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Realistic or Modern Time After Time | Lore


a beetle may or may not be inferior to a man
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Grayson Girard | CEO | Head of the company, Mr. Girard is the mind behind the park. Well, theoretically, at least. He's not at the party, but he's on island somewhere conducting business and plans to greet guests at a different point in time.

Portia Allaire | Personal Bodyguard | Portia is the bodyguard for Mr. Girard. She's with him practically at all times to make sure that nothing happens. Generally not something a CEO of a theme park would have, but this is revolutionary, so it makes sense.

Nelson 'Nellie' O'Clery | Head of Tech/Communications | Nellie is the head of tech & communications for the park. Generally, he's up in his 'tower', as he likes to call it, which is the communications center. He didn't come to the party due to being busy with work, but is on-island.

Marcy Veech | Overseer of the Raptor Run | Marcy runs the Raptor Run, pun not intended. She's worked very closely with the animals there, but maintains they aren't pets and no, they do not love her. She's around the party but is antsy about it all.

Jayme Veech | Head of Genetic Research | Jayme is the geneticist that was leading the team that made the discovery the park was founded on. They work down in the lab tirelessly to discover more. Or that's the thought, at least. Not much is known about them.

Mortimer Booth | Head of Janitorial | Mortimer is the only person with all the keys to the entire park, including the labs and the like. He's at the party...or should be, at least. Whether or not anyone sees him is a different story.

Kasey Bennett | Overseer of the Nursery | Kasey oversees the care of the younger animals. While she doesn't care for each and every one, she makes sure her team is on track. She's at the party to celebrate the park.

Leela Vancy | Overseer of the Arboretum | Leela is an invertebrate zoologist brought on-staff to take care of the critters in the Arboretum. She doesn't handle the plants; that's left to the paleobotanical staff.

Edmund Godfrey | Overseer of the 'Orange' | Edmund is the head of staff over at the Dome, better known as the Orange. Is currently at the party.

Cinnéidigh de Paor | Head of Security | Cinnéidigh has been the head of security at one of the Dawson Creek parks before; after that park shut down, just before the conceptualization of the new park, he was offered to be on board to be head of security. He's not at the party, but is on island.


The Park


  • Visitor Docks | The docks at which boats from mainland areas would dock. Currently, no boats are stationed there.
    Welcome Center | A large welcome center which has a small museum that will show the history of the park, along with a ride that shows the 'labs'; these aren't the real labs, of course. They don't let anyone near those.
    Hotel | The on-island hotel is posh. The rooms on the lower floors are cheaper and less fancy, but the upper floors are really decked out.
    Outdoor Food Court | A large outdoor food court area with a few different buildings and seating as well
    Gift Shops | Right near the food court is the gift shop, a singular building that sells merch, ranging from clothing to plushies to eggshells.
    Arcade | The arcade is a game area, simply put. Has some classics, along with lots of dino-themed arcade games!
    Kid Zone | Basically a dino-themed play area for kids!
    Aquarium | The Aquarium houses creatures that live in aquatic areas. That includes Shastasaurus, Halszkaraptor, Prionosuchus, Mastodonsaurus, Pelagornis, Eurypterids, and a variety of prehistoric fish.

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