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Poetry Trashy poems for my trashy self written at a trashy hour trash


Never try. Never fail.

If coughing up petals is a disease,
then I consider myself terminal.

If the only cure is to remove what's left of you,
then I consider myself abnormal

If I cherish every bloodied tulip I cough up,
then I consider myself suicidal

(Inspired by the Hanahaki Disease)


Never try. Never fail.

Demons from the infernal dictionary,
from imps to unimaginable horrors.

Fighting over what is left of my essence,
waiting to taste the desperation.

The abyss of sorrow
I have accumulated
as the years went by.


Never try. Never fail.

Your eyes like sunrise.

Your lips like sunsets.

Beginning till end.

I look for you.


Never try. Never fail.

His heart was a weak fragile thing,
seemingly determined to always fall in love,
and always be hurt.


Never try. Never fail.

I am only worth as much as you think I am,
my handle made for your hands.

kneeling on ragged bed rocks,
As I crawl to you.

As If I'm asking for penance to the false god,
just to kiss your feet.

Because that's all I am and will ever be to you.

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