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Hey! It’s been a bit, hasn’t it? I’ve been in a cloud of lacking creativity for a while, and I wanted to put an interest check out. A little about myself, well, I’m a 23 year old male. I have a full time job, but I am able to I respond at least once a day.. If it ever reaches to the issue where I can't respond, I will let you know. This is gonna be an action/adventure roleplay where we are both trapped inside an online video game. The only way to escape is to beat the game and it's almost impossible alone. I'm on board with romance, but I'm cool with something platonic as long as it's interesting. I also like blossoming romance. The slower clinching and drawn out, the better. I can play both genders easily so I'm open to everyone. If you're interested now, feel free to message me and I can give you plot details. Here are a few rules for being my partner.

  • Semi-lit to lit. Absolutely no one-liners.
  • Please be able to world build and communicate with me
  • Put effort and part into the roleplay such as coming up with ideas, coming up with a plan, playing side characters
  • Be friendly and understanding
  • 3rd person writing please!
  • Express yourself to me without hesitation, if I do something you don’t like, just say it.
  • Be mature
  • Have fun with me! Don’t be afraid to send memes or joke around OOC!
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(This roleplay is partially inspired by SAO. I liked the premise of it but it felt really rushed. So i'm hoping this would be a good way to see how it could've been.)


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Ok, well I’m willing to rp, except I’m not gay, and I don’t have a female oc to play, and i don’t want you to think you have to play a female character


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I am interested if you're still looking! [Can provide verification of roleplaying qualifications in PM]


I could be interested in this storyline. What your thoughts be on my playing a male character who chose a female avatar on the storyline, and is "trapped" that way. If interested send me a message with your thoughts and more detail... I should add that I am looking for an "advanced" partner who can write six to nine paragraphs easily per post, and post a couple of times per week.


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Most I’ve done for paragraphs is four but I can attempt to do six. Shoot me a PM and we can talk about it more.


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Hey if this is open I’d be down. I’m a guy, but I can always double if you’re in the mood for romance or it can be platonic as you said. I’m also down for world building


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Hiya! I have been in a rut of low creativity too and haven't done much in about a year (swept up by life and work!) If you're interested in roleplaying with this premise still I'd be SO down! I have lots of OC's to choose from that are all very well developed in their own right. Check my bio for a bit about me too if you want!
Let me know!


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I would be interest in a platonic relationship!

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