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Fandom Transformers Animated RP


Anyone want to do a RP based on Transformers Animated set years after the series?
I have a OC who's Sari's son so I'd be him and others like Optimus unless you'd really want to be him.

We can discuss some kind of plot if you want or one I've thought of

One idea I had was a Animated version of Jhiaxus leads a team of Cons on Earth to take it over.

How they got there is after the end of animated Sentinel and Optimus are both in line to become the next Magnus so to try and get the people to like him even know he sends all Decepticons they have in prison (accept Megatron) in a special prison ship away to make those scared of having them on world like him more but if course it goes wrong and ends up on earth and Jhiaxus believes Megatron is not a good leader and that Cybertron is a lost cause and wants to rule other worlds starting with earth
So Optimus gets a crew to head back to earth to stop them.
Thinking earth and Cybertron cut ties as a way to protect earth from being targeted again.

And another idea that could happen during it that I thought of was Black Arachnia who couldn't be found after her last ep shows up again no longer trying to cure herself now viewing her organic side as the next evolution of her kind tries to make more like her(so Spider ones like her) but has a hard time getting the organic side the way she wants since it would start as a child normally but attempts to skip that leads to them coming out bigger but with issues like not being very smart or monsterous looking (thinking this is a way to use someone like Tarantulas into the universe) but after that fails she just tries one without experimenting on it more leading to a small child like Spider bot who she leaves be to see how it grows to help figure out how to advance her experiments.

Also Human villains can show up as I really enjoyed them.
Or we can do Shattered Glass stuff.

OCs are aloud as long as they make sense in universe and you play canon characters too.
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