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Futuristic Through The Red Sand (Mars! Politics! Warfare!(?) Other Cool Things!)

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Action, Adventure, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Realistic


A Lost Undead
I haven't hosted a group RP in quite some time, and I haven't done a true RP in quite a while. However, I've learned a few things, obtained a nice streak of free time, and an even larger streak of boredom, so here we are. Please read all of the details! The plot only makes sense if you read EVERYTHING! I know it's a lot, but I really need people to understand what's happening, just so I don't spend the rest of the RP explaining minor details. With all of that said, here we go!

Earth is running out of natural resources. The environment is on the brink of collapse, as is civilization and all means of public control. In a matter of months - in some areas, even just weeks - the civilized world could collapse into ruin. The cause of this catastrophe is simple: Earth can no longer sustain our numbers; we are too many. Not only that, but the globe has warmed considerably, and doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Simply put, humanity as a whole is running out of both time and options.

Here marks the beginning of operation "Emergency Room:" one last desperate push to prevent total economic collapse. It is here that humanity begins to colonize space, starting with their closest habitable neighbor:


Though cold and barren, Mars marks the only planet in the nearest vicinity that could even potentially sustain human life. The first 3 manned shuttles were shipped off to the red rock, and established minor bases, initially consisting of about 100 people per colony.

The colonies proved successful, albeit barely. After two years, the colonies, now titled Lazarus, Maelstrom, and Hermes, had all increased in population by a small amount, and had developed a sustainable oxygen source and power supply, thanks to the growing nuclear power plant in the local area. Communications were functioning, and the 3 prototypical colonies had survived various dust storms and cold winters. On September 2nd, 2030, the 4th manned shuttle made it's way to Mars, marking the first of many soon-to-be settlers on Mars.

More and more people began making their way to Mars. With a population now in the thousands, the question of expansion was finally raised, prompting an industrial boom on Mars, thanks to the immense amount of metal on the Martian surface, including aluminum, iron, and magnesium. The colonies nearly doubled in size, as did production, and terraforming of the Martian atmosphere began, in order to make way for permanent settlement for even more humans.

Around noon on the 28th of April, the First Republic of Mars was born. The colonies had become an entire sovereign nation, crafted by the skilled hands of hundreds of cultures, backgrounds, and struggles. Now, the new republic was truly independent, and thus marked the beginning of a terrible time in the interstellar chapter of human history.

Martian arrivals were becoming scarce. The population was not growing as fast as only 3 years prior, for the equally new Earthen Federation, comprised of what remained of all world governments, had cut off transit to Mars, for the expenses were becoming too great. On the 9th of August, 2044, the last shuttle bound for Mars landed on the red planet: the First Republic of Mars, now simply titled the Republic of Mars, was now isolated.

In this time period, Mars began setting up it's own protocols, laws, and products. The young sovereignty could no longer rely on Earthen exports, and therefore needed to reach economic sustainability. The industrial capacity of Mars skyrocketed, to the point where it rivaled most 1st world countries on Earth. Vehicles, food, and even military equipment took off as major industries on the Martian surface. Such economic prosperity was temporary, however, as these goods began to be heavily taxed by the Earthen Federation.

Economic tensions came to a head, and Mars sanctioned the Earthen Federation. The ridiculously high taxation of Martian goods and services had drained many of Mars' reserves, and Earth was re-establishing it's dominance over the colony. With each passing day, Mars began to feel more and more like an occupied territory. The Earthen government responded to the sanction by displaying a show of force, unveiling their newest surface cannon, capable of bombarding solar craft within ranges as far as the moon with high-explosive shells. For a time, Mars submitted.

Martian militarization reached a new peak, and with the population now reaching 100 thousand, the Mars Defensive Corps was established. Earth took this as a sign of aggression, and surrounded the planet in a blockade of stellar warships, armed to the teeth with warheads, cannons, and fighters.

The militarization did not cease, and Mars soon had a capable armed forces division, one able to fight off the impending invasion that, despite the Martian propaganda campaign, everyone on Mars knew was coming.

On January 2nd, 2053, the first casualty of what would become the Martian War was killed. Earthen Federation armies fired on a lone scouting vessel from Mars; it's only task was to obtain barometric data from the atmosphere, to record progress on terraforming. Outraged at this act of aggression, the Republic of Mars publicized the event, and formally declared war.

Initially, Mars was met with success: things were going about as well as they could be, all things considered. The stellar blockade was quickly broken and sent into disarray, due largely in part to the incompetency of the military officers on board the vessels. Mars established a firm foothold around their airspace, and waited; it would only be a matter of time before Earth sent a counterattack.

On Earth, the war was largely unpopular. To many, it was just a waste of resources and the beginning of an authoritarian regime over the people on Mars. The Earthen Federation tried several tactics to sway public opinion in their favor, including a staged bombing of a transit vessel, but these attempts were largely unsuccessful.

These Martian victories, however significant, were won on speed, rather than power, and power would soon catch up to them.

Mars suffered their first significant defeat in the Battle Above Gusev, in which the Mars Air Brigade was routed by Earthen forces. For the next year or so, Mars would face many more; the sheer might of the Earthen Federation had caught up to them.

Mars was on the brink of collapse. The military forces of Mars had faced several serious defeats, but were still keeping Earthen forces from landing on the surface. Man to Man combat took place on board several Earth craft, in place of raids for goods and supplies, but ultimately Mars knew that their war was being fought on borrowed time. By the end of 2058, neither side had gained any significant advantage, but the reserves of Martian resources were quickly dwindling, and the popularity of the war had decreased dramatically.

All of this changed, however, at the turn of 2059.

Public opinion was still largely against the war, and many violent protests broke out on the Earthen surface. Garrisons were quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of protesters, and order had begun to break down on Earth. So many forces had to be recalled to Earth to deal with the growing crisis that Mars had a chance to counterattack: in a last all-or-nothing assault over the atmosphere of Mars, Mars arose victorious, swaying opinion even further towards Mars.

More and more protests broke out on Earth; the Earthen Federation's grasp over the globe was slipping, and their control began to break down. Mars did nothing. In this moment of peace before the storm, Mars rebuilt its military forces, preparing for yet another assault.

It never came.

In 2063, the Earthen Federation collapsed. For a brief time, Anarchy ensued, which was quickly put to rest by the newly formed 2nd Republic of Earth.

As of 2065, the two planets have agreed to an official ceasefire. Official casualties range from anywhere between 20 to 600 thousand, though the actual number is expected to be much higher.

The year is now 2110, almost 50 years since the end of the Martian War.

Mars has, in a way, evolved. What was one a unified republic is now dissolved into a mass of Micro-Republics. Several regions of Mars now struggle for control of parliament, which in truth only remains as a figurehead, each with their own ideologies vastly different from the others, all fighting over complete control of Mars. Though there is civilization, in between the massive colonies is a miles long area known simply as "No Man's Land," home to pirates, vandals, and radicals. With the increasing tensions between the colonies, many have begun to speak of a possible civil war, or worse yet, a second Martian War, but this is, of course, theory... for the time being.

The choice from here is yours: who do you side with? Will you unify Mars or bring about its demise?


Still here? Awesome! So, as a TLDR, this RP will take place, in a large part, on or around Mars. There are 3 major factions on Mars, each of them struggling to unify the now divided Martian Republic, all with vastly different ideologies and agendas. Characters can range anywhere from envoys of a certain faction to foot soldiers, mercenaries, and even to civilians. This RP can go a lot of ways, so if you're unsure about something, or just want some advice, shoot a PM my way!

Here are the major factions:
The Martian Workers Party (MWP) (Image credit: Flag Thread IV)

The MWP is one of the oldest factions on Mars, pushing for a new, Socialist outlook on the Martian Republic. While not necessarily an open-minded party, they have accepted members from all walks of martian life.

United Mars (UM) (Image credit: Flag of the United States of Mars by RvBOMally on DeviantArt)

A slightly newer faction, based around the ideologies of unifying Mars under a sort of Second Republic of Mars. The most pacifist of the factions, and also one of the largest, UM has tried various methods to join all factions together to create a functioning government, but has been mostly unsuccessful.

The Martian Trade Coalition (MTC) (Image Credit (You have to scroll down some): Gundam (TV))

Despite their seemingly innocent intentions, the MTC is a largely militaristic faction, and has been known for swallowing up smaller factions by force. The Anarcho-Capitalist party is, like the MWP, an older party, but supports a Totalitarian institution designed to subjugate, rather than serve.


Yes, you all knew this was coming. If you're still here, fantastic! Thanks for sticking through all this, I know it's a lot.

1. Keep things like drama In Character.
2. You can double, or even triple, at your own convenience.
3. Try to keep things mild PG-13; nothing overly violent.
4. FOLLOW ALL RPN GUIDELINES. I'M SERIOUS. If I catch you breaking any of the site rules, I will ruthlessly kill off your character, and kick you from the RP. I'm not even kidding.
5. There's no immediate person limit, so it isn't really first come first serve.
6. This RP will take place on MARS. If you don't know anything about Mars, or need a quick refresher, I will set up a lore thread with real, scientific info.
7. If, for whatever reason, you feel the need to create another Martian faction, run it by me first. I understand that the factions are a bit of a blank slate; this is so that more can be revealed as the RP progresses.
8. OOC will be in a discord server I will set up later, so please have a discord.
9. Please be semi-literate, 1-3 paragraphs per response.
10. Try to post every couple of days. Life happens sometimes, so if something comes up, please please please let me know, rather than just leaving us hanging. If you are gone without proper notice for longer than 10 days, we'll just move on.
11. Finally, have fun! It's a generally pretty chill RP, and if you have any ideas on how to progress things, shoot it in the OOC!

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