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Realistic or Modern Troublesome Idols (cs)

> Sho Sakurai [Black Rose] - Wandering Spirit Wandering Spirit
> Toru Sakata [Ech0] - honeycomb honeycomb
> Kenzo Yotoka [Ech0] - peachpuff peachpuff
> Soraru Akiyama [Ech0] - Singularity Singularity
> Katsuyoshi Marubeni [Black Rose] - Twin Fantasy Twin Fantasy

> Ryoko Fukushi - Robbie Robbie
> Emiko Hayashi - SleepySloth SleepySloth

[picture anime/art]

Full Name:
Stage Name:
[month, day]
Blood Type:

Idol Life
Unit or Solo? [if unit, which one?]
Reason for bad reputation:

[insert here]

[insert here]

[picture anime/art]

Full Name:
[month, day]
Gender: Female
Blood Type:

Assistant Life
Occupation: Assistant
Reason why they became an assistant:

[insert here]

[insert here]
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    Let´s meet in our dreams.

    FULL NAME | Sho Sakurai

    STAGE NAME | Sho

    AGE | 25

    BIRTHDAY | May 26

    HOROSCOPE | Gemini

    HEIGHT | 178cm

    WEIGHT | 74kg

    GENDER | Male


    RELATIVES | Parents [deceased] / Uncle [Rintaro Sakurai] and his wife [Mikoto Sakurai]


codedbycrucialstar | hover over big photo
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Formerly lemon
Sakata, ToruFirst Name: Toru || Last Name: Sakata || Stage Name: ToTo
Age: 21 || D.O.B: June, 8th || Gemini || Blood Type: B+
Height: 5'5 || Weight: 131 LBS || Male
Relatives: Manami Sakata (Mother, Deceased), Ren Sakata (Father)

UNIT: Ech0 || Position: Backup Vocal/Keyboardist/Co-Producer with Kenzo || Instrument: Keyboard
Reason for Bad Reputation: Toru has been in several dating scandals that were not true. He is a natural gentleman and helps people out, male or female, and sometimes it got dragged out of proportion. Recent scandals claim he is dating a male idol he is friends with and he has recevied heavy backlash for it.
Achivements: Ech0 is a popular J-Rock band in Japan that has performed many concerts, Ech0 has been on a few variety shows, Toru himself has stared in a few movies and commercials.

Dependable, conventional, and down to earth. He is also neat, hard-working, and controlled. He is not creative, but good at taking on the creative work of others and acting as a stabilizing force. His attention to detail brings a project to fruition.

He is outgoing, assertive, and talkative. He likes to make friends but prefers to stay within his own tribe of people, being most comfortable with those who are on his own wavelength. He likes being around people, and because he is organised and hard working, he has some natural leadership skills.He is polite, compassionate, and thoughtful. He goes out of his way to help people, focusing his sympathies on children, family, friends, and people he understands.

He tries hard to do the right thing by others. He strongly values politeness and can take offense easily. He likes people and is a good negotiator. He is often kind and goes out of his way for others, and as a result people tend to like him.

He is stable and content. Being organised and emotionally stable means he is rarely ever rattled by difficult situations and he tends to take big life-changing events in his stride. He rarely feels bad about his friendships and family relationships and because he is not sensitive, he bounces back easily from conflicts and difficult relationships.He is quite positive and stable. He is thoughtful and acts as a stabilizing force to those around him.

|| Extra ||
Signature: S. ToTo
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Cry baby

_C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S_

|| Full Name ||

Ryoko “Ryo” Fukushi

|| Age ||


|| Birthday ||

January 5th, 1997

|| Gender ||

Cis. Female

|| Blood Type ||


|| Relatives ||

Her baby sister {who isn’t quite a baby anymore} Hana, an idol in the makings.

Her grandmother, Chihiro Fukushi, their once loving caretaker who they are now taking care of

Her mother, Reina Fukushi who lives half way across the world and travels very regularly

Her young, sweet but incompetent stepmother {their parents are divorced} who unfortunately, lives close by. Her name is Yuri.

Her father, Hiro Fukushi..They don’t talk much anymore.

_A S S I S T A N T_L I F E_

|| Occupation ||

Personal Assistant

|| Achievements ||

Though there aren’t many tangible achievements in the assistance sector, Ryoko has gone as far as to be recognized as one of the best in her field, having worked with many, many people of high status, but not necessarily celebrities... Well, this should certainly be interesting.

|| Reason behind career choice ||

Her personal life has very much affected her occupational wants. She finds that she could be the person that she herself had needed when her own life was in complete disarray, only, for someone else this time.

_P E R S O N A L_

|| Personality ||

Like a drill sergeant... Ryo’s assisting methods may be a bit harsh to say the least {like that one time she quite literally slapped a man back into reality. Yeah, that was fun}. Although, she is understanding of certain circumstances and causes, she won’t allow anyone to be lazy, to be reckless... Especially when there’s a reputation on the line. However, despite her rather stern exterior, Ryo can actually be quite kindhearted and down to earth, as she isn’t just all work and no play, though it’s no surprise when she’s perceived that way. What can she say? She has her priorities, work coming first, obviously. Besides, all the woman wants is the best for others, for them to unleash their full potential

Although, apart from her work life, Ryo is a simple, quiet person. She prefers her distance, but still knows how to have fun. That, and she’s HIGHLY protective over the people close to her. Someone called her sister ugly? That person returned to school with a LOADED apology and fear written all over their face. Some fan doesn’t understand what personal space means? ...Let’s just say that Ryo could easily hold her own in a fist fight.

_E X T R A_

|| Quotes ||

“You’ll only watch TV once you’ve cleaned your room.”

“Well, somebody has to be the boss around here.”

“Look, I know this is hard and I know that you’re far from happy right now... But I believe in you, I’m rooting for you. You can do this, in fact, we can do it together.”

|| Playlist ||

|| Inspiration ||

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w i t c h y
FIRST NAME: Kenzo || LAST NAME: Yotoka
AGE: 22 || August 3rd || Leo
MALE || A+ Blood Type
HEIGHT: 5'7 || WEIGHT: 139 lbs
RELATIVES: Miu Yotoka (Mother), Akane Yotoka (Older sister/Fashion Designer), Daichi Yotoka (Father)
UNIT: Ech0 (6 member group) || Position: Vocalist || Instrument: None
REPUTATION: Recently Kenzo has been lashing out or cold to toward reporters asking about fellow bandmate ToTo's scandals. It has damaged his image as a idol and like caused more rumors to spread among gossip sites.
ACHIEVEMENTS: Ech0 is a popular J-Rock band in Japan that has performed many concerts, Ech0 has been on a few variety shows, Kenzo has modeled for 2 magazine companies and his sister's company, and stared in 1 commercial.
Kenzo is smart and unconventional. He is also laid-back, organized, and non-judgemental. Out of chaos comes genius, Kenzo is very creative and hardworking. Often neglecting sleeping or his health to finish projects or ideas.

He is outgoing, assertive, and talkative. He can make friends easily and has friends from many different backgrounds, he is able to get along with almost anyone. A lot of people find him fun to be around. Lifting the mood with his humor.

He likes being around people, but he does not have good leadership skills. He is passionate about music. Loyal and honest. Kenzo is known for his open and friendly nature, and it isn't often that he is cold. Does not have temper unless pushed.

He is messy and will often leave it to others to clean up after him. He likes to be the center of attention and gets his energy from being around others. He is stable and content. He is often inspired creatively by unusual events and encounters. Kenzo is laid-back about chaotic situations.

Full Name:
Katsuyoshi Marubeni
Stage Name:
April 12th
5 feet (152 cm)
125 lbs (57 kg)
Blood Type:
O Negative
Father (deceased), mother and older brother

Idol Life
Unit or Solo?
Unit à Black Rose
Bassist, backup singer
Reason for bad reputation:
Rudeness, stand-offishness, generally being a brat and showing up to work late or not showing up at all
A successful solo career on the side, a film role in a horror movie, generally being a role model for disabled people due to his poor hearing, a wide (albeit niche) fanbase

Beni has spent a lot of his life being seen as sensitive due to his being disabled. (He wears a hearing aid, but is considered legally deaf without it.) Perhaps that's why he grew into such a little bastard. Either that, or a fair amount of parental coddling. Regardless, Beni has a personality that most people wouldn't come near. He's flaky and passive-aggressive, preferring to play on his 3DS or watch TV than actually do work. He's not very personable and has a childish attitude towards everything, including his own fame, and he's under the (sometimes correct) impression that due to his status, he can essentially do whatever he wants. If you say something he doesn't like, often he'll turn his hearing aid off so he doesn't have to listen to you, and seems to have no interests other than gaming and cartoons.

It's not all negatives. Despite his shortcomings, Beni is extremely book-smart, and has a soft spot for animals, especially his pet bird Coco. Not to mention that he is an incredibly talented musician, to the point that he often doesn't bother showing up to practice because he "doesn't need to". Does he have some sort of demons within that prevent him from becoming the best version of himself, or is he just a shithead? It's hard to tell.

- He owns an eclectus parrot named Coco, who seems to be the only person he likes.
- He loves bubblegum, and is almost always chewing gum
- He has a large following of women who like his long hair
- His film role was as a ghost, where he was remarkable in his strangeness​
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Soraru Akiyama
Full name // Soraru Akiyama
Stage name // Sora
Age // 19
Birthday // October 31st
Horoscope // Scorpio
Height // 153 cm
Weight // 48 kg
Gender // Male
Blood type // AB negative
Relatives // Mom, Dad (deceased)

Idol life
Unit or Solo // Unit Ech0
Position // Vocalist and guitarist
Instrument // Guitar
Reason for bad reputation // Drinking, not listening to directions, getting into arguments
Achievements // He's known for his high ranged vocals and his sharp tongue. He's also modeled a bit and has been on a few variety shows with Ech0.

Soraru enjoys doing whatever it is that he wants, when he wants to. He adheres to his own schedule, and doesn't like when one has already been created for him. If he finds out that something like this has been done, he'll often times go out of his way to avoid doing whatever it is that the other person wants him to do. He pushes the buttons of others until they're at their limit and no longer wish to deal with him. Because he's done this so often, he has quite the way with words, and has become known for his sharp tongue. He doesn't care who it is that he's speaking to, as he'll insult his managers and the press alike. Sometimes even a fan that becomes too touchy will get a harsh glare directed towards them. Despite his rather aloof attitude, one will find that he's actually quite awkward, and bad at holding conversations for more than a few minutes at a time. He's especially weak towards people he considers nice and is persistent about said niceness, as he doesn't know how to handle compliments or anything close to one (there's also the fact that it reminds him of his dad). He gets into arguments a lot with others, practically anyone who's willing to go back and forth with him. He can have quite the temper, and deep down he knows it was because of his violent upbringing, but he'd never admit to it aloud.
He's also rather known for being tipsy quite often, as he likes to drink. When he's gotten a few drinks, he tolerates a lot more before lashing out, so a lot of people prefer/only want to deal with him once he's gotten alcohol in his system. Despite not adhering to the schedule of others, he's still hardworking, and is more often than not practicing guitar and his singing. Sometimes, if his mood is good enough, he'll even write a few lyrics to a song. He doesn't know if he's truly considered nice to anyone, but the closest he gets to it is with his fellow band mates (also children and elderly). He can still lash out at them every so often, particularly on a bad day, but it's a lot less than everyone else. They're the closest things he's got to friends (or family for that matter), and he tries to avoid spoiling his relationship with them. He still has the tendency to keep them at an arm's length, as he fears close relationships with others, specifically how messy that they can get.

Likes // Tea, Coffee, Sweets, Alcohol, The sky, Photography, Spicy foods, Ramen
Dislikes // Losing, Bitter foods, People he considers annoying, People he doesn’t know touching him, Being overwhelmed
Fears // His mom, Getting close to others

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  • Full Name: Emiko Hayashi
    Nickname: Emi
    Age: 21
    Birthday: July 22nd
    Gender: Female
    Blood Type: B-
    Relatives: Mother died when she was young in car accident. Father turned into an alcholic and dropped off the map after her death. Her grandfather took her in and cared for her.

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