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"Extradition." Silver repeated back at him, then laughed happily, pleased with the new word added to her - admittedly limited - vocabulary. "Ext-ra-dition! Extradition!"

She really was happy with the sound of that word, and the important feel of it. Silver probably wouldn't stop repeating it until everyone hated it.

"I don't think I can draw Solitary, because I was ...umm...I don't know the word...Blinded?...I had a thing over my eyes, but I can draw the way there! And I'll help you in any other way I can!"

As she said, she had literally no one to tell, so no worries on that front.
Alice slowly took everything in. Grinning as she looked up at Jasper. "Okay I'm in! As far as my telling anyone. I think you know me well enough by now that I would prefer to be out of here." She hugged Jasper around his waist. "Sorry, I have just been wanting to escape for so long, you are like a miracle." She stepped back quickly so she wouldn't involuntarily shock him. Her eyes went to silver, "I still wanna clean you up but fine". She then looked up at Will, "what do you say?". She was so excited that she was back into a hyper state and had to force herself to calm down.
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Will listened to Jasper thoughtfully, carefully considering the proposal that was laid before him. Jasper sure seemed sure about his plan-and getting out of prison was something Will wanted to do asap. The fact that the others also seemed in favor was also rather reassuring: Everything works better with a crew, after all. Thus, he perked up, looking at both Jasper and Alice. Chuckling, he said "I'm trusting you on this, Jasper. I won't tell anyone-mostly because nobody would listen to me, anyway. If you manage to secure me a blind eye from the guards, I can make several useful things for us, especially in the combat department. Because that's where we'll need the most help." His implication was rather clear,although not stated it was apparent that this comment was not mocking the others, but a mere remark.

Approaching Alice, he added: "Also, "I'll fry you"? Really, Alice? How do you plan on doing that, when I have access to the awe-striking technological marvel that is electrically non-conductive clothing?" With a flick of his hands, he spawned two heavy-duty gloves over his hands, and quickly grabbed Alice's Wrists, securing her hands."See? The worst you can do now is Waltz with me, I'm afraid." He laughed at his own joke. Despite what it may seem, he did not wish to threaten or challenge Alice-he merely wished to see what other tricks she had up her sleeve, when encountered with a situation like this. Besides, if she actually managed to beat his challenge, he'd probably learn something about countering her kind of powered.

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Jason was taking in all that was said. The frozen puns coming female voice. And the wardens shivering shove...
Is this what you mean by hypocrite?
the Warden is protecting himself. But not in the way you would assume.
Jason let Charlotte the second ramble off vaguely about what she knew apparently.
I hate when you’re vague
I hate when you aren’t smart

Jason let it go. He had a idea of what was up anyway.
waited for the majority of the guards to leave before speaking. It seemed the magic smiling thing was staying back as well. No matter.
Quietly sipping his mug as the guards piled out. He waved with a clear smirk in his eyes at the nature kid.

Following behind them all to close the door

“Eddie, I think it’s time the grown ups talk.” Jason stated as he turned back from the door.
“All you said works for me. But I think I should be more open... honest with my idea... maybe you warm up to it instead of giving me the cold shoulder... I swear the last time I saw you relaxed was when I flooded that would be escape tunnel slash sauna with ice coffee... i remember the gang swimming out that hole, aha...”
three had died. Basically just filled it back in with dirt. Hell we made the garden do it.

jason walked back to the desk, looking brooks in the eye, and glancing at the smiley thing.
Felix did Felix shit.
Cahone has gotten up and shouted at those who looked at him funny. He was close to causing a third lockdown. He was thinking of stalking the whole penitentiary to find the naga that could pump him full of venom.
He wanted it.
Needed it.


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|:| Jasper Bent |:|

With such loners for crew members, Jasper had no reason to believe any of them would betray the cause. Each had their own individual reasons for wanting out, whether their intentions were pure or not. Freedom was a desire for anyone in a cage, which they all were. Now that he had their attention and proof that he'd been planning things out this deeply, it was time to be a bit more... detailed. His eyes drifted about to ensure that no other inmates were eavesdropping. No feelings of suspicion emitting from anyone. And most importantly, no nosy guards thinking of coming this far into the chilly courtyard. Even the guards didn't know this was a warm spot; go figure. All he could see that was a sort of issue was an explosive Cahone in the distance, desperate for his precious naga venom once again. Nothing Jasper was too concerned with so long as the hothead (pun intended) didn't get within eavesdropping distance. At least he was so consumed with desperation that it probably wouldn't matter.

All clear; here we go. First time anyone knows about this...

"Unfortunately," he began speaking rather softly, "The prison is heavily guarded with measures that will be hard to get passed. Everything from every room in the prison sealing shut and windows with blast shields, to a series of guards who take no shit, to a demon ready to subdue us if we get too extreme, and even an electric fence heavily guarded by the towers if we so much as even reach there. But considering what we have going for us now... we might actually be able to pull it off."

His first glance went towards Silver, who was the only one of them to enter solitary confinement. "You said you were blinded in there, but you must've seen something along the way. A great start would be for you to draw me a map or description of some sort of what you saw down there, and I'll see how I can incorporate it with the remainder of my sketches and maps. Anything you might've seen, heard, smelled, whatever - it will help."

Next: Will. The inventor of the bunch, and given the fact he worked at the workshop with Alice, they'd both be quite the help, if they don't get caught building weapons instead of birdhouses. Felix could do it for him, so he could definitely do the same for the workshop. "I can arrange some freedom on your next shift to allow for more interesting projects. You'd be correct to assume that we'll need equipment. And since I'm aware that the workshop has plenty in the way of parts, I think I can trust that you and Alice can fasten something in your time there. One big part of it is going to be a harpoon. One sturdy enough that it can latch on from our starting point - which I will get to later..." A rather unsettling complication, but one he could make happen. "...to the top of the electric fence - I'd say we'd need about 15 to 20 meters of length to get to the fence. We need something sturdy and strong enough to hold each of our weights. I'd say make sure the rope can withstand a 80-kg mass climbing across. Once again, I will arrange some privacy. I so happened to land myself a rather... interesting position with a mysterious guard here. So that makes our lives a bit easier."

Jasper couldn't help but feel a tad bothered at the minor clash between Alice and Will. He avoided looking disturbed and instead told them, "In-fighting won't help anyone, you two, and it won't solve your schoolyard games, either. I'm not asking to be friends, but at least try not to murder each other." It did seem harmless enough, but he had to make sure that point was clear, and that conflict wouldn't be tolerated. "Alice..." The final part of his team. A crucial one, too. "You have the power to harness electricity. If we send you across the fence with the harpoon, can you..." Not being a scientist, he knew his wording would be rather vague. "...so to say, absorb the electricity from the rope and a portion of the fence to allow safe passage for the three of us? The one thing we don't need to be is fried the second we actually get across."

With technicalities out of the way... there was still part two of all of this. "Another thing we'll all need is a way to get our general tracking and biometric braces off efficiently once we get across the fence. I'm sure you two in the workshop can find a way to do that on your spare time. We'll also need a way to get rid of our inhibitors. Alice and I have injections, so I will teach you how to fake being affected on our own time in the cell. I've been practicing for a year, and I will teach you as well so that we will have our powers when the day comes to escape. As for Will and Silver..." Silver seemed to have another complication: the collar. They buckled down on her after her little outburst. The mind reader sighed as he knew he'd have to depend on his workshop team once again. "I hope you two have ideas for yourselves, hm?"

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|:| Edward Brookes |:|

Seems Edward wasn't quite done with Jason just yet. He'd just returned, and already had big ideas. The sinister part of the Warden, indeed, would've considered inmate thinning - as he'd snuffed out one just hours ago. He kept worrying someone would suspect him, and the constant 'cold' references and jokes continued to shake his core. He stood his ground and turned from Pisha to face the mugman. Grownup talk, time to be a bit more open, he went on about. He very slightly shook his head, unsurprised at what he was hearing. Although he did agree to some of what the Warden had gone on about in terms of restrictions, there was one line he wouldn't cross - his one sign of hypocrisy.

"As I've explained to Pisha, the prisoners will have the potential to earn sentence reductions if they win in a clean fight. This will be a measure to prevent the same fighters from facing off every time and this whole idea becoming repetitive. Any one of those crooks will bend over backwards for a chance at a reduced sentence. I've already signed off on some power usage as well, so long as we can keep it under control. I assume you have control over that, hm?" He gave the demon a quick look from the corner of his eye.

"If any sort of catastrophe happens as a result of the fight club, Jason, you being the head of the idea, it'll probably be you getting written up first," he sighed. "This is a warning to be cautious. Some things are out of my control, and if the paperwork is shady, it attracts suspicion we don't need. We are not turning Cahone Pyrite or Calamitas or whoever the rest of you had in mind into Thesta's own version of the kraken to rid us of unruly inmates. Although..."

Brookes wanted to get this heat off of his chest before his own sweating from nervousness made him quite literally melt under the pressure. "...If deaths appear to be an accident," he grumbled, "Few people bat an eye. Some investigation may happen, but it's very minimal. But that's if it's occasional. Not burning a dozen delinquent, rapey inmates in a massive inferno thanks to a prison-sponsored fight. Some lenience can be allowed, but... be careful."

What the Warden had just implied was simple: it can slide if it's not obvious. A very discreet greenlight for a small scale prisoner thinning. Just not a mass cook-off like some guards might've thought.

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Pisha just smiles at his suggestion, twirling in the chair as Jason began to talk once more. Cold shoulder? Incidents? Sounds like they needed to get their act together for a while now... no wonder Sam got in so easy.

"You know as well as I do that we have to keep the peace, so I am glad you are seeing it my way Eddy. I will get out of your hair now, but try to stay in touch? I swear I am in my own solitary sometimes~!" The demon cooed at the gentleman before dissolving into the floor.... but not before leaving something in Edward's big drawer without opening it, letting him be aware by making the object thunk against the drawer side. What was it? A frozen hand of a certain serpent. Once observed the hand would disappear into the dark recesses of the drawer to not be seen again. Just to drive home he was not mistaken.

Samantha Fratellis
Sam re-equipped her gas mask and clicked herself together to be sealed inside once more, set on making her way to the yard when the chaplain had caught her. She has seen him around and was once introduced to him, but seeing her job was not one to be lazy at, she never tried to strike up a conversation. The same could be said about the centaur he also stopped, a person she thought seemed to be respectable and diligent.

"You should have spoken up.... but sure, I will show up for support. I feel like this will only make our problems with breakouts greater and violence spike, so I want this resolved. Some think that a prison is their playground, and I aim to keep it from being that way whether they be prisoner or guard."

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Alice grinned as Will captured her wrists. "I don't just emit electricity from my hands you reckless dimbat." With that she hooked her leg around his, flashing him a flirtatious grin. Sending an electrical pulse up his leg to startle him. "You wanna defend your self, you are gonna need a full suit." She stepped back and returned her attention to Jasper. "Yeah I can do that. It should work great"
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The silver haired girl frowned, but nodded. "I can draw the way there. It smelled kinda like ...chemicals? Is that the word? And fear. Lots of fear." Scared people gave off a special scent that made her feel slightly sick. It was acidic and horrible, even worse when mixed with the chemically smell of this place. Everything here screamed unnatural to the shapeshifter, and she hated it. Although, thinking about solitary brought up a certain memory, and she shuddered, reaching a hand up to her throat.

"What if the guards catch us? The man down there said he'd...He'd kill me if I did anything else."

As far as she was aware, that was a perfectly legal and okay thing for the prison staff to do. Silver pushed the collar slightly up, revealing the angry burns underneath. "And if we mess it up and they don't kill us, they'll make the inhie- inhiba- the things stopping our powers stronger!" And also torture. That hadn't been fun.

Okay, she may have strained a few brain cells by being reasonable for once, and she has probably confused herself. But hey, she's acted less like an overeager child for once, so PROGRESS.


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|:| Calder Zhukov |:|

The Chaplain nodded, his own views in line with those of the masked guard. Finally, someone with a sense of integrity around here who didn't want the prison to become nothing more than a playpen for inmates with guards as the audience to cheer them on. If only he'd spoken up, but would he even have a voice in this with the Warden's unusual decision to invoke democracy in an indisputably bad idea that even he said no to in the beginning? What changed in the blink of an eye? Was the Warden not the solid man that the public eye tends to get a glimpse of?

"Apologies, but I think that even you were outspoken when the Warden put a detrimental decision in the hands of democracy," Calder reminded her. Sam seemed reasonable enough, but even her reason wasn't enough to convince the Warden, so why would his? "Why on earth would he leave something like this to a vote? Especially in a manner as quickly as he did? He seemed solidly against it up until guards like that Jason came up to him, a man who literally just returned to duty this morning and is already manipulating the Warden and acting like he's in charge with cryptic signals and rather... odd wording that seems directed to some greater scheme of sorts. I'm keeping an eye on him out on duty, and especially when they roll out this fighting ring. It may be just a hunch, but I don't trust what's going on between him and the boss."

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|:| Edward Brookes |:|

With the demon's approval, the Warden felt a bit more at ease when it came to the protests of the more unorthodox methods in question. This would be yet another risky business move on Edward's part, giving a rather ambiguous PR-type statement that could easily be spun in a different direction and lead to inmates dying due to unfair matchups or brutal fights never being broken up before they lead to death. He hoped his emphasis on accidents and not allowing a particular inmate turn the ring into his or her own personal slaughterhouse was heard loud and clear, because if he were to catch it, he'd fire the entirety of the fight club's advocates in a heartbeat, even if it left him understaffed. Although firing Pisha would be a problem, he would have to deal with her separately. At least, if this were to be a slip-up on public record, it would be the only one to do so. Unless someone had already found out about what had happened to Zorra in solitary. A fact he'd soon find out in his desk drawer.

There was still Jason to take care of, the one who pitched this idea in the first place. He was going to get his wish for corruption, and if things went wrong, he'd be the first one fired, if not frozen to death if he attempts to resist. He didn't want to have to murder a guard, a harder incident to cover up in his eyes, but if prison-sponsored fighting becomes chaos, and the mugman doesn't take his punishment lying down....

"Well?" the old man faced the guard directly, addressing him as the only man left in the room. "You think these terms are satisfactory to you? Just keep in mind that you, as the mastermind, are going to be responsible for upholding these conditions. Because if they are broken and I find out you just made this club for some personal satisfaction of watching the inmates kill each other, and the body count just piles up out of control, then it's you who will pay for the mistake before anyone else."

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|:| Jasper Bent |:|

Noticing Alice and Will in a developing conflict once again, Jasper had to play the role of the playground supervisor and step in between them. This tense dynamic in a critical situation was not something he wanted to risk, and a dead inmate killed off by his cellmate was bad for his own business. Without touching the girl sparking with electricity, he groaned and spoke, "Knock it off, you two. You don't want to draw attention to yourselves. These guards will interpret any sort of touching in a negative light. If you don't want to get caught, don't make yourselves that easy to spot and ask questions about... Glad you can pull the fence hop off though, Alice. You're literally going to save us all from getting fried."

Then there was Silver, the one ticket to what solitary is like. Having her get thrown down there sure beat him having to misbehave and land himself a trip, too. He knew of the sensory deprivation treatment, but apparently she could smell down there as well. Chemicals. No surprise, if they're torturing inmates there at least. But it wasn't just the smells that were interesting... but who the hell was talking to Silver when she should've been deprived of her sense of hearing? That was out of the ordinary to his knowledge. He also threatened her not to misbehave again, or she'd get an even stronger inhibitor, as he'd picked up from her limited vocabulary. He simply arched an eyebrow and thought for a moment.

"We're not going to get caught," he stated. "That's why we're preplanning like this, so we can eliminate all risks. But you were supposed to be deprived of your senses down there. Who.. Who was talking to you and making threats about limiting your powers even further? Did you recognize the voice? Anything distinct about it? Male, female, old, young, robotic, anything like that?"

Indeed, Silver was a ticket to further progress.

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Silver took a deep breath, looking uncertain, then nodded. "We won't get caught. The guards are idiots anyways so we won't we won't we won't we won't." It's clear that she uses repetition to calm herself down when it seems like she's going to be overwhelmed by everything.

She took another deep breath, then nodded. "Okay, well...It was like an old guy's voice? I think it's the one, you know, the guy who talks through the - the...Uhh....He talks to the whole building with a machine? But I'm not sure because I was more focused on the cold." She shuddered, looking slightly sick.

"Hey, when do we get to eat? I'm hungry." Quick subject change there, Silver not wanting to remember the cold.
She ate someone a few hours ago. How can she be hungry?!
William smile back at Alice. He found himself enjoying this little dance a bit more than he should. Don't worry, Jasper. Promise not to kill he-. his joke was abruptly cut off as a wave of electricity suddenly surged through him, causing him to let go of Alice, grunting in pain. He looked up at her once more, somewhat Impressed. Under normal circumstances, he'd probably been able to keep her at bay. And yet, she'd distracted him. He smiled. smart girl. Definitely more dangerous than she looks. He made a mental note to not underestimate Alice again

Hearing Silver's mumbling about being afraid to die, he gave an audible chuckle. Oh? Miss "I like to murder and devour people and am so threatening" is actually afraid? pfft. Should of guessed you'd be a fraud.
As for me?,He continued, It ain't no inhibitor that worries me, because I don't have one. Bastards tried to limit me for three moths straight. They almost killed me at least a few dozen times, but they never could take my power away.
He took a small pause, before continuing: Sadly, they discovered, on accident, that I'm extremely vulnerable to psychic attacks. Which means, there's a special code on the radio the guards use. If it's said, then she he shuddered slightly as he thought of the empath,Can literally have me rolling on the ground in complete agony within seconds. So that's that. Apart from that though, I'm pretty capable of putting up a fight....Assuming I can focus, that is he added after a short pause, giving Alice a friendly wink.

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Samantha Fratellis

The gasmask muffled her deep sign, a gloved hand rubbing her head as she thought to herself. Sure Jason seemed annoying and as clean as the prison's plungers, but the warden? Wouldn't that mean the whole system was rotted to the core? What could that mean if it devolved into a confrontation?

No no, that is a worst-case scenario. Without proper evidence, I should not doubt the integrity of Edward.... but on the off chance, he could be as dependable as an informant in enemy territory... I cannot rely on Pisha unless things go to our worst-case scenario... fuck I wish they didn't authorize her to travel with me, I can handle myself...

"Well... if we are going to refute this, then we need evidence it is also a bad idea. The ball is rolling, and trying to stop it right now may just irritate him. We will use its effects as evidence it is a bad idea... anyways I need to secure those Riot water cannons from a supplier, orders are orders and we need more heavy nonlethal options anyway. Stay safe Chaplain, we need more sanity in this icebox."


Kala Domsen

The giant drider played with what little grass existed in her yard corner, her mitten-covered hands drifting across it and the girl imagining what it would feel like without her exoskeleton hands and these restraints. An unfortunate wish that had been recently reinforced as impractical. Amidst her idle thoughts, she felt a small disturbance in her increasingly messy hair. The culprit soon revealed themselves, a small spider barely bigger than a normal spoon, now dangling down from her bangs and hanging in front of her eight eyes.

A young little thing... aren't you... "It is not smart to live in such a place."
"Aren't you young as well? Lets both leave!" The spider responded in inaudible hisses only she could hear.
"This is not something I can leave when I want, I have to stay here. We big creatures have rules we have to follow. I broke them, now I have to stay here....."
"That sounds bad. Are you sure you can't go? Have you tried? Sometimes I did not think I could climb a wall but then I did!"
"I am sure, but you continue climbing small one. You keep doing you, make a wonderful web and catch all the food." She smiled at the arachnid, content with living vicariously through her new little friend. Freedom in any sense can be a blessing.
Alice unwrapped her leg from around Will's and stepped away. Going back to her spot beside Jasper. She nodded her head at what the others were saying. Alice hopped that she would be able take all the electricity from the fence. Alice reached up and took hold of Jaspers arm "Wait Jas, electricity is ever flowing. It always needs an output. When I pull the electricity from the fence it will flow into my body but then im gonna have a hell of a lot of it in my system. I'm gonna need to get it out of my system somehow where it wont harm anyone." her brows furrowed with worry.
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Sworn To A Great Divide
|:| Jasper Bent |:|

At last, the crew was starting to think ahead, plan, give information, and contribute. Although Silver was an emotional roller coaster, Alice was timid and easy to sway, and Will seemed like the type who might overstep his boundaries, all of these flaws were ones Jasper believed he could regulate. Each had their input to give, which he attentively took in as he kept lookout. No high-rise guards yet? That meeting with the Warden he picked up on must be really engaging, and long. Nothing more than a desperate Cahone looking for his passion partner and the drider inmate, Kala, seemingly keeping to herself. The rest seemed occupied in their usual groups and gangs segregated by their abilities and species. On that note... weren't the four of them something very similar? Just another prison gang? To Jasper, they were probably the most dangerous of prison gangs, the ones with a convoluted plan to get out and live to tell the tale.

First main thing to address: Alice. She was prepared to intake an insane amount of electricity, but it had to release in one way or another. How, she asked... Jasper grinned. "I'd normally say whatever you want, but it depends on what we encounter. You may have to hold it in for a bit to ensure we don't waste it all on one blow. We're bound to encounter Thestian law enforcement when we get over the fence. I'm sure you can improvise and have fun with... abusing your abilities on them. In case you still have any excess electricity to dispose of... I did have a more devious plan with it. One that would set Thesta back thirty years in comparison to the rest of the world." He ensured that there were no passersby before uttering the words of yet another illegal deed besides the previously implied one of murder. "The power plant. The electric company keeping people's heating and lights on. With the kinds of electricity you're going to have in you, and if we realize we can't get out of Thesta so easily, we'll need to create a state of chaos to blend in. It's a bit of a ways from the prison, but we'll only be doing that if absolutely necessary. On that note, you'll probably have a dangerous and destructive role. I hope you're ready for it."

Jasper really didn't want to turn Thesta into a wasteland, but if every attempt they make at escape fails, he knew he'd have to. He had his Filincian history knowledge of the wars between his nation and this one to thank for these ideas. They'd be quite literally repeating history.

Second, Will. He had quite a mouth on him especially with how he was acting around Alice. Was this some sort of fear for the girl, or just schoolyard jealousy of their little 'dance? Whatever it was, it was more than a long line of clever words this man had. There was a strange catch to his stay here: no inhibitor, but there was a deadly weakness that the prison was taking advantage of to scare him into submission. As much as he was mocking Silver for being a fraud, it seemed like even this master inventor had his flaws. "Psychics, huh?" In that case, Jasper might just have Will's balls wrapped in an iron vice in case he acts out of line. That is, if Jasper was uninhibited, a full experience he only got to enjoy once in his year behind bars. "Interesting." He wasn't going to admit he'd inhibit Will if he ever disobeyed the group... was there any need to anyway? "It's good to know you can pull your own weight, especially if we encounter resistance outside those walls. Building a harpoon and a device to safely remove our tracking bracelets should be a cakewalk for you. Perfect. I can pull some strings for you and Alice to build as you please during work. Let's just say... Thesta might have a demon looming about to keep order, but we've got a guardian angel to bring us to salvation."

'Angel' was probably the farthest thing to refer to Felix as, but little did Jasper know that this might just be a deal with the devil himself if things don't go in his favor.

Lastly, Silver, the one from solitary. The mind reader was expecting a map from her sometime this evening, and now he was going to hear further details of what happened in her experience. An old man's voice, and emphasis on 'cold'. Strange, no guards he knew in the prison had any cold abilities. Old? Also drops the possibilities significantly. But the one talking from the box for the whole prison. "That 'box' is an intercom," he sighed, having to explain more foreign terms to the shapeshifter.

But the one talking from the intercom was almost always the Warden. He went down to her cell personally. And what's with that emphasis on 'cold'? "You were tortured. That much is obvious. You just be careful not to get yourself thrown in solitary again. I can't get you out of here if you're dead. At least we now know how prisoners are tortured in solitary, and the Warden sanctions it and watches like it's a goddamn show. Who knows how this shit is getting approved by Thestian and global officials." He hissed to himself at the degree of corruption in the facility. Life truly wasn't fair for some of them.

Food, though... Jasper subdued his own urge to groan at how random this girl was, questioning her presence among them and praying she wouldn't be the reason for failure. "Food isn't until 5 for supper. Right before counseling, AA, prayer services, and all that ritualistic stuff they do here and call 'recreation'."

If that wasn't enough, there sure was more recreation coming in the future.

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|:| Calder Zhukov |:|

Sam made a good point at immediately resisting - a terrible idea. They were already outnumbered in who approved of the idea and who didn't, so there would probably be no swaying the Warden either which way at the moment. They'd need proof, even if that meant that disaster would have to strike first. It brought out a sigh of distaste from Calder. Calm would come after a brief storm in this case. But if it solidifies that this fight club doesn't last more than a night or two, then so be it. It wouldn't take more than a few prison-sanctioned deaths that nobody did a thing for to really paint this idea in a bad light.

"The Warden seemed easily swayed by Jason, but he's also influenced by the board above him that gave him the funding for this prison. If we can give them a reason to crack down on him, then it might just be enough to stop this project in its tracks."

The riot water cannons... the Chaplain nodded along with that idea. "You do that, Sam. You can be sure that I'll be there at the fights as well to ensure the safety of the inmates and to stop things from getting out of hand. You watch your back as well. Something tells me people like you and I will be rather frowned upon for standing up against their wishes. Keep me posted on any updates regarding any of this fight club madness. I'll be in my quarters preparing for tonight's rituals and counseling, in case you need anything."

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Alice nodded and brushed a short cut lock of hair behind her ear. "Okay but remember, I can only hold it in me for a short about of time before i start losing control and combusting." The thought of being free thrilled Alice. Perhaps she could find her brother after this. She wondered if he even knew she had been arrested. She hated to think of him alone due to the fact that Kaito had always hating being alone. Thats why he kept his little sister by his side all of the time. Alice shook herself out her thoughts and turned her attention to Jasper. His handsome face was creased as he was deep in thought. Likely thinking of the his big escape plan.

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