allowing the attacks to pass through him. Because of the power, he is able to listen to the electrical sound waves that traverse the very air itself, giving him a radar sense of things around him, meaning he is much more likely to be able to dodge an attack if he is focussing. However this does not stop un-conventual methods, and he has a unique weakness in the form of rubber, as rubber is a natural insulator, thus someone coated in rubber or made from rubber, or other natural insulators would be resistant to his power.

Another neat trick is that if he, or anyone else enters a state of cardiac arrest he can use his power to jump-start the heart by applying jolts of electricity to his body or others. Along with this he can also use the heat from the electricity to melt metals, mostly those that melt easily such as gold, and by transforming into lightning he is capable of moving through conductive materials (such as gold) at high speeds by turning his entire body into electricity.

Equipment: A legendary blade which is an ancient relic that has been passed down in his family to him. His is also capable of creating a sword from Lightning and solidify it.

Brief History: As Zane's name implies he was born is Russia, Moscow, to a rather average family. Well average in the sense that on first glance they looked like a normal family, however if you looked deeper and hard enough you would find that there were anything but that. Zane's father was in actual fact the largest criminal in Russia, running the largest Russian Mafia crime family, that not only spread throughout Russia but had dealings and operations around the world. Along with this, his mother who was Japanese, had ties to Triads and Yakuza. Zane was kept blissfully unaware of this until he reached 13 years of age, which was when his Father and family let him in on the "Family business" as it were. Zane was a smart kid, strong as well and suited the work he did just fine, but his heart was never really in it. His parents whilst somewhat hurt when he revealed he no longer wanted to do it, accepted his decision letting him leave Russia with the family sword, a small fortune and a one way ticket for a plane.

Not long after he left, the event happened, his private chartered plane being stuck by lighting it just so happens, as it plummeted from the sky. That pivotal moment changed Zane's life, his new found power being the only thing that saved him during the crash. After some time travelling he managed to reach the city, sending word to his parents he was alive. However they were not faring so well, as the event had left his home city a war torn zone, the other crime families trying to vie for power. It ended in a messy conflict, his home under siege, his family murdered..

Zane was at a loss, did he go back to that life, and wreak hell upon those that killed his family or did he stay.. He stayed, as he knew revenge would just lead to more bloodshed and tears.. Now he lives as a in the city, watching the world go by living off his parents money and earning a living as a underground MMA super fighter.

Personality: Having lived an.. interesting life Zane is a man with a tough exterior but is a kind and caring man once he opens up to you, and when he does and he likes and trusts you, you have one powerfully loyal ally at your side who would risk his life to save yours. His sense morals and justice have been somewhat warped, but he tries to do what is right. Having studied much under his Father and Mother's guidance Zane is a worldly man, able to speak over ten languages fluently, is a MMA having studied numerous forms and is also quite then technician, his power helping him a lot.

Alliances: None as of yet

Enemies: The Black Templars

Other: An extremely talented singer and musician.
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Can I have your magic weapon ppppplzzzz
Name: Elizabeth (Liz) Milner


Alias: Ghost

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Powers: Teleportation (her body becomes the portal versus creating portals)
- Can teleport herself and one other as far as her 20/10 vison can take her. However if she is familiar enough with a space she can teleport to a place within 100 yards even if she can'tsee the new location. If anything has changed for an example someone moved a piece of furniture she might teleport into it.
- While in teleport mode, Ghost enters a semi corporeal state and her body turns into a smoky matter. While her punches are not as strong it is easier to wiggle out of a grapple.
-The more she teleports with her the thinner the smoke mass becomes and the greater the risk of dematerializing. while she can teleport two other people it takes alot out of her and takes longer to solidify back to her normal state. She can teleport herself and a small amount of gear as many times as needed.

Equipment: Liz ia always wearing a number of big jaw breaking rings on her fingers for the impromptu brawl. Her hands and wrists are almost always wrapped up and she carries extra along with two brass knuckles. While she doesn't always have it with her she does have three sniper riffles that she has stored in different cashes throughout the city. each is kept in was looks like a musical instrument case, and has a quick disguise stored with it.

Brief History: Liz was born the day of the cataclysm. Her parents died shortly after and by some miracle Liz survived infancy. She grew up in the foster care system and was constantly abused. When she turned 13 and her power began to manifest, and she began perparing for her emancipation. Two years later Liz shot her current foster father in the knee when he came into her room. After that she ran away and started a life on the streets. Refusing to give her body as a form of payment she found her way into underground fighting and made a name for herself taking down men twice her size. This opened doors to the criminal underground and she found herself learning to shoot and became a hitman for hire.
The past week has not been exceptionally busy for Liz. She has gotten a bill of services and a target. Liz makes a quick pop in at one of her three doorless, windowless, closet sized apartments. She leaves dressed in dark street clothes, and hoodie, with a black instrament case in hand.

Personality: Liz is a bit of an introvert. While shedoes have friends they do not know a great deal about her. She keeps a cheerful disposition and has a crude sense of humor. Inside though she struggles with her demons.
While her choice of vocation is not one of a "good" person. Liz does not see herself as evil. Like so many others she does what she has to in order to survive. She will not kill children, but has killed a few parents in the presence of their families. She makes a point not to know her targets because it just makes it that much harder.

Alliances: Fight Club - underground fighting ring run by the Latino Mob.
Her closest friends call themselves the Street Urchins, five kids without family that made their own together.

Enemies: With Liz's line of work there are always plenty of enemies. Mainly law enforcement. The people who tend to hire her know she is just the messenger.

Other: However cliche as is seems Liz is a natural born talent with the violin.
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Millie Valentine

Actual appearance unknown, but all pictures presented here are documented appearances of Millie Valentine.





These are a few of her documented forms, amongst others that will be included in her posts, if not described.

Age: Self reported to be over "1,000 years old, by your puny MORTAL standards!" Actual age is 19.

Gender: Female

Powers: Remember The Thing from the horror movie The Thing? If so, you're in for a treat.

Millie is a shapeshifter, able to change her form at will. This new form can be bigger or smaller to her to a reasonable extent, nothing under a perceptible level or over a story tall. She can also create new limbs for herself, among other body parts. Eyes, teeth, scales, layers of skin, etc; her manipulation of her own body is acute, and she can create most anything within reason. Except for a single, very prevalent problem.

She doesn't have full control over her power. Sometimes, she'll accidentally create too many arms, or she'll puppet an additional body by accident. Maybe she will have trouble speaking because her tongue fills her mouth, or has trouble focusing because an excess of eyes was produced all over her body in places that aren't immediately useful to her, flooding her mind with what the underside of her clothes looks like at all times. Trust me, it's hard to focus when you've got 13+ outlets to look through.

Finally, whenever she does shapeshift into a new form, she leaves behind a 'husk'. A bloodied lump of skin and sometimes bone from her previous form that sloughed away as she shapeshifted. It's messy, and pretty careless, but that's what it is. If you see something off a horror movie set jammed into a corner or closet, you'll know that Millie has been there. Usually, she husks whenever she needs to change her form, but she'll also husk when she is forced to sustain a terrible wound, like limb loss or perforations, which take time to heal off.

Equipment: Millie makes sure not to bring anything that can't be slipped under a door or down a drain, asides from her phone, because that's important. She keeps a dull hunting knife on her person at all times, usually hidden inside of her body rather than in a boot or a pocket.

Brief History:
See, Millie technically wasn't around during the Event. Hell, she wasn't even born yet. She was in the womb, a few weeks away from being born, when suddenly, bam! Mrs. Valentine gained 4 pounds out of nowhere. And then another 4. And another 4. And then the baby just decided, "You know what? You're going to give birth to me now." And left the mother's womb altogether. No hospital visit, no nurse, nothing, she just kinda crawled out under her own volition, an amorphous blob that had simply crawled out of her mother, painlessly might I add, in the middle of the night. When her mother woke up, she screamed, shot out of bed, and turned on the lights to see what exactly invaded her room. When she realized she wasn't pregnant anymore, and that the small creature had begun to try and replicate her face, she had the horrifying realization that this was her child. Some sort of eldritch monstrosity that had no real form, no real face.

However, the Valentines weren't quitters. They were going to raise their child the best way they could. Of course, walking, talking, then reading came pretty quickly, but trying to make Millie not use her powers on a whim was difficult, and morally questionable. After all, they had no idea what they were raising, or if it was even human. Still, Millie resembled a child, so they decided to put her through catholic school.

She graduated early from that, at the age of 16 with flying colors, though this was no feat of being an academic prodigy. She's just good at getting into places that she should've never been in the first place, and writing down answers in places that you can't really check. After all, hiding test answers under your own skin isn't something that teachers really check for, or could even begin to consider. After moving out at the ripe age of 18 with a few fat stacks of cash she gained incredibly legally, she rented an apartment all to herself, and attempts to find things to do asides from getting more money.

Personality: Millie is... herself. She enjoys movies, videogames, hanging out with her friends, boring stuff that every 19 year old probably enjoys. She can play to pleasantries and niceties for a little while, but then she gets bored. And when Millie gets bored, she looks for ways to entertain herself. This usually includes something along the lines of scaring others, stealing things (usually money or valuables), or finding a way to slowly transform herself without anybody noticing, or spotting where she put her husk. She is the epitome of an agent of chaos, stepping into places she shouldn't be in and walking into fights she has no business with and merely making a bad problem worse by stealing or punching somebody she shouldn't have. Overall, she looks to have the most fun, usually at somebody else's expense.

Alliances: None. She's a lonely girl.

Enemies: The Black Templars, because they don't like fun.
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Name: Unknown
Alias's: Jane Doe, Walker, ZomBae, Bloodrose.
Threat Level: Keter
Age: Unknown (Assumed Late Teens)
Gender: Female

Appearance: Height: 6' 1", Weight: 140lbs
A strange and unsettling young woman seemingly with a youthful beauty lost beneath a myriad of wounds and injuries permanently open, though despite appearances they seem neither fatal or painful to her existence by the gentle grace with which she moves and serene expression upon her face, the truth, however, is quite the opposite. An athletic frame retaining feminine curves along with toned muscle, it holds countless deep lacerations and burns run across her form most notably the left of her face and body in what seems to have been raked across by a mix of some sharp edges and heated surfaces along with shrapnel and a bullet wounds, finally it appears all such injuries were suffered in a relatively short period as no swelling or bruising is visible. Sandy blonde locks flow downwards to their shoulders, framing the marred face with only a single pale blue eye and an empty socket among the wounds. As a result of such she, unfortunately, carries the scent of blood around with her, which they have attempted to cover up with more floral scents resulting in such combining to a Blood Rose scent. Normally clad in large hoodies, long-sleeved shirts and torn jeans or shorts of considerable age, no item they won seems to be new, but acquired in some fashion from a charity or scavenged among the refuse. Regardless of their overall scruffy appearance, they do in fact seem to keep such items clean and cared for, the same which cannot be said for their physical form.

Equipment: Outside of rudimentary medical supplies and their costume Jane carries very little with them having very little in the way of financial support so making do with what they can either find or construct themselves. To this effect, the red bodysuit they tend to wear is in fact not a separate garment but actually a manipulation of their hair follicles to be weaved into an outfit that holds similar regenerative properties to herself as a result.

Regenerative Healing Factor (Type VI+): Most likely the strongest healing factor encountered within the world following the event, capable of repairing any damage inflicted at high speed from the largest intact mass of their body through unknown fail-safes appear to be in place to prevent the creation of multiple iterations of their body. This power will restore their body to a pre-defined template of their body at the time of the manifestation of their powers, which unfortunately resulted in permanent open wounds remaining and they have no direct control over the speed and activation of it. There is also the case that such a defense does not, however, remove and dull the nerves resulting in the full pain of all such injuries to be registered.
Biological Manipulation (Self): The user may consciously manipulate their body on a cellular level to the point of extreme genetic alterations, physical distortion and/or Augmentations of their biological functions. The full extent of this has not yet been fully observed or realized to the point that even the user may be unaware of the full potential of such, however, they have displayed a wide array of effects suggesting an in-depth understanding of biology, genetics and medical field in general. This level of control has even lead to the theory that each cell has its own intelligence in some form, recording the information of the whole.
Hyper Instincts: Whether a power in its own right or simply a natural trait has yet to be seen, however, the user has displayed an incredible mind in addition to their skills, seemingly capable of processing events in the most advanced, optimal and efficient manner possible. They appear capable of finding the solution to these problems whether it is regarding civilization or nature, allowing the use of logical and illogical strategies to achieve there intended goal by finding the right decision in the situation to multiple their success rate with minimal adverse effects.

Despite suffering from an advanced case of Amnesia, Jane has displayed a vast intelligence in multiple biological fields though without context of how they are aware of what they know or even that they know it until encountered. In addition, her time upon the urban streets have allowed her to become apt at navigating urban environments as well as making the most of what is available or possible to gather through such connections. Medical Intuition, Genetic Intuition, Anatomical Intuition, City Intuition.

Physically despite their passive demeanor, Jane has proven capable of a multitude of athletic feats when the effort is exerted, yet unless such serves a purpose the bare amount of effort is placed into her actions. A high degree of acrobatic and athleticism is common with their movements being deceptively fast. Within Heroic pursuits, she currently resorts to an unorthodox fighting style tailored to her own ability, a myriad of openings to bait attacks upon herself with the intent of taking such blows and countering in the same action with measured force. As a result, while often reluctant to conflict directly she has proven very capable of such, though attempting to minimize the pain or injuries of her opponents preferring neutralizing them without either.

Brief History:
An Amnesiac who has recently awoken from a prolonged coma, her exact identity remains uncertain following her extraction from the rubble at the epicenter of an unexplained explosion that rocked a seemingly mundane building, the casualties were far above what should have been expected from the remains despite emergency protocols being triggered prior to the destruction as well as the as energy readings recorded currently having no explanation with a vaporized crater directed downwards a good deal. What happened within that building or even its exact purpose may be something only Jane can answer, though it is possible the amount of organization required to carry out whatever occurred within the location has more far-reaching implications than simply one site.

Following her awakening, she has found herself a part of the local homeless population within the city attempting to find meaning or answers to who she is or how she came to be...though with both pains and guilt her constant companions regardless of not knowing the exact source. To this extent, she has become involved with the aid of such people as well as numerous charitable organizations within the city gathering supplies required such as food, clothing, and medicine to the point she has even gained the reputation as a new pillar to rely on or ask for aid within the streets, rarely refusing such.

Mostly quiet and reserved, despite their abilities they appear the picture of humility and charity going out of their way in order to care for those around her. She often prefers to avoid conflict and attempts to calm any overly hostile or chaotic situations, constantly self-conscious of others' views. Despite all of this she displays a fierce loyalty to those close to her and deep compassion for those around her. Through this, she is capable of rare but powerful outbursts - though these may quickly be followed by apologies and embarrassment. She also holds a great focus and perseverance when placing her mind on a subject, her sheer willpower and determination have allowed her to achieve feats thought to be impossible such as bringing aid from unlikely sources despite her claims that they are "nothing special" to others.

Inwardly however her own negative self-image has given her a deep-rooted inferiority complex believing her actions are never good enough which can lead to self-destructive behavior and disregard for her own well being. Plagued by guilt and continuous pain she has developed something of a Martyr complex as recompense for perceived Sins she can not even recall or fully aware if they actually exist, defining her existence by what she can do for others, seeing her own personal desires as selfish and undeserved. There is a great deal of confusion for Jane in general and many questions that remain unanswered, why is she the way she is being one in a mountain of others.

- St. Maria Goretti Baptist Church: A Small organization within the city that is commonly frequented by homeless individuals and known to arrange for food handouts.
- ???: ???
- Black Templars: A Organisation dedicated to the hunting and eradication of powered individuals.
  • Despite the beliefs of the templar, Jane herself has found herself relief and some purpose in a sense through religion following her time at the St Maria Goretti Baptist Church. Seeing her abilities and current state as a penance.
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This OC is inspired by a character from Dishonored, Granny Rags. If she's too similar, tell me if it bothers you and I can try to fix it.

Name: Viola Absinthe

by Mariya Kafka

Alias: None

Age: 72

Gender: Female

Powers: Viola is able to summon large hordes of flesh-eating rats, and as their name implies will bring down and devour anyone who isn't fast or smart enough to escape or fight them off. How many rats there are depends on how many are around; they always are crawling about in the sewers beneath, and when are summoned will come out of sewer grates and drains. Her range of which she calls the rats depends on how much energy she puts in, which is not too much as long as you don't anger her badly. This is her primary power, which she uses on anyone ranging from an attacking thug to a child who ran from home and bumped into her. After the rats finish, they scurry off and disappear into sewers.

If she is in danger and rats cannot get to her, Viola can create a thick mist wherever she is. Whenever she is inside her mist, she can escape, even if it happens in an enclosed area. This is thanks to her other ability.

Viola has teleportation, but it is severely limited in its uses. She can only use it out of sight of others, and so it pairs well with the mist. There must be rats around her exit point, and so she always ends up in the sewers. She's been doing it for so long that she has a mental map of the entire sewer system.

Equipment: None

Brief History: Viola was always an odd case, even in the mental asylum. Aside from her strange fondness of rats, she never needed any help to get a sense of direction despite being blind. She would always find a way to smuggle in rats, which were always caught and killed by the staff. When the Event occurred, Viola vanished. The staff didn't bother searching for her; she was troublesome, and they didn't even know where she came from. Thus, almost nobody knew about her existence. She resurfaced in a small neighborhood, where everyone knew each other and housewives would gather and gossip. She lived in an abandoned apartment, and always smelled of mildew and feces. She dug through trash, searching for anything of value. The housewives would whisper behind her back; they spun tales about her and taught them to their children. They used her as a warning against their kids, to never run away from home, or else the witch would take and cook them for dinner.

Funny thing is, they were right.

In the past week, a kid became unhappy with his parents, and ran away in the middle of the night. He didn't have a plan, and with nowhere to go, nowhere to stay, and no food, he found himself running to the abandoned apartment. Two days later, the adults grouped up at her living quarters, some armed with knives. When asked about the child, she smiled, and pointed to bloody child's skeleton, with rats still nibbling at some leftover meat. At the same time, hordes of rats ran out of the sewers, and surrounded the parents.

Personality: Viola is insane, no question. If you met her, you probably couldn't even tell she's blind. She can hear individual footsteps and look at you as if she could see. She spends most of her day digging through garbage, searching for smooth objects and food, but she never complains about its quality. In public she is seen as just a sad, old woman, but to those who do talk to her, she is very welcoming and maybe likable. Just don't let her invite you into her home, because she just views people as rat food, as long as they fit a certain criteria. Viola loves the rats; they don't bite her, and kept her company since childhood. If she comes across a fit, young man, she will compliment him and try to get him to do things for her, like moving stuff around or even murder.

Alliances: Viola likes rats more than she does people. They are the only ones she will associate herself with.

Enemies: The Black Templars

Other: Viola has never changed her clothes, and as such are dirty and give off an awful stench. Her hands are covered in grime from sneaking around in the sewers and digging through trash. Not much is known about her younger life, and if she is ever asked about it, she'll just say "Rats are very mistreated creatures."


Three Thousand Club

Name: Astarte Cainhurst.
Alias's: Black Diamond, Ark
Age: 24
Gender: Female

Appearance: Height: 6' 7" (Varies), Weight: 640lbs (Varies)
A towering young woman in her early twenties with a well proportioned if extremely curved figure. wrapped in toned muscle especially within her thick legs and an overall hourglass frame. Fine platinum blonde hair flows down past her lower back, whipping around her fair-skinned body. Giving either a form of vanity or want however her appearance appears to have been carefully sculpted with the features of various targets to the point of an undeniable beauty to the smallest feature. As a result of her power, however, her figure, height, and weight tends to vary depending on how much she has consumed and allocated such material, as well as if she chooses to take any alternate forms for necessity or want. Her choice of outfits does not help much however for her modesty, their default size resulting in anything other than custom-tailored garments less than ideal as well as the trend to adopt different forms requiring outfits for each to fit the identity. She does, however, possess a custom black bodysuit however for when it is required, it is constructed from a unique polymer to expand and contract to their current shape while remaining tightly fitted regardless.

Given her abilities Astarte has shown herself capable of carrying a wide array of items internally without ill effect, often choosing to ensure she is prepared for the situations she may encounter. Among these items are numerous forms of identification for her various forms, bank cards and change of outfits. On the more advanced side, there are also numerous surveillance, card duplicators, scanning devices, lockpicks, cameras and more giving her a complete arsenal for spy wetwork.

Consumptive Growth: The user may rapidly increase both their size and/or mass via the consumption of sufficient material, the effect allowing them to drastically increase their durability and strength as well as the by-product of certain healing applications. The upper limits of this ability have yet to be fully observed through theorized to potentially be several stories with sufficient material, though such is often avoided due to the logistic complications involved as well as lack of subtlety, preferring, for the most part, to lean towards an increase in density.
Contortive Ingestion: The user is capable of swallowing many objects whole by distorting their dimensions without damage, in essence funneling the matter into their mouth without affecting its volume or mass. This also allows for items to be consumed that would overwise be harmful to the individual without ill effect.
Consumption Psychometry: A Bizare ability allowing the user to both learn and experience the history of whatever they consume such as its origin, development method, how it was treated and more. This ability applies to both living material and inorganic needing only a small portion of the material to determine their history and secrets. The primary benefit of this power other than the sheer level of information gathering allowed is the skills that may be learned by using such on sentient creatures, having experienced such lives with how they developed. There are however numerous complications that come with the user of this ability, however, the knowledge may often be unsettling or unpleasant especially in the end having experienced the death and preparation of meat products or even the plucking and cutting of vegetation. Additionally, the multiple life experiences can result in severe mental effects deeply changing the personality of the user over time and great willpower required to maintain their original sense of self in the sea of identities.
Digestive Assimilation: By consuming various materials the user may gain additional attributes depending on the target itself. The most direct manner, however, is the transformation into the item consumed be it material or even an individual, which in combination with their psychometry ability allows for an almost perfect imitation. They may incorporate this either incompletely or in parts, such as transforming only a single limb or their full-body, even merging several to create a compounded appearance such as with their default appearance..this also includes digesting only certain elements of what is contained within her. Should the consumed material, however, be removed in whatever manner access to such a form will be lost, in addition to reasons unknown they are unable to replicate powered individuals' abilities with this effect.

Skills: To list the full range of talents acquired by Astarte over her life, especially after the gaining of her abilities would be an effort in futility given their volume, having consumed countless individuals or elements of them over the years, even including several of the templars themselves. However the most prominent was believed to be her ungodly willpower which as allowed her to maintain the mental stability she has, followed shortly by skills as both an actress and in subterfuge in general. Perhaps the one that can be defined as purely her own is their ability as an Executive Chef, Sommelier, Gourmont taster and even expertise in Gastronomy, preferring to prepare all meals herself in a rather unique manner that includes strange rituals under the guise of "food honor" or respect. Regardless of the Bizarre nature of such the results however speak for themselves, where should she actually have persued such as a full profession she would undoubtedly be the top of her field, though instead simply preferring to share the talents with close friends instead.

Brief History:
Much of Astartes history has been lost ever since the event twenty years prior erased digital records and in combination with her elusive nature through her work tracking their actual path through their life has become incredibly difficult, with uncertainty in if certain deeds were in fact she or some happen chance. Prior to coming into the service of Obsidian as one of his Gemstones, she held a somewhat normal childhood for some time until the development of her powers, the event being quite traumatic initially and resulting in severe malnutrition from developed Cibophobia. This, however, had her being saved my a close friend who had also developed their own gifts, allowing her to accept the nature of the abilities and overcome the initial trauma slowly shifting her view of what was occurring to something far more, to view the final moments of what was eaten as less of a fear and more of a natural progression in the transfer of life. While others may view eating as a simple human necessity the girl would have such become almost a ritual with deep thanks and respect to what is consumed...eventually leading to her "hero" name of Ark.

Life would resume in a new fashion for her, their friend helping them develop and understand their abilities, conversing deeply and sharing a great deal through the sad tragedy being throughout such she missed the damage the friend's powers had also been doing to themselves, attempting to alleviate a growing fear within them though sadly such was not enough...their ending in them taking their life but not before sharing the reason why. It was this that sparked the catalyst of her moving to the darker areas of the world and life of a villain in the eyes of the world, using their abilities to become what was needed and slip into even the most secure of facilities without notice to the point it is not clear the exact number she has infiltrated or even what acts where her doing, or the reason why they seem to be sewing a senseless chaos while working as a spy of sorts looking or working towards her goal.

What is known is that over the 8 years it is believed she responsible for the disappearance of individuals in at least four digits but could potentially be far greater, as well as being in possession of some of the most well-kept secrets of various governments and powerful organizations. What however propelled her to notoriety however was the Cruise Liner the Byzantium. The exact nature of what occurred upon the ship has a great deal many rumors and theories, what is known for sure is of the five thousand, four hundred and twenty-four souls on board there was no confirmed survivors.

It is unknown when precisely the woman become connected to Obsidian, though the connection with an untraceable spy has resulted in far more global paranoia with anybody could be Astarte and information gathered may in fact be another trap, resulting in a slow down of operations as such requires far more checks and scrutiny. Then again some believe the woman known as Astarte may not even exist or in fact be multiple people.

Energetic and Optimistic on the surface with a constant smile and lust for life, her more light-hearted and casual approach to subjects can be disorientating at first with how lightly they appear to take ever the most serious of subjects and injecting either humor or sly teases throughout. Seeming to have a very outgoing approach when not working, this is not to say she does not demonstrate her intelligence when needed, just she has become quite apt at separating the need for fun and need for seriousness, though has shown preference in her methods to rely on natural instincts and gut feelings to play things out by ear when needed. Friendly and cheerful, she can be extremely social, teasing, flirting without seriousness and laughing any real negatives or shortcomings to instead keep moving. Holding herself with high confidence she holds the best of intentions in most of her actions, though she seems to push many rules at the same time as her focus is more on the objective and result rather than how she gets there. When relaxed she can appear almost serene, though at the same time ignites during times of physical activity with severe problems in holding back which of course results in its own issues. She has displayed somewhat of a vanity in a sense in regards to appearance, more focused inwardly on themselves in how they are perceived that externally, though such a state can rapidly change when it comes to carrying out the more serious of her tasks. Capable of taking on any role needed and acting it out with flawless precision, even the most scrutinous of eyes will take such as genuine since in a way due to her abilities it is.

The emergence of her powers while initially traumatic eventually shaped a bizarre belief and potentially world view, showing little remorse for lives taken with the abilities due to not viewing such lives as actually lost and instead simply living on within her. This wide array of memories, experiences, and personalities held within her may actually be the reason she acts as she does, seeing some form of intimacy in the process of taking another into herself and having them become part of a greater whole. The shared emotions often combining and if directed towards a single purpose it can be seen that conflicting with the woman is not as simple as it seems, their existence itself having a legion of wills working in tandem to a singular unknown goal.

- Obsidian: One of the most prominent members as a gemstone
- Black Templars: A Organisation dedicated to the hunting and eradication of powered individuals which she sadly falls into
- United Nations/Countries: Following her involvement in the destabilizing of several organizations as well as infiltration of groups, Astarte has gained the Ire of the world, her position as a Gemstone being well earned. Though little is known about her or how she gains the access she does, instead known simply as "Ark"
  • "Continuing to live...means continuing to eat things...and continuing to eat things means to keep killing things. Nature is always giving life to us. That is why we share food...and life."
  • "Good girls don't need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many."
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Curt Finch


This is the type of armor that Curt wears as the Lawbringer. Bulletproof, with slots in the gloves for his palms to press through. This is a custom ballistics suit, designed with ease of access to using marked weapons and gear with magnetic slots across his back and on the back of his palms.


Alias: Brand, Tyr, Nemesis, The Lawbringer

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Mark: Curt is able to place his palm on an object or location and mark it, marking it permanently. There is no known way to remove this mark, asides from Curt himself scrubbing it off with his hands. The size of the mark is directly correspondent to how long and how much effort he put into the mark onto the object, and can span up to 6 feet in width and height. At any point, Curt is able to call the marked object in exactly the position he had placed his mark onto it. If he were to call a gun, and he placed his mark on the handle, the gun would appear in his hands. If he were to place a mark on a wall, and then called that wall to himself, a chunk of wall the size of the mark would appear wherever his hand would be at the time. With things like that, he has to be careful to position himself correctly so he doesn't end up with bricks smashing into his legs.

Brand: If Curt were to attempt to Mark a person, he instead Brands them. The brand sears the flesh, leaving a smoldering insignia of Curt's choosing on his victim until it scars away, which can be a long, long time. While he has skin contact with a branded person, that person is forced to submit to his will by answering questions truthfully, performing basic tasks, or anything that the person can do while they have skin contact with him. If the person attempts to resist, the brand sears them, glowing a fiery red as it does so. Those who have a strong will and incredibly high pain tolerance can resist Curt's commands.

Equipment: Due to the nature of his power, Curt has access to a lot of equipment at all times without real worry as to ensuring he can carry it. If he needs a rifle, he's probably branded one before, and will just have a rifle in his hands. If he needs a baseball bat, he'll easily find one in his hands without more than a thought. However, he doesn't go out unarmed. He always has on his person: his father's trusty M1911, his PI license, a bulletproof vest, his business and personal phones, and a few crumpled wanted lists, a few of them naming supers.

Brief History: A good question. Nobody knew Curt before he gained his powers. Was he always the intelligent, surprisingly strong investigator he is modernly, or was he something else before that? Things like these, Curt deflects, and that is where his history will lie, for now.

However, Curt is something of a costumed crusader. By day, he is Curt Finch, private investigator with one of the highest solve rates in the city, but even he isn't above the law. By night, The Lawbringer continues the hunt where Curt could not. The Lawbringer steps into places where Curt would be considered to be trespassing. The Lawbringer is able to apprehend criminals and leave them in places where the cops could easily catch them. The Lawbringer is able to get the answers out of a criminal in a way that Curt never could. The Lawbringer is powerful, but the Lawbringer has standards, morals. He isn't called the Lawbringer for nothing. Never would the Lawbringer come for those who were innocent, or were unjustly punished. No, the Lawbringer is true, and is deserving of such a name.

Personality: Curt is polite, efficient, and incredibly pointed. When he speaks, it's because he's got something to say, and when he acts, it's because he's got something to do. For Curt, his time is money. Time not spent solving a case is money lost, which just won't do. So when he decides that you have something to say to him, he expects a snappy answer, otherwise, you're just not worth the time of day. He may come off as cold or rude because of this, but it's in good intent. You can't solve a murder by being friendly to everyone you meet, but you can't find a missing person by rustling everyone up either. He strikes something of a balance, while he's working and when he's off the clock. He talks to his secretary, he catches up with the owner of the cafe he likes to take breaks and do some minor work at. He donates to charity, does his taxes, pays his bills, and solves crime by the books.

What is known of the Lawbringer is a different story. The Lawbringer is ruthless, unwavering in his hunt. Those who may have escaped the Lawbringer one night will be ruthlessly chased down again and again, police turning up at every corner from anonymous tips and word on the street. He is relentless, not stopping during fights for any reason, save immediate civilian casualty. The Lawbringer would much rather let a villain get away than let a civilian get hurt, but he isn't above hurting others. In fact, much of his preferred weaponry outside of martial arts is guns. The ability to warp guns into his hands plays a big role in many of his engagements, which he chooses to take up close in personal, though he doesn't always have lethal rounds loaded into every weapon. The Lawbringer is judge, jury, and executioner, and his judgement is always true. Murder begets murder, but a burglar does not deserve the death sentence. Though the PD doesn't always agree with his vigilantism, they appreciate the extra hand on the street. The Lawbringer is known to be a mostly silent character, unsettling to fight, but there is only one thing known to get him to talk, or even react: threatening civilians. There's nothing more that visibly irritates the Lawbringer than bringing harm to civies. Yes, this does get him to act irrationally, but this is one of the few things that the Lawbringer feels is fine to allow himself to fully bring harm to those who dare to threaten the innocent. Often times if he doesn't outright murder then, a villain will suffer multiple brands and a lifetime of nightmares at the Lawbringer's hands.

Finch Investigations: Curt runs his own office in the city, with his own secretary and suite of informants and connections. He's got eyes and ears all over the city, and if he doesn't have one somewhere, he can certainly buy access to it.

Crime: Fighting crime is just what the Lawbringer does. If somebody commits a crime, it's the Lawbringer's job to bring justice to the scene.
Black Templars: Though Curt has no problem with the Black Templars, The Lawbringer frees those captured by the Black Templars, infiltrating and disrupting their operations.​
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Name: Etratsa
Alias's: N/A
Age: 24
Gender: Female

As private investigator Etratsa has displayed remarkable observational skills and deductive reasoning, capable of forming connections between the most obscure of details showing a remarkable intelligence in such matters, gathering connections to use towards her goals and develop a highly successful business. While running the business they have also shown an incredible business acumen and affinity to deal-making, able to negotiate favorable terms in unfavorable situations. This is not to say she is all brains, a skilled tactician in her own right she has proven capable of overcoming seemingly impossible odds and unnatural skill in countless forms of both armed and unarmed combat that would lead many to suspect an extreme degree-professional training if not for the unorthodox techniques mixed in making them highly unpredictable. Finally, her ability as a smooth talker has come in useful in more than one occasion with no issue in using her appearance to charm their way into graces with flirtatious methods.

Clairgustance: While to most such an ability would strange, it is, in fact, one of the most useful tools in Etratsa's arsenal allowing them to discover a myriad of information beyond the range of normal senses to the point they are even capable of viewing the past of an object to the smallest detail. This has also been incorporated into their fighting style somewhat with small snake-like movements of their tongue being used in conflicts.
Superhuman Condition: While it would not appear on the surface, physically Etratsa's muscle density and structure are far above what would be expected to give her superhuman capabilities well above the maximum human potential in many respects. Capable of throwing around even vehicles should it be required, outrunning them, taking bullets and much more, though rarely utilizing such in favor of more subtle approaches that conceal her full abilities
Gestalt Mind: Estratsa's mind is not a single one like most individuals but in fact, countless separate ones working in tandem and interwoven with a myriad of differing personalities, beliefs, viewpoints, and even memories, some without even a direct knowledge of others existing but working together with all the same. It is this that has given her great intelligence, as well as being able to manage multiple thought processes and tasks simultaneously without reducing her effectiveness or losing focus.

It is commonly questioned where the girl hides the objects they carry but holds a myriad of tools and surveillance equipment across her person in addition to numerous weapons in the forms of thin stiletto blades and even a firearm in the form of a custom Thompson contender with specialized rounds.

Appearance: Height: 6' 4", Weight: 240lbs
A towering full-bodied beauty with an eccentric style and mannerisms that contrasts dramatically with her actual skills, her youthful features hiding a deceptive amount of experience that has resulted in them being disregarded out of hand more than once until she opens her mouth. her body itself is covered with a myriad of stylized black tattoos though many are concealed beneath extravagant and ever-changing fashions

Brief History:
Etratsa is not one to speak about their past though in recent years she has established a reputation as a reliable detective within the city, seemingly capable of tracking down information or individuals with a great degree of success even with the barest shreds of leads. Leading her own agency she has managed to use this to amass a small fortune within her work though it does not seem purely based on greed as there have been numerous cases taken on a pro-bono basis and never charging more than can be afforded...even if the limits of such are pushed.

Eccentric and driven Estratsa has displayed fierce loyalty to her clients and work in general as she works towards her goals, a great focus on confidentiality, discretion and most of all reliability. Seemingly working towards a greater good of the community, in general, she attempts to hide her more charitable side as to attempt such not be taken advantage though has shown a mixture of both kindness and mercilessness depending on the situation. As a result of her Gestalt mind, however, their personality may subtly change seemingly at random resulting in somewhat fluid behavior and strange actions at times.

Quotes: "Manners maketh the mam, Style showeth the self"
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Name: Alice AKA The Mad Hatter/ The Magician

Appearance: Height of 5,8ft
Mad hatter2.jpg
Alias: (Your character's "Super" name, if they're a mask wearing hero.)

Age: Unknown, looking to in her twenties.

Gender: Female

Transmutation With this power she can to alter the forms/structure of beings/objects, however she cannot alter somethings such as organic matter and the harder, denser the matter the more difficult it can be to alter.

Kinetic Charging With this power she take the potential energy stored in an object and convert it to kinetic energy thus “charging” that item with explosive results.

Equipment: Her "Magic" wand which in reality is just a toy she uses to channel some of her abilities. Her deck of cards, which she uses in conjunction with her Kinetic Charging ability.

Brief History: Alice's history is a mystery as everything before the event is gone, her memories and former life a foggy blur. All she remembers is she woke up in a large theater on the stage in her current clothing, not knowing who she was or how she got there. Other people were slowing waking up as well. Wandering around she found a script backstage titled "Alice and the Mad Hatter" Reading through it and becoming enthralled with the magical world thus her new name was formed. After this she wandered the streets dazed. She first realised she had powers when she sent a pile of stones suddenly fly off into sky by reducing their gravity. She began to experiment her mind going back to the story she was fascinated with. She found she could change things into other things which she instantly thought was magic.

And so "The Mad Hatter/ The Magician was born. She went on to become a street performer, using her "magic" to amuse and entertain for the crowds. She drew quiet a following, but also gathered unwanted attention from some rather sinister people.. Travelling from her home she wound up here, performing to new crowds and masses.

Personality: Alice is like a large child. Whilst she IS intelligent she can come off as simple as her world is evolved from a children's story and thus she sees the world around her like that story. Cheerful and bubbly Alice will do anything to bring smiles and joy to those around her, not understanding why sometimes people are terrified when she displays her powers in full, then tries to explain it's "magic".

Alliances: None as of yet

Enemies: The Black Templar

Other: Favorite colour is Blue, she likes performing mostly for children and she enjoys tea. Due to her former acting career she is also a rather good singing and can play the violin rather well, having been ranked 3rd best player in the world.
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Pink Gorilla

Local Agender Queer
Name: Ty Lauly

Alias: Con (usually goes by this name)

Age: 23

Gender: Nonbinary

Powers: Super strength that allows her to break through concrete walls with ease. She has enough strength to stop a semi, but doesn't stop her from getting hurt by it.

Equipment: (N/A)

Brief History: Ty grew up a very average life with a lower class family in a poor neighborhood. Ty was kicked out of the house at 16 for being an overall trouble maker and she lived on the streets ever since. She's survived by being a messenger and task person for gang leaders and the such. She usually takes advantage of them and gets more for herself.

Personality: Ty has always been very sarcastic and quick-witted. She has always been street smart and be quite sly. Ty has been very good at manipulating and tricking people

Alliances: Jackson Rae

Enemies: Aces (A gang she tricked and took advantage of)

Other: Ty's parents are still in the poor neighborhood she grew up in.

Name: Jackson Rae

Julien Baker 2.jpg

Alias: Hoax (Nickname from Ty)

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Powers: Energy based abilities. She can shoot energy blasts from her hands that can stun and knock enemies back. She can put energy in her hands and melt metal, but not very quickly.

Equipment: (N/A)

Brief History: Jackson met Ty on the street and they became friends instantly. Jackson had been on the street since she was seven and taught Ty all her ways. She has no idea who here real parents are as she was in the foster system after the shock. She spent most her life swindling people to survive. After meeting Ty, they both depended on each other to survive.

Personality: Jackson is a lot more reserved and quiet compared to Ty's boisterous personality. She tends to keep to herself and muse quietly from the background. Her mind is always calculating her next move and what other people might be doing.

Alliances: Ty

Enemies: Aces

Other: (N/A)

Name: Jacqi Stelai

Fragile 2.jpg
Alias: Parasol

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Teleportation: She can teleport a certain distance away from herself, but can't teleport long distances. She has to be able to picture the place she's going, so she can't just teleport into random places she hasn't been or seen before.

Umbrella: Her umbrella can fold into a sharp instrument to use as a sword and she can also use it to shoot powerful electric pulses to fight enemies. Her umbrella while unfolded can be used to scan the surrounding environment. The bumps on her suit spike out to warn her if any powered people are in the area, doesn't allow her to know who is though.

Brief History: ???

Personality: Jacqi always seems very certain of herself, she hardly ever seems to let anything get to her. She always has a plan and prefers to be at least a step ahead of everyone else. She doesn't like not being in control of a situation.

Alliances: Fragile (Her own organization)

Enemies: (N/A Currently)

Other: She hates rain​

(Will edit sheets because I'm bad at descriptions 😂)


Just trying my best
Name: Eric Braul

His "disguise" is a surgical mask and some cheap sunglasses, plus his hood or a hat.

Alias: Dr. X, ER

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Telekinesis: Eric can only lift objects that he'd be able to lift normally, so no car lifting, as he's not a body builder or even that muscular. However, he can move other objects that he wouldn't be able to as long as it fits within the weight limits, things like hot metal and cactuses. Living things are also included, but again he is only as strong as he is physically. He can move multiple objects at the same time as long as their collective weight is under the weight limit. His muscles will fatigue as they would when actually carrying or lifting those objects and his range for this power is how far he can see.

Eric is not much of a fighter and doesn't really like weapons, so his only equipment is a lighter and his phone.

Brief History:

Eric is a regular guy, he's optimistic and chipper, but also very naive. He's only known a suburban life of normal ups and downs, nothing crazy. He's easy to mess with, but hard to manipulate, he is a psychiatrist after all. His sheltered and average childhood made him quite fragile. No real traumatic events have happened in his life, if something were to break him, he'd have a very hard time recovering. That isn't to say he's not mentally resilient, his job makes that impossible. Everyday he hears stories of broken homes and unfortunate events, he has to be strong in some regard in order to hold up for this long.

Still, Eric likes to find the good in everything and everyone, it's just how his mother raised him. Some would call him hopeful, others would call him an unrealistic dreamer, he doesn't really csre either way. Well, he does, he actually cares a lot about what other people think, he just likes to pretend that their opinions don't effect him as much as they do. He tries to be this positive guy that's strong and selfless, even when he's not always feeling good. He's one to hide his problems, not wanting to effect the people around him in a negative way.

Alliances: TBD

Enemies: The BlackTemplar


(Definitely a WIP, I'll polish him up soon, but I just wanted to get a basic concept out there.)
(IDK if this is too ridiculous or not, but here I go!)

Name: Elias Holden

Appearance: (For those who recognize him, I will defend myself by saying that he was the only art piece of a hippie I could find.)

by Kirones

Alias: Opium Poppy (by his followers)

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Powers: Hormone Manipulation | Elias is able to control what people feel, like their emotions, adrenaline, and serotonin. He mainly affects a person's serotonin, so he can make people essentially buzzed. The effects wear out over time, but before that happens, their minds are left defenseless to Elias' next power. Depending on how strong their will/mind is, it may not take effect until much, much later, or even at all.

Contagious Influence | Elias is always passively influencing those around him. His influence only affects those with weak minds/wills or a broken heart. If someone is affected by Elias, they will follow his ways and take on a hippie life. Elias' followers will follow him around, creating a hippie commune. As long as they don't wander far away, the effects will stay forever.

Equipment: Blunts?

Brief History: Elias is your average, stereotypical hippie. He hung out with his people, did things that hippies usually do, and lived a calm life. When the Event occured, Elias found himself making friends and converting strangers far easier than before. What he didn’t know was that he was part of the 1%. Every time he told someone something like "chill out" or "relax" he would be controlling their hormones so that they would oblidge. Usually, they would end up in a happy trance, and instantly accept a smoke with Elias. Afterward, they would slowly morph into hippies, following Elias around. Despite all of that, Elias still doesn’t know he has that power, and remains blissfully unaware. If he said something like "you are a very sad person," the victim would become severely depressed. Thankfully, hippies never say those types of things. Over the weeks, Elias has unintentionally built himself a loyal hippie commune. His followers have bought florid RVs just so they could travel with him. His followers are very devoted to Elias, treating him like their God. In the past week he ran into a squad of some aggressive Black Templars. They tried interrogating him, but after some time sat with Elias and shared blunts. They ended up leaving the Black Templars, ditching their armor and equipment to take on the hippie lifestyle. As of now, he has four RVs worth of followers.

Personality: As you may have guessed, Elias is a massive hippie. He has no idea that his powers even exitst, and accepted this strange change rather quickly and easily. In public, he along with his followers are viewed as regular, odd hippies to stay away from. Elias does not rule over his followers, and treats everyon equally. He believes that no matter what, the universe will correct itself, and therefore does not care what happens to him or the world. Overall, he just wants to live a normal, hippie life and make love, not war.

Alliances: Elias considers everyone a friend.

Enemies: The Black Templars, but he really doesn't consider them his enemies.

Other: Elias' hippie commune is the only one in the city. They are hard to miss, and travel around a lot.


It’s Adventure Time
Name: Franklin Reynolds

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 5.16.34 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-11-15 at 6.16.53 PM.png

Alias: Soundwave

Age: 36 (Physically), 43 (Chronologically)

Gender: Male

Wave Distortion: Franklin can manipulate one way that energy can move from one space to another within a certain area of himself. Like a sphere with a 10 meter radius surrounding him. Waves that can be manipulated are Longitudinal waves, and Transverse waves.

Longitudinal Wave Distortion: Franklin manipulates this by sound, Ultrasound waves (Sonar), and P-waves. So he's capable of amplifying sound, muting, seeing sound waves, etc with sound and even capable of shifting it hence why his voice doesn't sound human. For Ultrasound waves Franklin is able to use sonar, and detect vibrations. Lastly for P-waves Franklin can cause a compression in anything he touches depending on the amount of energy stored.

Transverse Wave Distortion: Franklin manipulates this by electromagnetic waves - eg light waves, microwaves, radio waves, and finally S-waves which can cause a literal wave in anything he touches depending on the amount of energy stored.

Wave Absorption: Franklin is capable of absorbing any type of the above waves and is capable of storing it for the future for P & S waves. This stored energy can be changed to any type of energy ex. microwaves, light, ultraviolet, etc. Energy can also be used to halt or slow his aging along with slightly increase his strength/density. It's unknown as to how much energy can be absorbed. CANNOT create any of these waves from nothing (Besides P & S Waves from).

Equipment: A suit that can be seen in the photo with a mask in that covers the upper side of the face. A portable speaker to give himself energy that blasts music at the loudest setting.

Brief History: Born in Seattle, Franklin two brothers and a sister and lived the average American life. Wanting to become a detective after graduating from high school,Franklin would instead joined the airforce for two terms before coming back to the states and working as a private pilot. He was actually flying when the sudden incident happened shutting down the plane and sending him plummeting down to the ground. Wanting to live Franklin decided to take the only parachute leaving the passengers to die which were Kiki Crow's parents. Franklin would survive the crash unharmed and was found by the recovery crew. Seeing that he may face the wrath of Kiki if she found out that he chose to save himself instead of her parents he vanished once catching a ride back with the recovery crew.

After a couple of years of unsuccessfully landing a new job, Franklin decided to go back to school to become detective but soon found out about his abilities. It wasn't long till he became a target for The Black Templars and was forced to cut all ties with his loved ones. He was almost annihilated until a secret organization found him in the sewers hiding. Finding usefulness in him they added Franklin to their ranks. Franklin Reynolds disappeared from the world for a few years but Soundwave took his place.

Throughout the years Soundwave has become a very high target for The Black Templar along with a respected individual within the secret organization. He's had run-ins with Lawbringer while out on his missions/personal agenda's. Sometimes helping Lawbringer find clues or take down a foe that seemed a little too above for Lawbringer and Soundwave to manage (I'm not sure who it is or what their powers are and nor am I downsizing Lawbringer and or Soundwave. Just throwing something out there for future plot or a one time story) perhaps hinting that Soundwave in fact didn't work alone. But Lawbringer would help Soundwave more from escaping The Black Templar which he was grateful for. Soundwave has also met Etratsa as the two have similar careers and sometimes negotiating info for info or just requiring help while also lending a hand if she were to ask as well.

As for the negative confrontations, Astarte has been a thorn in Soundwave's side for a very long time. Obsidian has gotten in the way of the secret organization's plans and so they frequently send some individuals to take care of Obsidian which Soundwave is usually a part of. But he frankly highly dislikes Astarte as she's remarkably capable and has proven a challenge for Soundwave during their confrontations. Astarte has consumed one of his beloved companions who actually was the one that saved him from The Black Templar. Soundwave prefers to not be limited by the desire for revenge but if there's anyone that can make that emotion arms from his very being it's Astarte.

Personality: Franklin is very quiet sometimes speaking when only spoken to or whenever he thinks it's important to say something. But don't think that because he's quiet that Franklin doesn't interact with the people around him. His loyalty is unquestionable when earned as he's willing to go through hell and back when finding someone who he deems worthy of his loyalty just like the secret group he's apart of. Franklin is also fairly good at following orders and being a role model/leader to those around him. Although he does not speak and his intentions are unknown, Franklin's motives and actions usually are good. But if he is on a mission then he will let no one stand in his way.

Alignment: True Neutral but has a good moral compass

Alliances: Himself and some secret group of powered individuals with a trinity symbol tattoo somewhere on the individual's body. (Anyone can join the group but please DM me because - will interact differently with your character.

-Secretly anyone who poses a threat to the organization he's a part of
-Astarte& Obsidian

Other: Franklin sounds like Soundwave when he talks (Duh). The secret group that Franklin is a part of is not known by many besides maybe Lawbringer and Etratsa because of how they can gain info very easily but even then the ground members are a mastery and what they stand for is also a mystery.
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Daniel Reaving

Thirty Thousand Club





Spoiler: gallery


109 pounds

Aia doesn't wear any sort of costume or clothing at all for that matter while on missions of sorts

Body Modifications/Implants*:

Blood Type:

Curious, wild, Animalistic. These are the most used words when describing Amia's personality. Amia is a very curious being, most likely from losing her memory though her curiosity comes from her instincts to learn all she can about her environment around her. many say wild cause shes very much like an animal, many even refer to her as a dog cause the way she acts. always sniffing around to see what is what, often very cuddly an wanting of attention from people she is familiar with. Seeming to attach or imprint her self to a person like a puppy would to there owner. the most basic all around explanation for her though is Animalistic. Very driven by her instincts to eat, and learn despite her seeming young ness and difference which is also plainly seen in her physique. a mouth that's filled with fangs strong legs and tail for running and fighting as well as climbing and other uses. Enhanced senses to use for hunting, if anything Amia is an animal, just one that's smart enough to learn how to be human again.

Amia's story isnt a long one mostly because she remembered none of it. growing up in America she lived a normal life... until the event. It had begun slow at first, then overnight she had changed. She was scared terrified. Kept herself locked in her apartment as she struggled with these changes. Then it happened. Her memory gone in a matter of moments. Left alone and scared. With no idea of who she was or what was going on around her. She tried to go out the door once. Only to be screamed at and ran from. It terrified her, so she started going out the window during the night. Exploring in secret and learning about the world with glee.


enhanced strength-
Amia exhibits enhanced physical strength and durability due to the enhanced density of her muscles, mostly in her tail which reaches to 3-4 meters long from where it is connected to her, though she still has similar strength in her body. in addition with the ability to climb walls and ceilings as well as hang from them by grip alone she has the strength to hold her self up for hours at a time. Able to lift triple her weight or more.

superhuman speed-
Amia has superhuman speed able to reach up to 150 mph in a full hard sprint.

enhanced senses-
Amia shows unmatched senses such as vision, hearing, and smell, in addition she has a long tongue (3 feet) that she seems to be able to use as another sensor much like a snake.

hypnotic vision-
Amia seem’s to be able to hypnotize there prey via extended eye contact.​
hypno eyes are very rarely seen for the fact that Aia doesn't know how to use them at all the most they do is immobilize her target so she can eat them.

Mastery of Power:
strength, speed-
these abilities are mostly mastered cause they are like breathing, or blinking though her being doesn't fully understand her own strength and capabilities. Her hypnotic vision being her least known power having only begun to unlock it

When Amia turned she lost all her memory, combining that with her powers has turned her into practically a puppy. Her changes weren’t only physical, her diet now consisting of only meat. I’m addition her vocal cords have changed. Not being able to talk her powers have shifted them from words to cooes, purrs, clicks and tips as well as a variety of other sounds and calls.
strength- Aia can at most lift a car up with her tail and throw it, break through brick wall and materials weaker than 4 inch metal walls
speed- Aia has a max speed of 100mph at a full dead sprint and can sustain that speed for a few minuets of running before she tires out, the lower the speeds the longer she can run.
hypnotic eyes- her limit with this ability is she doesn't understand how to use it at all so if it is used its used by accident

Looking so different with a side effect of her abilities has her to learn about her abilities on her own. making it unable for her to go out on her own as well as learn the human language so far she can understand most if not all of it but can only say her name.

Advanced hunting instincts-
Amia's seem to have enhanced hunting instincts. able to expertly hunt down her prey no matter what it is and strike with precision and expertise of vital organs.
Equipment: [5 max]
Personal Belongings:
[Include anything I missed]
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Name: Djekil Solas


Alias: Magnum

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Powers: Strong enough to: lift a bear with one arm or stop a car at full speed, break almost anythings with is teeth, jump to the height of a building with 7 floors; his muscle act as bullet proof vest, he his immune to most armor piercing, blunt and sharp (capacity weakness against sharp and piercing weapon, the more damages he take the weaker his muscles are, but that require a huge amount of damage something like 50 direct shot from an rpg-7); his bones are indestructible preventing him from breaking his bones when jumping from height places, having broken limbs and adding more destructive power to his strikes, the structure of his skeleton also protect entirely the internal organs located around his chest; he also have this main attribute which give him the ability to improve his brain capacity to a point where his reaction and reflection speed are 7 times greater than normal for 3 hours a day (after the first hours he start feeling pain all over his body). Lastly he posses a minor healing capacity that activate only when he rest and depending on the damage he took he may even need to eat.

Equipment: His armor, two identical guns and a mask. Depending of what he have to do his equipment may change lightly or drastically
Brief History: Born to a single, drug addict and alcoholic mother, his childhood wasn't the most peaceful; he was beaten, insulted, famished; he grew up in the worst neighborhood you could thinks of, was sent to a school as crappy, came home everydays to his mother selling her body for weed's money, was forced to sleep in the streets. But all this was nothing for him, no solas didn't care about what he was put through, he didn't care about his mother's habits, he didn't care cause he didn't need to; he was a super and as such,nothing they did could matter to him since he knew; "he" had a future, not like them.

At 18 solas finished high school and decide to enter the army, with his capacity he became the best of his team, he knew he couldn't keep this up without getting caught, he had seen everything he wanted it was now time for him to leave, go somewhere else, do something else; at that time he met Mr Z. Zapper, his "manager" in the domain of mercenary he his the one charged to find job for him and and finding intels, weapons in short everything that is needed for the job and for solas. But all of this was before the black templar found him out and hunt him down, forced to flee and hide, solas now live as a normal citizen with a normal job. Thankfully he can still count on Mr Z to help him

Personality: Solas his intimidating, methodical, joyful, fearless, professional, he his the kind of guys who is all smile and laugh with people around him and goes into carnage mod 2 sec after just because someone threaten him.

Alliances: Mr Z.

Enemies: The black templars, and every hostile characters, many peoples in the organised crime syndicate

Other: he spend a lot of time at the church, even if he doesn't take religion very seriously. He is proficient with most weapon (mainly shotgun), he is also trained in various combat sport.
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Name: Levi Athan
Alias's: N/A
Age: 26
Gender: Female

Given her more rural upbringing Levi herself holds a range of more practical skills commonly absent in many more urban individuals, showing a high degree of skill in gathering, cooking, carpentry, shelter construction and other elements allowing her to remain self-sufficient in more remote locations. In particular, they are an extremely skilled sailor and fisher, capable of navigating storms that would lead many others back to shore less the worse occur. Should she be threatened directly though they have proven to be exceptional in both Jeet Kune Do and the traditional Limalama.

Aquatic Adaptation: The user is capable of surviving and adapt to underwater environments, breathing normally, expanding their senses, unrestricted movement and enduring the extreme water pressures or temperatures at even the deepest points among other effects. This has also held the side effect of dramatically increasing both her strength and durability allowing for swimming at incredible speeds.
Hydrokinesis: Given their natural affinity the user can control water on mass, producing incredible amounts of force with speed potentially capable of taking down all but the sturdiest of ships. This ability has proven to be extremely versatile especially given the prevalence of moisture in the world.
Animal Intuition (Aquatic): They hold a natural affinity for the creatures of the waters both sea and inland. They highly intuitive when it comes to dealing with such creatures, being really good at reading, understanding, and staying in tune to their body language, able to solve many of their behavioral problems in an effortless way, and having unique insights into their psychology and behavior. This connection also appears to protect her from aggression from the more dangerous creatures within the water, being able to move freely without risk.


Appearance: Height: 6' 4", Weight: 240lbs

Brief History:
??? (Polynesian/Hawaiian)


Theme: ???

Daniel Reaving

Thirty Thousand Club
Viana S. Black

Codename: Sirius (after the Sirius star)




(see apperance photo)

Body Modifications/Implants*:
(would her powers count?)

Blood Type:

Viana grew up ha happy life with her mother and father, her dad being a scientist at a Well renown tech lab and her mother was a navy seal. When the bang happened, sending the magical dust all over the world her and her family weren’t effected at first. She was two at the time of the bang but it wasn’t until she was 4 that her powers surfaced. Her father had joined the black Templar’s two months prior to her mom and her finding out about her powers. Her babysitter had tried to molest her and ended up with two third degree burn handprints in his face. Then her mother came home. After beating the shit out of her babysitter her mother ran with her. Scared of her fathers new job and philosophy on the metas. After that they went into hiding, her mother training her on how to defend herself.

At the basics Sirius is a super analytical person. Cold and uncaring of anything but the facts needed in a situation which is the reason why many see her as a "judge" kind of person. uncaring of opinions or view points of others. add that with a Templar hating arsonist who holds a deep love of burning anything and everything to the ground and you have Sirius. other than that she is a very punctual and formal girl, speaking nicely and very elegantly, her clothing style is that of nice dress suit and outfits with her personal little flare. Once you delve past the anarchist she is a softer kind of person, still very analytical but she secretly loves to hear peoples opinions especially if they are good about her. At the same time though she dreams for someone that understands her, Someone she can call a friend and not have to be worried about driving them off.

Alliances: (Are there any people or organizations your character would call friend? This could be other players, or NPCs.)

Enemies: Black Templar’s

Heat Manipulation
Magma Manipulation
Heat Absorption
In addition to her abilities Sirius has an invulnerability to heat, fire, and lava/magma

Mastery of Power:
for the most part her powers are mastered though creating magma constructs are very crude designs and she has yet to perfect her technique

one limit is that her power is always around, forcing her to wear specially made gloves and boots to prevent her melting through everything she touches.
though she can control her body temperature she has a max it being 9,940K which is also the temp of the star she is named after, It is very hard for her to reach much farther than our sun though at this point in time and it takes a ton of energy and power to do.
though she has a mastery of her powers if she isn't careful she has been known to lose control in the form of uncontrollable creation of lava from her hands and feet.
another limit would be the inability to stop her powers, her arms and legs being volcanic rock as her arms transition into her hands and feet the rock quickly turns to a form of super heated magma.

master of hand to hand combat
expert at escape and evasion (fancy words for stealth)
great tactician
skilled in using pressure points to fight her enemies

Special gloves and boots resistant to her powers enabling her to grab and handle things that she wouldn't be able to without aka anything with a melting point less than the temperature of the inner core of our earth.
to only aid in combat Sirius carries around a container of Chlorine triflouride which she uses by pouring it over her hands igniting them in super heated flames or pouring it on an obstical then lighting it

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Callisto Thessaly


Alias: Phalanx

Age: 25

Gender: Female

The Myrmidons: Callisto is able to clone herself whenever one of her bones is broken, negating the damage and instead splitting into two separate entities. The conditions for the clones' intelligence vary. A singular clone has as much wit, reflex, and conversational prowess as Callisto herself. With 10, she has trouble doing anything intricate or complex that hasn't been well practiced. With 20 clones, Callisto cannot handle anything further than "hitting the thing in front of her". Any further than 20, she needs assistance getting pushed back together, as she can be considered to be incapacitated. Finally, if her clone were to ever learn a skill, when she absorbs them, she immediately learns that clone's skills, memories, and experiences.

Enhanced Mind: Callisto has an increased mental capacity and ability. She is smarter, more perceptive, and wiser than other people, to such an extent that she is able to retain all the information she gathers from her clones entirely. Callisto contains the knowledge and smarts of more than one person, without losing herself in the sea of voices and memories that has gathered in her mind.

Equipment: An ancient greek weapon, the Xiphos. It's a shortword that's designed for thrusting. In addition, she carries a modernized hoplon (commonly referred to as an aspis), a simple large shield that has been designed to be lighter and easier to use.

Her Xiphos. It has been modernized by her friend, Sam.
This is her Hoplon. It is relatively light, and can repel up to small arms. It's useful, but not indestructible.

Brief History: Callisto was a young girl when she first split. How young? Well, she was young enough to be mistaken to have had a twin at the time. But, of course, cloning only occurs when breaking a bone, so her mother very quickly fled from her father and gave birth to two identical girls. Olive skin, dark hair, brown eyes. Two of them, all the same. They shared many traits, even mannerisms with each other. Both twins, Callisto and Echo, participated in school all the same, enjoyed the arts all the same, and grew up all the same like any other set of twins.

Until one of them got into an accident.

Callisto got into an accident driving home from school. It was a bad crash, one that left her car wrecked. She was fine. The other driver was fine. The four or so 'sisters' were also fine, but unconscious. This had never happened to her before. Who were these people, and why did they look like her? She had to know. And when she tried to touch them, rouse them from unconsciousness, she found a surge of strength, and then pain as she found more scrapes and bruises on her body. She faded back to unconsciousness shortly after.

Her questions grew when she met her sister, who she explained her experience to. Both twins reacted in fear when they considered the circumstances with her sister, and both worried that one another might've been a clone of the other. Wisely, they chose not to make physical contact with each other for fear of losing the other sister. Together, they kept this secret.

It was a night on the town, and the two were unluckily pulled into an alleyway. It was a robbery. Echo was shot in the stomach for trying to resist. Callisto wasn't as lucky, and was shot in the chest, right in the ribs. This caused one of her ribs to shatter from the force of the lead being pushed into her, an entire human being popping into existence on top of the robber, leaving Callisto herself unharmed. With the clone and herself, she beat down the robber with her bare fists, wrestling the gun out of his hands and tossing it away, leaving him unconscious in the alley. With some amount of questioning and prodding, they figured out that this new clone had no idea of who they were, what their name was, or where they were. They just felt compelled to do things she heard in her head. Both sisters looked to each other once more, and after consideration, Callisto absorbed her, feeling that same familiar surge of energy, questions, and thoughts rush into her of confusion and rage.

Echo was still bleeding, and rapidly. Her blood slicked the ground, and her face grew pale. They both knew that she wasn't going to make it by the time the ambulance got there. In the spur of the moment, Callisto absorbed her sister, and a lifetime of experience came with it. All her thoughts, dreams, memories- everything rushed into her as she took her own sister's body into her own, erasing her entirely. By the time the ambulance came, they found a young woman, sobbing, with a mild wound in her thigh.

From then on, Callisto dedicated herself to not only stopping more situations like that from happening to anybody else, but to finding some way to recreate her lost sibling. Slowly, she has been training herself to give memories and skills to her clones, in the hopes that one day, she could impart enough of herself into a clone to revive her sister.

Personality: Callisto was the fiercer of the two sisters. She made sure to take self defence classes, participated in sports, and had a more headstrong personality overall. Callisto wanted nothing more than to become a professional soccer player before deciding to settle down for a more practical degree in the medical field, considering the amount of ambulance rides she's been on in her life. Juxtaposed to her was her sister, or what little pieces of her sister she can impose into her clones. Echo was shy, but incredibly smart all throughout her life. She was invariably better at talking to people as well, and often was the person people came to when they needed a creative take on something. Together, the twins could tackle just about everything they came across. With all of Echo's thoughts, memories, fears, desires, and secrets within herself, Callisto is capable of many more things she relied on her sister for, but often creates a clone to act as her given the situation.

-Lawbringer, she's accidentally fought before. The two got to know each other well after the fact.
-Soundwave hunts those who he seems are evil, and Callisto trusts his judgment.
-Jane always reminded her of that crash. Often, she would donate to her church, or directly to the selfless girl.

-The Templar have, and always will be an enemy to all supers.
-Millie Valentine has eaten a clone of hers before on one of her streams. She was able to subdue her somewhat, and "save" the clone. However, some part of her still lives on inside of that monster. She's never felt the experience of dying, but after absorbing a clone who had been chomped in half... It changes a person.
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