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Djangos are Dragonkind members who have become professional trainers. Djangos have been vetted by the Head Django Ingólfur or members of his council as members with sufficient talent to train Dragon Threaders. To be known as even a low-level Django is to be met with great respect and is highly sought after by Threader or racing teams.

The Hierachy of Djangos is such

Head Django: Only one Head Django at a time. He is the master and Commander of all Djangos. He can be removed by a majority vote of the 12 Head Djangos if he is found to be unfit for duty. He sets the laws and Rules required for someone to be a Django.

Master Django: There are only 12 of these at a time and they serve under the Head Django. Their duties are beyond merely training as they also enforce proper care of dragons and make sure Djangos follow the laws and rules of the Head Django

Expert Django: 48 members serve as the Expert Djangos many of them are trainers but they assist the Master Djangos in enforcement and setting an example of Djangos.

Grand Django: Someone who has trained Three Threaders to Reach Tonya's 20. There is no set number for the Grand Djangos but they must be vetted and kept in good standing.

Django: Someone who is vetted and has successfully found and trained a Threader.

Initiate: Not technically a Django but someone working towards it and keeping the Django standards.
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