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Do you enjoy plotting as much as writing? Are you tired of those long posts? Or maybe you like occasional rapid-fire? This might be for you!

Are you frustrated by never getting to tell the full story? Getting burnt out or ghosted and never seeing how the characters act in the settings and situations you wanted to see them develop through? Not to mention you never get to write that epic ending you came up with? Me too!

I'm a seasoned, subjectively advanced roleplayer who is looking for experienced writers 21+ interested in writing mature characters. [Doesn't mean occasionally I don't feel like writing something like Twilight lmao, but most of my stories revolve around adult, well rounded people]. Currently I am not looking for a literate, multi paragraph exchange! I seek short and simple, sometimes rapid-fire back and forth that would resemble a causal plotting session more than the usual quality writing I strive for. I look for people who can write well when they put some work into it but who, just like me, want something effortless for once. Something to gush over and follow without thinking about pretty words. [I love pretty words but my last braincells need a break.]

So if you're looking to improve your craft, you should totally do it with someone else and tell some cool stories with me on the side [shhh, no one has to know].

PM me your current cravings and tell me about the type of characters you usually roleplay as. I will show you the type of exchange I'm looking for and we'll take it from there.

Can't wait to do some trashy writing with you! Woo!

Note: I am open to most vanilla or dark, realistic or a little out there, feel-good or controversial scenarios in a variety of genres that are more action or adventure or slice of life centered, with or without straight or gay romance, so just hit me up with your ideas and I'll share mine that can complement them.


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