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Fantasy Trinity, school for enhanced individuals OOC

Edric Blight

Gonna try and work on mine a bit tonight. If I don't finish it by then I'll definitely try and finish it up by tomorrow.

So sorry for the delay.


True Black Rose Beauty
They will, because Serena is a tech-savvy person while Levina is a living charger. ( Although, Levina will ask her to pay $5 for her electricity manipulation service, because she refused to be a charger for people's electronics behind her own. )
Note: Everybody should be worry about Levina's electricity manipulation, since everybody uses electronics to make their lives better. She would have the power to turn off the school's electricity if she wanted to. 😅
Tiguidi Tiguidi
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True Black Rose Beauty
You would be surprised what people will ask from an eletricity manipulation user. Electricity is everywhere after all. 😎
Dolores's power involves with electronics, because they use Radio Reception.


True Black Rose Beauty
Me: *Sees what the Computer Science class is.* Why do I have a bad feeling about Levina accidentally causing trouble in that class, because of her electricity manipulation? 🤔
Computer Science: principles of handling, utilizing, programming, and crafting computers and electronics.

Levina: Her power can manipulate electricity.


Yukari is <3
Since my character isn't really needed at the current moment, I'll make some changes to my character sheet before it's too late.

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