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    Hey there! I'm Azula (Az), I've been roleplaying for 10+ years now. I'm a 23 year old female recent college grad on EST. I consider myself literate, usually 5+ paragraphs depending on inspiration and never less than 3. I always play a female character, but I almost always double as a male character too. I prefer MxF as a main but can do FxF and MxM as well.

    I am looking for a very casual roleplay partner. I work full time and honestly my muse just comes in goes in waves. I will fully geek out over characters but I also need to take a break every once in a while. Truthfully, I take quite a few hiatuses throughout the year. Life is absolutely chaotic so sometimes I disappear without warning for a few weeks but I always come back. I am looking for a long term partner who is okay with my busy schedule and inconsistent posting. Sometimes I reply 5 times in a day and sometimes it takes 2 weeks for me to even open RPN. I love ooc chatter, it helps me get even more into the story if we can be friends outside the rp. I need someone who understand that I have roughly 2 working brain cells at all times.

    I am very flexible with plot and what not, so message me if you like any of my plots below or like my characters and have a plot of your own in mind. All I care about is that our characters are each complex enough to keep the story interesting.

    I have listed the plots I'm most interested in on the next page, but I am open to any ideas you have as well! Please note that I am interested in playing Muse A and looking for you to write Muse B.

    What I look for in a partner:
    - please be respectful
    - please be semi-literate (3+ paragraphs a post)
    - use proper grammar (doesn't have to be perfect!)
    - please be 18+ as mature themes may be used
    - romance is a must but shouldn't be the entire plot
    - please be willing to double (that way we both get a love interest)




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