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Fandom Toko x Komaru (18+ of age not welcome!) [Danganronpa]

Sub Genres
Action, Anime, Horror, LGTBQ, Mystery, Romance


♡Am weeb♡
Hello! I'm Bumblebee (please call me Ariel though^^) and welcome to my Tokomaru interest check!!

About me:
¤As mentioned before my name is Ariel! Feel free to call me by Bumblebee, Ariel, or AJ!
¤I'm 13 years old (super close to being 14 though) so please don't reach out to me if you're 18 or above 18 in age!
¤My favorite color is gold!
¤I have 3 cats that I love deeply

Roleplay info
¤Writing style: I have a pretty large range! I can from 2 lines to 30 lines! So response length just depends on how much you like to write^^
¤POV: I know some people use 1st POV, and that's fine by me! I'll be using 3rd POV on my end though, sorry if it bugs you!
¤Who'd I'd like to play for this pairing: I can take Toko or Komaru! Whoever you want to play as, play as, I'll take the other!

If you'd like to roleplay some Tokomaru with me comment here or DM me!^^​

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