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derek hale deserved better




gifts have been given


the gifted

In between this world and the next there is a thin veil that divides them, if destroyed the two realms would collide and an all out war would ensue. However, if fractured, some of the magic from the other realm may spill out into this one. That's just what happened to six teenagers in a car crash.

right where you left me

plot overview


It all began with the car crash in the woods, six teens found themselves scraped up and hurt, but luckily they were all alive. Unbeknownst to them though, they had crashed into a border between this world and one of fantasy, one where everyone was born with a gift. Because of this close encounter, the six teens were gifted their own unique powers.

Of course, it took them some getting used to and learning to control this newfound magic they had, but also learning how to keep it a secret from those around them. The teens could only rely on each other to tell their fears and worries to, that is until they were met with Professor Zenith. Zenith came from the other realm and was an electricity wielder. He focused on energy being used in machines, honing in on his skills to be able to copy the machines with his own gift.

While originally sent to kill the children, Zenith came to care for them as if they were his own and eventually rejected the mission he had been given, claiming he could teach them all they needed to know so that they wouldn't be dangerous. He did so, helping the teens wield their gifts in different and unique ways, making them stronger than ever. He was all they could've asked for and they finally began to feel normal again. This happiness couldn't last though.

Six months later, the six went to continue their training at the lab only to find Professor Zenith dead and cold on the floor, all of his veins blackened along with his eyes. As they try to figure out what happened to him, each of the kids is visited in their dreams by a shadow like creature with no face, just dark clouds. It speaks to them, telling them to give up their powers to it and it'll let them and their families live.

The six are unsure and come to argue about what they should do, however when they go on a beach trip with their school and the new girl finds herself lost in a deep cave, it's up to the six plus one of the kids at the front of the cave, to go in and rescue her. When they find the new girl, she's holding onto a golden, glowing crystal and she's glowing as well. As they move closer crystals appear before them and the new boy as well, representing their magic. Just as quickly as the light came though, it disappeared, leaving the crystals in each of their hands. With a million questions the new girl and boy begin freaking out until one of the six points out a figure emerging from the darkness. A teenage girl with her own crystal who seems to have amnesia.

These teens are battling an evil force and now must help three newbies learn to control their powers at the same time. Can they do it all and keep their magic?

needed roles


fire wielder...

One of the original six to be in the car crash and get their powers, the fire wielder is MALE. They've been through a hell of a lot these past few months, but ultimately their story is up to their maker!

earth wielder...

One of the original six to be in the car crash and get their powers, the earth wielder is MALE. They've been through a hell of a lot these past few months, but ultimately their story is up to their maker!

additional humans...

These roles aren't application based and will be first come, first serve. Some people may want/need characters to go with their wielders and you can help them and flesh something out together, or if you have an original idea just run it by me and we'll see if we can bring it to life!




This is a literate group, meaning each response will be expected to be at least 2+ paras. Also, you must be 17+ to join as we are mostly older members and it's more comfortable that way.


OOC and tupper interactions/events take place over discord, so you must have one and be relatively active as announcements will also be made there.


Human roles, while first come first serve, will usually need to at least be discussed with me before they're completely accepted. As for the remaining two wielder roles, they are not first come first serve, so if you want to apply, get an application in by the 31st! Comment below if you'd like the ooc link!.

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I'd definitely be interested... but I'm about a month and a half short of the age requirement. 😅

If you happen to have any sort of openings a couple of months down the line, I'd love to apply then.
Bumping! Currently the due date for sheets is Tuesday, the 31st, but I can give extensions if need be!
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