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Cross Platform Top Five Favorite Video Game Characters Ever?

Actual list.

-Issun from Okami, his humor and advices are always welcomed,
-Murray from the Sly serie, he is the one who stay fresh, fun but get little recognization..
-Ray from Stick it to the man, the game is not only fun, but i like the main character, along with Ted who grant his mind-riding power and is actually friendly.
-John Marston, out of all the RG characters, he is calm and reasonnable, but also intelligent and can keep his calm, this is why he is likeable.

Honorable mentions:
-Rhys and Scooter from Tale from the Borderlands,
-Guybrus Threepwood, the voodoo lady from the Monkey Island serie,
-sergeant Cortez and "corporal-who?" from the Timesplitters serie,
-Jake Muller and Chris Redfield from the RE serie,
-Claptrap and Hammerlock from Borderlands 2,
-Ruy Hayabusa from the Ninja Gaiden serie,
-Cornelius from Odin Sphere,
-The princess warrior from Muramasa Rebirth.
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