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Multiple Settings Travel's Partner Search ~ Lil Bit of Everything|


plant mom💐
Hello!~ I am Danny and I am looking for a long-term role play partner :) I am fairly good at matching post length with my partner, but it has to be two or more paragraphs, with five or more sentences within. I require my partner to have good grammar and punctuation, and I will let you know if you don't meet my requirements.
I do not role play sexual scenes as I do get uncomfortable with them, and they are against RPN rules, but that aside I do require my partner to be of 18 years or older because I am 19.
I am very open to being a certain character, but I do prefer to play female in a MxF setting, I'd rather not double up but if you have a good setting then maybe I will. Same goes for MxM or FxF I can play those too depending on the scenario, I also do have some pairings.

Here are some pairings! Bold is what I'm craving right now

|Teacher x Student
|Gang leader x College student
|Rock star x Groupie
|Violinist x Dancer
|Partier x Partier
|Stranger x Stranger
|Bad boy x Good girl
|Amputee x Ex bestfriend
|Rockstar x Rising Star (A Star is Born)

Fantasy ~
|Prince x Commoner
|Survivors on inhabited planet
|Slave x War leaders daughter
|Thief/Assassin x Victim
|King's Assassin x Prince
|Cyborg x Prince
|Wizard x Witch (maybe magic school)

|Dauntless x Dauntless
|Abnegation x Dauntless
|Rebel x Guard

The 100:
|Grounder x Sky Person
|Grounder x Grounder
|Sky People - two of the 100 teens
|Mountain Man x Sky Person

Hunger Games:
|District 12 x Guard (outside arena)
|District 7 x District 1 (inside arena)
|Mentor x Player

Vampire Diaries:
|Vampire x Human
|Vampire x Vampire
|Doppelganger x Vampire

The Host:
Host x Human
Human x Human

Passenger x Worker
Poor x Rich
Rich x Butler (has potential for story before the ship)

|Girl x F - M Trans
| Rich girl x Hood girl
| the 100 (like Lexa and Clarke)
|Foster kid x Foster sibling

Plots: (my character is Character A)
#1~ Character A has spent years bounced around in foster homes, each and everyone just as horrible as the last, which has led Character A to develop trust issues with everyone she meets. So, going into her new home, she has little to to expectations... until she finds out they'e the perfect family. Character B has been with the family for forever, and although he is not one of their own he is accepted as if he is one. And, he has been with them long enough to know the rules. Which means he can't go for any of the other fosters. Which he found easy to comply with until he met Character A.

#2 ~ Character A just moved to New York, the Big Apple, to attend school at the Broadway Dance Center. Her goal is to become a famous ballet dancer, with a big name, in NYC. She can't let anything get in her way... Or so she thought. One night when she was on her way home a thug jumped her, attempting to steal her purse and harm her. But when someone chances the thug off, she meets him, Character B, a street dancer who lives in the subway. Little does she know her life is going to be flipped upside down.
(more may be thought of later)
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