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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Reading by Ghan on Friday December 21st

The Dark Wizard

Hey All,

Last year we @Ghan did a reading of TSO, a band that did a Christmas Album that tells a story in between the songs. Ghan, as usual, will use his awesome deep narrator voice to read the story between the songs. This will be on our Discord in a special voice room where only Ghan can talk (and obviously the music bot for the music). This will take place at 9PM eastern. On the day of, we will send out a reminder alert to remind everyone who wants to come hear.

From everyone here on the Rpn Staff, have a great and safe happy holidays :)!
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eggo my leggos/use wheelies to forget your feelies
I'll try to be online, I believe the 21st is the solstice so I might be doing stuff


Your expectations for this title were too high...
I will try. 9PM, might be there. I'm pretty sure I'm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) too. Yeah, I am.

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