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Realistic or Modern This is The End (Apocalyptic World OC x OC)


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This is The End (Zombie Apocalypse-OCxOC)

December, 16. 2024. A freezing winter greeted the states with its cold grasp. This was the first day of what current survivors call “The End.”. We didn’t know how it started, nor did we know when (Or if.) it would even end. In the beginning the military at least tried to contain the disease or virus (Whatever it is.) through bombing the area, But still, it managed to find it’s way to new areas, spreading faster than anyone could bat their eyes.

Flesh-Eating monsters managed to ravage the entire world, but life finds a way. Few people survived the first mutation, they were either mauled by the infected and became one themselves, or were too scared to live in the new world on their own. A second mutation occurred after a year, they became stronger and faster; of course we didn’t know why, but we knew that they were more dangerous. It only took a month after that for them to evolve again, and of course there's the chance that we had just never encountered them. We call them “Hunters”. They’re faster than all beliefs, and even a scratch from one can turn someone. The worst part is that they are almost sentient. They know how to hunt their prey, and how to rip people apart without risking their own lives. If you ever see a hunter, turn back before it sees you.

It's been about a year and a half since the infection, but to be honest we lost count a long time ago. Most buildings are now either burned to nothing, torn down, or overrun with the infected. Many people found themselves leaving groups, as they would always cause arguments or lure infected to them. People started doing anything to survive; eating others, stealing food, sacrificing others to survive themselves, or even going as far as senseless murder on sight, do you have what it takes to survive?

I’m looking for someone to roleplay a male oc, this is not my usual writing perspective so please don’t worry about that. I usually write from 3rd and sometimes 2nd person. I’m willing to adapt to styles, but I will never use asterisks for actions. (*)

I’d prefer if you messaged me saying you are interested, and a bit about the character you will be using (They don’t have to be fully developed don't worry.)


Just a random polish guy in army uniform.
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