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Imagination will bring us everywhere
Oz just grunted in reply. The rest of his unit finished their preparations and formed up in front of Oz. He looked at Rook and tossed him the Requisition Cheque, "Report to the Quartermaster and get us that Walker, make sure it has proper stealth specifications. Make haste, we'll deploy immediately after you get back."

He looked at Quin and smiled, "Did you prepare our death forms? Maybe these guys need it too." He pointed at the other units and scoffed. He then turned to Teodore and frowned, "You won't be different than shit when you fall to the ground lifeless." He then turned his attention to Aleksandr and just nodded in affirmation. No words were needed as they understood each other.

Oz waited for Rook to return before announcing, "Oz Squad, move out."


"A fair assessment." Elsara replied to Cyros' offer for his unit to stay behind. "And thank you...for the shields. My Ogryn may be simple and rude, but their lives will help save others so they may continue to serve the Emperor's will. The starport's defense is blessed to have a resourceful servant of the Emperor with them. The Emperor protects the faithful, brother." she said before heading out to towards the transport with the rest of her unit in tow.

At the transport, Elsara began their unit's pre-mission rituals. Among the chaos of war and bureaucratic incompetence, their pre-mission rituals was one of the few constants they had in life. She threw on her own equipment, and then went to each of her squadmates to recite a personal prayer for them while holding her Ecclesiarchial pendant normal tucked under her uniform. Each prayer ending with her compulsive, "the Emperor protects". She then ordered Zora and Herc to get Alta into the transport without incident, while Elsara sung a hymn of the sisters of battle to Mord, coaxing him to hum along, in order to get him in the transport as well.


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Kent Kent Lord Mitmar Lord Mitmar ithinkcat ithinkcat :

FORAY: DAY 10 of the Invasion of Prax.

They had a map of five recon points all along a patrol route. Patrols and recon squads had been hit all along the route, other Xs marked enemy encounters and isolated strongpoints on the landscape that ostensibly the scouts had reported before going lost.

The Valkyrie did low-altitude scouting of the open terrain points of contest -- a grassland spot with an unsetup comm rig hastily unpacked, some burn marks, a blood trail that ended suddenly 15 feet from where it began. A lowland site with a smoking chimera wreckage... No bodies at either spot. The next ping was in a deeply forested area so the valkyrie hovered over a clearing made by a waterfall and dumped the Crumpled scout walker and underslung centaur onto the surface of Prax and squads Elsara, Oz, and Holleski hit the ground running. The falls kicked up a massive mist, cut by two rainbows that seemed to give a goodly omen to this, their first stage of the operation.

Mord and Alta quietly rocked inside the back of the centaur sitting on medic-crates. Zora shook a butterscotch pudding-cup in her hand. "First Ogryn to get a clean kill gets the prize!" Zora mocked. Alta wiped her erormous Ogryn face of drool at the prospect of getting her hands on the rare dessert.

The squad consisted of 15 troops, 12 in the centaur (1 driver, 1 gunner, 10 passengers) Two in the scout walker, (Cort and Casmirre) and Teodore on foot -- hanging with a mag-bar off the back-rear of the centaur when the unit was on the move. Having him packed in the carrier -- even with the open top, was too much -- Teodore smelled like rotten piss and even on drawing lots nobody wanted to risk sitting next to him, not even the Ogryn.

The Guardsmen drank deeply and refilled their canteens with fresh water from the waterfall, tasting sweet and cold as opposed to the antiseptic taste the bases water-filters always had. "Trace" levels of Arsenic killed all the bacteria in Standard issue water rations in the 1118th. Long term effects be damned.

When the group rolled slowly through the forested area containing their first point of interest, the scout walker was put on point with the centaur trailiing behind, with Teodore holding a sniper rifle far back bringing up the rear.

...There was a firefight here, but again, no bodies. Helmets and scattered gear, all 1118th designations. The blast marks and burned foliage didn't look like Imperium or Dominate weaponry. In fact Rook found shards of dark blue crystal stuck deep in some of the burned trees and scattered in a deep puddle at the site. Whether this was some kind of residue from a secret weapon or wisps of evidence of Xenos remained unclear. The units began to sweat in the heat of the deep forest, the cool wind of the plains of prax suffocated by the thick undgrowth and hanging canopy off the trees.

Two more sites with similar signs and it was almost dusk. They had A decision point -- A column of 2 centaurs a chimera, and 2 scout-bikes was coming through a valley to the east -- second wave forces likely headed towards the starport. The sides of the valley were heavily wooded all around the small creek that ran north to south -- seemingly an ideal place for an ambush. This would be "Coloring outside the lines" of their mission description, but it was a target of opportunity if the unit was up to the challenge.

The alternatives to setting the ambush were crossing the valley after the Dominate column had passed and trying to hit the last 3 blips where recon lost contact with central and fall back under cover of darkness,

or haul ass due south and call a valkyrie to pick them up so they could be on time for the defense of the spaceport...
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Heyitsjiwon Heyitsjiwon Pat Pat General Deth Glitch General Deth Glitch :

The starport defense consisted of three tiers, a standard Earthworks trench system outside the starport itself - reinforced at key points with rockcrete plating, A series of bunkers facing the enemy approached carved into the starport hill itself, and a tertiary defense network inside the outer perimeter of the spaceport itself, utilizing sconces made of empty armorplas crates as well as sandbags-piles upon piles of sandbags. The starport was covered on two sides by steep arched cliffs and the sea behind it, leaving only one real approach.

Severan Reservists were predicted to be well supplied but dependent on Veteran officers to maintain morale. The enemy already exchanged the longest range Las-fire from the treelines far beyond the trench system and the road was clotted with Chimera troop transports -- it was predicted the troop transports would roll into the trenchworks and digorge their payload of Severan infantry into brutal close combat with a small contingent of Leman russ tanks supporting them from the plains outside the enemy defensive line in the forest. These Tanks were expected, if the battle dragged on, to knock out enough of the defensive bunker network to allow a direct assault of the starport.

Beyond the Forest line the enemy lay hidden somewhere unseen but not unheard, a collection of Basilisk artillery pieces as well as a squadrons of valkyries and Vultures whizzing around like angry hornets in preparation for the attack.

Commissar Bolton barked over the network of loudspeakers, yelling from all directions like some kind of angry omnipotent presence.

"Hunker down for immanent bombardment! They'll try to soften us up before they try their witless gambit of a frontal assault!"

The units knew their placements for the conflict on doctrine alone, but Bolton howled the directives to individual units as if they should already be in their places. Rattling endlessly the guardsmen of the detachment heard their unit names even as the horrifying whistles of the earthshaker cannons began to fall around them.

"Cyros! Third Trench! Prepare to repulse light armor and infantry after the barrage!"

"Tiguvius! Second trench middle! Hold the line and freelance any opportunity to seize advantage!"

"Mazer! First Trench! Stop armor as it arrives and wither infantry!"


and with that most of the loudspeakers were pulled from the earth by the vibration of the earthshaker artillery, silencing the commissar. The squeaking of chimera wheels spun up as the enemy transports prepared to charge the moment the artillery barrage was through... which seemed to be going on forever from the instant it started. Their Leman Russ Tanks began to crash their way out of the treeline with a clustered units of Severan infantry huddling behind each one, and the Vultures began to spin in the air high above the battlefield like angry bees as the defenses own Hydra Anti-Aircraft guns were wheeled into the center of the spaceport behind all defenses to protect from them.

It would be moments before the battle was joined in earnest... the nearest artillery craters filling up with enemy infantry as the trenchworks fired upon them and the chimeras speeding up to charge over into the middle of the trenches. A leman russ Erupted with white light as the bunker line fired a salvo of plasma bolts at it, causing the their tanks to focus fire on that bunker and obliterate it from the hillside. The Severan units wore Grey colors to contrast the Loyalist greens, their own fanatical commanders howling into megaphones to goad them on, threatening any who faltered or stepped back with execution.

Nayota simply grimaced and said "GET SOME!" as she rattled fire from the defenses of the line-infirmary and goaded Xanatov to fire beside her.

Holt groaned to Cyros -- If I took out three chimera it would be a footnote with respect to my legacy. I'm going to die -- but I'm going to die NOTICED."

Ossian had killed three Severan already with his sniper rifle, making crude tallies with a long toe-nail on the dirtside of the trench. Jorn pushed past Tiguvius to get into a open space behind a machine gunner. "I fink they's coming for real, Tigah." And smiled revealing his mouth full broken cylindrical teeth.

Finally the earthshakers silenced -- and the Chimera's surged forward, the defending guardsmen finally able to break from covering up from the horrible barrage....


And it was on...

June Verles

Depression? Never heard of her.

A normal day for a squad of Maori War Dogs starts much more earlier than a regular guardsman, they wake up so they can get ready, obviously, but at the same time to run drills. Even after being deployed multiple times you never stop running in the literal sense, as they usually start off their days with an hour run around the base before going into basic cqc practice. That would probably be followed by Jump Pack practice, but considering the environment they were in they decided to conserve their fuel. If it wasn't clear enough, physical shape was incredibly important to the guardsmen which made sense to be honest, don't want to run out of breath if you're in a mosh pit. Hell it's even said that the Maori warriors get the best sleep because they're too tired to have nightmares.

Regardless, the sound of enemy artillery fire and the shaking of the ground it was time to get to action. Taking a deep breath Hōne Heke would summon his squad, who would get behind him in a triangular shape in the order of their accomplishments. The current order was himself, (he was always going to be at the front anyways) then Ruiha and Taonga followed by Amiria and Aketu in the back row.

They conducted their dance, originally made to inspire fear in the enemies in front of no one, but at this point to them it was like a psychological trigger. After finishing they would apply the ceremonial paint mixed with dirt on their faces and from that point on they couldn't speak anymore, they had to rely on Hōne to lead them.

Their tactic was quite simple, Hōne would wait from a position where they could easily jump in the third trench, on the look out for high priority targets like enemy officers. Once he found them he and his squad would immediately jump, attempt to group kill him with 5 people and leave to reposition for another jump. Simple in theory, hopefully effective here and now.

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