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Threads of Fate.


Fluffy Love
Where did we all go wrong...?

It's been officially four years since the outbreak of a bioweapon that not only saps people of their humanity, but makes them...change...physically, emotionally, mentally...they revert back to animalistic instincts. Eat, Breed, Survive. Now, people have taken to calling this a zombie outbreak, but there's so much more to it at stake...This is worse than anything the umbrella Corporation could have come up with on their own, so...so much worse. Humanity's survival rate at the beginning was projected to be about 65%, however we didn't count on the infected being able to procreate. Since that discovery, humanity's survival expectancy is down to 17% against an enemy that replenishes their numbers faster than we can cull them. A journal was found in the distant future, detailing the lives of certain individuals from the past - Your journal...how will each entry play out? Who will live? Who will turn? What kind of future is in store for those lucky enough to survive this ordeal?

Shall we turn the page and begin our tale?

Story Plot Basics
World is under attack from a Russian bioweapon that turns people into constantly evolving monsters, limbs will regrow into various weapons based on the amount of damage recieved - If they take enough damage, they'll transform into strange chrysalises and morph into a horrifying beast with even more destructive power. Traditional weaponry doesn't seem to be having much of an effect and the Military was basically useless against this strange new invasion. Over half of humanity has been wiped out, Cities beginning to become reclaimed by nature itself - almost like the earth is pushing humanity further into extinction. Yet, a small group persists - ever fighting, ever hunting, ever evolving.

Basic Rules
  1. All site rules apply, Violence must be kept PG-13 despite the grimy world we live in.
  2. Semi literate - meaning at least 1 paragraph per post
  3. 3 Characters allowed tops, be able to keep up with them all please.
  4. No Godmoding or Powerplaying please!
  5. Try to enjoy yourselves
  6. Yes, You can join as one of the infected monsters if you so desire! It'll make things more fun.
  7. Specialized forms of the infected will be introduced as the RP goes on
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Golden Grace

Humanity on the brink of end with an endless agony ? Looks cool to me. It definitely has a lot of room for drama. Don't hesitate to tag me in

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