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Fandom Transformers: Age of Redemption

Start at Cybertron or Earth?

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  • Cybertron

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Hello, everyone! My name is Cicada3301, and I would like to start a Transformers RP, albeit a long-term one. I'm hoping for around 20-30 people at least, but it could grow.
Anyways, the lore will be a little switched around, so there is no Optimus Prime nor Megatron. They're irrelevant. No. I'm thinking about having OC characters be the leader of the two factions. Anyways, here is the base plot.

Since the events of The Fall of Cybertron, the Autobots and Decepticons have arrived on Earth. They need new forms. New bodies, if you will. Time has passed since then, however. The Autobots are planning to input defences around the planet. The Decepticons are already one step ahead of them, as they have put guard posts around the main points of defence. This sparks a battle that would destroy major cities in the process, like Manhattan or Beijing. Some transformers who made it off of Cybertron are observing in the shadows, just not interfering. They don't see the need. They are called Stragglers. They negotiate with both sides about a treaty, which has almost worked in the past.

Character Sheet: Character Sheet
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The fluffy Alpaca

no worries, wasn't planning on taking that! I'll post my characters after dinner


Fanfic Kitty
*peeks head inside* so am I correct in my assumption that we don’t need too much knowledge on the series for this to work? Because I watched almost entirely TFP and TFA.


Praise the sun
I'm interested, but have a simple question that I'll send over P.M
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