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Fantasy Tools of the Trade | CLOSED


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an urban fantasy

introduction & details

About & Overview

Hey guys! I'm snowed in. Seattle is currently buried under at least a foot of snow and people are acting like it's the apocalypse. Grocery shelves are literally empty (saw someone buying 12 gallons of milk today), and I doubt I'm going to have school next week. I'm definitely gonna need something to kill the time. I've been wanted to create a RP based on an organization of people with abilities who tackle various situations, all living together as a dysfunctional family. Each ability is based off a craft (ie. carving, painting, dancing, coding, singing). I love the idea of a group of people who run tea shops by day, and fight crime by night. I'm aiming to manufacture scenarios based on the background of your characters, and drag them through physical and emotional fights. I'm also looking to involve you guys. You can send me ideas- or I can create them all myself, we'll see how it goes. The RPs I've been in where the GMs have presented the players with missions or scenes have always been more successful, so it's definitely my goal.

The only drawback is, after this week, my life may get a little hectic. I'm a full time design student who's also juggling work and student fellowship boards, and already pull all nighters frequently. If the first week goes smoothly, I will 100% keep this running though, so never fear (if there's a will, there's a way).

If you're awesome I might ask you to be a co GM. <3

If there's interest in having a discord, I'm down to set one up.

Character Guidelines:

I've written out character guidelines to get a broad variety of characters, but know you can adjust the details to your liking. Nothing is set in stone. Characters are not first come first serve, but I'm not into any weird elitist vibes- I just want to make sure we're setting up a strong team here. This means I won't "reserve" spots unless we're close buddies and I've worked with you before. If you're unresponsive for over a few days, you risk being removed from the list. But don't worry, if your life gets busy, just tell me and we can work around it.

It would be great to write other characters into your character's history. Most of them have been living together for a while, so we can give them intertwining backstories. Any gender and/or ratio of genders is fine, and don't have to correlate with the image I've attached (ie the singer doesn't have to be a girl just because the image includes feminine lips).

I'm looking for drawn reference Images . This doesn't necessarily have to be anime style, but no real photos please.

WELCOME HOME | the crafter's co-op

Buried in the heart of the city, workers go about their day. Typing, crafting, serving- all dedicating their time to bettering themselves and their community. Amongst the clutter and bustle, there's a six story building, cobbled and stained from the years it's stood silently on the street. Bikers pedal by groggily and cars honk back and forth to form the nearly soothing city soundtrack. Inside, there's a different type of work to be done. Since the early 1900's, the building has occupied countless businesses- but none as important as the one renting it now. The Crafter's Co-op, nicknamed "The Coop" by it's occupants, serves as a hub for creatives and craftspeople. Live/work spaces are transformed into wood shops, painting studios, and metal smithing spaces. The rent is free if you're accepted, which is nothing to dismiss in the expense of the city. But you need something special to get in, something beyond any college degree or resume experience. Every resident possesses a gift correlating to their craft. While there are open houses and shopfronts to sell their creations, the income of the Co-op is drawn from helping law enforcement. They're called upon by the city, as well as residents willing to pay for their assistance.

Unfortunately, there are others in the city who also possess gifts, and they don't all use them for good...

CHARACTER SHOP | Read above for details


This character can witness events of the past and future by touching an object or person. He's often used to gather information. He run a tarot shop in the middle of the block, and tends to know everyone's business. He can also come in handy during combat, because they can foresee attacks and understand the aftermath if the team shows up too late. He tends to be close with the team (albeit bossy), gatherings bits of everyone's past and understanding how they tick. Luckily, He doesn't spread around this information- unless you manage to piss him off.



This character can manipulate the world around them via the nearest phone/computer. In a fight situation, you can typically find them either manipulating the environment (typing weather: rain; or door: lock; ) or getting in close with bursts of electricity (if an enemy is holding a phone, they can overcharge or send a burst from the device. This also goes for street lamps, power lines, ect.). This character's weaknesses lie in their ability to communicate with their teammates. They are either awkward/shy or just antisocial. They're often forced into interactions via meetings and missions, but they tend to resent most of their peers.



Hotheaded character who uses control of heat to light things on fire or melt objects. Abilities work best on glass, metal, or wood- but not humans. The loose cannon of the group, they have issues controlling their emotions and are known for their outbursts. Childhood friend of the metalsmith. Typically, the metalsmith keeps them in line, but they recently had a falling out and aren't talking.

FIRESTARTER | LIKES: metalsmith (currently fighting) | DISLIKES: psychic


Objects crafted by the metalsmith are imbued with special attributes. They can create rings than expand into swords, and pendants capable of invoking temporary visibility (amongst other things). They're calm, detailed oriented, and often share their work with their team, gaining them admiration. They're childhood friends with the glassblower, but recently had a falling out.

WEAPON MASTER | LIKES: glassblower (currently fighting) | DISLIKES: programmer


This character uses their skills to concoct herbal salves and medicines. Their best work can heal a cut on the spot, or give the user extreme strength for a short period (amongst many other effects). In order to discover a new concoction, they'll test new mixes either on themselves, or on their peers. They can be a trickster in this regard. They run a naturopathic medicine shop on the end of the block, and are called into battle as a healer.

DRUGGIE | SNEAKY | LIKES: programmer | DISLIKES: metalsmith


The singer acts as the PR of the group. Charming and outgoing, there's hardly anything they can't talk their way out of. Under focus, they can influence people, and occasionally an object, with their voice. They're spoiled, confident, and crave the spotlight. They've dated a handful of their peers, so the baggage can get in the way and act as a hinderance.

HUGE FLIRT | INFLUENCER | LIKES: everyone | DISLIKES: not getting their way


Younger sibling of the Woodworker, they've been practicing their craft from a young age. Their ability with a knife is unmatched, and is often sent in first during fights. Living at the co-op for years, they feel trapped, and consider running away. They're close friends with the psychic, and don't know how to break the news.

WAVERING | DEADLY | LIKES: pyschic | DISLIKES: glassblower


The painter is the founder of the Crafter's Co-op. She's rarely seen, either away or floating through the halls. The Co-op is plastered with her works, bright oils and watercolors tacked to the walls. She's a mystery to many, and the source of many rumors.



He helps build out new rooms for members. Once a frequent fighter, he's retired to his shop- hanging up his axe for a sander and some glue.


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Hi ebb, this sounds great!
What kind of fighting do you envision here? It’s a unique take on the classic superpower idea, but I’m having difficulty imagining what these moonlighting mission should look like. Definitely like the idea of the herbalist or the carver though!
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Demon Spawn
Totally interested in joining up, possibly as the singer or more so the programmer~
But it’s wonderful to see you start something up Ebb!!
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ghost notes
Hey, glad to hear you're interested! That's a great question - for the missions I will write up a scenario, usually involving an anomaly (either a person with abilities who is running amok, or an accidental disaster.) I already have a few ideas, one involving a baker who targets the group, leaving a few poisoned and the rest having to hunt down a cure. Another I'm working with is an entomologist that's been trapping more than just insects, and the group is called upon to hunt the villain.

What I really aim to do with the scenarios is give each character a chance to be the "main" character. It can be tricky, when you have a big group, to feel like your character is getting a chance to shine. The missions will each have a character or two who will be brought into the spotlight.

I'm also very interested in letting you guys present me with scenarios too- if your character has a heart wrenching backstory, I'd love to write a mission tying that in.

Sweet, so glad you're interested! <3 I love GMing and it's been too long. It's a great way to practice coding and writing in a fun way.

@eggsaladsandwitch @hwayi @glucose guardian
Wonderful, thanks for your interest! I'll tag you guys when I get the character sheet page running (likely tomorrow). In the meantime, let me know if I can answer any questions.


Thanks for the explanation! I love the episodic ensemble format you’ve outlined. I’m sure I’ll have more questions later. (:
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ghost notes
Thanks for your interest! I'm considering adding a few more slots, so there may be space. I'll tag you when I get the character sign ups posted.


ghost notes
Hey, thanks for your interest! We do have someone applying for that spot right now. You're welcome to apply for that position as well, but I do have a lot of confidence in the person who is currently applying.

You can check out the character sheet page here: Fantasy - Tools of the Trade | CHARACTER SHEETS , and I will make sure to update you if someone changes their mind about applying. Also, I don't reserve spots until I see the finished product of someone's character, so a few spots are technically still open.


New Member
Hey, thanks for your interest! We do have someone applying for that spot right now. You're welcome to apply for that position as well, but I do have a lot of confidence in the person who is currently applying.

You can check out the character sheet page here: Fantasy - Tools of the Trade | CHARACTER SHEETS , and I will make sure to update you if someone changes their mind about applying. Also, I don't reserve spots until I see the finished product of someone's character, so a few spots are technically still open.
Ah, that's a shame. Sorry about that; I didn't see the cs. I'll have a shot at Street Performer, then, since there doesn't seem to be any competition yet in tha regard


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@Coffeepot Giraffe
Hey, I'm glad you like the idea! The character sheet page is here. Every slot is currently being applied for - I don't reserve roles until characters are completed, so you're welcome to apply a character sheet, but know that you'll be competing with another user. I can also message you if someone needs to drop out or loses interest.

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