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Trial By Fire - Exalted 2e IC Thread

Dice System
Exalted 2.5


Three Thousand Club
Aredin lands with the globe dispersing into his palm. He makes a show of straightening out his clothes and stretching. It's a trip the circle has made many times but the journey still wears upon one's nerves. Now it was time to get down to business and see just how the silver pact intended to confront this threat.

For a time he walked the streets of Rathess examining the state of repairs given the last year and greeting the many reptilian faces he'd come to appreciate as loyal subjects.

Eventually, when notified of their unannounced followers, Aredin lets out an audible sigh. "Do you two mind explaining what you're doing stalking us in my city? You do realize that the lunars are here as guests, don't you?"

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D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
"Shall I deal with them, my Lord?" Ragnar asked Ariden while eyeing these roguish stalkers. He wasnt worried that the King couldnt handle it. But it was indeed polite to offer given his swearing of fealty.

The giant of a man looked over the two with a very stern eye. Given the rising of prominence of the King and Queen. It never hurt to he skeptical, it was more than expected that exalts would be sent after them more often than not.


Princess Psychie
Darian smiles at the fierce reaction of her husband and Ragnar. In a soft voice, she says, "Let us not be too hasty in being aggressive. Perhaps there is a reason for them to be wanting to follow us?" Turning to the pair, she asks, "My Lord and husband Aredin has asked a question of you, and it would behoove you to answer before he loses his temper."


Luna's Concubine
The man at least has the good form to look abashed when he is confronted, and the young girl looks more surprised than anything, probably was not expecting to have been spotted. The man looks at Aredin, and says, "Uh, Lord Aredin? I am Jontom, and I don't quite know what to say . . . Ever since I arrived in the city, for some reason, I have been drawn to you. It is a feeling like nothing I have ever felt before."

As the man is talking to Aredin, the young girl is focused on Darian. She manages to stumble out the comment of, "You knew I was there? How? I mean, I don't intend any harm to you. I am feeling the same sensation as Jontom is describing, but about you." She looks at Darian with a shocked expression, wondering how she was spotted.

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
Despite being slightly apprehensive, Ragnar relaxed his stance at Darians request with a grunt. They were aware now, and when they talked, they certainly seemed more like kids than a danger.

Ragnar couldnt help but chortle,"Drawn to you. Have some mates form the moon now too do you?" He teased at Aredin and Darian, "You two becoming very popular. I'm almost jealous."


Three Thousand Club
Aredin looked to Darian and Ragnar with a shrug. "Well I can't really help that. You'll find yours soon enough Ragnar. Either way, Jontom and young miss... I am Aredin and the beautiful one is my beloved bride Darian. You two know anything about how things have been here in Rathess in our absence? I am curious about what you and your peers' outlook is presently, given recent catastrophes and all that."

D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball
"Well, the odds arent in my favor, young master. I wasnt being all that serious. And even should it come to pass, I've lost too much to even begin to think about how to react to such a thing."

He patted Aredin on the back, "If you are confident you will not need me, I shall leave you two in relative privacy. No since in me waiting around as the third wheel." Ragnar said kindly. "And unless you have anything specific you would like, I am going to check in with Ram and Hax."

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