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Fantasy This Bounty of Mine [CS]



RpN's demon dragon bodyguard
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One Time Luck
Name: Ken Iaon
Nickname: (To be determined from backstory lol)
Age: 23 (Unknown to him)
Gender: Male
Appearance: He stands at 6', generally wheres a cloak covering is arms and most of his skin. To a perceptive individual, they might notice a scar on the right hand which appears to lead up to his arm. Long hair, clean-shaven face. If you ever see him walking you might the slightest limp in is walk, but it is very minimal. If you ever see him without his cloak, his shirt is still long sleeved, white but dirty giving it a darker tint. On his belt he wields a long sword and three daggers also has a coin bag. On his back, he has a very small bag with not much in it. From the outline of it, it appears to be some sort of book he keeps on him. All of his wears dirty, rugged, appears to have had for a long time.

Personality: Very self keeping, not scared or skidish, but his head is always on a swive, just keeping a keen eye on his surrounding. He is not outgoing by any means.

Backstory: (Just a quick brainstorm, assuming the world has other races) I was thinking he was abandoned by his parents at a real young age and taken and raised by a group of dwarves within some sort of Empire like entity and the dwarves who were simple farmers for the empire started getting upset about the rise in tax and began planing a revolt to against the empire. Empire caught wind of this and sent some sort of guard to get rid of them as quickly as possible I would say this is when Ken was around 13 and he attempted to fight back but still a massive loss him being an only survivor and taken prisoner since he did the most to fight back but was also wounded from the encounter and he eventually somehow managed to get free from his imprisonment. That is where I am at now. I have to start getting ready for work but let me know what you think!


RpN's demon dragon bodyguard
Name: Arla Hackney (pseudonym)

Nickname: None

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Appearance: Arla is a little taller than the average human, resting at about 5' 8. She usually wears typical peasant ware: A cloth dress with dusty colouring that runs near to the ground, long sleeves, a waist-height belt with a handy rag or two tucked in, and oftentimes a satchel over her shoulder that carries all the necessities. She gets comments regularly on her pale complexion, shielded by her woven sun hat that obscures the tips of her ears. She wears her long black hair in a braid down her back, and her tall face rests with a dignified, almost tired expression.

Personality: Arla would appear to be a modest and proper young lady, her voice tinged with the smallest bit of sorrow, as if she's constantly mourning a loss. Underneath it all though is a fiery and strong spirit with a penchant for bending the rules, if not outright breaking them. She doesn't much care for high social status, and is more focused on getting the job done than anything else.

Backstory: "Arla"s story is that she's nothing more than a humble widow who moved from the city to escape the overcrowding. With a tale of how she lost her late husband - a brave knight in battle - to pull at the heartstrings, it's difficult not to take sympathy. Unfortunately, not a word of it is true.

An elf able to masquerade as human thanks to her unusually short stature, she takes advantage of her genetics in order to spy, bounty hunt, and even occasionally assassinate... pretty much all the stuff the royalties that hire her want swept under the rug. While all elves keep their last names under lock and key, Arla takes this one step further, fully immersing herself in her human alias and lifestyle.

Last names are a badge of honour among elves, not to be given out without discretion or tarnished... so one could only expect her to seek a new identity when she was banished from the great kingdom of Aethula, persecuted of the war crimes that her parents and ancestors had commit in battle. Having been disowned by her friends and her kingdom once these old crimes were brought to light, she sought to build a new life among the only place she could: humanity. In secret, of course.

It was when her identity as an elf was revealed that the Regime begun to take an interest in her. With travel in and out of the Talon Empire being heavily monitored - especially for non-human races - the Regime wasn't particularly fond of an illegal immigrant. She was going to be sentenced before her propensity for fighting caught the eye of a few nameless higher-ups, who saw the opportunity to make her a job offer.

Now a bounty hunter hiding in plain sight as a poor widower among the humans, who could blame her for choosing a life of lying and killing? After all, it's what her homeland made of her.

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