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Realistic or Modern "This isn't my body!" Looking for someone willing to play M.


i dreamed a dream

Hi : ) and welcome to my partner search. My requirments are that you reply at least once every few days, can write more 3 paragraphs per post and are contributing to the story. Now onto the bit that you've actually come for, the plot.

Muse A was the kid in school that was someone you know of but didn't know much about, they'd drift from friendship group to friendship but never really belonged somewhere. Muse A knew that they didn't belong either and after years of putting on a the fake smiles and fake smiles they decide its finally time to end it all and so they do. At the young age of 18 they drew their last breath buts that is not the end of their story. Muse B was Muse A's only true friend, they met at a party and really hit it off, they shared the same sense of humour and just seemed to click straight away but unfortunately Muse B didn't attend the same school but they did hang out every weekend. Muse B was actually going to confess their true feelings for Muse A but it was already too late. When Muse A jumped off the bridge they didn't expect God to say "Hell no, this isn't how you end." as Muse A wakes up in the body that doesn't belong to them. This body was good looking, athletic, good at school and had wealthy parents who were more then happy that their child had woken up from their coma. Muse A begins to attend Muse B's school and learns how the death of their old body has done to his only friend. Now Muse A has to navigate his new world, being popular, being wanted by the popular girls, befriending the popular guys but there is one thing more important then any of that, and that's Muse B.

If you're interested just reply down below or send me a message. :)


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