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Fantasy To save the princess, wouldn't you?

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Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
In the land of Derdral lives a all powerful wizard, not only is his power legendary... this dark mage is one foretold in many a prophecy.
"on the night of the tri eclipse when all three moons are aligned, the Darkness shall corrupt the pure birthing a dragon with demonic powers and adoration for the Darkness..."

Though many predict the coming apocalypse, only one seer has seen the future and spoken of it.
"... only brave souls with strong hearts can halt the Darkness, trials and tests await them, many are needed. Only one is chosen"

You are one of the many. A brave soul with a strong heart, many could praise you for your skills alone but you are indeed eligible to be chosen.
Will you answer the call?
Wouldn't you for the princess?
This is a medieval fantasy with a bit of a twist to it.
The simplest way to explain would be
"A game show"
The dark wizard is the host,
The brave souls are the contestants,
The kidnapped princess is the prize.

To start this off I need two players,
One is the princess
The other and any who join are the heros questing to save said princess.

If your interested let me know below
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