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    Name: Letha Arcelia
    Other Names: The Oblivion Lilly
    Age: Physically about 17. In actuality, only she knows...
    Gender: Female
    Species: Dusk Demon (25% light attribute, 75% dark, 100% unholy)

    Bio/Backstory: Aeons ago, before the Flood, a human with a nearly supernatural instinctual talent at Alchemy and Rituals, some would say she was... devilishly good at it. Well, it turned out they were right. Although she was one of those who died during the Flood, she had set up a failsafe to catch her soul and reincarnate it as a demon. Using her newfound immunity to age, she spent many millennia researching science and magic, compiling her research, and becoming capable of even transmuting the magic imbued within an object.

    Timeskip to the modern era, she was supplanted into a family on "good terms" with the demonic plane, to allow herself to gain her own opinions on modern humans and angels. Very much a free spirit, and very prone to acting on whims and gluttonous tendencies, she has also been given the nickname of "The Gluttonous Factory" although the people who gave her this went missing the next day... Needless to say, the nickname didn't catch on.

    Well, in short, She's a demon who's been masquerading as a human for awhile. She generally does her own thing, factions be damned.

    Features: Her skin, while it seems human at sight and touch, is actually very small, excessively durable scales. Humans would be hardly comparable to her beauty, although among demons concerned with their looks she's nothing special in that department.

    Abilities: Absorption, Alchemy, Matter Ingestion, Psychometry, Intelligence, Sourcing, Regeneration, Superhuman Durability, Peak Human Strength, Ritual Based Magics, Ritual Development, Dusk Magic

    Weapons: Whatever she creates at a given time. Alchemy is useful like that. Her preferred weaponry, however, tend to be mid-range pseudo-melee (such as chains) or high range projectiles (sniper rifles and whatnot)

    Regen is enough that, assuming her arm gets chopped off, she can reattach it but not regrow it.
    Sourcing is the ability to draw power from external sources within eyesight and use it as your own.
    Absorption only applies to opposing energy attacks, and functions like Sourcing.
    Psychometry is the ability to read an object's past at a touch.
    Her Alchemy can be performed at any given time, anywhere within eyesight. It does require equivalent matter to the object being formed, however.
    'Ritual Based Magics' can be anything from Summoning and Sealing, Weather Manipulation, Apocalypse Inducement, etc. If you can have a ritual for it, it can be used. That being said, complex Rituals take awhile so it's not amazingly suited for combat
    'Dusk Magic' is more typical magic, but the option to mix 'light' aspects into your 'dark' spells, such as an explosion of darkness that heals instead of damages.
    Offensive Dark Aspects:
    Beam Attack

    Support Dark Aspects:
    Reckless Amplification
    Darkness Inducement

    Support Light Aspects:
    One of my strongest characters, short of being a Reality Warper. You can expect a (relatively) fair but hard fight from her.

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