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Fandom Things I'm Into RPing.


Taco Gato
Hello, I'm going to make a list of what I like to RP, Fandoms and Characters so here we go.

Zootopia (Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Mr Big)

Kung Fu Panda (Po, The Furious Five, Shifu)

Space Dandy (Meow)

Aggretsuko (Haida <3)

What I like from my RP Partner: To do well detailed lines of a length around a paragraph if not longer. To have an understanding for size measurements such as Inches, Feet, Miles. (Macro/Micro aka Giants and Tinies).

I RP whatever length I feel like since I've gotten rusty at RPing.

Anyways if interested reply down below or PM me.

(PS: Forgot to add I like boys love, so Me X whatever male on this list)
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