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"Out here, beyond the Periphery, the void itself burns. Some say it’s the flames of dying stars, others that it’s the fires of war that consume the entire region. Me, I know it’s the flames of hell that burn on the Spinward Front, and they’ll take us all before they’re extinguished."

— Gunnery Sergeant First Class Maull, 86th Cadian Regiment

"For an age, no one cared about the Periphery or the cold reaches beyond its borders. The light of the Emperor just never really shone this far. Now the Orks want it, the Secessionists want it, the Eldar want it, and even those powers we don’t name want it. Stands without reason that after all this time, after centuries of not caring, the Imperium should decide it wants the Periphery after all..."

— Evidence submitted in the court martial of San Durra

"The High Lords of Terra would bleed us dry for their purposes, at the same time that they refuse to help defend ourselves against the xenos. The time has come to withhold our tithe, so that we may use it for our defence."

— Duke Severus XIII, to the citizens of Lukius


The Company in it's entirety, thousands strong stood on the Tarmac of the recently seized and partially bombarded spaceport where landing ship after landing ship after landing ship spilled our swarms of guardsmen. All around you, Similar throngs of Imperial guard were being fed their introductory orders by their commissars.

"I am Commissar Bolton, In charge of this wing of the 1118th Ad-hoc Irregulars. We have been deployed to this world of Prax to confront the Severan Dominate Secessionists and break a particularly stubborn link planetside in the larger campaign spanning several star systems. Concern yourself with what is front of you, and it will have an impact on events on a scale beyond your humble comprehension. The Dominate has had success in slowing the Imperial foothold here. Too much success. Further reinforcements will not be coming beyond what is already committed to this conflict due to the declared more pressing concerns of the Jericho Reach. Look to your left and look to your right. We are it -- and we SHALL, in the EMPEROR'S NAME, Prevail here. Those who are not prepared to do their duty in the trenches and battlefields will serve as target practice on the firing line. There are no more drills. Rebel secessionist scum are merely miles from our landing position, here as Base-Station Valkav. You are to immediately report with your units to the quartermasters and receive your kits, check your weapons and prepare for immediate deployment. Fight well, and we should have the Dominate scum on their heels before anticipated ork incursions arrive in the sub-sector. Fear not your enemies -- they are abominations, and we are the treaded boot that comes crushing down on all enemies of the Imperium. FOR THE EMPEROR!"

and like that, the ordered chaos of the Imperial Guard broke out. Units formed and greetings were exchanged, units fell in to their respective places to receive their gear.

"Mazer! Elsara! Holleski! Cyros! Tiguvius!"

You and your units run up to the quartermaster bunker and are quickly distributed the gear basic kit for your units, a veritable falls of materials pouring out into the spaceport it seemed at least on this drop the Company would at least be sufficiently supplied.


• One uniform
• One set of poor weather gear
• One laspistol (Main Weapon), and two charge packs
• One knife
• One flak vest
• One rucksack or sling bag
• One set of basic tools
• One mess kit and one water canteen
• One blanket and one sleep bag
• One rechargeable lamp pack
• One grooming kit
• One set of cognomen tags or equivalent identification
• One primer or instructional handbook
• Combat sustenance rations, two weeks’ supply


One M36 lasgun and six charge packs (Main Weapon), one suit of Imperial Guard flak armour, one respirator, four empty sandbags and one entrenching tool, two frag grenades and two photon flash grenades per soldier.
One Heavy Bolter with Ammunition Supply, One Melta-Gun with Ammunition supply.


One M36 lasgun and six charge packs (Main Weapon), one suit of Imperial Guard flak armour, one respirator, four empty sandbags and one entrenching tool, two frag grenades and Krak grenades per soldier.
One Apoth (healing) setup for the unit. Surplus ammunition and supplies for the unit and priority requisition clearance! MOVE OUT!

One M36 lasgun and six charge packs (Main Weapon), one suit of Imperial Guard flak armour, one respirator, four empty sandbags and one entrenching tool, two frag grenades and Krak grenades per soldier.
Six Satchel Charges and 4 Bangalore Torpedo bombs for the unit! NOW GET OUT OF THE WAY, REAL GUARDSMEN ARE STANDING BEHIND YOU!
Experimental variant of the Centaur Utility Vehicle featuring an expanded open-top crew deck fit to carry up to 10 troops alongside the standard 2 crewmen. Includes mounted Heavy Stubber. "YOU WILL GIVE YOUR VEHICLE A NAME, SOLDIER! You're responsible for being in the rear with the gear for the rest of the units. Follow orders and you might just earn your title as guardsmen! MOVE OUT!"


One M36 lasgun and six charge packs (Main Weapon), one Apoth (Healing) kit, one suit of Imperial Guard flak armour, one respirator, four empty sandbags and one entrenching tool, two frag grenades and Krak grenades per soldier.
Single Infantry-Portable field hospital setup (attached to Centaur) Two Metal Detectors. One advanced tech-tool kit. MOVE ASIDE!


One M36 lasgun and six charge packs (Main Weapon), one suit of Imperial Guard flak armour, one respirator, four empty sandbags and one entrenching tool, two frag grenades and two photon flash grenades per soldier.
One Tempered Steel Battle-Sword, Reserved. Surplus ammunition and supplies for the unit and priority requisition clearance!


Once supplied, the above units were waved off to a staging area where they would soon receive their first assignment.

"TWO UNITS STILL IN THE BARREL TO ATTACH TO YOUR FIGHTING-GROUP, INCOMING!) ( Kent Kent and Demonsoul Demonsoul have to finish their characters)

Nearby in the staging area was a table piled with maps and boards pinned with papers. There was time to settle in with your unit and to meet other units recently attached. Soon, missions would be posted and they would either be swept up in the larger conflict or have the opportunity to volunteer for especially notable or dangerous assignments.


His Majesty Henry VIII
Cyros assembles his squad in the staging area. He wouldn't dream of going to war with anyone ever than Holt, Xanatov, Arnette, and Nyota. He remembers to smile when he gives orders this time, hands still shaky even after he took a long drag on a Lho stick. "We're doing a sweep of this area of the spaceport for salvage. Until recently the enemy occupied this ground, and that means there's supplies for the taking. Arnette and Nyoka are going to take a metal detector each and check the immediate vicinity for any surprises, pleasant or not, that the bastards left behind. Holt, you'll follow them and use the entrenching tool to dig up anything they discover. Disable any booby traps or make sure nobody stumbles into one you can't safely disarm." He dismissed them and put a hand on Xanatov's shoulder when he turned to follow. "We're going to have a chat with Holleski and make sure his Centaur utility vehicle is up to spec, neighborly like. You'll take a quick look inside to make damn sure we're not losing our portable field hospital due to an unexpected breakdown. We'll put that fancy tech toolkit of our's to good use."
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NEW UNIT ON DECK! Demonsoul Demonsoul


Laspistols with variety of one and two handed weapons. Combat drug inhalers and injectors. 3 doses each of Frenzon and Stimm. one suit of Imperial Guard flak armour, one respirator, four empty sandbags and one entrenching tool, two frag grenades and Krak grenades per soldier.
One Heavy Flamer for unit Brimstone with replacement canisters.

"Make Nice" with your "Peers", you dogs. Do well and you'll earn more than just redemption in death... We may continue to feed and keep you supplied. Dismissed!


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Mazer returned to his squad and called out "Gilliam, Ramirez and Victrix! You three take the time now to check the equipment and get familiar with them. Make sure everything is working how it should and that we got what we're supposed to. We might have what we're supposed to on paper, but who the hell knows what the Adeptus Munitorium ACTUALLY sent us. Johnstonne, we're going to take a walk and inspect the remains of the separatist defenses. I want to see what these separatists do to set up fortifications and defenses when they're holding an important objective. We're going to try and get into their minds to learn how to get into their trenches and flush them out. Hell, if we have enough time to sit around, then we're going to start shoring up defenses around here. I bet those separatist scum don't dig deep enough to make PROPER trenches. Now, fall out!"


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Pat Pat :

Cyros' troops followed his instructions -- the area had been seized days ago, signs of structural damage from ballistic arms and burn marks still decked the far reaches of the spaceport here and there. The servitors had done an excellent job cleaning away the corpses and the blood however. That's when Arnette knew to track for the scent of blood. The servitors couldn't have cleaned up everything yet. Arnette and Nyota found that stink of burnt iron in the air in the corner of some uncovered warehouse area and the metal detectors lit up when they found a false wall made of armorplas containers.

"Armorplas don't ring on a metal detector -- there's something behind these boxes, Nyota. Nyota just fired up a Laser-cutter tool with the end of her Lho stick and began making a doorway. Holt grabbed a mag-grasper and pulled the cut panel aside and saw that in this circle of empty armorplas crates there was the remains of a buttoned-up Severan Dominate Mortar team that got splattered all over the inside of their makeshift shelter. The mortar was ruined and the rounds cooked off, but they could see from the other side of the enclosure how the Dominate troops got in themselves through a tight squeeze -- and they HAD, holt determined, left traps in their way. little more than a crack in the maze of boxes it had nonetheless been trapped with no fewer than FOUR "Silent Mines" -- three of them still good after Holt demagnetized and defused them. The fourth mine, at the cracks opening, had quietly destroyed the servitor sent to finish the sweep in this area.

Aside from that, Arnette found a cold-press box with a uniform for a severan dominate lieutenant, decked with medals, as the only intact thing in the mortar-space. The pageant uniform obviously for the officer that commanded this mortar unit. Cyros would have to decide if this suit was better chalked up as "Lost and found" along with the three silent mines, or to turn the lot in to the quartermaster.

Meanwhile Cyros and Xanatov made their way over to Holleski's whiteshields cadet unit to examine their centaur personnel carrier... Lord Mitmar Lord Mitmar


Kyla took the gear for her unit, following all the proper motions, but the moment she got outside of the quartermaster's bunker she dropped her formalities. She slouched and took a long sigh of relief. If it wasn't for the fact she was being reunited with her favorite, promethium, she would've just let her self be executed. But she could smell the promethium on the canisters for her flamer, and she felt great pleasure in the knowledge she was going to get to burn things again. All she has to do is burn the enemies of the Emperor and they will let her play with fire as much as she wants.

After being distracted for a bit she remembered that she has to equip the rest of her unit. Calling them friends would be a lie, they are merely comrades delighting in the carnage, at least that's how Kyla saw it. When she made it to the access hatch they decided to set up in she looked over her unit. Sola, a murderer who now kills religiously for the Emperor. Zel, a drug addict who is just fighting to ensure her next fix. Bane and Lok, an inseparable pair that seem quite disinterested in everything. And lastly, Kyla's loyal minion, Cutter, a mysterious ratling that follows Kyla's command after she saved him.

Kyla placed the gear on the floor of the small tunnel, "Here's the gear, even it out, but everyone gives 1 dose of their share's Frenzon to Zel. As per usual." Kyla sat down against the wall breathing in the fumes of promethium. She couldn't wait for combat to start.


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Heyitsjiwon Heyitsjiwon :

The last signs of separatist fortification were being torn down or repurposed for use by the loyalist imperial guard. Bunkers.... 'crete-lined trenches, a lot of thrown together barricades and quickly assembled air cover domus. It became clear that the separatists were in a rush to secure this starport when the Imperial guard arrived or maybe the Companies would have had a harder time securing it. Beyond the port were various orbital defense stations -- now smoking craters. The foe clearly did not expect the IG to land here under such withering fire, which is perhaps why they had... and perhaps why the landing in the troop transport was even more loud, rattling and shaky then even was common. From a high point looking over the whole ramshackle assemblage of defenses the unit could see the prairies beyond and the forests beyond that. Stormtroops were chasing the last of the occupying forces in full route into the woods before falling back to the starport, Artillery lighting up the woods and throwing up great pits in the tight foliage.

Ramirez and Victrix said it at the same time: "Rookie defenses and rookie mistakes." ... Gilliam talked more to himself than to his comrades... "Greenhorns. Fancy suits on these boys but not a lot of experience between them. The stormtroops that took the fore must have cleaned their chronos. I wonder if they've got veterans at all waiting for us out in the wilds there?" He started counting bulletholes in a wall to make sure they were an auspicious number. "fourteen. it's a good number, fourteen. Points outwards. nice and round, too. Divisible by lucky seve-"

Ramirez injected "Gilliam, you've got a warped groove. No disrepect but if it isn't about cards or cubes I don't want to hear your superstition."

"I knew that was coming" Gilliam retorted, going back to counting the lasburns in a blasted out chimera that was being dragged off the tarmac.

Verdict was straight... nothing creative. defenses were by the book up to a point, then a bunch more shoddy and thrown down in a unskilled hustle. They'd report as much to Mazer.

Looks like this IG detatchment was deep behind lines and not where it was expected to land. The stormtroops were already being marched out beyond the woods to capital targets and attacks of opportunity. It was a wonder what work would fall to the regular guardsmen soon beyond guarding the starport...


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Demonsoul Demonsoul :

The penal unit stretched out in the dark of the tunnel near their staging area, Zel already high as a kite on her extra shares of Frenzon.

"We're gonna gointhere and gointhere and gointhere and we'regonnagetem!" Zel's jaw chattered and reflexively locked and unlocked under the fresh insertion of the drugs.

Sola helped Kyla into her Heavy flamer harness and rigging. "You are the emperor's cleansing flame, Kyla. Just don't let them know how much you enjoy it."

Bane absentmindedly played with Loks hair before Lok slid his helmet back over his head and they crumpled in a heap next to each other in the dark.

Cutter was watching the rest of the units assemble. Picking a tiny piece of dirt out of a groove on his laspistol with a stimm-needle.

"Looks like you're not the only heavy in the detachment, Kyla -- we got a heavy bolter and a Melta-Gun assigned to the group. Meltas are really short range... think any of these fellers will want to get stuck in it beside us? I shouldn't speculate. I saw how we come down apart from the rest of the companies... snuck out and found a porthole. They got something special planned for us, they do. Commissar looked like he was having a good day. A good day from Bolton is the worst." Cutter chewed the skin off his bottom lip until it bled, then wiped his mouth on one of his knives and put it away.

"We just gonna steal some shade while we wait for these lemmings to drag us off somewhere? Because if so, I'm fine with that." Cutter said, running back to the group.

It was dark, no sign of upper echelon. this was always the best time. When they were neglected in the face of all the other work to be done. Pretty soon somebody would find something horrible and assign them to level it... but for now, it was fresh air, a lance of the old stimm, and the calm before the storm...

Lord Mitmar

You can tell me, I'm a doctor!
Holleski—along with the rest of his unit—had only meekly weathered the quartermaster's ire. Sure, some of them had wanted to argue the point with him, but even Cort had held his tongue. They weren't foolish enough to take that bait, however much the officer wanted them to. They marched onwards, some now buried under the weight of the squad's explosives. Together they continued towards the nearby de-facto vehicle yard, where their sparkling new Centaur stood, ready for the mud and grit that was its birthright. Holleski shot a glance over his crew, eyeing each of them in turn. There was Casmirre, already taking the initiative of stowing away his gear in the carrier; Ephesius, turning his gaze to the skies and mouthing a silent prayer—for them? For the Centaur? It didn't matter. Then there was Faydra and Cymbry, each hounding the other as was tradition as they inspected the vehicle; and, finally, there was Cort. He stood further than the rest, eyeing the carrier with apparent disdain—though he did seem rather drawn to the heavy stubber that sat atop it. They hadn't known each other for very long, but they did share a sort of bond. They were all survivors—all a part of the last of the 459th Islander Division. Sure, they'd never actually seen combat, but they were all that remained of the army they once hoped to join. That bred a closeness none of them could really describe.

It wasn't until a pair of unfamiliar faces arrived that Holleski snapped from his thoughts. He shouted to his team, telling them to stow the explosives—as safely as possible, thank you very much—and get the rest of the gear piled into the vehicle as best they could. Considering the size of the thing—it was very clearly a new model, meant to carry far more than the old make—they should have no difficulty. Then, he spun to face the approaching soldiers. He straightened up in salute before dropping to an only slightly less rigid stance. "Cadet Holleski. This is my team," He waved a hand towards the others. "What can I do for ya?" They indicated that they were there to inspect the Centaur, and the cadet turned to shout, "Hey! Faydra, Casmirre! Give these two a tour of the new girl, yeah? The rest of you, go check in on those siege troops! See if you can't make yourselves useful and start building up some defenses! Whatever they tell you to do, got it? Meet back up here when you're done!"

Ephesius stopped to collar Holleski on his way past, meeting him with a very serious look. "Don't forget to name her." And with that—he headed off to join the others. Holleski eyed the man for a moment, then gave a resigned sigh and went to join the two real guardsmen at the Centaur. He'd think of a name eventually.


His Majesty Henry VIII
Cyros returns Holleski's salute as Xanatov heads into the Centaur utility vehicle. "Make sure it's fresh off the assembly line, not fresh out of the repair depot." He reminds his squadmate as his subordinate begins to thoroughly inspect the interior for anything that looked slightly out of place. He knew mechanics liked to weld over hull penetrations and swab the gory insides of vehicles knocked out of action with sterilizing scent covering chemicals if it meant they could return just one more vehicle to the Emperor's service. "Cyros." He introduced himself to Cadet Holleski, offering the man a handshake. "Your vehicle carries our field hospital equipment, so we'll be seeing a lot of each other. Let me know if you or your squad need to be tought any lessons on how to survive. I've been sharpening my claws on similar heretics since I was eight years old."

When he received the report from the rest of the squad he has everyone rally at the Centaur and draw as best they can the silent mines and the officer's uniform for dissemination throughout the 1118th. "Head back and see if the mortar had a readable serial number, might help provide insight on where they got it from. Sketch their other uniforms too, and drag the servitor to the quartermaster along with our other finds." Cyros' skin crawled from giving up salvage like this, he knew he could've tried trading the lot for some of Brimstone's stimms, but the more his fellow guardsmen as well as Commissar Bolton knew about the enemy, the better. Here's hoping they find dog tags or other intelligence, but he suspected the officer's uniform was the real prize. He'd look into figuring out how many traitors were issued that specific collection of medals. If need be, he could narrow it down even more by seeing what natives on file were formerly the rank of lieutenant or lower and investigating if any of them had the same exact measurements. Hell, if there was a viable DNA sample or fingerprint left at the scene, that would hurry along the search nicely. "One more thing," Cyros adds, "teach anyone in the staging area who cares to learn how to spot and disarm those silent mines of their's, I don't want any preventable casualties on my watch."
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Discipline. Soldiers were nought but a well-armed mob without Discipline. While many would argue this point for days Xellion believed it wholeheartedly and any such attempts at argument would fall on deaf ears at best or accusations of treason against the Imperium at worst. His dedication and discipline both in himself and that which he instils on those around him and especially under his command have earned him recognition and support including privilege over provisions.

Once they had gathered their provisions Xellion gathered his men to the staging ground. His sharp orders and stern tone got a few looks of sympathy towards his troops as they passed. While he was sure they didn't begrudge the leniency afforded to most other squads, he knew they understood its benefits, at least once the enemy was added to a situation. Upon reaching the area he had every member inspect their weapon and ensure that it wasn't going to jam or otherwise misfire. Once this was completed he checked they all had the supplies given to them mostly to ensure they were properly provisioned rather than to check no one had stolen anything. "Very good! Stay where I can scream your name for attention but otherwise consider yourselves deployed. A new world, a new life. See if you can assess the makeup of our deployment while I go about seeing to our Orders. For the Emperor!" He was about to turn away when he looked at Malakai "Oh, and make sure you keep enough supplies to live off." he said to the Gambler with a look of exacerbation.


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A runner came up to the staging area and posted a series of assignments to report for. Usually orders were just handed down but before a predicted and enduring battle line formed, Some agency would be given to unit in the Ad-Hoc company -- for the 1118th's true strength lay in it's versatility and diversity to face a number of threats.

The mission board stated several current assignments the units of this staging area could volunteer for, or submit to. The board read as follows:

1) Defenses are going up all around the perimeter, since the drawing off of our stormtroops we anticipate at least one counter-initiative to reclaim the starport consisting of a severan dominate frontal assault, with light artillery and few armored vehicles anticipated with the bulk of reserve infantry. Any units not signing up for other tasks are considered automatically assigned to the defense of the starport. This detachment only has light vehicles so enemy heavy armor is going to present a challenge, though the training and mettle of the Guard is expected to well exceed that of Severan reserves.

2) Cult/Heretical uprising in Severan deep territory, Hive city Kolchenko. Unreliable intel reports "three armed cultists" (name of the cult perhaps?) rising up beneath a severan dominate strongpoint and ejecting the forces, through surprise, from control of a broad range region-scale siege mortar. The Guard want this mortar, especially in proximity to such important targets, to lay withering fire on armories and motor pools. The enemy of our enemy is not our friend. Eliminate all cultists beneath the military structure and bring the Devastation Mortar back online. This opportunity will only last the blink of an eye, so brave and interested parties are expected to report immediately.

3) Loss of Recon squads in the outer perimeter of the staging area is both frustrating intel gathering efforts and presently eludes understanding of what we know of enemy capabilities. We want a detachment to visit the sites of no fewer than FOUR locations we've lost contact with other recon units, attempt to recall and ply survivors for information, and if possible identify and ideally neutralize the threat to our recon boys. Initial deployment will be made by Valkyrie carrier bird after which unit vehicles and troops will be on ground to collect intel. Expect engagement with dominate forces and, if we're fortunate, whatever has been annihilating our recon. The emperor Protects.

4) area denial of Hills 431-476 in proximity to starport are the result of an overperforming dominate bunker strong-point. Two detatchments of Guard are going to engage the bunkers and turrets from close range behind hill cover while a third unit is going to be sent in to sweep and clear Dominate defenses. Once this hardpoint is removed, freedom of travel towards Dominate control points will become more easily realized.

5) Volunteers sought for Exploratory advance along or beside major travel points towards dominate bases in the north. Points of interest include the seizure or destruction of a fuel depot, a auto-mechanicus station that is reconditioning vehicles, and if we are lucky, an avenue of approach of the most local command and control center.

Further missions shall be posted shortly. Remember:

“In life, war. In death, peace. In life, shame. In death, atonement.”



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Kent Kent :


One M36 lasgun and six charge packs (Main Weapon), one suit of Imperial Guard flak armour, one respirator, one set of magoculars, two frag grenades and two photon flash grenades per soldier.
Chamelioline Armor and cloaks for camoflage and infiltration. One requisition cheque for a light armored walker with Lascannon, to be called upon when desired for recon in force.

Aleksandr looks at the other units and the posting board. He spit and re-checked the sighting on his Lasgun.

"Get the fuck out of here, Teodore, you as always, smell like shit took a shit." Quin whistled to stop Teodore as he came bounding over, his uniform already awash with sweat and body odor. "When we know where we're going we'll call you... and for the love of fuck SIT IN THE SHADE!"

Rook just sidled up to Oz with a trademark grin. "We're one happy family, Boss, as you can see." He looked out at the burning forests on the horizon past the starport and clicked his teeth. "This'll be nothing compared to what we faced on Sekka-5, we'll get through this, I know it."


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Pat Pat Lord Mitmar Lord Mitmar

The Centaur was new.... new-new -- straight from the factorium with triple stress and functionality tests practically on each weld. Cyros had literally never seen an engine in better condition.

Cyros' men gave a quick look-over to the whiteshields whether they asked to be educated or not. They showed the Cadets things that you learned in the field, that they didn't cover in basic. How to take the shine off of your buttons and tags so you don't give away position in high-light. Utility-taping the next charge pack onto the weapon so you don't have to fumble for one in the heat of combat. Moving Holleski's unit overseer star from the front of his helmet to the back, where the right people can see it and the wrong people can't. and strippiing and reassembling their lasguns so they are less suited for parade duty and instead bayonetted and field rigged to fire dirty.

In the distance from the staging area Heyitsjiwon Heyitsjiwon Mazer's men were shoring up defenses and mazer himself was staring at the maps relative to the assignment board.

Cyros turned in the items he found after having his troop give a quick rundown on how to spot a silent mine (and mines in general) and a quick rundown on how to delay detonation if not outright disarm one to the entire detachment. "Silent mines are highly magnetic. If you lace-up a certain way you can feel the pull right before you step on one. You can step on a silent mine, you just can't walk past one. So don't panic if you hear one engage. sounds like a little tea-kettle."

for turning in the supplies and uniform he found, his unit was (unofficially) given a suite of ablative vests to go under their flak armor -- these babies were normally only reserved for stormtroops. "Give the suit to the Vindicare and let him loose." Cyros heard the quartermaster whisper as he speedily parted with his find. "We'll do the necessary scriptorium to find out the identity of this officer -- you've just might have made a very difficult job just a tiny bit easier." Pat Pat


"The Emperor protects." Elsara whispered to herself as a compulsive mantra as they called her name for initial issue. She approached the quartermaster's bunker with urgency and waited for her unit's gear. As they listed it all and passed it her way, she inspected each piece before neatly stacking them in a new pile. Four lasguns, in working condition, a dozen charge packs for each person, good to have in-case any are duds, armor, two full boxes of frags and kraks, and an extra kit full of meds. It was the standard issue, and she was always happy about the extra supplies they seemed to end up with, presumably entirely as a result of some clerical error. Unfortunately, those errors more often ended up a double edged sword. They at least got her apoth kit correct this time, but the firearms and armor issue was for standard guardsmen. Not for Ogryn integrated units. "The Emperor protects" she whispered again. Elsara motioned for the rest of her unit to come get the stuff.

"Mord, grab those boxes there...carefully, and carry them to the Centaur, er, the truck. Zora will show you where the truck is." Elsara instructed to big happy oaf.

"Zora, show Mord where the truck is and have the Alta and Herc help carry the rest of the stuff. I'm going to have a word with the quartermaster...again" she said in a defeated tone.

Elsara kept two of the lasguns, six charge packs, and two sets of the far too small flak armor and waited for the quartermaster to pause between two units. She quickly stepped up and began dropping the gear on the table between them loud enough to catch his attention. She smiled as him pleasantly. "Thanks for keeping us provisioned, but there's been a mix up." Elsara pointed to the two big Ogryns walking away hauling gear. "See, those two don't use lasguns; they break them. And they can't fit into this flak armor either. You can have these back...in working condition, but I'll need their actual gear." Elsara said trying to not sound irritated. "Name's Elsara. One of the Ogryns has a heavy stubber they like. It's pointy. Covered in bayonets. Looks more like a club than anything." She leaned her head to the side a bit and pointed behind the quartermaster. "I'm pretty sure it's that thing there."


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ithinkcat ithinkcat :

The quartermaster didn't skip a beat and waved a servitor over to handle the problem without looking up at Elsara and kept right on with the endless line of the rank and file.


the half-robot half-corpse thing spun it's organic eye in its head before blinking repeatedly and regaining focus. Elsara wondered if there was still a person in there, and those "tics" were the poor soul flailing trying to get out.

In any case, the problem was fixed, and any such oversight for other Ogryns in the detatchment were addressed as a matter of course.


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The traitors were going to try retaking this spaceport? Cyros guessed they didn't know the Ad-hoc Irregulars held this ground. Hearing about Mazer's fortification efforts Cyros ordered his unit of four to go back and collect those empty armaplas crates to dissemble with their laser-cutter tools and mag-graspers and make into large rigid plates molded to fit the bodies of their wearers. This carapace armor should give the rank and file of the 1118th significantly improved protection over standard flak vests/armor, but wary of running out of the material Cyros makes sure his squad gets their full body suits before the rest produced are delivered to the quartermaster to distribute as he sees fit, along with their own flak vests/armor. He makes known his preferences once he gets a good understanding of the assignment board. "I know the siege mortar mission is time sensitive, but if we don't assist what's left of our reconnaissance squads we're going to just be blinding ourselves in favor of achieving short-term objectives. If their scouting went as planned we might know more about the capabilities of these cultists right now. I don't want to think about how much worse our intelligence briefings can get if the recon teams are all wiped out."


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"If there's one thing I know, it's that the grunts assigned to hold this starport were greener than grass. Are the separatists too spread out to man a key location with better troops? I sure as hell don't know. Way above my pay grade, but I do know that there's some veterans SOMEWHERE out there cause they sure as hell were not here. The boys stationed here did everything according to the textbook... and a bit of a sloppy job too." Mazer commented. "Anyways, do we have some recon teams with us? My boys are more of a... direct intervention sort. We can hold ground that we've secured, and assault positions, but it seems like we're going to be going in pretty blind in search of Big Foot with this mission. Would be real nice to have some recon taking up point on this mission."


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"Private Oz and his crew are said to be reconnaissance specialists." Cyros stated to Mazer, dispatching Xanatov to request the presence of that squad's commanding officer to the assignment board to participate in the impromptu meeting if he can't quickly be found in the immediate vicinity. "Depending on what we determine to be necessary for this operation, they could perhaps use up their requisition cheque to receive a lascannon equipped light armored walker, but that might end up being stealth prohibiting overkill depending on the nature and severity of the threat we'd be tackling."


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"They're just beasts in a different form." Oz muttered as he finished up his Lho-Stick and threw it at the ground. "Alright, boys. Go prep your equipment, I'll head to the Assignment Board to see which Death mission we'll tackle. And Teodore, your shit smell is more likely to kill us than an enemy" He then walked to the assignment board and gave the missions a thorough look, ignoring the talking Cyros and Mazer nearby.

"Hmmm.. mission 3? Very likely to meet with those Dominate bastards... Mission 5 seems fitting as well..."


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Pat Pat :

Cyros' team did their best -- but they were far from capable of synthesizing non-patterned carapace armor with armorplas plating. What best they did was make "Riot Shields" out of Armorplas Material which could be adopted by agents of the regiment (not just Cyros' unit) complete with gun rest and firing slat these plates were horribly cumbersome but promising in their effectiveness for a static defense. Only Ogryns could move freely carrying them. The remainder of the armorplas was requisitioned by the agents of the munitorium to plate vehicles and reinforce defenses on the outer rim of the spaceport.

Over the Mega-comm an announcement was made -- "Regimental detactments to report to duty posthaste. All units not reporting for mission deployment will shortly be assigned to a point in startport defensive line! THE EMPEROR PROTECTS!"


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"I guess that's our cue." Cyros said, looking between Mazer and Oz. "Let's head out and see what we can do to rescue any survivors and eliminate this threat. We do this fast enough, maybe we'll be able to mop up any Severan reservists the rest of the 1118th repulse from the spaceport afterwards." He called for Holt, Xanatov, Arnette, and Nyota to form up and move out after Oz's squad takes point, remaining a respectable distance away until called up. It was a damn shame their earlier attempts at reforging the armaplas into protective gear didn't quite pan out, but an imperial guardsman always made do. He makes sure everyone carries a riot shield each with them, despite the drawbacks. Moving cover, however sluggish, might just be an essential factor to successfully reaching and extracting anyone who yet draws breath. Either way, at least it'd be good exercise.

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"Oi!" Screamed Xellion above the commotion after the announcement, not that he needed too as his troop had also heard the announcement and knew he would soon call on them so were already making their way to him. "Form up! Alright, on the ball as usual" he says regarding their quick forming before him. "Ossian, see which layout they are using and where they are falling short on their defences. Malakai and Piotr, see what needs doing and if its relating to the defences see if you can assist. Aubray and Jorn, be seen about and visible. The mere sight of you Jorn tends to reassure some of the Greener troops as you know and Aubray, your faith glows forth and flows into them. Let them remember that the Emperor will Protect them, some struggle with that when they first join. Diiiiismissed!" He shouted. He barely even needed to tell them any of this and this was a plan they were very used too upon a new deployment. Simple three steps, get a lay of the land, show people your willing to help them and finally renew their confidence in their comrades and the Emperor.

As they went about their orders Xellion went off to find out his so he could begin to prepare a solid defensive plan, which should hopefully be all the more concrete once Ossian returns with his findings.


Elsara thanked the quartermaster, not that he heard or cared, but she looked blankly at the Ogryn gear in front of her. It would have been smart to have Alta stick with her to carry the oversized and overweight gear for her. She made her way to her unit finishing loading up their initial gear into the Centaur and called to them. "Zora. I cleared things up with the quartermaster. Take Alta and Mord with you to go get them fitted up and meet back here. No detours, please."

Zora groaned. "Fine. Just thought you might want to know; the ones not scared to make decisions are have a meeting of sorts over there at the mission board."

"The Emperor protects." she whispered. "Well...then I guess get our Ogryns fitted double time. I guess we're heading out immediately." Elsara replied to Zora's displeasure.

Hearing the mega-comm's announcement, Elsara rushed over to the impromptu meeting with Cyros, Oz, and Mazer. "Sorry for being late. Equipment issues. Nothing to worry about." she said apologetically. She quickly scanned the available missions, lingering on the third listed a bit longer. "Me and my troops are here to support you all, but I'd like to suggest we take up the recon mission. It's possible some of them survived and we could be the only hope of our men making it back alive." she added, unaware of any previous discussion.


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"Welcome to the rescue mission," Cyros amicably greets Private Elsara and her unit after they make their introductions at the assignment board, "but if we both sally forth from the base that leaves the defensive line without a dedicated squad of combat medics for when the Severan reservists make their counterattack." He then turns to his subordinates Holt and Xanatov and motions for them to offer their riot shields to the two ogryns under Elsara's command before continuing on. "Simply put, between the two of us someone has to stay behind, so I'll leave this mission in your capable hands." Cyros addressed the newcomer so much as Mazer and Oz, saluting them before leaving to dig a secondary trench located in the rear of the main line where the field hospital equipment they have will be deployed. Their four sandbags will be used to fabricate a small bridge traverse covering the top of the section, ideally protecting it's five initial occupants from artillery fragments and shrapnel. The parapets are reinforced with four riot shields so that their firing slats can be made use of during the engagement to observe and bring the Emperor's judgment to the traitors surging forward to their deaths as the opportunity arises.

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