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Fandom Toilet Bound Hanako-kun RP

Sub Genres
Anime, Platonic, Romance, School, Supernatural


One Time Luck
Hey..hey. Have you heard?
--of the seven wonders in this school?

No. Do tell me!​

Very well, then. I will tell you one,

The infamous seventh mystery
--Hanako-san of the toilet.

"Our deaths alone cannot simply atone for our sins."
Hello, there! As some of you may aware, this is a Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun (JBHK) or also known as Toilet Bound Hanako-kun roleplay! I'm an anime watcher, though I do plan to binge-read the mangas (haven't found time, sadly...hiks.)

That aside, I figure I should get right into it.

The list of characters I'm looking forward to play as (may add more as I delve further into the series):
-) Yashiro Nene (I relate to her in almost the scary level ngl--)
-) Hanako-kun (PROTECC)
-) Minamoto Kou (SAY IT WITH ME: KOU BABEY)
-) Aoi (The female one)

The list of characters I'm looking forward to play with:
-)Minamoto Teru (still not forgiving you for hurting Hanako >:'[.)
-)Tsuchigomori (the only spider I'm not afraid of oof--)

Premade scenarios (may add more):
-)Beep! Bop! You are now filled with cotton!
"Muse A has turned into a doll because of Yako's doing! What will happen once Muse B has gotten their hands on Muse A in such state?"
-)Mirror, mirror on the wall, why am I facing myself?
"Muse A and Muse B have swapped bodies with each other because of something. After 24 hours, they will change back into normal, so does the troublemaker say. But in the span of a day, while waiting for the effect to disappear, how would they deal with this ordeal?!"

Some obligations:
-)First and foremost, please obey to RPN's rules.
-)Second, I accept character x character, character x oc (from whomever part), and oc x oc.
-)Third, I cannot help but to refuse a blatant romance of g x g or b x b (sorry). I'm okay with some sprinkling, however (because let's admit it--every characters there are lovable)
-)Fourth, I cannot help but to also refuse something involving heavy depression. It's mostly because I have no idea on how to react to it according to the character I will be playing as.
-)Fifth, I would like it if you could write at least a paragraph. If you want to, however, write GREEDILY! As much as to your heart content, I won't mind!
-)Sixth and yet the most important, is to have fun! We're here to have fun, so I will try to make you as comfortable as I can (virtual tea and cake are a thing, don't change my mind).

-)Sakurashi Shinohara
"The second year high-school student in Kamome Academy. It's rumored that she has relation to the haunted, gigantic sakura trees near Kamome Academy. But, what could it possibly be?"
-)Rikashitsu || School Mystery no. 0
" The spirit that haunts the science laboratory in Kamome Academy. Once a member of the staffs at Kamome Academy when she was still alive. Because of her merely dying as a virgin, she always haunt any couple that visits the laboratory?"
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One Time Luck
"Don't leave minor problems for too long. They will end up growing."
--Shinohara Sakurashi​

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