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Tommas Harley, darling.

Hello, there, darlings!
My name Tommas Harley, but you can call me Thomy, if you like (or Teacup).

I'm not quite sure of what to say...
I've been role-playing for several years (6 or 7, I believe). I've taken a bit of break, lately, but I'm ready to get back into it!

I'm most comfortable with 1x1 semi-lit lit, but I'll try anything.

I have a bottomless pit of characters (some with a highly developed profile and some with only a name) that I'd love to some experience with!

Outside of RP, I'm an artist, musician, collector, and amateur writer, as well as a witch (unfortunately, not the Harry Potter kind).

At the moment I'm just looking for someone who's willing to do some 1x1 modern RP.

Please don't be afraid to contact me! Chances are I'm more afraid of you than you are me.

Y u k i o

RPN's Gay Fetus
Hey, welcome to RPN! I'm Yukio, this site's (favorite~) gay fetus. I'm always happy to roleplay, so message me! Even though I'll probably not respond until the next day-

If you have any questions and such, feel free to come to me. I'll always be happy to answer.

Happy roleplaying! ☆~

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