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Trial By Fire - Exalted 2e IC Thread

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Aredin would walk with Darian and Kuridin over to the tower, showing his brother to a guest room before heading down to the general conference room. "Ah yes, Ram, can you send some guards to go let the other Solars know we are ready to meet? I've got good news for them. Soon I will announce it to the town, but they should be here in person before that."


One Thousand Club
"Have you all forgotten something? Lookshy and the Scavenger Lands were able to resist the Scarlet Empress in the past, without the help of Solars, and before the Scarlet Empire weakened itself through its infighting. They can do so again." Annika said to her thieves emphatically, while everyone was gathered inside the bar of her headquarters. Morale had dropped quite a bit once everyone learned that the Scarlet Empress had returned, and Annika was trying to get it back up.

"That doesn't mean that Gwynnin itself won't fall." said one of the thieves near the front of the room.

"Aredin would end things with Darian and marry one of the Fair Folk before he let anything happen to his people and domain." replied Annika. "And if this town and Rathess both fall...we're thieves. We can head somewhere else, and start over. But that's only a last resort."

The discussion would then be interrupted by the arrival of one of the guards bearing a message for Annika. The Night caste took it, read it, and thanked the guard before turning back to her people. "Aredin wants all of the Solars to meet with him. Presumably we're all going to figure out what to do about the Scarlet Empress."

"I'm going to head over there now. You lot, keep your chins up while I'm gone, okay? We will make it through this."

With that, she left.

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Heaven nods to Sirocco. "Of course, Sev. Just a moment..." He replies, closing his eyes as he reaches out with his essence and calls for Moroeth's aid in the matter.

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