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Fandom Traveler's Promise || 1x1 [PRIVATE]

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- Landscape with a view of a port city, Egidius Sadeler

Explorer's Port - The Gjinka Pokémon world

The hustle and bustle of the port was nothing new to explorers and guild members. After all, if groups will bother you this much, how will you handle a Monster House in a dungeon? That's certainly a nasty surprise...among other things that can happen while outside the towns and villages. Regardless, it was just past noon, with the sun casting shadows over the buildings- Kecleons running shops, a Persian who ran the bank, a corner store run by a pair of Klefki who opened locked boxes from the Guild, plenty of move tutors...and the ever-famous Adventurer's Guild, run by a Kangaskhan. This was the headquarters of every other Adventurer's Guild that opened up around the world abroad, following the rules and law of this one Guild.

While Emil had lived here all his life, the Guild was still very intimidating to him. While his father is a part of one of the few teams to ever achieve Master Rank in the Guild, most poké's knew that the Axew had big shoes to fill, and he felt very unprepared for this. Sliding along an alleyway, Emil put those thoughts away as he approached the center square; gjinkas shouting their wares to returning explorers, a few resting along the old stone fountain right smack dab in the middle. The Axew made his way to an open spot at the fountain, and sitting on the edge of it, glanced about for the signature roof of the Guild.

"Aha!" Emil quietly spoke as the domed roof of the Adventurer's Guild could be seen above the rest. Since his father gave word that his son would be joining the Guild, expectations were running high and Emil was, after all, to be expected to enlist there. But he still couldn't shake the feeling of nervousness- despite his father's status, Emil didn't have many friends, and fewer still had wanted to come with him to become an Exploration Team.

In the end, Emil was alone...sitting on the edge of a fountain by himself, making final adjustments to his attire and mindlessly fiddling with the edges of his outfit.

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Enter Andy, the teen looks around with wonder at this explorers Port. While he had an idea of what the port looked like, the sheer amount of gijinkas roaming around, the size of the area, and then there is the guild building itself looming in the distance.

The guild is run by a Kangaskhan that most knew as the spider. Why that odd moniker for her? Who knows? Andy certainly didn't, this is the first time he has seen the building, his parents were lower middle class farmers of Tidal Town that aided in providing berries for most of the region given the huge meadow made for farmland. Nonetheless, he is excited, " Exploring new areas, finding treasures and helping those that need it. I can't wait " he thinks to himself as he gets closer to the building.

He then remembers a very basic thing concerning explorations, "I need a team" j from here, he would gaze around the area; most not even paying attention to him, caught up in their own businesses. It's here Andy sees another Gijinka sitting on the edge of a fountain by himself. Perhaps he is looking for a partner as well? The Azurill Gijinka would slowly make his way to the fountain, " Hello, are you perhaps looking for a partner to form a team?" The teen smiling gently as he awaits his answer.

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