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Thread Prefix Guide

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Thread Prefixes - A Guide

Prefixes have changed a bit in the creativity forum since the update, user-senpai! I've made the staff update this little guide to show you how to determine what prefixes to use for different kind of content.

N-not that I like you or anything, b-baka...

Commission - the green tag is to be used in threads where users are offering art. Taking requests? Put a commission tag on it. Please take note that RpNation does not allow listing of prices in a commission thread. Negotiation of prices should occur privately, and users should remember that RpN is not responsible for any disputes.

Music - the light green tag is used when you're posting any kind of music, whether it be in lyrics or recorded music.

Video - the pale blue tag is for any videos you want to share.

Digital - the dark blue tag is to be used when you're showing off digitally made art. Photoshop, GIMP, MyPaint, whatever program you use - if it's digital, it goes under this tag.

Other - the grey tag is used when you content doesn't fit into the other categories.

Photography - the pale yellow tag is used when you're displaying photographs, or art that has utilized a camera at some point. If you have edited the photograph, it's up to you to determine where it goes - does it more resemble photography or digital art?

Request - the red tag used for requesting art of any kind.

Traditional - the yellow tag is used for posting art made by utilizing a non-digital medium.

Tutorial - the (other) gray tag is used for posting content meant to teach others.

Story - this tag is used for written works; both original and fanfiction.

Poetry - this tag is used for poetry.
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