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Diana Campbell
During the flight to the school, Diana managed to get a little shut eye. She took a very brief nap and woke up but continued to keep her eyes closed, letting them rest. She didn't need to open her eyes to know the plane had landed and they had finally arrived at their new school. She could feel the aircraft's wheels hit the ground and roll until they came to a stop, It was then that she revealed her bright blue eyes that shined like sapphire jewels.

Some of her other peers were quick to get off as a rush of students raced off the plane as soon as they were dismissed. The red-haired girl herself, eventually stood and exited the plane. The landing site was sprinkled with both students and teachers. Swarms of teenagers aimlessly wandered around trying to find their class while the adults tamed and directed them to where they were supposed to go. Diana's gaze fell to a small piece of paper she held in her hand.

"PT." Following the various signs and directions from the teachers, Diana trailed in behind the rest of the students making their way to PT.

Once inside the building, she was exposed to all the things one would in a typical high school. The halls were filled with childish banter and obnoxious laughter. It didn't really bother her though since she paid it no mind. She casually strolled down a corridor until she came across the PT room. As she was about to open the door, she could feel the chilled air brush against her skin.

She paused for a moment, confused as to why it would be that cold in the room so she just assumed it was a naturally cold room. The door to the PT room opened and in came Diana. She took note of the obstacle course and various students moving through it. She glanced up and noticed the hologram giving them instructions. She chose not to waste any time and immediately got started on the course.

She kinda liked obstacle courses. More like she liked being active and she was pretty flexible. She donned the equipment required for them to wear and began flying through the course. Her scarlet red hair flowed behind her as she breezed through the course. She had always been naturally athletic and agile. It wouldn't be long until she had caught up with the students who had started before her.


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With the students already being put well through their paces on their first day of PT, all Dolores had left to do was shrug and adjourn herself back to the faculty wing until it came her turn to teach. Just as well, she could laze around a bit longer. Quite the motley bunch this batch was, but there was never a group of mutants that wasn't. Back during her...naughtier days, Dolores had gotten quite familiar with the mutants and other super-beings active during that time, regardless of their affiliation. That, in fact, hadn't changed much as she stuck to her obligation of continuing to spy on the criminal networks across the world.

And now...she'd even gotten access to the files of up and coming students. That zappy girl looked kind of familiar, and she'd make sure to make Frosty sweat a bit more. Sure, maybe she was short, but that didn't mean he had to SAY it.

"Roentgen, honey. Bring up some of those files."

Dutifully, the drone beamed out a holographic interface in front of her, allowing her to swipe through them.

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By the time she reached the office, she was quite satisfied with the results of her sifting through the available information on her little batch of students. Noticing Alex monitoring the PT class, she twirled and fell into one of the chairs near them.

"Heya bonebag! My money's on Speedy and Script Kiddie." She quipped, pointing at Elise and Serena's profiles. "Nerds always gotta learn how to pull their weight. Except me, of course."

she giggled. "they don't let me have any money, but I'll give you like...some skull wax or something."

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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
"Good luck to you too."

Elise greeted back the girl before focusing herself towards the track course. Just as she planned, she would do this steadily. The girl paced herself into a jog and calmly passed the obstacles smoothly one by one. Everytime she felts cold she would start rubbing the cold part with her hands very quickly. She kept her expression dull and flat but her eyes were darting left and right to see how the other students pass their obstacles. She's clearly interested.

There's some like her who simply use their physical ability to finish the track as best as they can and then there's some whose powers really benefitted them in this kind of challenge. She was especially curious of that boy who started out slow but then gradually became almost flying through the obstacles with some impossible acrobatic feats. Though, his power wasn't the thing that caught her attention, rather, she could feel the boy was really enjoying himself there. Elise envied people like that. People who can let their passion take over their actions. Ever since her power manifested she hadn't been able to feel much thrill, and worse, her father said that feeling would become stronger as time goes on, and the only thing they can do was get used to it.

Letting out a deep sigh, Elise picked a block of ice from the floor and rubbed it on her face to keep her from thinking too much. She must kept her focus, but if she took too long her mind would undoubtedly start to wander around. So she picked up her pace, and changed her jog to a run. She couldn't defy gravity like that boy but after gathering enough momentum Elise would let the frozen floor to push her forward, using the slippery floor and her sense of balance to glide across the PT room. It didn't take long for her to pass the few last obstacles and reached finish line, twisting her ankle to kill her momentum in a manouver akin to a professional ice skater.

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While the music helped Serena focus on the course, she couldn’t help but glance at the other students while they were making their way toward the end. Everyone, with a few exceptions, seemed to be within their own head as well -it was the first day of school so were they really to blame for not being immediate social butterflies? ’And let’s be honest, I’d rather have a friendly conversation somewhere warm… With that being said, though, having gloves rule! … Even if it’s still cold…’

Serena didn’t have any particular problems doing the course as she had taken some time early on to study the obstacles. She was nowhere near as proficient as some other students, though. ’Speaking of proficiency…’ Serena furrowed her brows in curiosity as she noticed one of the boys who passed her earlier suddenly slowed down to allow others to run past him. She had to suppress a quiet laugh. She totally understood the desire to stay unnoticed despite being good at something. ’Though I’m afraid that everyone already noticed him, hehe…’

Her train of thought got interrupted right as she reached the end as a crackle of electricity was heard behind her. Another girl, on her way to finish the course, was quite literally coated in an electrical aura, most certainly an effect of her power (part of Serena actually forgot that everyone here had the M-Gene, oops…). “Ooh, flashy~”, she softly commented. Now that the obstacle course was over, now that she actually stopped moving, Serena’s body slightly shivered, the cold catching up to her. Despite the freezing temperature, it was a surprisingly nice warmup! … Though she feared what they’d be doing in the future if this one course was the very first…

Waiting a few seconds to allow the electricity to get discharged, Serena stepped forward to greet her fellow blonde. “Hey! You okay? That looked like a pretty mean discharge there.”

Brows slightly furrowing at the lack of response, Serena took a step closer, letting out an 'ah...' once she realized she likely wouldn't receive an answer from the other girl. "Um... do we have a nurse?", she asked anyone nearby. Her hands slowly approached Levina's body, in fear of receiving an electric jolt, but it fortunately didn't happen as the metal bar took care of discharging it. Removing the training equipment (after removing her own), Serena tried to balance the unconscious girl's body by moving a hand above her shoulder. What a first day, huh...

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Silas Alberona
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Silas was doing his best trying to get through the obstacle course. The cold metal pressing on his skin didn’t help at all. At least he had a somewhat athletic body to help him maintain his ability. He continued forward, trying his best not to falter behind his classmates. He decided to use his ability from now on to get ahead. He focused his ability into his arm. As much as he hated using his ability, it was necessary to continue forward. The course itself was challenge. Each obstacle being more daunting than the last. “A few minutes left. Just gotta hang on for awhile.”

After a few trials and tribulations through the obstacle course, the end was visible. Silas sighed in relief as this ordeal was coming to an end. “Finally, this was quite the workou-ACK!” A sharp pain shot up his arm. He looked down at his shifted arm. The arm itself was pulsing, as if it was writhing in pain. Silas focused and shifted it back to normal. “That would’ve been a problem if held it much longer. The pain is minimal, at least.” He proceeded forward trying not to be bothered by the pain. Once he finally got through the last stretch and to the end, panted heavily. He looked around at the students. He noticed a girl holding another girl on her shoulder asking for a nurse, he decided try and help them, as well to get acquainted with his classmates. He cleared his throat and spoke up. “Perhaps you should find the teacher first. Maybe they know where to find a nurse.”

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31b5dee3c9d699fdf1b8b07d056053f2.jpg"Trial by fire again, hm?"

The words were spoken by a large figure at the door. Whereas the lighting might lead some to assume it was the P.T. teacher, a closer look would reveal that this large man was incredibly different to the holographic projection of Mr. Jenkins they'd all seen upon entering. When he arrived and how long he'd been watching the students attempt the obstacle course was unknown, but the clipboard he had in one of his large hands indicated he must've been a member of school admin at least.

That was practically the only thing teacher-like about him. Everything from his suit to his scars screamed criminal, and the humored expression he held didn't help. While drumming his fingers along the clipboard, a far smaller figure poked her head past him to see inside.

1b6453bef3d3_grotty2.png"Apologies, but this... room seems far too cold for fire." the odd girl at his side spoke as her dagger-like teeth clacked together repeatedly from her shivering.

"That it is, Angie, that it is." the large man nodded "But its also cold enough for a full-on endurance test, so why don't ya join your classmates?"

"Ah..." the bright lure on her head seemed to glow a bit brighter at that "My path has been corrected then. Many thanks, Mr. Sinclair."

She made for the weights as Mr. Sinclair entered and let the door close behind him. It had been cure coincidence that the two had run into each other as they did. Sinclair was off to aid the P.T. class as usual, only to find the angler girl attempting to eat her way through a water fountain. Collecting the lost student and returning her to her first class was relatively straightforward, it was on the way after all.

Sinclair often stayed nearby during P.T. class. While he never truly doubted the Teacher's capability, a Nurse on hand during physical activities such as that was never a bad thing. Besides, it wasn't like there was much else for him to do on the first day anyway. His office was prepped and ready, he'd had his mid-morning glass of carbonated lime water, and his early yoga session had been completed expertly. It was only natural he'd want an idea of the new students he'd be helping look after during their stay at Trinity.

So he kept track of the students as they attempted the obstacle course, keeping track of physical abilities as well as M-gene related advantages. As he did so, he glanced down towards his clipboard occasionally to keep track of who was who.

Between the biting cold and the numerous obstacles, Sinclair could already see several students faltering at certain portions. Yet there were others who attacked the challenge with an enthusiasm that Sinclair was certain Mr. Jenkins would appreciate.

Wallace and Melinda had been early starters if their progress was any indication, and it seemed they had stricken up conversation with each other amidst the course. They were in the minority it seemed, as most of the other students seemed solely focused on completing the course. Jacob, Daniel and Elise all kept their approach straightforward from what Sinclair could see, maintaining their pace and focusing on clearing the Obstacles in a timely fashion once they reached them.

And then there was Levina.

Student after student passed her by, but not because she was bad at the obstacles. It was more like her power seemed to fundamentally disagree with how the course was set up. Over and over again she had to endure the shock of her own ability, but she kept on going. Sinclair eyed his notes on her several times, only for his attention to be torn back to Daniel as he broke from his methodical approach and sped through the remaining obstacles in a sudden flurry of effort.

Maybe the cold finally got to him?

Either way, Elise finished soon after with a small flourish of fancy footwork to kill her speed.

A good number of students had finished, so Sinclair pushed away from the wall beside the door and approached as he turned his gaze to the very end of the pack. He raised an eyebrow upon noting that Angie had donned several times the number of weights she was supposed to, and was slowly stumbling and flailing her way through every obstacle she came across.

She wasn't the only one having difficulties; Despite completing the course, Levina passed out against an obstacle after discharging her electricity. Two other students who had finished, Silas and Serena, immediately took note of her condition and began discussing getting a teacher.

Which Sinclair considered his cue.

While approaching, he took note of another late arrival tearing through the course. Unlike the haphazard calamity that was Angie crashing and stumbling through obstacle after obstacle with numerous weights clanking all over her, Diana had practically caught up with the rest of the class using intense athleticism.

Something else John would appreciate no doubt.

"Ask and you shall receive." he declared, nodding to Silas and Serena whilst approaching the end of the obstacle course "Mr. Sinclair, here to give care."

Kneeling to get a better look at Levina, he quickly flipped through pages of his clipboard so he could examine her profile "Though, might be Sparkplug here just needs some R&R after lighting herself up like that."

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Johnathan Jenkings

"Gehehe.." Up above the obstacle course was a high balcony where Johnny stood. Seeing as most of the students were beginning to finish up, it was nearing time for his debut. Johnny bent his knees before springing off the balcony. He landed on the floor before the finished students with a bang that made the ground tremble under his feet. The light reflecting off his shades gave them a warm, yet cool glint.

One corner of his mouth crept up at the sight of his class and a special guest. "Sinclair, my old friend. Ah, what a glorious sight." Johnny eyed his class with a proud smirk. "Greetings, students! And congrats on completing the course. I hope it wasn't too taxing for you because that was barely an example of what you'll be expected to do in this class." He bent his head down slightly so that his eyes could be seen above his shades. "Yes, that's right. Welcome to PT. Otherwise known as Physical Training, course of strength and hope unlimited. Of strong wills, athleticism and finesse unsurpassed. In here, I'll make you fit to survive out there." He gestured towards the outside of the school. "Ah, where are my manners? My name is Johnathan. Johnathan Jenkings. You'll refer to me as Mr. Jenkings." Johnny scanned the room for the remaining participants traversing the obstacle course before returning his gaze to the finished students.

"If you've completed the obstacle course, I'm supposed to send you to your Dorms so you can sort that stuff out so you're free to leave." A mischievous grin stretched across his face. "I'll see you all soon enough." He turned and stuffed a hand into his pocket while leaving the other to wave everyone off. "And thanks for all the help Sinclair! Doubt I'd still be on the payroll if it weren't for you."

Location - PT Room, Trinity
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That one guy

“Er, yes! Yep, finding a teacher sounds good!”, Serena replied to her male classmate with a sheepish chuckle. It would be a bit difficult to find a person behind a hologram, though…

She fortunately wouldn’t have to wait too long as an adult entered the room once everyone finished -one didn’t need to be a genius to figure out this man was a part of Trinity’s staff. ’Mr. Sinclair.’, Serena noted when the new appearance mentioned his name. ‘Here to give care’ sounded like a very nurse-y catchphrase so that was a good sign.

Kneeling down to let Levina kneel on the wall, Serena let Mr. Sinclair do his little examination. Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad. “Whew, that’s good…”, Serena breathed out. “It was a bit surprising to see her go all ‘spark shower’ on us, hehe…”

Perking up with a light ‘Gahh…!?’ at a crashing sound behind her, Serena turned around, finally recognizing the hologram man. ’Mr. Jenkings… Sheesh, are all teachers here giants…? Ah, no, there was Doppler -er, Madam Mezner…?’ Speaking of which, since the students were being given a bit of free time, maybe now would be a good time to go see the smaller teacher.

With Levina in good hands and the others doing their thing, Serena swiftly walked out of the classroom, breathing out a sigh of relief as warmth enveloped her body. She had almost forgotten how cold it was inside that class…

Ignoring the ache that made itself known in her legs from all the running, Serena took out the small pink paper Doppler had given to her a while ago when the plane landed. “Alright, where to…?”

While making her way toward the location indicated on the paper, Serena made sure to take mental note of any interesting location she came across on the way, from where the cafeteria was, where some of the classrooms were and, most importantly, where all the vending machines were. She couldn’t function without her dose of crackers and/or iced tea, after all.

Finally spotting the room she needed to go to, Serena cleared her throat before gently knocking on the door. “Um, Madam Mezner? It’s Serena -er, Serena Martin. I’ve got a bit of free time for the, um, evaluation thing.”

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Dolores flopped back into the seat in her own office with an audible "phew". To think they had her be the one to roll out the welcome wagon for the new batch. Probably was part of the old man's plan to "rehabilitate" and "socialise" more. She didn't need that. She talked to people in her old job all the time! Of course, that talking was mostly of the type that involved leaking information to everyone's worst enemies, or pitting inconvenient people against each other...but still. And then she monitored their very first PT class...looked like they had the usual spread of tough types with something to prove, and little wimps who had to learn to pull their own weight. Especially that Sparky who knocked herself out. It was a little disappointing that the rest of the faculty had vetoed her suggestion to test them against the combat drones she modified, but there'd be plenty of time later in the term for that.

As she idly kicked her legs, she took a moment to consider the monitor strapped to her ankle. Sure, she could easily remove it and spoof her location long enough for her to commandeer one of the vehicles off the island. But...being on the island would be far safer for her than anywhere else. They didn't let her handle money or sensitive information but hey, they had internet access. Not that they could deny it to her even if they wanted to.

Just then, a knocking came from the door.

“Um, Madam Mezner? It’s Serena -er, Serena Martin. I’ve got a bit of free time for the, um, evaluation thing.”

With that, Dolores waved her finger, causing the door to slide open and shut quickly behind Serena as she walked in.

"Oh, welcome welcome!" Instantly shifting to her smugly superior mode, Dolores swiveled in her chair to face Serena (she always liked spinning in it). A camera on a metal arm panned down from the ceiling, peering intently at Serena as Dolores scrolled over a holographic display with her fingers. "Right, Script Kiddie...I mean, Serena. No cybernetics, no M-gene signatures other than your own...uh-huh..."

She smiled, gesturing with her sleeve to the chair on the opposite side of the desk. "Glad you could make it. Thankfully, you weren't so caught up with all your new friends you forgot to come." Though she certainly looked like she wouldn't have minded much, all the better to spend more time on things she actually wanted to do. "But since you're here...I'm going to figure out just what you're capable of. I'll just give you a few things, say two or three..." Pulling out one of the drawers in her desk, she scrabbled around a bit, trying to find an appropriate target.

"Ah...here, a nice baseline! Nothing too complex for you, I hope..." In Dolores' palm was a wooden cube that looked a bit large in her hand, with a seam on one end. She tossed it onto the desk like a die, and when Serena opened it she would find that it was in fact a music box whose cylinder was made to play a short section of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies.

Dolores tented her fingers, smiling across the desk at Serena. "Go ahead. Work your magic."

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U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
31b5dee3c9d699fdf1b8b07d056053f2.jpgAfter slipping his clipboard into a compartment of his suit jacket, Sinclair squatted down before carefully removing Levina from the metal obstacle. Though her injuries weren't severe, the freezing temperature of the room would slow her recovery. He needed to move her outside, even if that meant she wouldn't get the same climactic intro to her teacher that everyone else did. As he was working, Johnny had decided to make his entrance by sailing down from some balcony above and crashing feet-first into the floor in a display of durability that Mr. Sinclair would've been concerned over if it had been done by anyone else.

But no, Johnathan Jenkins was more than sturdy enough for such displays.

Mr. Sinclair stood with Levina in his grasp as Johnny made his introductions to the students, some looking worst for wear after completing the course and others looking as though they could go a few more rounds. They were dismissed after the introduction, with Serena leaving first as though she was expected elsewhere.

Sinclair made for the door as well, only to hear Johnny call his name and thank him.

"Meh, its nice to have something to keep me on my toes."
he continued towards the door whilst giving him a nod "Though here's hoping-"

"M-Mr. Sinclair?"

Pausing, he turned back to find Angie right behind him, wincing immediately at the sight of her. Though 1b6453bef3d3_grotty2.pngher voice maintained that same even tone, her arms were still weighed down by too many weights and her face had several new bruises. It quite literally looked as though she had smashed against every obstacle on the course.

"I've finished..." her large, red eyes blinked several times "W-What now..?"

"Now, you take a breather outside." Sinclair nodded towards the door before looking past her to the rest of the finished students "That goes for the rest of you too, come warm yourselves up a bit, eh?"

He stepped outside, taking in a breath of the more reasonable room temperature of the halls of Trinity before turning his attention to Levina. Even with Angie in the state she was in, he definitely needed to ensure the Spark Plug was up and at em.

Flexing his fingers a bit, he sat her against a wall and gave her head a few rubs, letting his power work its magic and get to fixing her up. A shadow drew closer, and he glanced over to see Angie still following him like a shadow.

"Just a second, okay?" he nodded towards Levina "Shouldn't take long for me to finish up with this one."

Angie nodded, but her vacant expression gave Sinclair pause. He couldn't dwell on it, once he was done with treating his charges he could ponder oddities all he wanted.

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